God of Fishing Chapter 1814

Han Fei was worried about not being able to enter the academy. As a result, Song Kaiyuan came out.

Han Fei’s perception of Song Kaiyuan: This guy is like a Scholar, with a refined in manner. In addition, this person has extensive knowledge and is more like a commander.

Before, in the land of Wang Yu, Tai Xuan, Liuli and other four palaces Heaven’s Pride were actually instructed by this guy.

Including later, in the battle between Mu Shui Sisi and Mu Xi, Mu Shui Sisi is also continuously commanding Mu Xi to fight.

Perhaps, this is a great advantage of Taixuantian.

Examining many battle skill Cultivation Techniques, you can only have this kind of command ability after you know them well.

At this moment, Han Fei will not let Song Kaiyuan go out. thoughts move, chase away.

After a while, on an island with a high level of Taixuantian, it should be a high-standard reception port.

Here, there are several half-king powerhouses.

At this moment, we are receiving a big ship that has just arrived.

Han Fei followed Song Kaiyuan all the way to this place. When I saw the boat, I couldn’t help but move my heart: Who is standing on the boat? Isn’t that Lu Ran and Mu Xi?

Han Fei said that he was speechless: He just came from Liulitian, and as a result, these two people arrived later? I don’t know, I thought I was being followed.

Song Kaiyuan: “Lu Junior Sister Ran, Muxi Junior Sister, are you here?”

Lu Ran: “Big Brother Song, didn’t expect to meet again so soon. Didn’t expect, you came to pick it up in person, what about Sisi?”

Song Kaiyuan said with a smile: “That girl is not good at learning and is fined in the Buddhist scripture tower, reading a book.”

“Huh? Reading a book again?”

Mu Xi couldn’t help shrinking her head, as if she was sympathetic to her good sister.

Just listen to Song Kaiyuan’s words: “It’s okay, she’s been punished a long time ago. After a while, you pass by, that girl must sneak out. But you must not go inside. If she’s even two weeks I can’t bear it, the penalty will be heavier next time.”

Lu Ran tsk tsk shook his head: “I really don’t understand the faults of your academy. Sisi is so smart and will be punished to read? This will put us in Liulitian, for fear that I have to live in the Tibetan scripture tower. Not coming.”

Song Kaiyuan said with a smile: “If the Lord of Liuli was willing, you would have been in the academy.”

Mu Xi said: “Then why are we here?”

Song Kaiyuan said: “This, I am not quite clear, I only know that it has something to do with Martial Emperor City and so on! Let’s wait, Li Kaitian and Jianhui should be on the way right now. At most half a day, You will be there.”

Han Fei listened, and his heart moved: What about the Martial Emperor city?

That’s a coincidence. I am really ready to go to Martial Emperor City! If a few of them want to go, they can even take a boat ride.

Xiao half a day later, Li Kaitian and Jianhui arrived at each other.

Before disembarking, I heard Li Kaitian say: “I really don’t know, what’s the rush? I just went home and I haven’t stopped yet. I’m about to retreat for half a year. Then I will say… As a result, I didn’t even sit on my butt. Stable, I’ll be pushed out.”

Sword regret holds the sword, calmly said: “What’s the matter?”

Song Kaiyuan: “What’s the matter, let’s talk about it at the college first! Anyway, if you come as guests, my college has to receive it too?”

Han Fei has long been possessed by Song Kaiyuan, and naturally followed everyone back to the academy.

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When several people came to the foot of the mountain of books, Song Kaiyuan directly led the crowd to fly into the mountain of books. Where everyone passed, the fog retreated, the light escaped, and Formation seemed to ignore a few people.

Han Fei was paying attention to these Formations, and immediately discovered: This Formation is extremely complicated, and it is a bit similar to the method he used to create the labyrinth trial in Qianxing City.

Only listen to Li Kaitian said: “Old Song! I said you book mountain, you live in dozens of people, what can be hidden and tucked away? Come back, this is the same set. Halfway down the mountain, I can’t tell where East, South, West and North are.”

Lu Ran: “Just shut up. Originally, people did not build this mountain of books to give you this big man! If you were to accept you, the college would be full.”


Li Kaitian hesitated: “Hey! It’s not the choreography…”

The relationship between these people is very good.

Judging from the friendly degree of this relationship, the exchanges between Liuli and other four houses should be considered quite close. At least, Heaven’s Pride-level figures are very familiar.

After a while, everyone crossed the book Great Mountain Formation and only saw a piece of Human World Immortal Realm.

Here, Spiritual Qi is more than three times as strong as the outside world.

Han Fei saw big birds flying, Insect jumping in the wild, waterfalls, springs, grass ponds, lotus flowers and lush green forests. Of course, these are not important. The important thing is that in some forests and sparse houses, a thousand zhang high towers stand among them.

Regardless of the other landscapes of this college, anyone who comes to the college for the first time will definitely be attracted by this tower at first glance.

They all know: This should undoubtedly be the Buddhist scripture tower of the academy.

Just listen to Li Kaitian tsk tsk: “Every time I see the Buddhist scripture tower, I can’t help but want to go in and take a look. Hey, Old Song, can you tell you Martial Uncle and so on, let’s go in and explore Next time?”

Song Kaiyuan said with a smile: “You have to look for two books and have a look at it. I will let you enter this Buddhist scripture tower. You are all thinking about going to search for books. I can’t decide about this. Ask, you can find me Master!”

Li Kaitian shrugged: “Forget it, I have always been bad luck. I have come three times, each time I owe my hand. Forget it, let’s not ask.”

Han Fei listened to the words of the people, and it looked like this Buddhist scripture tower, but it was actually composed of two parts.

Part of it is a normal collection of books. There are countless scriptures, battle skills, and cultivation techniques hidden here.

The other part is to explore by yourself. What I can get is totally an accident.

Entering here, Han Fei not at all uses perception to probe. At the same time, Old Tortoise was not allowed to probe. As the well-known Fairy Palace in the inner domain, the king here cannot be underestimated.

Facts have proved: Old Tortoise, although it can be said to be knowledgeable, has gone through a long period of time to sink. But its strength, not at all exaggerated where to go.

If its body is still here, it may be able to dominate the party and easily wipe out Fairy Palace.

But the point is: Old Tortoise now has only one Divine Soul. Han Fei is afraid to take risks.

Everyone walked together, and in the blink of an eye, they came to a smooth, mirror-like lake.

Behind this lake is the Buddhist scripture tower.

I saw a person on the lake, dressed in white clothed, standing on the lake with one foot, holding a scroll in his hand, unheard of Song Kaiyuan and the others.

When I saw this person, everyone’s movement suddenly slowed down a lot.

Song Kaiyuan arched his hands to the man: “Martial Uncle, everyone is here.”

The person’s eyes did not move the page, but flipped a page. After reading it for a while, he slowly said: “One by one, I am impetuous, and stand still for a day.”

Everyone: “???”

Li Kaiyuan and Lu Ran looked at each other, and said to their hearts: They knew it would be such a sentence.

This is the same sentence every time I see this Martial Uncle. You must stand for a day before you can do anything else.

“Martial Uncle ~ I don’t want to read a book! I have to stop station…”

Suddenly, everyone looked up and looked towards the Buddhist scripture tower.

But I saw a small window more than 100 meters high, and I saw someone’s head posted on the window and shouted. That person is not Mu Shui Sisi, but who can he be?

white clothed man brows slightly wrinkle: “No manners, shut up.”

I saw this white clothed man stretched out his hand and squeezed it, and I saw Mu Shui Sisi’s mouth closed, only speechless.

Han Fei’s heart moved: This fuck, is there any window in the Buddhist scripture tower?

His first thought was: I can get in.

But think about it carefully: No! This kind of treasure tower is impossible to prohibit. I was afraid that once I entered from the window, the ban would be triggered immediately.

However, Mu Shui Sisi, whose mouth was sealed, is still making gestures.

Suddenly, Mu Xi leaned to the white clothed person and said, “Stealing Master-uncle Wang, or, shall I go and be punished with Sisi?”

The white clothed man raised his head and glanced at Mu Xi, lightly snorted: “The concentration is extremely poor. I will fine you to go to the tower and copy the Meditation Glass Sutra ten times.”

Han Fei heard it at that time: Who is this so special? It’s not your dísciple, you are punished, is it really unambiguous? However, how could this punishment be a bit like special treatment?

Han Fei immediately touched Mu Xi quietly.

I saw Mu Xi secretly sticking out her tongue, sweetly smiled: “Thanks you Martial Uncle.”

After finishing speaking, Mu Xi ran to the Buddhist scripture tower.

In this view, it is familiar.

Even when Mu Xi entered the tower, he stepped on seven or eight Formations and then drilled into a bottom passage about 20 meters long. At the end of the passage, there is a stone gate, which opens when you push it.

Mu Xi is like going home, after the 6th-layer stone gate, he came to the real Buddhist scripture tower.

Han Fei was stunned when he saw this.

I saw three hundred and sixty degrees, and the entire Buddhist scripture tower was surrounded by bookshelves.

Not only are bookshelves on the wall of the tower, but in the middle of the Buddhist scripture tower, there is a pillar of heaven that seems to lead to the top of the tower. On the periphery of this circle of pillars, there are also stacks of bookshelves.

This is just the most basic bookshelf structure inside and outside. Also, between the two, there are some floating bookshelves. Most are half-arc, flying in the air. The number can be thousands.

Han Fei, even if you use your ass to calculate, there are probably millions of books in the collection here.

“I am a good boy.”

Han Fei has long known: Taixuantian has a lot of books, but he didn’t expect that there will be so many. But I think from Dharma End Era to the present, it has been 100,000 years. There are more books, and it seems as it should be by rights.

I saw Mu Xi leaping up and flying a hundred meters into the air, embracing Mu Shui Sisi.

Divine Soul sound transmission between the two immediately.

I only listened to Mu Shui Sisi said: “Xixi, turn around and help me teach the bastard Senio Apperentice Brother. I rely on him. Stealing Master-uncle Wang thinks I am not smart anymore.”

Mu Xi seems to be used to this scene a long time ago, and immediately said: “You are not as smart as Song Senio Apperentice Brother. All right, copy it! Each person gets half, after copying, let’s play chess.”

“Okay, okay~”

And Han Fei, but he was pleasantly surprised. Didn’t expect to get in so easily? I thought it was so difficult. For me, co-authoring is not a problem at all.