God of Fishing Chapter 1666

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Just listen to Old Tortoise saying: “You may be in an overlapping space. It seems that someone is right next to you… You can also feel him, but you just can’t see him… This mutual Attacks can only be shot at the opponent through space crack.”

Han Fei was surprised: “If there is a problem with this space, will it be broken?”

Old Tortoise shook his head and said: “Theoretically, it won’t be possible. It’s like two fish skins pasted together. The space here is even thicker than other places, and it is not easy to break through. This Bai Jiadi, pass. This place where the space overlaps, so as to attract Space Power from the other side, and turn it into one’s own use… It is also a personal talent.”

Han Fei chuckled at the corners of his mouth: talent is a shit? But I stole something through space…

However, Han Fei had to be cautious.

It didn’t take long for me to leave the Demonic beast alliance. Now, he was surprised to find that the Demonic beast Alliance and Baibei King’s City unexpectedly overlapped in a space… How can we not worry?

You must know that Bai Jiadi is the True King. If he can really break into the cage from here, ask the entire cage, who is his opponent?

So, Han Fei thoughts move, endless water floated out. Only saw thousands of blades, cutting in the water.


The other end.

A forbidden place between the Demonic beast Alliance and the Forest of Terror. At this moment, a group of Demonic beasts are shouting.

I only heard the rhino ox roar said: “Not good, there are people here. It must be a murderer from the outside…Leibao, you go to the island and notify the powerhouse to come.”

Some apes yelled: “This person’s strength is out of the ordinary. We made a joint action, but he didn’t even move. I waited for a few people. It seems that I can’t shake him at all…”

There is a little wolf shouted: “Look, there are more space cracks here…Are the people on the other end trying to break the cage?”


But I saw the monkey yelling, the beasts gathered, and found that the space crack was constantly produced, and it turned into a line in the sky.

It says: “I, Ox Demon King, let the little Leibao go to the old sheep, speed!”

After a while, a group of Demonic beasts were dumbfounded.

The name of Ox Demon King, that must be like thunder piercing the ear!

One person slaughtered seven Sea Demons in a row. This was a prestige to kill and shocked the entire Demonic beast alliance. May I ask who does not know, who does not know?

But I heard that little wolf said: “This is not a liar, right? Ox Demon King, how can he be on the other side of the cage?”

That rhino pondered then said: “How did he know that we have Leopard here? He should not see it, right?”

The monkey said: “If he is an outsider, he shouldn’t know Yang Zun? Is it really Ox Demon King?”

I just listen to Lei Bao said: “No matter what, I will go back and call. With Yang Zun’s Heavenspan method, I can definitely tell who this person is?”


Wan Beast Island.

Sheep Shenji stands on the platform of Daxiaxia, looking up into the distance.

This is the habit of the sheep god machine, the ancestral habit of looking out…

Suddenly, a thunder mark cut through the sky, but Leopard Venerable flew over.

Xiong Chaoshuai roared: “Lightning! What are you running at home?”

I just listen to the lightning: “Lao Yang, Ox Demon King has news, he seems to have left the cage.”



“What’s going on? Lightning, please make it clear.”

“No way? Didn’t he go to the Immortal City?”

Lao Yang also looked dazed: Why did I not count anything?

I just listened to the lightning said: “From the space valley, the news just came…someone has appeared in that place. This time, it is suspected to be Ox Demon King, and he called for a meeting with Laoyang.”


The mad lion said: “No, right? Isn’t it an enemy over Space Valley?”

Lao Yang’s heart moved: “Go, and go will know when you see it.”

One hour later.

When the sheep god machine and a group of Venerable came to this space valley, Han Fei here also had a heart attack. He saw someone arriving.

After a count, Han Fei grinned, the endless water stirred the void, and the handwriting appeared in the cage: “Old sheep, it’s me.”

At this look, everyone took a breath.

Niu Dali first engraved: “Can you see here?”

Han Fei replied: “You are a big bull, you can see a fuzzy form… If you guessed it right, the crazy lion and Xiong Chaoshuai are here.”

The mad lion was about to write, and Xiong Chaoshuai called out: “Quickly ask how to get out…”

Hearing only two sounds of “pa”, the two of them were shot far away by the old sheep.

But I saw the bright light glittering in the eyes of the old sheep, and after a few ten breaths, I confirmed: “It’s him.”


Xiong Chaochao hurriedly said: “Then quickly ask him, how to get out? I am anxious to death.”

The mad lion said: “hahaha! It seems that there is indeed a way to get out of the cage…motherfucker, finally there is no need to hang around in the cage.”

However, the words next moment, in the sky appeared.

Han Fei said: “Here, connect to the forbidden Earth Grade secret realm of Sea Demons King’s City from the outside world. If there is a True King here, please be careful. In addition, the pseudo-king of the Forest of Terror has fallen, and Venerable has fallen 36 people. Try it.”

On the old sheep’s side, a group of people looked at each other in blank dismay: Are we funny? If there is such a big movement in the Forest of Terror, would we not know?

The old sheep was shocked, and he secretly pinched his fingers to calculate.

After a few ten breaths, suddenly eyes opened: “The truth! The false king of the Forest of Terror has indeed disappeared.”


The bear crossed and the others exclaimed.

Four Great Influences, the reason why it can be called Four Great Influences, is naturally due to the presence of a pseudo-king!

However, Lao Yang continued: “However, the Forest of Terror is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Their pseudo-kings have never played a big role. Those half-kings have already caused enough headaches.”

I saw Lao Yang pick up a pen and wrote: “How did you get out?”

Han Fei: “The reason is complicated, yes… I need you to do me a favor later. I will bring the king of Sea Demons King’s City over, and I need you to confront him for a while to create a chance for me. Remember, if you stay far away, once you do it, you can go straight away, the king is invincible!”

Old sheep: “Yes!”


Han Fei collected endless water directly.

Although he can chat through here. However, I can’t open the cage yet, and no amount of chatting is worthwhile.

Moreover, if you stir the void in the sea of ​​gods and demons, you are also at risk. In case, it attracted the attention of Emperor Bai Jia, and he discovered a mysterious…

When Han Fei disappeared.

Niu vigorously frowns. She is an intermediate Venerable Peak, and can’t say anything about this kind of thing.

The mad lion said: “Lao Yang, why didn’t you ask carefully, how did you get out?”

Xiong Chaoshuai also said: “Lao Yang, since it is confirmed that the person is Ox Demon King, it’s that simple, just talk about it?”

I only listen to Lao Yang leisurely said: “The reason why Ox Demon King is so hurried is that he was talking to us at the risk… Besides, it is useless to ask him now. When I can go out, you don’t need to ask, everyone Naturally, you can go out. Okay… Niu Dali, you retreat, Mad Lion and Xiong Chaoshuai are by my side. But something is wrong, you retreat first, let me see the King of Sea Demons…”