God of Fishing Chapter 1939

Han Fei entered the source sea of ​​Gong Zhan and Li Chaofeng, and obtained countless resources, and he had already taken away everything that could be intercepted.

If it is the total resource quantity of must, Han Fei roughly estimated it. If it is set according to his own standards, it should be enough to fill the original Heaven and Earth of three ten thousand li.

Therefore, Han Fei feels not enough, and continues to search Five Elements Heaven. Anyway, Five Elements Heaven is like this now, when the time comes, 80% of it will be divided up, so it’s not too much to scrape off a layer of oil first.

In addition to resources, Han Fei’s heart is that the Monster Refining Pot has drawn more than 7000 wisps of Primal Chaos Qi from the origin of these two people.

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This number really made Han Fei happy. When I killed Yu Meng and the Four Mad Kings before, I didn’t get so many Primal Chaos Qi. Among them, more than 4,000 strands came from palace wars.

“Is it because of Immortal Palace?”

Apart from this, Han Fei also accidentally obtained a new fixed chart. This picture is about the same size as my own. However, the Spiritual Qi in it is richer than my own. After all, this is a sea of ​​riots, not a cloudy day.

Too late to study Dinghai Chart, Han Fei turned around and went to Five Elements Heaven Immortal Palace. Like the Yin and Yang Immortal Palace, in the belly of the Immortal Palace is the Converging Ground of many forces.

Han Fei is here and feels the Spiritual Qi here, flooded with a lot of Primal Chaos Qi. If I were to learn from here for three or five years, I’m afraid I could learn thousands more of Primal Chaos Qi.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that time.

Han Fei can only sigh, these people do not know that they are sitting empty in Baoshan. If it weren’t for our Yin and Yang Immortal Palace without these powers, or my strength would have risen to the next level.

After doing all this, Han Fei’s projections also returned one after another. Han Fei took a glance at the resources he brought back, and it was worth about 500 million top grade Spirit Stone.

After all, this is a search from the entire Five Elements Heaven. If you don’t have enough time, you can search for more than 1 billion.

But now, if Beiluochen is not lost, it should be almost here now. Han Fei was just golden light flashed and walked away.


Han Fei patted his butt and left, but the people at Five Elements Heaven were confused.

Heaven knows what happened? Two consecutive times, Wang Yu, even Immortal Palace was shot out, and now he is floating above Five Elements Heaven. His own king was beheaded by Han Fei on the spot, and the latter would come to clamor afterwards.

Han Fei acts in this way, called Five Elements Heaven, and many people are terrified.

Someone was shocked: “The Devil, Han Fei, the Avengers Pirate Group, is Great Demon.”

Someone was horrified: “Han Mo cuts my Five Elements Heaven’s king and robs my Five Elements Heaven’s resources, so fierce, dare to claim the king?”

Someone hurriedly said: “Be quiet, Han Mo doesn’t know if he has left yet.”

Someone is already crying bitterly: “My king, just fell away like this? What about Grand Purity Palace? Where is Wujitian? Who will sanction Han Fei?”

However, the fall of powerhouse is such a big event that only powerhouse can participate in it. Among the venerables of Five Elements Heaven who have not left yet, some have moved their minds. Gong Zhan is dead. Will the five elements Heaven’s great art and Five Elements Heaven’s Absolute Art still be in the Immortal Palace?

If you are not afraid of Han Fei, I am afraid that the Immortal Palace is already full of Venerables.

As for the ordinary person, I only know that the king has fallen and the sky has fallen, making them panic. However, the ordinary person has no idea what happened. Except for Han Fei screamed, saying that he is the king of men. No one else speaks anymore.

All an ordinary person can do is wait, waiting for someone to say something, to calm their hearts, at least let them know what happened, and where should they go?

Of course, while waiting for someone to take charge of the overall situation, most people chose cultivation. Two consecutive kings fell. There is a huge amount of Dao Rhyme, the king between Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is too rich, sitting cross-legged. In the rain of blood, the chance of breakthrough is not small.

About 5 minutes later, a Venerable saw that there was no movement, and he boarded the Immortal Palace. In the end, there was nothing!

It’s just that the moment he boarded the Immortal Palace, someone suddenly shouted: “Get out of the way, this is where my Five Elements Heaven Immortal Palace is. How can an ordinary person climb?”


I saw Ziliu who was running far away, and saw that someone could board the Immortal Palace, and immediately ran back.

Only listen to Ziliu shouted: “I am Five Elements Sect and Huang Ziliu, my teacher has fallen by the hand of the demon Han Fei, I am very sad. But the dragons must not be headless. Five Elements Immortal Palace is not accessible to anyone. The deity should sit here, waiting for the Wuji Tian powerhouse to come to preside over justice…”

Five Elements Sect apprentice, regardless of his personality, first of all he will not be weak and so on in strength, otherwise he will not become a Five Elements Sect apprentice.

Therefore, as soon as Huang Ziliu appeared, and after sitting here, other people did not get to the top due to the unknown situation and their own names.

Until another 2.5 minutes of time passed, the void broke open, and Bei Luochen finally arrived.

Huang Ziliu is a little bit insightful, at the moment he saw Beiluochen, he was taken aback. Then I thought of something, and suddenly shouted: “My lord, please be fair to my teacher! Han Fei, the demon, when he is mad, rushed to my Five Elements Heaven and killed my teacher in the palace battle. Five Elements Heaven now has no leader. Even though Junior is a Five Elements Sect apprentice, he has not been able to take charge of Immortal Palace, so please help me with Lord Emperor…”

Huang Ziliu burst into tears. I don’t know, I thought he was heartbroken.

But, listening to the meaning between the lines, how can Bei Luochen know his thoughts?

Only listen to Beiluochen; “You said, Han Fei rushed to Five Elements Heaven? Not Wang Yijian?”

“Wang Yijian?”

Huang Ziliu shook his head repeatedly: “My lord, I saw Han Fei appear on the Immortal Palace with my own eyes. There is absolutely no possibility of admitting mistakes. That Han Fei is arrogant, and he also said that he is the king of contemporary people and wants to die Thirty-six Immortal Palace of Qing Dynasty, Zhu Wuji, Unifying the World…”


Being coldly snorted, Huang Ziliu felt that his feet were soft, and immediately fell to her knees. Sovereign Might pressed, this was the first time I felt it.

Beiluochen indifferently said: “yellow mouth child, dare to claim to be the king, really overestimate one’s capabilities.”

After finishing speaking, Bei Luochen threw a jade slip to Huang Ziliu: “This is the emperor might of a single blade, which can help you shake Five Elements Heaven for a while. Open Sea Realm will not rush to attack the weak. , Don’t panic, the emperor will arrange someone to deal with it.”

Huang Ziliu’s heart was shocked, and his head was full of joy. This means that he has been recognized by the emperor and can control the Immortal Palace in a fair way, and can freely dominate the power in the Immortal Palace?

“Lord Xie Huang Zhe.”

Beiluochen ignored Huang Ziliu again, his eyes swept away, and he did not feel Immortal Spirit Energy and Ominous Fiend Qi.

At this time, he had a bad feeling in his heart. Is Han Fei too strong? Tu Li Chaofeng, it’s not that it’s impossible, but he just became king for decades. Why can he not only slaughter Li Chaofeng, but also the ability to suppress the palace battle? After all, this is the Immortal Palace of Palace War.

I have all lost on my own territory. Is this palace battle too weak, or Han Fei too strong?

Without the help of Wang Yijian, Han Fei alone can kill two kings in such a short period of time, Han Fei’s strength needs to be re-evaluated.

Unfortunately, Bei Luochen once again lost the whereabouts of Han Fei and Wang Yijian.

At this time, Bei Luochen thought of Han Fei’s ruthless words put down by Wang Yijian, and couldn’t help being frowned. After all, it was a scourge!

I was thinking of forcing him to show up, didn’t expect, first made him go crazy.

Bei Luochen’s heart moved, only to see his phantom infinitely magnified, almost covering half of Five Elements Heaven.

Everyone at Five Elements Heaven, seeing this scene, many people knelt directly, only to feel that this is true Divine Vestige.

However, I only heard Beiluochen say: “old man Wuji Tian opens the emperor, Human Race Han Fei, who is hiding evil intentions, has fallen into the demonic path, intending to provoke Human Race civil strife. The emperor will bring thirty-six Xuantian All kings attacked and arrested this demon. The powerhouse dispute does not endanger the lives of the people, so don’t panic. When the emperor kills the demon, he will revive Five Elements Heaven…”

“Is this the emperor?”

“Legendary who opened the emperor?”

“Since he is the emperor, he must be at a loss. Then Han Fei the immensity of heaven and earth, proclaiming himself the king of heaven, turned out to be a demon.”

“Then Han Fei is Great Demon at first sight. He killed me Five Elements Heaven for no reason, unfathomable mystery.”

Countless people discuss spiritedly. Of course, some of them have doubts. Han Fei said that Taiqing Wuji was not good, and Taiqing Wuji said that Han Fei had fallen into the evil spirit. Which side is bad? Who has the final say? Does the strong have the final say?

However, in the midst of the anger in this group of sentiments, even if these people have other thoughts, they are all in their hearts. Since neither side can threaten the life of the ordinary person, at least this can be considered unfortunately.

But the truth is that Bei Luochen turned around and turned into three people and went straight to the mad corpse, blood evil, spirit refinement and the Immortal Palace. Since Han Fei and Wang Yijian could not be caught, they could not be allowed to threaten the safety of Wuji Tian.

After half a month.

Han Fei appeared in the Martial Emperor city, threatened the world, and warned the Immortal Palace of the outside world that anyone who blindly follows Taiqing Wuji and intends to persecute him will kill without mercy.

At the same time, in Martial Emperor City, Han Fei sold a lot of the treasures he got from Yaowangtian, Five Elements Heaven, and the kings. Except for the top grade weapons of the rare treasure class of Dinghai, everything that is ineffective in constructing the origin of Heaven and Earth will be sold.

I don’t know if I don’t sell, I’m surprised when I sell. With regard to these top resources collected by Han Fei, they have sold more than 500 million top grade Spirit Stones.

There is still a large part of the remaining, which is not up to the standard and is not accepted at all. This part, Han Fei prepared, when he saves Yin Yang Tian in the future, all will be given away as welfare.

Han Fei stayed in Martial Emperor City for only one day, and then disappeared again.

In a short period of time, for 13 days in Outland, the kings of every family are like ants on a hot pot, and they even start to visit. Han Fei is crazy, whoever dares to kiss Taiqing Wuji, he will do it.

The key is that if Han Fei really calls, what can they do?

So, immediately there were many Immortal Palaces expressly and secretly saying that they would not participate in this matter, and they could not bear it. No matter how bad the Promise Heaven is, it is still one of the 36 Profound Heaven leaders of Human Race, impossible on the surface, forcibly attacking the major Immortal Palaces.

But Han Fei is not necessarily anymore. If he gets crazy, he will kill one or two kings to show you, and ask you if you are upset?

But also because of this, Han Fei’s name gradually began to spread within thirty-six mysterious days, from the captain of the Avengers Pirates, Han Fei, to Han Mo.