God of Fishing Chapter 1812

“Ha ha ha ~”

Han Fei laughed heartily, calling out: “Come on, taste your brother’s craft.”

As the so-called “haste brings no success”, Yin’er is estranged from herself after all, even if she called a brother, she is still very strange.

When Yin’er first came into contact with hot pot, the whole person was lost.

Don’t talk about Yin’er, even Xuan Feng looked at Han Fei in surprise.

This particular and the former master of the domineering Fairy Palace are completely two concepts.

Xuan Feng couldn’t help but remember that Pearl and Long Wu said that this guy is a master chef, known as the invincible in the riots. In the past, it was Pearl and Dragon Dance’s nonsense. But now, it seems that it is really the case.

Han Fei: “Yin’er, is it delicious?”

Yiner: “Hmm!”

Han Fei: “Want to eat every day?”

Yin’er tilted her head, glanced at Han Fei, and said to her heart: This big brother looks like a villain who abducts and sells children.

Xia Xiaochan pinched Han Fei’s waist speechlessly, sound transmission said: “What are you talking about? Eat.”

Han Fei: “…”

After a meal.

Just listen to Han Fei: “Xuanfeng Senior, since Yiner’s Spiritual Root level is too high, why not at first, seal this power?”

Xuan Feng shook his head slightly: “Seal your strength, how can you use strength to wash your body repeatedly? You can see that Yin’er is very strong.”

Han Fei slightly nodded. This physique, although not as good as he was at the beginning, but in the same situation, it is indeed stronger than that.

I heard Han Fei say: “That’s fine, but this way of improving your body will eventually leave some disparate power in Yin’er within the body. Although Yin’er looks strong now, there are actually Lots of space?”


Xuan Feng surprisedly said: “If it is Body Refining Technique, Yin’er is now, I am afraid that that period has passed. If you want to completely rebuild the foundation, then you have to abolish the cultivation base and start again. But Yin’er Even if you rebuild your celestial vein posture, you will get a lot faster.”

Han Fei shook his head: “No need to re-repair.”

Xuan Feng was surprised: “There is no need to rebuild, is it possible that cultivation from now on? Now, Yin’er has been under pressure for a long time, but whenever accidentally, you have to Transcending Tribulation.”

Han Fei said: “I have a great technique, not to mention that the entire riots can be ranked first, but it is definitely among the top three. This technique can get rid of the impurities within the body. In the current situation of Yiner, I am afraid that after the impurities are completely removed, the strength will even be reduced to the level of law enforcement.”


Xuan Feng’s eyes widened: “How can there be such a big technique? If there is this technique, the entire riot will be ranked first. There is no such thing as the top three.”

Han Fei shallow said with a smile: “Yin’er, please be happy.”

Yin’er dare not neglect.

Now, Han Fei seems to her to be a super powerful existence.

She is a little bit confused now, she can’t imagine that her big brother is the master of Fairy Palace, and her mother and father are also the masters of Fairy Palace.

All this came too suddenly.

Before, she hadn’t asked Teacher before. However, the Teacher never said, he just said to her to wait, and maybe you know the answer by saying wait.

How long will I have to wait?

Teacher said that she didn’t know either.

Yin’er still remembers to this day: When I asked this question from the very beginning, I was still a child under ten years old. So far, more than 50 years have passed, and finally I have waited for this answer.

Yin’er just relieved a little when she saw Han Fei point to the center of her brows.

At this point, the golden light flourished in a moment.

After a glimmer of sunshine, Han Fei looked towards Xia Xiaochan and said: “Girl, you are happy too.”


Xia Xiaochan was taken aback, and wondered: “Is it possible that, is this Body Refining Technique still useful to me?”

Han Fei said with a smile: “What do you think? This technique, any Realm can be cultivation, you can talk about it later.”

For Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan feels relieved, so he did not resist.

Han Fei does not intend to keep “Wu Gu Xuan Body”.

In Han Fei’s view, this big technique is only a transition after all. As long as I am willing now, I can immediately spend 1000 strands of Primal Chaos Qi to deduct it.

It’s just that this body refinement technique is enough for the time being.

Because of the body refinement introduced, there may not be any general features of Realm. It’s like Inextinguishable Tyrant Body, which finally became Taixuan Body. Although it ranks high, the cultivation conditions are simply harsh.

Now that Han Fei has this “Wu Shen Xuan Body”, he is going to pass this technique to Thug Academy.

When the time comes, each of the dísciples of Thug Academy will be cultivated into a peerless Heaven’s Pride. In the future, we will have some people when we fight against the riots.

Xuan Feng wondered: “What kind of riots, the No. 1 Body Refining Technique, did you pass it on?”

Han Fei faintly smiled: “The rioting sea is still too small. The outside world, who has seen it here? It’s just trifling a Body Refining Technique, my sister does not pass it, my wife does not pass it, who else can pass it?”

At that moment, Han Fei’s loneliness and arrogance appeared again.

Xuan Feng froze for a moment, and then said: “The Avengers have already been named in the Martial Emperor City. Two Ocean Order Unusual Gem, many people are paying attention to you.”