God of Fishing Chapter 1937

Just after Han Fei and Bei Luochen met, during this period, Bei Luochen categorically did not dare to leave the wild abyss. He was afraid that this was Wang Yijian’s plan to lured the tiger away from the mountain.

Therefore, Beiluochen only recruited the nearest Wuji Heavenly King and asked him to inform him of the news.

About two hours later, less than half a day.

Five Elements Heaven.

Above the Immortal Palace.

Gong Zhan is drinking with a middle-aged man. Just listen to Gong Zhan said: “To Brother Feng, if this Promise Heaven can calm the chaos of the wild abyss, forcing Han Fei’s child to appear, and kill him, these 36 Immortal Palaces will surely return to peace and return to life. Win the fourth house of Sword God in a tone, wonderful!”

The middle-aged man’s mouth slightly aroused: “This time, Old Ancestor took the shot himself, but if Han Fei dared to show up, he would not be able to escape. I am afraid, this child will give up Yin Yang Tian and Shu Mu Tian .”

Gong Zhan’s complexion also sank: “This possibility cannot be ruled out. This son is not small and powerful, and he has no rules and no rules. It is difficult to figure out what he thinks. This Yin and Yang return is just for revenge. Yes, for these several decades, isn’t it all that Han Fei’er is doing?”

Speaking, Gong Zhan handed his hand to the middle-aged man and said, “To Brother Feng, I will give you this time. But if you are there, then my Five Elements Heaven is safe and sound, but I am afraid of saving. .”

The middle-aged man laughed: “Brother Gong, don’t be frightened by that kid. Let him bounce, wait for the yin and yang sky to be born, and see how long he can bounce. As for the safety of Five Elements Heaven , If that Han Fei child really dare to come. I, Li Chaofeng, won the Great Destiny. I will cut this child, seize its resources, search for its Divine Soul, wouldn’t it be beautiful?”

The two of them looked at each other, then they laughed and toasted together.

No, the two of them had just taken the wine and they hadn’t waited to swallow them. Suddenly, the void shattered, and a golden light broke in in an instant.


“Bold, who dare to rush into Five Elements Heaven?”

As soon as the golden light appeared, only the silhouette of Han Fei appeared in the Five Elements Heaven Immortal Palace.

When the palace war saw Han Fei, the complexion was greatly changed. The scene where Han Fei forced Yu Meng to kill Yu Meng was still vivid. Although he told Li Chaofeng that he was invincible at the time, he escaped calmly, but in fact, who knows that he was like a stray dog?

Only listen to Gong Zhan loudly shouted: “Not good! To Brother Feng, it’s Han Fei.”

Li Chaofeng was also taken aback for a moment. He was so amazing. When he was talking about this son, this son came.

Just listen to Li Chaofeng grinning: “Han Fei’er, really there’s a road to Heaven yet you don’t walk it, hell is doorless yet you charged to it. Come and die.”

After Li Chaofeng was slightly surprised, he was excited. He is in the Promise Heaven, in fact, his strength is really not weak, he is better than Bei Xuanbing, but he does not have an Open Heaven Realm Old Ancestor like Bei Xuanbing. Otherwise, how long can Bei Xuanbing get ahead?

No, as soon as Li Chaofeng stretched out his hand, a three-meter fish-cutting knife appeared. He only listened to him drinking from his mouth, and a purple thousand zhang giant scorpion finally sank within the body. On Li Chaofeng’s head, a purple cone is ready to go. On both sides of his body are two purple lights, which are special effects brought by the innate talent soul beast.

Li Chaofeng is not stupid, Han Fei has dare to rush into Five Elements Heaven, can he be weak?

Inevitably, Han Fei felt that even if Gong Zhan used all the power of Five Elements Heaven, he would not be his opponent, so he came forward brazenly.

Li Chaofeng knows what the strength of the palace battle is. If he takes advantage of the power of the Immortal Palace, all the strengths combined will not be weaker than himself.

Therefore, Li Chaofeng knows that the variables are in him. Because he came to Five Elements Heaven by himself, it came with Bei Luochen, and Han Fei definitely knew it in advance. His purpose here is to wait for the savage abyss to be broken in case of emergency.

Just listen to Li Chaofeng shouted: “Brother Gong, block this room, don’t stay in the Five Elements Array. Take the two of you and me and take this one.”

Without Li Chaofeng speaking, Gong Zhan has already done so. I saw Gong Zhan’s double-finger mentioning. In the five directions of Immortal Palace, five soaring flame columns of “red, yellow, blue, blue and white” burned up.

At the moment when the pillar of fire ignited, Han Fei let out a long sigh, as if muttering to himself: “If I hadn’t found a way for a long time, I would have killed it early. Wuji old thief, the game will start now. .”

Han Fei, who is already crazy, has now risen to the strongest state. Apart from this, I only saw Han Fei split his eyebrows and the invincible eye appeared.

All of a sudden, Han Fei’s strength was so strong that his battle clothes started to vibrate abnormally.


As Han Fei let out a low growl, behind him, a giant-like dharma body appeared in the sky over 200 meters. As soon as the Dharmakaya emerges, it is fierce and powerful, and murderous aura is monstrous.

Only Han Fei jié jié smiled: “Well, there are twin kings sitting here. It seems that I am indeed lucky. Gong Zhan, let you run away 21 years ago, this time, you try to run one .”


Li Chaofeng held breath cold air, the theory of Dharmakaya may not be known to others. But he is impossible not knowing, anyone who knows our king knows the existence of Dharmakaya.

This is an elusive super power. The Dharmakaya is powerful, perhaps even stronger than the deity. Moreover, this dharma body, from the Martial Emperor city, is fierce and compelling.

Only listen to Li Chaofeng shouted: “Brother Gong, Han Fei’s child is handed over to me, and you can lock it with Five Elements Array.”

Gong Zhan’s face was green at the time, so I missed the MMP. What are you going to give me? When I saw this thing for the first time, I knew it was not a good thing to play when I looked at it.

Moreover, Li Chaofeng chose so quickly that he obviously did not want to face the Law Bodies.

It’s just that Li Chaofeng didn’t at all fight with Han Fei, so he didn’t know Han Fei’s terrifying. As long as he knows that Han Fei is Wang Yijian, as long as he knows that Han Fei’s battle strength can be in the top ten at the moment, he just asks grandfather to sue grandma and hold his thigh to fight against the sky law body.

However, in this rush, neither of them had time to react too much, immediately, they were fighting with all their strength.

Only listen to the palace war command: “Five Elements myriad forms, Strange Sects, Divine Fire Formation.”

Li Chaofeng’s moves are not as complicated as palace battles, because facing Han Fei, he simply cannot tolerate him to prepare. Therefore, immediately, behind Li Chaofeng’s purple light foundation, that stinger, like a star, tried to penetrate Han Fei directly.

Seeing Han Fei buckle with one hand, it was like grabbing Xie Yu’s arrow, and he also grabbed this poisonous tail.

However, when fighting with Xie Yu and the others, Han Fei did not open the eyes of invincibility. This battle was for a quick victory and a complete kill, and he didn’t plan to miss any of them. This was how Han Fei used the Eye of Invincibility. Han Fei who broke out so far would naturally not be repelled by a poisonous needle.

Li Chaofeng is shocked, how can Han Fei catch his own poisonous tail blow with his bare hands? But then haha ​​smiled: “Han Fei’er, you dare to pick up the sting of my purple dragon and devil scorpion. I really won’t keep you.”

I only saw Han Fei’s right hand, which was quickly dyed purple. In the purple poison, black silk thread tried to flow onto Han Fei.

However, Han Fei’s mouth slightly hooks, faintly smiled: “Use poison? How old are you?”


With Han Fei’s one-handed power grip, the entire scorpion tail phantom was covered with cracks, while the purple on Han Fei’s hand was rapidly fading.

Li Chaofeng was horrified: “How is it possible?”

At the moment when the entire scorpion tail collapsed, the two purple lights on Li Chaofeng’s body attacked and attacked both sides of Han Fei Dantian respectively. The Jin Rui’s energy had the power to break through the body.

At this time, a blue light appeared in front of Han Fei, and he grabbed it with his left hand. A blade of time was drawn out of it. Chopped out with a knife, directly intercepting these two tricky thorns.

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“roar! Six-pole thunder knife, cut…”

Although Li Chaofeng was horrified, he only thought that time was too short, and that Han Fei had a strong heart to fight drugs, so he needed help.

No, Li Chaofeng held the knife and cut the fish and jumped. The blade fell, and the blade passed by. The void was like paper, and it was torn directly, sandwiching this space with the giant blade and the rich thunder Dao Rhyme, killing Han Fei.

The knife hasn’t arrived yet, the 6th-layer thunder has come down, even Han Fei felt a little paralyzed.

But Han Fei didn’t care at all, and saw him stretch out his two fingers: “The road is back to one sword.”


I only saw Han Fei transform into a golden light, and suddenly appeared in front of Li Chaofeng in the next second. This time, Han Fei shot like Xia Xiaochan stabbing a sword, and the avenue is a sword, and he directly stabbed Li Chaofeng’s dantian Among.


Li Chaofeng estimated that he had never thought about the Open Sea Realm battle in his life, and the victory or defeat was only between the hands. The two fight, like in a flash, in an instant. However, he has already lost.

The palace battle has just gotten up, and before it has time to fight the sky, I was surprised to find that Li Chaofeng had burst.

But the truth is that Li Chaofeng, who has won his battle strength, didn’t even take a look at his face, and everyone was lost. How strong is Han Fei?

At the moment when Li Chaofeng burst open, his Myriad Incarnations blood shadow tried to split open space. But Han Fei had already prepared, but saw the Sifang Formation emerge, locking in the void. What followed is the line of nothingness. When the line of nothingness continuously pierced the blood and soul in the sky, the fall of Li Chaofeng was a foregone conclusion.

So far, Han Fei looked up towards Gong Zhan and smiled slightly: “At the moment you failed to ambush me, you should not stay at Five Elements Heaven anymore. Unfortunately, you don’t understand me…”