God of Fishing Chapter 1938

Gong Zhan’s heart was broken at this moment. He never thought that Han Fei would come to the door at this time. This is obviously to hit Bei Luochen in the face!

However, this is how it happened.

Li Chaofeng probably never thought that he would fall here. Seeing Li Chaofeng’s soul body was collapsing and disintegrating at a terrifying speed, Gong Zhan knew that Li Chaofeng was dead.


At this time, Five Elements’ sacred fire, transforming into a five-color blade glow, is struggling Han Fei’s heavenly body. It’s just that the sky Dharma body also has physique, it follows the master.

Han Fei thoughts move, but when he saw the firmament of the sky condensed the double axes of the sky, he slashed down in anger. On the axe, the Gravity Avenue bonus. As the so-called single force subduing ten meetings, the giant axe was blocked by invisible barriers, but seeing the method of the Hundred War God hammer, it turned into an axe, and struck one after another.

“dong dong dong ~”

Five Elements Heaven, above the main city, in the sky, the power is shaking.

Everyone raised their heads and looked up, asking their hearts to say what happened above the sky?

Ordinary person can’t understand, but Five Elements Heaven has many Venerable Realm powerhouses. At this moment, what happened on Immortal Palace?

Five Elements Heaven is the highest institution of higher learning, five yuanzong. Several young people have different eyes.

Someone exclaimed: “Ziliu, has something happened above Immortal Palace?”

The guy called Ziliu is one of the Five Elements Sect disciples. He has a solemn expression and he says that this is clearly a battle. The power of shock has even penetrated from Immortal Palace to the outside world. How powerful can this be done?

At this time, let alone go to Immortal Palace to take a look, even if you are close, you will be crushed to death by that terrifying force.

Just listen to this Liu’s heart move: “I want to find a way to see, you guys stay.”

After speaking, this guy just disappeared. After a while, he came out from a very distant place, only to hear him muttered: “Is it an ordinary person to be able to enter the powerhouse of Immortal Palace? With the identity of Five Elements Sect, I can’t go without it!” /p>


In other words, in the Immortal Palace.

Gong Zhan knew that Han Fei was here to kill, so he didn’t expect Han Fei to let him go. At this moment, he couldn’t care much.

But in the Immortal Palace, a five-color ring of fire suddenly appeared, encircling the palace battle, and submerged within the body.

Han Fei felt that the power of the entire Five Elements Heaven was under the pressure of the moved towards the sky law body. No matter how strong the strength of the Law Bodies in the sky is, it is difficult to break through this imprisonment force.

Han Fei’s heart moved, and an endless drop of water before him was like a nail, directly nailing the palace battle that was in the outbreak period.


At that moment, a Five Elements Dragon fish burst out, and the dragon fish’s mouth sprayed a strange flame, but it could not resist the piercing of endless water.

In the end, he shot hard.


“hong long long ~”

How strong Endless Water is, it depends on how strong Han Fei is. Therefore, when the endless water is self-destructing, it seems that the power of destroying heaven and extinguishing earth bursts out in Immortal Palace.

“pēng pēng pēng ~”

“ka ka ka !”

Five Elements Immortal Palace has five pillars of fire, and two have been extinguished. There are hundreds of cracks in the small world here.

Han Fei can’t help being surprised. He never expected the small world to be so strong and able to withstand such violent explosive formidable power.

However, the self-destruct of endless water smashed all the methods used by the palace wars to control the sky Dharma body.

Li Chaofeng, who was about to fall, failed to survive this terrifying explosion after all.

“hong long long ~”

But above Five Elements Heaven, a blood-colored crack traversing the sky appeared in the roar, and the blood poured down. This is a typical Wang Yuxiang.


Someone is bewildered: “Who has fallen?”

Someone was shocked: “My king, has fallen?”

Countless venerables realized that it was wrong at this time, and they prepared to leave Five Elements Heaven temporarily. Suddenly, the king fell, and he was still in the Five Elements Immortal Palace. He was a normal person, and he would feel that the palace battle had fallen.

Ziliu, who just ran out, was sweating behind his back at the moment, with a look of horror on his face: “teacher, fallen?”

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At this moment, many kings felt in the entire Sea Territory and the major Immortal Palaces. Open Sea Realm, in the sea of ​​riots, is just like Venerable Realm in the yin and sun.

Pihai has fallen, and there are too many people who can perceive it.

The kings of the major Immortal Palaces have been astonished. What happened in recent years? Open Sea Realm powerhouse has fallen one after another. Today, suddenly, why did another person fall?

Hundreds of Monster Race and Seabed’s Human Race outside the Sea Territory are all surprised at this moment.

A sea monster looks at the sky: “Humanity, civil strife has begun?”

There is Seabed’s Human Race old man sneered: “Thirty-six Xuantian, In name only, let’s see what it can be like this time.”

Bei Luochen, holding a fragmented jade slip in his hand, looked at the bloody color of the sky. His complexion ashen. Li Chaofeng is dead, and Wujitian falls into a powerhouse, how long is this? Trifling has lost two great powerhouses for decades. Who can stand it?

“Five Elements Heaven?”


I only saw Beiluochen body moved, a projection staying here, and his body slid directly towards Five Elements Heaven.

He knew Wang Yijian would retaliate, but didn’t expect Wang Yijian’s revenge was so precise and it came so quickly. If a powerhouse like Wang Yijian was allowed to slaughter outside, would it be worth it? Who can rule him?

It’s just that Bei Luochen didn’t hold much hope in his heart. Even if he rushed to Five Elements Heaven, the battle might be over long ago. But to go, I still have to go.

In other words, at this moment, the Five Elements Dragon fish of the palace battle was directly blown to disintegration. Gong Zhan himself drenched with blood.

Only saw Han Fei golden light flashed and came to him. But as soon as Han Fei appeared, Gong Zhan had a five-color Profound Light bursting into Han Fei.

It’s just that Han Fei did not face up to the five-color Profound Light, but went through the palace with a sword.

It is also pierced by Daoguiyijian, but Gongzhan is not so easy to die, although he can’t beat Han Fei. But this is his Immortal Palace after all. But seeing an invisible large array in Immortal Palace light up, where did Gong Zhan’s body recover.

Han Fei sneered: “Bump you up.”

If the sky Dharma body is a violent strong man, the giant axe in his hand has never stopped.

“clang clang clang ~”

Hundreds of arrays of hammers have been bombed hundreds of times, and Han Fei manipulated endless water, turning it into a drill, drilling straight into this array.

And Han Fei himself, although he really wanted to fight the palace battle with an immortal evil spirit, it was his own trump card and a cover for Wang Yijian’s identity.

Therefore, Han Fei himself went into battle himself, grabbed the embroidery needle, and the monkey king broke out with three thousand sticks. At this moment, the embroidery needles have been different from the past, such as the divine might giant stick. With every hit, there will be a double shadow. The full power of the rare treasure of Dinghai is fully deployed here.


In the palace battle, facing the strong attack of Han Fei, the dharmakaya of the sky and endless water, the palace battle can call most of the Five Elements Immortal Palace’s power, but after all, it is invincible, and blood spurts in his mouth.

“ka ka ka ~”

Seeing that the small world is about to fall apart. As a last resort, Gong Zhan thoughts move and decisively gave up the void here. The intention is to descend directly to Immortal Palace.

On the occasion of life and death, Gong Zhan sternly shouted: “Han Fei, if you are not afraid to experience karma, you will destroy my entire Five Elements Heaven.”


At this moment, the void is broken. Above Five Elements Heaven, Five Elements Immortal Palace appeared in the eyes of everyone. The palace battle attempts to bring Immortal Palace down.

However, I saw the Dharma Body of the sky, which actually reached under the Immortal Palace, and went crazy to the top of the sky to prevent Immortal Palace from coming.

In the shocking eyes of countless people, only Han Fei’s voice is Binghan: “Five Elements Heaven, the running dog of Tai Chi and Promise, be a punisher. I, Han Fei, is the king of the world. How can I be a disaster? Kill…”

“The Supreme Yin and Yang Wheel.”

I only saw a huge Yin-Yang Diagram pressed down on the sky far away, and only listened to the “ka ka ka” tearing sound constantly emerging.

This time, it is a real battle between Great Dao of Yin-Yang and Great Dao of Five Elements. In fact, the strength of the avenue is invisible in Open Sea Realm because of the different levels of personal mastery.

But it is true that Han Fei’s power broke out at this moment is too strong, it is a full-scale battle to crush the palace.

Therefore, the Five Elements barrier, after all, failed to block the impact of the Taishang Yin-Yang Wheel, and it shattered.

Only, at the last moment, I heard Gong Zhan’s roar: “Han Fei, even if I die, I will destroy your Dao Xin…I burst…”

Han Fei cursed secretly at that time, this guy was crazy.

Gong Zhan is to bring the entire Five Elements Heaven billion Human Race to the funeral with him, in order to create a karma knot.

But how can Han Fei make him do what he wants?

I saw the blue light interlaced in front of him, and Han Fei’s body was golden light flashed, but he and Gong Zhan disappeared above the Immortal Palace at the same time.

Next moment, at a distance of 60ten thousand li from Five Elements Heaven, Han Fei’s golden blood is dripping all over.

“hong long long ~”

And above the sky, another bright red crack that runs through the sky appeared.


This time, countless people were shocked.

“Another king has fallen?”

In the ice and snowy days, the Snow Girl shook her hands a bit. Has Han Fei made such a big move when he was born? Which one did he slaughter?

Wandutian, Huang Jie looked up at the sky, muttered: “The chaos is chaos, Human Race will be chaos. I don’t know if Han Fei is a lucky star or a disaster star!”

Beiluochen was still halfway there. When another king fell, he knew that the palace battle had an accident. It seems that even with the help of the Immortal Palace, the palace battle could not stop Wang Yijian for long!

After one hour.

Han Fei reappeared above Five Elements Heaven.

At that moment, Han Fei had hundreds of projections and came directly to all the places where important materials were stored in Five Elements Heaven.

Then, Han Fei’s voice vibrated Heaven and Earth, just listening to him: “My name is Han Fei, the king of contemporary people. I want to destroy Taiqing, Zhu Wuji, and unify the world of 36 Immortal Palace. Five Elements Heaven, palace battle No way, take the side of the evil-doer, I clean it…”