God of Fishing Chapter 1816

Originally, Han Fei was planning to come over to find the body refinement technique.

However, when body refinement was in Divine Snow Temple, I had already deduced a wave. Although it may not be the strongest, but in this riot sea, it is probably already the strongest.

After all, Wugou Xuanbo is ranked high in the Body Refining Technique of Open Sea Realm. Of course you have to look for it, but the number of times is limited, you can’t look for this first.

Han Fei’s heart moved, he saw the sky full of stars, and wondered: This must be pointed at with the help of a marine universal instrument.

Immediately afterwards, in the part of Han Fei’s body covered by the black mist, the Vientiane Navigation Instrument began to turn.

Han Fei’s first choice is naturally “Void Angling Technique” on the 8th floor. Regardless of its name is Void Angling Technique or True Spirit Angling Technique, Vientiane Navigation knows what to choose.

And the Vientiane Navigation Instrument starts to rotate, which means that there are things you need here.

In the eyes of Song Kaiyuan and the others, after waiting for a while, only Han Fei suddenly threw the hook, and the top of the tower near the center of the hook was shining with stars.


At the next moment, Han Fei saw in the sky, an ancient fishskin book was drilled out. And this fish skin book is writing the words “Void Fishing 8th floor”.

Han Fei is totally fascinated by himself: didn’t expect, what he caught was “Void Angling Technique” instead of “True Spirit Angling Technique”, which saves his own deduction steps.

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Shang Long wondered: “Why haven’t this king heard of this great technique?”

Sword God Liu Qing: “The Dao Rhyme in this book seems to be dug from the imperial palace?”

Liuli: “unheard-of. Lu You, this is your book, should you know it?”

Lu You shrugged and said with a smile: “The tower is not my tower. I am also unheard-of this great technique. However, I remembered one thing.”

Everyone looked towards him, and only listened to Lu You said: “Among the human cultivation Cultivation Techniques in the riots of the ocean, there is a Cultivation Technique that only has 7-Layer fishing technique. Don’t you know it?”

Liuli: “You mean True Spirit Angling Technique? That Cultivation Technique, should it be just average?”

Lu You shook his head: “Although the appearance is average, it is a very small number, covering everything from the lowest to the Open Sea Realm. Moreover, I have never heard of 8th floor…”

Everyone couldn’t help being silent: Lu You knew much more about the world’s spells and battle skills than they did. If Lu You’s first thought was True Spirit Angling Technique, perhaps there was indeed a relationship between the two.

And Han Fei was shocked at the time: even if there is only one harvest today, it’s worth. At least, this shows that there is still a way to go behind Void Angling Technique.

Originally, Void Angling Technique has been extremely terrifying to the 7th floor-Void Angling Technique. This is different from the projection status of ordinary kings, the advent technique is said to span a thousand ten thousand li.

However, in Han Fei’s view, this ability is inferior to the line of nothingness and stealth. The combination of the two is perfect and without blemish.

In addition to giving yourself some Avatars to fight against multiple people, the Void Descent technique has no other effects for the time being.