God of Fishing Chapter 2070

Hong Yue left and right, seeing the public, no one should be, immediately standing, opening shouted: “This person human Race is trend, if this is not understanding, this 100,000 years is not white live? Taiqing Promise, this just is no way that is difficult within the domain, including domain I waited strength is not enough to stay, in fact wait to see us. a son of a bitch, I would have taken a dislike to see them, My human race has long, I need a PowerHouse, who is like Wang Hanfei, is sitting in the town, not that I don’t take us as the Too clear. Anyway, since I Hong Yue, I would like to follow the king, kill a human race The potential. “

The king listens, his heart is speechless, simply shameless, Hong Yue your exercise?

“jié jié ~”

At this time, Huang Jie stood out and smiled: “According to me, it is Oversee a isa, when IMMORTAL PALACE is used to it. If you are just a king, you can do it, don’t want to put down your Immortal Palace. The body of the spider .OLD MAN I think Han Fei is a good choice. At least, this is my exocial area for 13 days, I can do so for the first time, go to Bai Monster Race and Haiti Human race. “

Snowflaies: “I’m ice and snow, I hope to serve the king.”

Liang Yin: “My Vatican, I hope to be a king of Han Dai.”

For a time, when there is Hong Yue, the snow women are used as the episode, and the other Immortal Palace can only beacked. As for the Five Elements HEAVEN, there is no king, but even half of the words, I don’t dare to say.

Just as the king said that when the compromise, suddenly, the void is slightly like, only “shua ~ shua ~ shua ~”, another eight kings appeared. He is headed, and it is also Han Xuan.

Since the last time, Han Fei finds these disappeared IMMORTAL Palace, they did not go back. Mainly this Sea Territory is too far, and it is easy to lose, come back and forth, it takes a long time to take a long time, it is better to stay in the riot of the chaos.

So, this is why they will appear with Han Xuan.

“Han Xuan?”

“Li Yingtian? Isn’t it?” “

“Tallful leave? Is it still?”

When the king of the king, only the head of the pirate group was Ability to recognize these people, many people are old, see that the princes have appeared, they already know how many people have found in Han Dai.

“shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~”

Only the big boat appeared outside the snow god palace, the king saw it again, and he saw the Demones pirate group, Red Fire SEA, the flyet pirate group, the fleet of the Pirates of the Pirates.

Listen to Chen Guangjia shouted: “People Lord Wang, our four pirate groups, all the assembly, just wait to hear you the command.”

Hanfei’s mouth slightly evoke, only Indifferently Said: “Tempse to Ten Thousand Li, not in the day,”

Han Fei did not never wanted to find other pirates, but Merfolk pirate group will definitely come to help himself, the Robber Pirates have been destroyed by themselves, and the Peace Pirates are still in Martial Emperor City, God to teach pirate groups, no trace It seems that the Undead pirate group is not the same, and Han Dai is not looking for.

Finally, it can only take four consecutive colleges.

Although snow women and Huang Jie have already expected, it is seen that the foreign area is thirteen, in addition to Han Fei, it will bring together three 35 kings. If you add Han Fei and this Giant Beast, That is up to 37, if it is not counted, this strength can be flushed with hundreds of Monster Race and Haiti Human Race.

However, the heart is always moving, what is Han Nai? Let a few major pirates hue with the big army? Is this conquer?

Han Fei doesn’t matter how they think, only listen to him: “Within half a day, Immortal Palace is in this, all Venerable Realm, all gathered here, tomorrow morning, with my expedition.”


Today, Han Nei is a potential, there is no way to stop. Even the kings who come to Han Dai, they don’t necessarily have a heart, but this time does not have anyone to violate the meaning of Han Africa, this is the general trend.

When the major main city is close to each other, the owner of the major main city, VAST CROWD, people are full. Many people, it is difficult to go to other Immortal Palace main city. In the past, this is where at least respect can go, now, all gathered together.

Someone exclaimed: “Soon, that is a hundred flower palace, with a thousand miles, I have already smelling the aroma.”

“Wow! I heard that the Hundred Flower Palace has a beautiful woman, will I wait for me to have a chance?”

There is also a human: “What is it, the poisonous cloud is covered, it is a very poisonous day.”

Some people are turbulent: “The paradise of poison repair is said that Virutian Tian Lian is poisoned, and Absolutely is not going to go.”

There are countless women scream: “That Qingyun surrounded, Xia Guangqi, is it a lot of syndicate. It is said that the man is milded, and the man is gentle, and there is often a Sword Cultivator of Clothes Whiter Than Snow, will not be On our side? “

This day, it is destined to load the history.

Some people drink, some people are sad.

Happy, more powerful, under the exploration.

The sadness, multi-explorer Powerhouse, Wars, they can’t participate, but everyone knows that they will be used in the future.

venerable realm and above, most of them have been alone, after all, people are hard to live to their age.

This will be, the heart is awkward, this one goes, if it doesn’t Powerhouse returns, he is buried in his hometown.

There is a great longitudinal wine: “No, the situation of the respect, in the general trend, but 蝼 尔 …”