God of Fishing Chapter 1818

Half a day later.

Below Taixuantian, in a place called Mingri Town, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan are walking around the market with Yin’er and Nian’er.

At this moment, among the four, the strongest is Han Fei, demonstrating his ability to enter law enforcement for the first time. The other three are small and transparent.

Han Fei held a few fish balls in his hand, and handed them a string to the three females: “No matter where it is, the taste of these fish balls is the same. I doubt whether this is an ancestral fish ball? “

Xia Xiaochan speechless: “You will be poor! Two months from now, are we really going to go to Martial Emperor City with Taixuantian people?”

Han Fei nodded: “It’s okay! There should be no problem with these companies. When there is a problem, I will test my luck.”

Xia Xiaochan: “I know the Martial Emperor inheritance of the Martial Emperor city. It is said to be extremely difficult! However, I have never seen the bronze gate from historical materials. I just said that Martial Emperor inheritance is There is a probability of falling in different grades. The more difficult the choice, the greater the probability of falling. I have never seen what it is.”

Han Fei said with a smile: “Then go take a look. Martial Emperor City, isn’t it said to be absolutely safe? Even if Chun Huangdian knows you are there, he can still go to Martial Emperor City and take you?”

Xia Xiaochan raised the corners of her lips: “That won’t happen. Martial Emperor City will not set this example. Once the precedent is set, the reputation of Martial Emperor City will collapse. However, if Chun Huangdian blocks the way, we may also Hard to go.”

Han Fei said with a smile: “He Chun Huangdian, after all, is only the king. Even if he has become the emperor, what can be done? The Martial Emperor city is so big, when the time comes, I just go out anywhere, just If you don’t believe him, can he find out?”

Xia Xiaochan: “What if he is waiting for us over the wild abyss?”

Han Fei: “Not if… he can only wait for us in the abyss. That’s why I want to go to Martial Emperor City. Maybe now, I can’t beat him in a fight. But if I want to do things, I still I have never been afraid of anyone.”

Xia Xiaochan tilted his head and glanced at Han Fei, and said to his heart: Don’t cause problems with Martial Emperor City. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun to be careful when people send us away.

Behind Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, Yin’er and Nian’er both walked and ate together without any violation.

Probably it was conquered by Nian’er’s food-eating behavior. Now when Yin’er walks, she also holds a packet of potato chips in her hand, which is crunchy.

After shopping, Han Fei did not send Yin’er and Nian’er back to the Ocean Order Diagram, but sealed Yin’er’s power of Heavenly Vessels, allowing Divine Soul and Xiao Se from Old Tortoise to follow them , Temporarily stayed in Tomorrow Town.

Xia Xiaochan and Six Gateway Starfish, after listening to the Spiritual Qi dismantling course taught by Han Fei, fell into a state of cultivation.

It is a pity that Han Fei cannot bring Xia Xiaochan and Big Starfish into refining Heaven and Earth. Otherwise, they will definitely not be allowed to cultivation in the Ocean Order Diagram.

And Han Fei himself, came to refining Heaven and Earth alone, and looked at the several great techniques he just acquired,

Because of Void Angling Technique, it is no longer True Spirit Angling Technique. Therefore, Han Fei could not use the True Spirit Angling Technique to induce thunderbolt turbulence and tempering fleshy body.

Void Angling Technique 8th floor, called Time Fishing Technique.

However, when Han Fei opened the Cultivation Technique, he found that there was not a single word in the book. If your eyes fall on the book, you will slowly see a piece of blue.

This book has the power of time.

Han Fei tried to extract the power of time from this book several times, but all ended in failure, as if this was a Heavenly Book.

Han Fei is not a tangled person either. Originally, the Void Descent technique he is currently cultivating is the Cultivation Technique of Open Sea Realm. Although I haven’t opened the sea yet, I’m already learning.

This time fishing technique should be a Cultivation Technique that can only be learned in the open world. Even if you have to learn it earlier, it is estimated that this is possible after Open Sea Realm.

Old Tortoise: “Or, would you give me a sip?”

However, Han Fei is already drunk right now, and he hasn’t heard anything. In my mind, thundering agitated.

Han Fei feels: I am turning. Massive energy rushes into one’s own body.

In fact, Old Tortoise looks silly. Han Fei’s body is out, spraying a lot of red wine power. It is not energy, it seems to be a sudden enlightenment that can make the mind clear.

No matter what, Han Fei may have drunk too much and his mind is not clear at all. Han Fei only felt that the river was flowing backwards within the body, but he felt that it was not enough, and that within the body could bear more.

So, in refining Heaven and Earth, the blockbuster Highest Grade Spirit Stone collapsed.

At this moment, the energy released by Old Tortoise was sucked by half.

For this, it was not until more than ten days later that Han Fei within the body’s alcohol odor was eliminated.

At this time, Han Fei was conscious.

It was not until the 18th day that Han Fei returned to normal.

However, Han Fei looked at the information and was surprised to find that after only 18 days, his strength of Divine Soul increased by more than 1,200 points and his strength increased by 302 waves.

A sip of wine?

Han Fei can’t help being dumbfounded: What kind of cultivation speed is this? Although you are willing to bless you, this cultivation is a little faster, right? If this continues, how strong is that five years later?