God of Fishing Chapter 2068

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Since Han Fei dares to say this, there is such a bottom gas.

He is not really improving the emperor, but his current strength, it is already easy to escape under the emperor. However, in the same class, there is no one to fight with yourself.

Even if you are gambling, you dare to fight the foreign domain for thirteen days, I will dare to Either The Fish Dies or the Net Splits. Once give yourself a chance, kill the 100 Monster Race, this consequence teacher is also responsible for it.

Anyway, although he promised to shelter some Immortal Palace. However, after all, Immortal Palace scattered, one person unable to attend to other things. If you die, I will help you with revenge.

Now, although Han Fei is a domain, it is not necessary to win this domain, this is two concepts.

So, Han Nai is quite calm.

I saw Han Nei’s hand, the Nautical MYRIAD FORMS appeared, only listened to him: “You should know what this is? Have it, in the chaos, I will not be lost. You guess, you first Go back to the 100 Monster Race Camp, or I will find your 100 MONSTER RACE Camp first? “

Han Nai Tone Barely Fell, I saw his figure, a Golden Light, which appeared outside of 60Ten Thousand Li.

Divide the emperor Complexion Greatly change, this kid will not be so crazy? Is it one don’t do it, I’m going to play my hometown directly?

After a moment, the division breaks the emperor, because Han Fei is too metamorphosis, crazy walking with the limit of the limit. Even if he is him, he dares to step on the limit.

At this moment, another figure will follow the traces of the two people, chasing it, this person is not a depth of the seabed’s human race, who is it?

The aperture is coming from the gangtian, so it is naturally slow.

hole is a deep look at the broken emperor Brows Tightly Frowns, and then: “Han Fei?”

Die of the Emperor: “I don’t know if it is going to me. However, no matter whether it is, this war may end.”


hole frowned: “Go to your hundred monster race hinterland? He went to Courting Death?”

Die of the emperor shook his head: “This Child already has the ability to fight against the Emperor.”


However, the hole recalled the battlefield site just saw, and there were several hundred thousand li void storms in raging, unlike the power that Open Sea Realm can play.

Listening to SoveReign Dao: “Just now, the emperor made his hand, although he did not see its power, its strength has surpassed the king, and even struggled to break the emperor. You know What is this concept? “

“Only with strength, break your avenue?”

The hole is deeply accomplished, and Xu Yun said: “What is the power of such a powerful force? Is it … Tria Palace inheritance?”

Die of the Emperor Nodded: “It is inevitable. This is much more than the original Taiyuan .This Child also mastered the top of Martial Emperor City, just a battle, almost fight Entering Endless Void, this child acts with FLESHY BODY to pass the level of void storms, it is nothing, only a natural Divine Technique is over. You think, how do you kill him? “

Confucius can’t help for help TOOK A Deep Breath: “Unless you join hands, if he does not escape, there may be opportunities.”

Die of the Emperor Nodded: “Before you come, this child is far away. Say to go to me to go to the hinterland of the hundred Monster Race, is it going, the Uver is not good. But he in his hand, It is indeed looking for a way. Otherwise, Impossible appears so soon, iMpossible is in shortcomings, even the four kings. ”

Kong depth: “If you can join hands, what is the exterior of a slaughter?”

Die of the Emperor Looked Towards Confucius: “It is clear that He Daohe and North Lotus. They don’t come, let us act as a hand? Forcing Han Fei to fight with us, they stand by, Sit Back and Become the Fisherman Who Sweeps the benefits, their faces? “

hole depth: “What should you say?”

Division of the Emperor: “Since you have to play, you will play together. He Daoyuan and Bei Luo dust, at least one, the inside area, at least 20 people. Hey, since it gives up the external domain for thirteen days, I have to simply, don’t want to make a good side. If they don’t come, at Worst We migrate, temporarily avoiding the front. “

hole deep slightly nodded: “The so-called, the lip is cold. Han Nai this child is so rising, they are in the inside of Human Race, do not want to kill Han Di, but to us, it is indeed like it. So, now Have you removed the army? “

Die of the Emperor: “Not only withdrawing the army is so simple. Han Nai this child, is also evil, it is not a good person. Talk is also Half True Half false, from it to FIVE Elements Heaven, Weaving Dream Day, GRAND The means of Immortal Palace and other immortal pas. He is really dare to fight, even if he has fallen a few Immortal Palace, he doesn’t care. Vispect, this child’s Very Ruthless. He said that you should see me a hundred monster race hinterland. It is not necessarily false. It can all be used to see me hundreds of Monster Race, and you can see you Seabed’s Human Race. So, you and me, it is better to migrate one place to address the upcoming battle. “

hole depth: “You!”


Han Fei naturally didn’t go to the hinterland of 100 Monster Race, but went to the ice and snow.

At this moment, Xuecheng has a mess, because the army of hundreds of Monster Race and Seabed’s Human Race is retired, and this will include the respect, most people are packing the battlefield.

This will appear in Han Nai, “Shua”. Seeing the snow girl is taking treatment, waiting, and a natural Divine Technique is coming.

After a while.

Snow women doubt: “It’s coming back so fast, no one blocks you?”

Han Nai: “He has broken the emperor, and he pulled a few words. If he is not stupid, this will stay again. Yes, the foreign domain thirteen days, or will It is a battlefield, and the big Immortal Palace is no longer suitable for exclusive party. You help me talk about the outside world for thirteen days. If you don’t want to die, you are ready to move! Big War general is coming, with them, flee. “

Snow women’s heart shock: “What you mean is, now you have to get close to 36th Xuan Tian?”

Han Fei grin smile: “The opportunity has arrived, almost the time to do it with the Taiqing helpless.”

after seven days.

Three Baihua Palace and the Dragon Dragon Trade Ship, under the protection of the four semi-princes, the Moved Towards descends the dragon day.

The big ship headed, several major half of the kings stand above the deck.

“Hey! The foreign war is just got up, is we leaving this time, is it really suitable?”

“Is there any suitable unsuitable? Know, this hundred Monster Race and Seabed’s Human Race jointly attack, Too clear and unpretched simply. Nothing. I heard that it is a Korean magic to rescue.”

“Hey! What is the magic of the magic, now many people have changed, saying that it is a king.”

The person smirked: “He is just the king, can you have a hundred monster race and seabed’s human race? It is there to be a state of heaven! Too cleverly gives up the outside world. Do we expect a king to fight against two The big open-day Powerhouse is not caught? If it is a dead road, so how can someone else to see it. You can go. Only by the internal domain, you can save it! “

One of the women sigh: “If Han Fei has already opened the day, then I would rather gamble, it is nothing to gamble. After all, it is too clear and no extreme. The same is Human Race, which is actually pairs of hundreds of Monster Race and Seabed’s Human. The invasion of RACE, as a blight, simply shame of Human Race! “

Some people smirked; “What can you have a lot of money?”


“weng weng weng ~”

Suddenly, several people suddenly sounded tight, because in the opposite Ten Thousand li, another big ship was ruined.

Several people can’t help but become a manner.

“Open the ship array, prepare to meet the enemy.”

“Don’t panic, boat gun preparation.”

However, when these few people Tone Barely Fell, I saw “Shua”, a big ship appeared in their home fleet several beyond a thousand li.

But when they saw the yin and yang map sign on the big ship, they couldn’t help but feel this logo! When I ushered in such a pirate.

However, I saw one of them at one of them: “No, it is not a pirate group, that is … Yin Yanyian flag.”


“Yin Yang Day?”

“shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!”

I saw the void continuous hole, and I came out from in the Sky. Among them, the first woman is just a few big boats, a few people on the boat, and I feel that the two legs have been soft.

“is the king, the king,” “

Four half of the king, quickly arranging: “I have seen the king.”


The woman is just a touch of completion, and it is a response.

It can be followed, and the one-respecting the king appeared, under the pressure of the king, the Baihua Palace big boat, it has been in full, and it has even worshiped.

This is a 13-bit king, and it is horrific. The four and half kings of the Baihua Palace, the heart is shocking, is there so many kings in Yinyang? So many people go to the foreign domain, what is going to do?

They have a Clear Comprehension, a war, or will begin, the king, has been assembled.

follow, look at a big boat, brushing from them.

one, two, three …

Twenty-two boats, all of which are all Venerable Realm Powerhouse.

, this is not a key. Behind these big boats, I saw a huge giant embarrassment of Several Hundred Li, the more the sky, falling down.

On the top of the embarrassment, a character that makes them souls in a trembling, is looked touths.

After several people, I was soft, and we just want to escape a life. Why do you have to meet Han Fei this … Hey … Human King?

Several people immediately show: “See people Lord Wang.”

“En! The outer large WAR General starts, every point Battle Stregth is not wasteful, it is not advisable to trade. Turn the bow, keep up Fleet.”

Several half kings, tears have to fall, this special … What are you?