God of Fishing Chapter 1813

Taixuantian, Tian City, and Holy Land.

When Han Fei came to this place, the whole person was bad.

He has been wandering around here for a day, and even after reading the memories of two people, he knows a lot about Taixuantian.

But Han Fei is speechless: this college is on this mountain of books. And Shushan itself is a Formation, there are many wonderful array pictures, inlaid among them, this is one of them.

Second, this book mountain, because there are very few dísciples. It is said that in the entire book mountain, Inner Disciple is less than 100, while Outer Disciple is less than 1,000. Outer Disciple can’t go to Inner Sect yet, so this mountain of books is always desolate here, and no one is there to climb.

Han Fei glanced at the peak of the three-thousand zhang that rushed into the sky, and said to his heart: This thing, don’t know how much Formation is waiting for him along the way? Even if you are an Array Grandmaster, want to dive into it without knowing the array? That’s impossible!

Han Fei finally couldn’t sit still after a day’s delay.

Just listen to him: “If these people don’t leave all year round, how can I stay here and wait for a few years? No, I have to draw them out.”

Lao Yuan: “It is estimated that there are no weak people who can be in this college. How much do you have to make in order to draw people out?”

Han Fei wondered: Do you want to trigger the ban on the book mountain yourself, and take the initiative to attract the attention of the college? When they sent someone to investigate, they quietly possessed and followed in.

Just as Han Fei was preparing to implement this plan, suddenly, he saw a silhouette above Shushan, which broke through the ban on Shushan, and unexpectedly came out.

Wait for Han Fei to take a closer look: That’s not Song Kaiyuan who is?

Han Fei was overjoyed immediately: Heaven helps me!