God of Fishing Chapter 1817

Han Fei’s heart moved: He has a nose and eyes… I don’t know, what is the real situation?

However, just listen to Lu You continue: “If others go or not, it may not matter. However, this opportunity should not be rejected for you. Because there is also a bronze door.” p>


Han Fei’s spirits suddenly shocked: Bronze door?


Han Fei suddenly seemed to understand something: Martial Emperor inheritance opened behind the land of Wang Yu, and there is a bronze door there? Isn’t this special? Isn’t it just guiding oneself to complete the trial assessment of Void Temple?

Not to mention anything else, just to accidentally get a Divine Item…Han Fei had to participate in this Martial Emperor inheritance!

Han Fei was silent for a moment deliberately, and then said: “Okay! I should.”

Just listen to the words of Sword God Liu Qing: “Outside the Martial Emperor, the wind and clouds are treacherous. It is the most chaotic place in the violent sea. Be careful of being hunted.”

Han Fei grinned: “I look forward to someone hunting me. When will the invincible inheritance start?”

Lu You: “3 months later, lasting for one month. The opening time of this Martial Emperor inheritance has always been uncertain. It depends on the preference of the Martial Emperor. Therefore, it is best to check the time.”

Han Fei said again: “How long does it take to get to Martial Emperor City?”

Lv You: “Each Fairy Palace has its own route. It will take about 20 days to arrive.”

Han Fei pondered for a moment: “Two months later, the Avengers appeared in Taixuantian. A few of them, just come by hearing the news.”

Lu You: “Okay! By the way, do you want to explore this sea of ​​books?”

Han Fei: “Stop exploring, I will explore again in the future.”

Han Fei Xin said: For me now, I have got three books that I need, which is enough. No matter how much, I don’t know what book to look for…

Instead of looking for Body Refining Technique here, it’s better to go to Martial Emperor City to set up a mission. Let people collect body refinement Cultivation Technique, as long as the money is enough, what big technique can’t be collected? Own more than 9,000 Highest Grade Divine Artifacts, cracking a joke?


Han Fei has nothing to talk about. The twins merged directly and disappeared quietly.

After Han Fei left, Shang Long said: “Old Lu! Can you do this kid? It’s just a few houses of luck from the left and right. Could it be that the fate of 36 Xuantian really depends on him? Up?”

Lu You leisurely said: “Otherwise, can you have a way out of the riots? Then, I will bet your bet.”