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So, after 12 years, in real time, about 7 months have passed…

Han Fei suddenly woke up from the cultivation.

For him, time seems to be only a few hours past.

At this moment when Han Fei woke up, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: a whole seashell resource, plus the resources he had originally reserved in the refining world, even had two arms. Can’t tempering finish?

Now, Han Fei finds that one of his arms is powerful, and the other arm…oh no, the palm of the other hand is less than half of the tempering…

Han Fei couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Lao Yuan, how long will I be cultivated?”

Old Tortoise said: “Less than 8 months.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei took a look at his information, and found out that his strength has increased 482 waves, and there are still zero and complete!

“Hey~ wait…”

Han Fei has some unexpected discoveries.

My own strength of Divine Soul has grown by nearly 3000 points.

This scene surprised Han Fei: The cultivation of Inextinguishable Tyrant Body Great Accomplishment not only does not consume the strength of Divine Soul, but it can even improve so much strength of Divine Soul! I didn’t visualize anything!

“ka ka ka ~”

Han Fei clenched his fists subconsciously, and as a result, there was a crisp sound.

After moving the joints, Han Fei felt: This arm of his own is extremely powerful!

Han Fei was silent for a moment, and was surprised: “Before, using the strength of Divine Soul to merge into the skeleton would consume a lot of strength of Divine Soul. It shouldn’t be the strength of Divine Soul, it’s back feeding myself. ?”

Han Fei’s heart moved, only to see that his right arm was broken, and no blood came out. I only saw the arm floating in the air, but I could still control my arm.

I only saw Han Fei move his fingers and clenched his fists.

It feels like the arm has never left.

“Yi! The method of body dissociation? How do you cultivate the method of body dissociation? Is your fleshy body strong enough?”

Old Tortoise looked confused.

Although he knows that Han Fei is in retreat, he does not know: What exactly is Han Fei in retreat?

At this moment, the whole turtle is not good.

Han Fei also looked confused and asked: “What is the technique of body dissociation?”

Old Tortoise said: “Generally speaking, this is a great art that only body refinement powerhouse can cultivation. And if you want to cultivation it, you need at least the Realm of the King! Moreover, it is not a newcomer… Only a hard-working king can do it! With this technique, the Fleshy body has extremely strong tactics and is extremely difficult to kill.”

Han Fei raised his brows: “Really? You said Sovereign…I’m still happier! The king can cultivation? It made me think that I have gotten some amazing skills…”

In fact, Han Fei said in his heart: Yes, no matter how strong the Inextinguishable Tyrant Body is, it is ultimately the body refinement Cultivation Technique of Venerable Realm. Could it be better than the king-level body refinement technique?

He said so, but Han Fei was still quite excited. At least, he has now cultivated the King’s Grand Art! When I arrived at Open Sea Realm, I was better than others!


Han Fei left the world of refining and reappeared in thunderbolt prison.

There is no way, the resources are exhausted, so I have to come out…

I knew long ago that I would not throw all the resources to Luo Xiaobai! I thought that these resources were of little use… I didn’t think that I could continuously break through Venerable Peak and Half King Realm at once!

It seems that no matter what happens in the future, you need to prepare enough resources on your body.

Han Fei did not rush to find Old Tortoise, but took out the Jiugongqi Luck Ruler. With a heart move, the ruler began to slide.

A moment later, when the ruler fell on the “big wicked” hexagram, Han Fei’s mouth twitched slightly: It seems that the difficulty of robbing Baibei King’s City is a bit difficult!

However, since it is a big evil hexagram, not a desperate situation hexagram, it means that it is possible for oneself…

Han Fei couldn’t help but slightly aroused the corners of his mouth: It seems that the chess pieces that were once buried are about to move!

A moment later, when Han Fei found Old Tortoise, he found that Old Tortoise was two thousand miles ahead of the previous position. The strength of Old Tortoise has moved from Primary Venerable Peak to Intermediate Venerable. Moreover, it is not the kind of newcomer, it seems that after a while, this Realm can be repaired!

Han Fei was shocked and said: “How can you cultivation so fast?”

Old Tortoise said: “Hurry? This tortoise’s energy swallowing secret technique is not a joke at all. That is to say, the aptitude of this tortoise sanqing is too bad. If the emperor’s body is here, there is such a space and strength. It has already been restored to Venerable Peak.”

Han Fei twitched his lips: “Okay, don’t panic. Go, I’m going to Baibei King’s City to vote.”

“cough cough ~”

Old Tortoise was surprised: “You go to Baibei King’s City? How do you go?”

The corner of Han Fei’s mouth raised slightly: “Guess?”

In Han Fei’s view, thunderbolt prison is a pure land of cultivation.

Han Fei has no further thoughts.

Han Fei’s current goal is Baibei King’s City! Of course not to find another trouble for myself…

A moment later, Han Fei carried the thunder and, under the guidance of the Vientiane Navigation Instrument, came to the edge of thunderbolt prison. The entrance of Baibei King’s City is here.

The Earth Grade trial field is banned. It must be reviewed before it can be opened.

Baibei King’s City will only be opened when Heaven’s Pride asks to enter here.


The twin divine technique is used to expand.

Today’s Han Fei, using the twin divine technique, has a very low probability of being discovered.

Unless the person on the other side of the entrance is Emperor Bai Jia…otherwise, it is difficult for anyone to find him.

Even if the other party is the law enforcement officer of King’s City of Baibei King’s City, Hai Ting Lei cannot find out.


The body of the black mist quietly sank into the entrance passage.

At the moment when the body of the black mist exited the entrance of this forbidden area, Han Fei sighed in relief: There is no one to guard here.

It seems that when no one breaks the ban on the Earth Grade trial ground, there is no one to guard it!

Han Fei’s gaze directly looked towards Baibei King’s City Four Great Forbidden Land-level Secret Realm, the most difficult one-the Secret Realm of the Sea of ​​Gods and Demons.

Yu Tianxin once told herself: The sea of ​​gods and demons may be connected to the wall of death.

He said: There was a ban that was damaged, but it was replaced by Emperor Bai Jia. A big demon tried to rush out, but was directly killed by Emperor Bai Jia.

“Hehe, since I can’t actively break the ban from inside and enter Baibei King’s City… Then, let you open this passage yourself!”

Thinking about it this way, Han Fei doesn’t even need a Qi Luck Ruler, so he dives directly into the Secret Realm.

For Han Fei, what is inside the wall of death? I know it too well.

With Han Fei’s current strength, the King of Black Shalu cannot be defeated.

A trifling? How can I get myself?