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“Boom~ boom~ ~”

Han Fei had an experience in thunderbolt prison and knew that it was an excellent land of cultivation. As long as it can sustain the thunderbolt strikes here, the cultivation of the body refinement stream is excellent!

The Thunder Strength currently felt by Han Fei has reached the level of advanced Venerable Peak.

Perhaps the direction given by the Vientiane Navigation Instrument is suitable for Han Fei cultivation. So, as soon as it came out, Old Tortoise wanted Han Fei to find a safer place.

Han Fei also needs the help of Old Tortoise, and can’t help but say: “Lao Yuan, you plan to use the body of Gui Sanqing in the future? It seems that its potential is not good?”

Old Tortoise said: “Before encountering the most suitable Turtle Clan, the emperor can’t hide it, right? Otherwise, if you really have to go to the outside world, won’t you let anyone slaughter it? The emperor also has a fast cultivation method. Wait later. If you find Turtle Clan with more potential, the emperor can still take body possession in the past.”

Han Fei corner of mouth twitching Draw: It really is the devil! This Old Tortoise always thinks about body possession…

However, in terms of cultivation speed, body possession is indeed the fastest.

Of course, Han Fei understands that body possession is not without risk.

The body of others is always the body of others. If body possession is so easy to use, then Eternal Undying is a joke. The longevity state has no meaning…

One hour later, Han Fei carried a thunderbolt all the way and sent Old Tortoise to a place where the thunderbolt formidable power was only a beginner intermediate Venerable.

“boom~ boom~ ~”

But when Old Tortoise came out, the two of them with Han Fei were hit by a hundred thunders. The tortoise shell of Old Tortoise was struck by thunder and lightning.


In a few breaths, Old Tortoise was hacked back to its original shape.

On the turtle shell, a formation diagram appears.

Immediately afterwards, many thunderbolts seemed to be attracted by the tortoise shell, and they all smashed onto the tortoise shell, and Old Tortoise also seemed to be relaxed.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei’s eyelids picked up: it really deserves to be Sovereign.

Gui Sanqing’s fleshy body was only a half body at first. In the hands of Old Tortoise and not very long, it has reached the Primary Venerable Peak at this moment!

At this moment, Old Tortoise is going crazy.

This growth rate is probably not slower than myself!

No matter what Old Tortoise is, Han Fei said directly: “I will go to cultivation and wait until the breakthrough to Peak.”


One month later.

The thunderbolt prison has gone deep for nearly two ten thousand li. There are thousands of thunderbolt, and Spirit Amassing Formation that constantly pops up and disappears like raindrops.

Han Fei was under the thunderbolt strikes of the advanced Venerable Peak strength level. Numerous electric currents surged on the body surface, and the flesh and blood on the body surface scabbed again and again, and fell off again and again.

The second Innate Spirit Beast: Emperor Sparrow [Level 70]

Main Cultivation Technique: “Void Angling Technique” 7th floor “Void Angling Technique”【King Rank Divine Grade 】



Han Fei eyes flashed a bright glint.

Sure enough, Peak and Advanced Venerable Peak are completely two concepts.

My spirit strength has increased by more than 10,000, and my strength has increased by 1,500 waves.

What surprises Han Fei is: I don’t know if I use Xiaohei and Xiaobai the most and most frequently. At this time, Xiaohei and Xiaobai have also grown to First Rank!

However, this is not the point…

This time, through Venerable Peak, Han Fei’s strength has greatly increased.

If before, Han Fei barely reached the level of the pseudo-king… Then now, Han Fei has completely reached the level of the pseudo-king, or even stronger.

Han Fei is not overjoyed.

Venerable Peak is just where water flows, a canal is formed.

Even the fusion of flesh and blood, skeleton, and Divine Soul should actually be a matter of where water flows, a canal is formed.

Ren Tianfei said: When these three fit together perfectly, you will become a half king.

Han Fei looked up and saw one after another thunderbolt strikes. He said to his heart: Is there a better culture environment than this? Why don’t you use this environment to try to merge the three?

Just do it, Han Fei immediately sits in thunderbolt prison, letting thunderbolt shoot down.

When Han Fei tried to arouse the power of these three, he immediately felt blood boil, the skeleton was itchy, and Divine Soul was like a needle stick.


Han Fei coughed unconsciously and blood spilled from his mouth.

Han Fei raised his head and glanced at…thunderbolt above the sky.

Suddenly, Han Fei took a breath and said, “This thunderbolt is not helpful for the last step of cultivation?”

Old Tortoise, who is in contact with Han Fei, said: “The combination of these three strengths is disturbed by Thunder Strength. You can try…in your bottle gourd space, try…”

Han Fei said in his heart: It can only be so! This is related to the achievement of a half king… If possible, the two Realms of Venerable Peak and Half King will take one step and cross at the same time!

Create a Formation for yourself and barely block 3 breaths time, Han Fei immediately entered the world of refining.

The refining world at this moment is very cold, only Xiaohei and Xiaobai are swimming in the pool. Sunday Shrimp They were all thrown into the corpse by Han Fei.

Han Fei can only rely on his own resource reserves to cultivated!

Fortunately, the resource grabbed from Zhang Family, I kept a Lunar Sun Shellfish. Don’t look at only trifling a Lunar Sun Shellfish, which is full of Spiritual Fruit, Spirit Coin, Spirit Stone and the like.

Han Fei sits cross-legged again.

After a while, the feeling I had just now returned!

The blood is boiling, the skeleton is itchy, and Divine Soul is like a needle stick. That kind of feeling is uncomfortable. Divine Soul’s itchy and painful makes Han Fei almost unable to concentrate…

However, this bit of pain is still bearable.

This time, without the interference of thunderbolt strikes, Han Fei finally felt that with the skeleton as the center, flesh and blood and Divine Soul were sucked and trembled slightly…

During the cultivation period, Han Fei did not even dare to move, and concentrated attention completely.

Han Fei discovered that his Inextinguishable Golden Body is also changing. It’s like every inch is being polished again… Skeleton affects the flesh and blood with the strength of Divine Soul.

At this time, Han Fei has a clear comprehension.

When you finish this step, you don’t need to consume extra energy.

Your own body, even if it is broken into pieces, can be reorganized instantly!

Yes, reorganization, not rebirth!

There is a clear difference between this and the rebirth of the Venerable environment.

If you only talk about rebirth from a drop of blood, after you have completed your cultivation, every drop of flesh and blood, Divine Soul, can be reborn from a drop of blood. Unlike Venerable, it is necessary to hide the power of blood rebirth in a ray of Divine Soul and flesh and blood.

Moreover, Han Fei’s reorganization means that even if his body is separated by 10,000,000 li, it can produce mutual induction reorganization!

When fighting, unless the opponent crushes his flesh and blood and skeleton, one by one. Otherwise, it is impossible to kill yourself.

Of course, this ability to reorganize is much stronger than rebirth from a drop of blood, but if you encounter an absolutely powerful enemy, you can’t escape the opponent’s crush.

Therefore, this method is not invincible.

However, this method also guarantees the chance of Han Fei’s survival.

I don’t know how long it took, Han Fei felt: There was a weird feeling in the finger bone of the palm that he could get out of the body, and Han Fei suddenly woke up.


Han Fei immediately, I went to look at my finger bone, thoughts move, a bone appeared on the finger of my right hand.

Han Fei feels: One’s own consciousness can be completely injected into this finger bone.

Similarly, Han Fei can also feel: This seems to be a finger bone that will never be broken!

At this moment, Old Tortoise suddenly said: “It seems, the true meaning of your comprehended retreat!”

Han Fei heard this and said with a dazed expression: “What do you mean?”

Just listen to Old Tortoise: “This can be said to be the longest time you have been in a completely immersed state of retreat. For three full months, your mind is completely placed on the matter of secluded cultivation. Up, unwavering at all…”



Han Fei jumped up and said with wide eyes: “How long did you say? How long did I cultivated?”

Old Tortoise leisurely said: “3 months! To be precise, it is 3 days and 3 months.”

Han Fei: “…”