God of Fishing Chapter 2069

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Internal area, He Daoyuan, Xuan Qingzi, Bei Luo Chen, a few people, at this moment.

North Luo Chen directly scolded: “Primal chaos Heaven Heaven Sealing. Every Major Event, all do not participate, one day to night, Heaven Sealing, premature to the Taiyuan this to pull it out.”

He Daoyuan IndifanceLy Said: “Do you kill him? He is the only one of the phones, it is a collection of two people, it is difficult to put its support and kill, you can naire him? That’s all, This is the case, since it doesn’t matter if you don’t participate in the war, you don’t want to take it. “

Xuan Qingzi: “Bai Monster Race and Seabed’s Human Race came, saying that we did not participate in us, they directly migrate, and they did not want to fight Han Fei. Moreover, the division of the emperor Said, Han Nai, Han Nai, I took the path of Taiyuan Body Refinement, and it was stronger than that year. He and Han Dai collided, and Han Fei can make the sea, with him. He also smashed his avenue with power. “

Bei Luo Chen does not help the face: “I know that I should not go to hunting Sword God Palace, first kill Han Fei’s kid, is the right road. Today, this child is gradually, if it is Open in him When Sea Realm, you can’t kill it. Once this child is open, what do you go? “

It is also panicked at this time, mainly the rise of Han Fei’s rise is too horrible. Some kings will take tens of thousands of years to rise, biased this child, such as playing a chicken blood, strength is Also arrogant all the way.

Xuan Qingzi also said: “This Child comes out from the emperor, it is a bit wrong. I am afraid that he is indeed a small inheritance in the emperor.”

He Daoyuan: “The Queen of War has not only been out of the internal area for thirteen days, but also gathered the scope of Merfolk Royal Family.”

Bei Luo Chen: “I am Has Several Points of speculation, the Queen of War said that he left the chaos of the chaos, and the results were over 100,000 years, suddenly appeared, and it was very low. Mo, she didn’t leave The riot of the sea, but because of why it suffers from heavy? Otherwise, we will be his opponent? “

He Daoyuan Faintly Sighed: “If this is true, I am too unpretched, I am afraid that I have to lose!”

Bei Luo Chen: “Better than the last body dies and dao disappears is good. Who can know that the teacher’s broken emperor and a deep two people don’t win Han Dai? Moreover, the foreign area thirteen days, a few kings Add up, no one, no one, the king of the world, they are a burden. Since Han Dai has received the external domain for thirteen days, he has to take this responsibility, this Time, he can’t run. Take him also Didn’t open the day, this is the best time to kill him. “

He Daoyuan: “It seems that it can only be so. But even if you want to shoot, you can’t buy the dragon. Sword god will not sit, if you, I have to win the external domain, even if you don’t worry about Merfolk Royal Family, you have to carefully sword god. So, so, the seal of Yuntian Crane should also be unspeakable. “

North Luo Chen Hearing this, Eyes Slightly Shrink.

I only listen to He Daoqi: “Yun Tianhe, lived for so many years, saying that he did not go to the sea, I didn’t believe it. I have seen that he has seal it on him. I want to hide him. I have spent a lot of effort. You I go to the outside world, they, leave .sword god If you come, you can turn it around. Merfolk Royal Family, the Taiyun will definitely go. This is the best arrangement. ” /P>

Bei Luo Chen Slightly Nodded, did not speak again.


on the eighth day after the end of the foreign war.

Thirteenth day of the foreign domain.

Ice Snow Day Sea Territory, a giant Great City appeared. A total of 13 giant citys, under the jurisdiction of the township, the head of Immortal Palace, surrounded by four.

Every Major Event, the common man only feels, although the king is telling people, but Human Race returns, its lively scene, unprecedented. If the major main city has not released the main city prohibited, this will not say that each family Powerhouse has begun to be engaged in doing each other.

At this moment, the Ice and Snow Tianshi Wanghui.

Thunder-fire Tianlei, ice snow day snow female, Profound Nether dangerous smoke, mad corpse Tianhong Yue, Van Yin Tianliang, Nether Soul Antique Pili, Baihua Palace Poisonous Tianzhu, the wind is good. The top ten Immortal Palace of the foreign domain, all of them.

without the main five elements heaven, refining soul of the Immortal Palace, the soul of the soul, and only the strongest half of the three IMMORTAL Palace, come to participate.

This king and the king are meeting, this is like a thin ice, it is not inserted.

Lei Qing: “Snow women, since Korean … people are intended to call, why didn’t you see it in two days?”

Huang We: “What is eager! Yinyang has not yet arrived, it is estimated that they are coming from the internal domain.”

Huayi: “All, do you have a union with Yinyang? Why do I don’t know?”

Wu Qingyun: “I don’t know. However, since the King will take over the outside world, they must be too clear, it is really giving up this. When I rush, Wang Ruo is dare, I will dare.”

Hong Yue: “What does this don’t dare to pick up, people Lord Wang Erwind, you will be, you have a few! Don’t worry about the heart. Human Race, this is a big world. I said, too clear, I was in the unified Human Race. Thirty Liu Xuan Tian walked, everyone should be independent, now it is good, really hit it, I can’t get together? “

Everyone listened to Hong Yue, can’t help but speechless, when you specialize it too clearly, now look at Han Dai, the blink of the eyes, the Topmost Clouds will go.


Suddenly, the void is shocked, and the kings look up.

I saw “Shua ~ Shua ~ Shua ~”, a respect of the king, proud of the snow sky.

Finally, when an Open Sea Realm Giant Beast jumped out, the king couldn’t help help Held Breath Cold Air, and they lost their voice: “Giant Beast Lineage?”


Only saw Han Fei standing in the top of the head, looking at the public: “It seems that the movements are not slow!”