God of Fishing Chapter 1936

Bei Luochen is not stupid, after chasing for two or three breaths, he stopped chasing. My purpose here is to deal with Han Fei, Wang Yijian’s appearance, I don’t know what he meant.

Furthermore, is Wang Yijian not in Sword God Palace?

Beiluochen stood in the void, and his voice was more than 20 ten thousand li away. It fell in Han Fei’s ears: “Wang Yijian, how dare you appear in front of the old man? That means you have a magical body, but if an old man Don’t hesitate to lay down your blood, do you think the old man can’t catch you?”

Han Fei indifferently won: “Try it.”

Han Fei’s voice is indifferent, simple and neat, with a kind of expression that comes to hit me.

Bei Luochen’s eyelids trembled and said: “Why are you here? Since you are not here to challenge the old man, and it is not like preventing the old man from attacking the wild abyss, it is for Han Fei’s child?”

Han Fei hugs his hands, his head is high, and he looks at Beiluochen with a disdainful look: “Block me Sword God Palace, take the Yin and Yang heaven, Taiqing Wuji, I really feel that he is invincible to dominate the Human Race. in the whole world?”

Bei Luochen sneered: “It is the Grand Purity Palace that is blocking your Sword God Fourth Palace? What’s the matter with me?”

Han Fei: “You and I know well, why bother to pretend?”

Beiluochen snorted: “Then when you killed Xuanbing that day, did you deliberately protect Han Fei’s child?”

Han Fei looked indifferent: “Yes, so what?”

Beiluochen’s breath was shocked. Although he was furious, he really had nothing to do. As I said, even if this king’s sword is amazing, if I really use full speed, this person can win it, but at the price…

Bei Luochen sullenly said: “Let’s talk! You are it possible that you came to chat with an old man? Here, what’s the matter?”

Han Fei’s eyes are cold: “Come and bring a word to Han Fei. Listen carefully…wuji old thief, if you want me to be cloudy and sunny, don’t blame me by fair means or foul. From today, the world will be chaotic, three The Sixteen Profound Heavens will be in chaos, I hope you Wuji Heaven will take care of you.”

Beiluochen hearing this, haha ​​couldn’t help but smiled: “Han Fei, I don’t even dare to say something cruel, but he dare not come personally with the old man, but I still need to ask you to come. This is the first time the old man comes. Listen to…old man and take a look. With him a trifling, the newly promoted Xiao Wang, have what skills and abilities, disrupt the world.”

Han Fei remains unmoved, still maintaining an indifferent face, just listening to him: “Oh! By the way, the one who disturbs the world, and I, Wang Yijian.”


Suddenly, Han Fei only felt that a black moon was rising in the sea.


Han Fei’s complexion slightly changed, and only felt that the nearby hundred thousand li was empty and became sticky, and Bei Luochen could attack so far away. Is the emperor so powerful?

It’s too late, it’s fast then, Han Fei directly used the golden light posture and began to escape.

During this retreat, Han Fei discovered that the black moon was glowing with dim yellow rays of light. Wherever the yellow rays of light shine, it seems that Formation is born.

However, Han Fei also failed to anticipate these variables, so this time the golden light jumped 30ten thousand li.

The distance that can really be swept out is only 6ten thousand li.



Han Fei took a breath of air-conditioning. The Open Heaven Realm is indeed extraordinary. He thought he could ignore the Open Heaven Powerhouse with the golden light body method. But now, at first glance, I still looked down upon my opponent.

Beiluochen came extremely fast. After all, for powerhouses like Beiluochen, it has already reached the upper limit of speed. But, as Old Tortoise said, they wouldn’t do it.

No, Han Fei only ran 6ten thousand li in a golden light vertical leap, which gave Bei Luochen a chance to catch it. When Han Fei’s golden light flashed, Bei Luochen was killed.

I just thought I didn’t know where Han Fei was going, so Bei Luochen only chased after Han Fei where he fled.

So far, the distance between the two is 6ten thousand li, and only listen to Bei Luochen laughed heartily: “Wang Yijian, really think that the emperor wants to listen to your nonsense? The black moon and the sky are going out of the world.”

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Inside hundreds thousand li, a strange black mist descended, and there was a pair of scarlet eyes, aimed at Han Fei.

It’s too late, it’s fast, Han Fei stayed for a short moment, and Han Fei was caught by these scarlet eyes. Han Fei felt his body was stiff.

Immediately, Han Fei’s heart moved: “It cannot be blocked here.”


Another golden light appeared, and Han Fei broke through for a moment. However, because of the black moon, Han Fei’s speed is still not enough fast in the shady scene, and only three ten thousand li outside the shady scene.

This distance, for Beiluochen, is it still a distance?

But Han Fei didn’t panic either. He saw the shattering sword behind him, Immortal Spirit Energy and Ominous Fiend Qi surging, and the sword fell like a avenue, like the sky flashing, and the void layers shattered. Directly hit Beiluochen.

Bei Luochen had long known that Wang Yijian owned Immortal Spirit Energy and Ominous Fiend Qi, but had never seen him use it in detail. At this time, his expression was astonished. This sword not only contained the great road of dust, but also contained boundless killing intent, as if it were the same body as a fairy and a demon. With this kind of power, Bei Luochen can almost expect that in Open Sea Realm, he can take it and Undead, and count it with one hand.

But Beiluochen is the powerhouse of the Open Heaven Realm after all. Just look at the palm of your hand, a black Moon Wheel, and disappear into the void in an instant.

Facing my own sword, I only heard Bei Luochen shouted: “To open the sea is to open the sea. If you have mastered the power of the open world in advance, you will still open the sea.”


The immortal evil broke out, and the boundless void shattered. However, when I collided with the black wheel, I couldn’t make any progress, and the sword rhyme shattered, as if it was about to disintegrate at any time.

Seeing that pair of scarlet eyes, he continued moving towards himself. In his opinion, Han Fei took advantage of his body to move. This time, he tried his best to directly increase the golden light body technique to the fastest speed, that is, the speed of light.

At that moment, Han Fei saw his own spiritual sea, past and present, all kinds of things, brushing past his eyes. But Han Fei clearly knew that these were his own memories and his spiritual world.

Apart from these, Han Fei saw a faint blue color, and Han Fei’s heart moved. It was a long time, he naturally recognized it immediately after a long time.

In addition to the long flow of time, Han Fei also saw a void with starlight dots inside, just like a Star Sea.

In addition to Star Sea, there is also a white hole, I don’t know where to lead.

In addition to the white hole, there is a ladder, and I don’t know where to pass.

Han Fei can’t help being surprised, in the extreme speed, it seems that he can choose where he wants to go? It’s just that, with this choice, Han Fei has no idea what it means behind it.

Han Fei doesn’t know what the meaning of the white hole, the Star Sea, and the stairs all have.

The only thing Han Fei is familiar with is the long river of time.

At this time, although Han Fei’s thoughts seemed to have stagnated for an instant, he was able to feel that he was rushing towards that piece of Star Sea in the sky.

Han Fei has clenched the teeth. Now he is not strong enough. These places may have big secrets. If he wants to come, he will have opportunities in the future. Don’t rush at this critical moment.

So Han Fei rushed into the long river of time without the slightest hesitation, although Han Fei is not so proficient in Time Avenue. But now Nian’er has grown up too, and every once in a while, I have discussed with Nian’er the secret uses of various time techniques.

But it is the first time that Han Fei has entered the long river.

Nian’er also mentioned the long river of time, saying that it is like entering the long river of time. You cannot be attracted by things outside of time, and you cannot swim along time. The former is easy to go to unknown times and places and will be noticed by Heavenly Dao. And along the time, it is easy to get lost.

Therefore, Han Fei will only come in for a moment.


When Han Fei rushed into the long river of time, his body suddenly showed signs of exhaustion. I feel that life force is being drawn by time.

Immediately, Han Fei ran the Avenue of Time to resist the deteriorating vitality of the long river of time. At the same time, it makes Dao Rhyme go against the flow of time, resisting the power of time, so that you will not deviate from the current world.


It takes only one second to enter, and Han Fei rushes out of time. Seeing Dao Rhyme mixed with a little time, this is a sign that time has not returned to normal time, Han Fei thoughts move and disappeared in place.

When Han Fei came out again, his gaze swept away and he saw the scene of immortal collapse and void collapse beyond 60 ten thousand li.

But Beiluochen was indifferent and a little surprised and looked towards Han Fei’s location, surprised, how did this guy do it? Is it stuck at the limit of speed?

Han Fei naturally didn’t stop, the golden light appeared on his body, and he walked away continuously. Even if Bei Luochen chased him, he couldn’t catch him. Unless he can always maintain the speed limit and walk away.

Above the sea, the black moon dissipated, his scarlet eyes disappeared, and Bei Luochen took a deep look at the direction Han Fei had left.

Only listen to him muttered: “This son’s strength, half-step into the open sky, is a disaster after all. Sword God Palace……”


Apart from a few million li, Han Fei’s silhouette appeared. Immediately after appearing, the divine technique of Apocalypse came, and his rigid body was restored.

“Good terrifying innate talent, soul beast, black moon imaginary wing, infinite wheel… really terrifying.”

Han Fei twisted his bones, and the sailing myriad forms instrument appeared in his hand. As the myriad forms instrument turned, the golden light flashed, and Han Fei’s silhouette disappeared without a trace.