God of Fishing Chapter 1820

Li Kaitian: “???”

Everyone: “…”

Mu Shui Sisi, can’t help but glance at Senio Apperentice Brother.

Song Kaiyuan immediately said with a smile: “Captain, not expensive, not expensive. Divine Grade is extremely rare in my Buddhist scripture tower. Trifling millions of Highest Grade Spirit Stone, how can it be compared?”

Song Kaiyuan couldn’t help being speechless to Li Kaitian: What kind of temper is this man, don’t you have any points in your heart? In the entire riot, who else would he dare not rob?

Nobody else said anything, everyone looked at Han Fei differently.

Song Kaiyuan’s heart is like a mirror, and he has a very precise grasp of his identity, strength, and methods…

Li Kaitian, a naive man, was fined as soon as he boarded the ship, mainly because he challenged the captain’s status and prestige.

Jian Hui looked towards Han Fei, with his fighting intent in the sky, he actually regarded Han Fei as a powerful opponent.

As for Mu Shui Sisi, Lu Ran, and Mu Xi, they discussed in secret.

Mu Shui Sisi: “Hey! I don’t believe that this person is a bit like Xue Zhan. The temperaments of these two people are clearly different!”

Lu Ran: “Look at the deception technique, and you will know. Honoured Rank Divine Grade is the best at hiding yourself. Since your identity has been exposed, you must have not run away. Otherwise, you will be the four palace masters , Can you read it all wrong?”

Mu Xi: “It’s not a good thing at first glance. I knew he was such a snow battle, that Lunar Sun Shellfish, I shouldn’t give it to him.”

After experiencing what happened last time, Mu Xi originally thought: Xue Zhan is just a cold-faced person and does not hold any hatred.

But, when I look at it now, it’s clear that he is a liar.

Now, standing in front of me grandiosely, as if not knowing me.

Of course, it is because of her gaze that Mu Xi made this statement, she glanced at Xia Xiaochan sitting on the mast from time to time.

Today, the people here, who doesn’t know: Xia Xiaochan, is the Princess of the Royal Family?

Apart from marveling at Han Fei’s boldness, everyone is just a few girls who do not have the slightest affection for Xia Xiaochan.

Lu Ran said: “Xixi, do you want to try again?”

Mu Shui Sisi: “You want to die? Try this now? The Princess of the Royal Family, alas, the existence of slaughter all sides. Although I support Xixi very much, but as far as I am concerned, this matter Forget it.”

Han Fei said in his heart: You three, chat here, when I can’t hear you, right?

Immediately, Han Fei set his eyes on the three of them, and the color in his eyes was self-evident.

Immediately, Mu Shui thought and said: “Not good, he can hear it.”

Immediately, Lu Ran and Mu Xi were shocked and stopped sound transmission.

However, a few people were silent: Isn’t this guy not a king yet? How can we even hear the sound transmission of our Realm?

“hmph ~”

Just listen to Han Fei snorted gently: “This trip, your palace owners, let you be on the Avengers. Although I don’t quite understand his intentions… But from today, where will the Avengers go? You only need to cooperate unconditionally for what you are doing and what you want to do. You can get what you should do. I will share the rewards that should be given to you. Don’t question my judgment, don’t question my orders… “

Han Fei grinned and looked into the distance: “Go!”


After half a month.

A fog-shrouded place, sea waves are surging, one after another.

This Jiugongtian… the route that is almost abandoned, is really not easy to take. On the way, I encountered marine creatures of half king realm, as many as seven times.

On this day, the sea is full of fog, and the Spiritual Qi around it is thin, and everyone has a bad intuition.

Just listen to Song Kaiyuan: “Captain, there seems to be something wrong with this route. Even the most dangerous route, generally will not appear so many powerful creatures in a row. However, there have been so many kings on this route. Realm creature. Now this one, it feels more difficult to deal with than the other Sea Demons!”

Han Fei indifferently said: “What’s wrong with his mother? When the enemy comes, it’s over. Wait…”


After half a stick of incense, when the Avengers was just about to complete a void movement, suddenly, in the shadow of the sea, dozens of black shadows appeared.

Han Fei brows slightly wrinkle: “Prepare to fight. A group of Draconic Eel, who dare to provoke the Avengers? Don’t leave one, kill them all.”


Everyone’s faces are green: Is this so special, there must be more than 20? Kill all? Is this something we can do?



I saw a huge silhouette one after another, poking out from the sea.

It is not an exaggeration to say: a head can catch up with the size of two Avengers. Its body is nearly ten thousand zhang long.

At this point, Draconic Eel slammed, Han Fei didn’t make a move, what can Song Kaiyuan and the others do? Can only shoot.


Sword Qi burst into the sky at the moment when the Draconic Eel caught the thunder.

With one sword coming out, Heaven and Earth faded.

Only that might of a single sword, there is no trace after the sword, only a glimmer of glory passes by.

“zi zi ~bang~”

But I saw the dazzling thunderbolt crashing down in front of the Draconic Eel fish.


The two fought very fast.

At this moment, I saw the Hegemon Draconic Eel, his body cut open with a sword. Massive amounts of thunderbolt detonated in all directions, and in an instant, this sea area became an ocean of thunderbolt.

I only saw Li Kaitian loudly shouting, holding a silver light stick, and jumping out. The stick shadow reaches ten thousand zhang, the formidable power is pressed so that the raging waves are empty, and the sea is temporarily flat.

“Trifling thunderbolt, how can you be fierce…? Hmm…ahhhh…good special mother…exciting.”

“bang bang bang!”

But when he saw Li Kaitian, he smashed the head of a Draconic Eel with a stick. But at least a hundred lightning shrouded him, blasting him into Iron Head Fish in an instant.

Lu Ran: “I 嗷嗷…to ask for 嗷嗷…satisfied…thunderbolt…”

The fall of several Draconic Eel triggering mines caused the surrounding Draconic Eel to trigger mines, and massive thunders broke out at the same time.

Not only this Draconic Eel itself is thundering. Above the sky, thunderbolt is also crashing down.

Han Fei looked towards everyone who had been electrocuted, knowing these thunderbolts, it really won’t kill them.

After all, the impossibles that come are all half-king realm creatures. Among them, only 7 actually reached the half-king realm, and they were killed by Jian Hui and Li Kaitian respectively.


I only saw one silhouette, quietly standing on the head of a Draconic Eel. With a mention of both daggers in both hands, he suddenly saw that the super giant eel, which was more than 600 meters wide, fell apart.


That person, who is not Xia Xiaochan?

When countless thunderbolts blasted down, Xia Xiaochan Wushou Xuan Body was lifted up and instantly bathed in the terrifying thunderbolt.

Mu Shui Sisi, Lu Ran, and Mu Xi also targeted their own goals.

Han Fei shouldn’t be a big deal when seeing everyone, and immediately the silhouette appeared in Qianzhang High Kong.

I saw Han Fei with one hand, the embroidery needle appeared and shouted: “It’s big!”