God of Fishing Chapter 2071

Next day.

The three days of the foreign domain, the top ten kings, and 7102 people, two hundred boats, gathering the ice and snow.

Two two big boats in Yin and Yangtian and Shuishi, plus the thirteen ships of the four pirates, and the total of 235 big boats are assembled here.

Distance, above the sky.

There is Ten Thousand zhang gold body, feet on the void, and cross the exogenous thirteenth day main city, it is slow.

The land of the gold body, where everyone, unvesence.

Some people are steady: “Heart! Height Ten Thousand Zhang, 气 冲, is this Powerhouse adult?”

Some people have guess, after all, the major Immortal Palace came here, it should be SUMMON in Han Fei. The kings have long told the purpose of this migration to jurisdate all Human Race.

So, at that moment, the moment I appeared in Han Fei, basically, people who saw it quickly responded.

“This is, the king?”

“咕 嘟 ~”

Some people swallow the spit, the heart is awkward, who is it told me, Han Fei is Human Demon? The body of this stole, in fact, the word Human Demon is tarolated?

Han Fei foot stepping on the void, the sound in the mouth, the earth is moving, and the number of Hundred Thousand Li is printed.

“I am from Han Fei, Yin Yang Tianshi. In order to recover Human Race, invites foreign countries for thirteenth day, the king, invites former discrete silver and moon, Bai Yuntian, Feifei … Nine palace days, bad pirate group … Demones Pirate Group. Total twenty-five Xuan Strength of Heaven, the soldiers cut hundreds of Monster Race. For 11,000 years, Human Race falls into, displays, has already fallen, there is no strong beauty. Recall the year, 100,000 yuan, Human Race Jigs, although the end of the last law, the last law, the king Dongdu, the grand occasion, SEA MONSTER retraction, Merfolk no trace. Today, SEA Monster bully, sleep, I am waiting for Immortal Palace Cultivation, I will hang in the day, … My name, Han Fei, is willing to be a king of the world, willing to bring the twenty-five-day STRENGTH of Heaven, the seabed’s human race, and the Human Race, the enemy, playing a world of people … “

Han Fei’s blummer, the words are heavy, the sentence is shocking. Where can you listen to this burning?

Tudon time, a inexplicable emotion, swept the big Immortal Palace, countless people’s heart.

Some people tears full: “It turns out that, in this world, there is always Powerhouse to worry for us, and I will be willing to travel. I am a humble, I only hope that Wang Shengsheng returned, and the world is prosperous.”

Some people have facial expression grave, for the Golden Light giant, long-lasting: “May the king, victory return.”

When Han Fei has walked over the major main city, in addition to Yin Yanyian familiar with Han Fei, even Han Fei’s pro uncle Han Xuan, Biological Younger Sister Han Han, the observation is not asleep.

Han Xuan can’t help Secretly Sighed: “Sakuo, Han Guan Shu, Han Guan, you have such a good son?”

Han Yin Chung Cup One Fist in The Other Hand: “It turned out that this is my brother.”

“P> At that moment, Wan people prayed, and the mouth” May Wang Shengsheng returned “, listening to everyone.

and Han Dai, the wish is a strong rise, he once again, felt the opportunity of opening the day. However, Han Fei did not move, and forcibly pressed the opportunity.

“HMPH, now what is my expedition to kill the enemy, what is the Heavenly Tribulation, don’t bother me.”

In this case, Han Fei came to the front, 235 big boats, 35 respects, 8098 sneakers, can say the strength of the foreign domain, all are here.

I saw Han Ni Station, Loudly Shouted: “The Rivel Sea, Human Race is Wang. Everyone, and the king, the battle of the sea, calm the riots, playing a Human Race” … ”

He Daoyuan, after aware of the number, this is said: “It is said that we look at Han Nai, which is a small watch, seeing this child, time, Dash on Bravely With no Thought of Personal Safety, it is just an illusion. Water to give up so many people, like a evil repair, this child, this is a iron heart to slaughter 100 Monster Race and Seabed’s Human Race. “

North Luo Chen: “Do you want them to fight first?”

He said slightly shilly: “The thing is here, we have had to shoot. Otherwise, if the division breaks the emperor and Kong deep avoidance. Han Fei’s next goal will be too clear. This is an external domain, Han Nai’s power is limited. But to the internal domain, it is not allowed to have any way to shake Merfolk Royal Family. “

North Luo Chen: “Then, just stay this?”

He Daoyuan Sneered; “Anyway, it is a person who is thrown by Han Dai, leaves them to self-destruction! Anyway, you can not do it.”


1 month late.

“weng weng weng ~”

a big boat, far away heavy ocean, appearing here.

The revenge number, Xia Xiaoshi and Han Fei stand in the bow.

Only listen to Xia Xiaoxao: “Why are you going? Why don’t you find Merfolk Royal Family help, Merfolk Royal Family and 100 Monster Race and Seabed’s Human Race, although there is no war, it is not true. Ok. If I go to my mother, he will help us to help us too clearly. Now, Sword God Senior is not, we have no one in the world, how do you play this? “

I haven’t waited for Han Fei to talk, I listened to Little Baidai: “Don’t worry! It’s so long, Impossible has no open sky. Although I don’t know who we are here, it is. But I guess, there must be a Snail Senior? “

Luo Xiaobai slowly came, and Han Fei is radical, but it will not fight. It has already been opened, and the two major open heavens are facing, and Han Fei may not have a backhand.

only listen to Little Balance; “I just doubt, if it is just a snail, it should not be worth a big risk. And Sword God Senior It Shouldn’t Be came, otherwise no one is holding it, this war Not better. So, is it too? “

Han Fei smiles Lau Xiaobai: “At.”

However, Luo Xiaobai’s expression is still wonderful: “But even so, not enough? We don’t know if there is no more accurate power for hundreds of Monster Race and Seabed’s Human Race, and even don’t know if they have hidden. Bottom, if there is only two major open heavens, if the internal domain is coming again, how do you play this? “

Listen to Han Yi’s mouth and smile: “Maybe it will be unexpected, but I don’t want to sell a Cat.”