God of Fishing Chapter 2134

The lord of the mountain city Xue Fei was controlled by Han Fei, which meant that the mountain city changed hands and treated the Human Race with the Wanlin clan. How could Han Fei spare the kings of the mountain city?

At this moment, the battlefield has just been cleaned outside, and Yan Dong joined hands with the guards of the mountain city to report the results.

Severe Winter: “Sir Lord…”

“Go in!”

Xue Fei is still the same Xue Fei, but he has become a puppet. Han Fei also wanted to test whether this Dao of Puppet can be faked and can’t even be found by the closest people around him.

Severe Winter entered the door, followed by the chief guard guarding the Four-sided City gate. Of course, the frogman guard commander controlled by Han Fei was among them.

Xue Feiduan sat on the throne, slightly indifferently said: “Say.”

Severe Winter seems to have liked Xue Fei’s attitude a long time ago. Although he is majestic, the lord is actually easier to talk about, so he bluntly said: “The results of this battle have been achieved, and there is basically no injury. My mountain city has lost 109 Venerable Realm. , 1012 explorer realm. Fall to powerhouse, but in case. Net stone consumption, more than 520,000 pieces, accounting for five thousandths of the current reserve of net stone. Harvest energy crystals, all from the citizens of the city, it is estimated There are more than 2 million energy crystal output…”

Han Fei’s heart moved, this record is indeed possible, but he has nothing to say. That many ominous creatures, among them there are many powerful ominous creatures, under the action of the pure stone, the threat generated is pitiful.

Han Fei once again felt that the divine technique of the apocalypse is simply too suitable for the place of chaos wasteland, just like a practice field specially prepared for him.

520,000 pieces of pure stone, accounting for five thousandths of the consumption, which means that the amount of pure stone in Shancheng’s own reserves is a little more than one billion.

It’s just Han Feixin who said that there are still more than one billion yuan here.

According to Han Fei’s memory from Xue Fei, the total investment for each tidal wave must be between 600 million and 800 million.

Before, Han Fei didn’t quite understand it. With the advent of tidal waves, cities have the ability to concentrate stones, but those small villages do not have the ability to gather so many stones!

However, after experiencing the ominous impact of life this time, Han Fei found out. In fact, to resist ominous creatures, just show the City Protecting Great Formation. Ominous creatures are afraid of Jingshi. When the big formation is opened, the whole city is like a light shield. Ominous creatures do not flood like moth flies into the flame.

However, in order to obtain more energy crystals in the city, in fact, 3rd-layer City Protecting Great Formation is generally set up. The outermost First Layer and Second Layer barriers will be opened intermittently, so that a large number of ominous creatures can be attracted to fall here, and then the last City Protecting Great Formation can be opened, which can have a boring effect.

Such repetition, a tidal wave can obtain a large amount of energy crystals.

The operation method of the village is actually the same as that of the mountain city. But villages and towns do not have that many net stone reserves. So when suffocating ominous creatures, the number of times will not be too many, because the number of pure stones is limited, so the number of suffocating will naturally not be too many.

Listening to Yan Dong’s report, in fact, this wave of ominous creatures attacked the city, but the result was not so good. It is equivalent to trading pure stone for resources. In the entire mountain city, it is not enough for one person to get one.

Therefore, it is obviously unrealistic to expect this wave of ominous creatures to attack the city to enhance the strength of the entire body cultivation of the mountain city in the next hundred years. This is probably the main reason why the mountain city has to continuously search for clean stones from the village.

Just listen to Yan Dong and continue: “Since the first wave of ominous creatures has appeared, the tidal wave may arrive a few days in advance. It is expected that within three days, we will meet the tidal wave. Sir Lord, Jingshi…” [ 19459002]

What Yan Dong wants to explain is that the net stone reserves in the city are definitely not enough now. This time the ominous creature impact was only a small scale. Since it started for the first time, it will be more and more frequent since today. As far as these pure stones are currently reserved in the city, at most they can barely support until this tidal wave comes.

Therefore, Yan Dong is asking for resources from the lord of the mountain city.

Han Fei has a very good understanding of the resources that Shancheng needs to consume at this moment.

Just listen to him un’ed: “When you become my puppets, I will naturally give it to you.”


Several people in Severe Winter were taken aback. Next moment, beside Severe Winter, the frogman puppet suddenly took action.

The severe winter was too late to react, because the surrounding void had been locked, the terrifying coercion came, and a terrifying growl broke out in my mind. At that moment, Divine Soul was turbulent, as if to be defeated.

Before the three of Yan Dong could react, the lord of the mountain city had appeared in front of them.

Severe winter immediately drank low: “Run.”

At this moment, he would be stupid if he didn’t run anymore. It was obvious that there was a problem with his lord.

Unfortunately, when they wanted to run, it was already too late, and the surrounding void became extremely sticky, even if they burned and broke out, they were unable to move one step.

“pēng pēng pēng ~”

At this time, Han Fei was in his own form, and one of them slapped Yan Dong and others on the heads. With a palm, they almost smashed their Divine Soul.

The moment he entered the Lord’s Mansion from the severe winter, his fate was already decided.

Of course, even if it didn’t enter the lord’s mansion, they could not escape the end of becoming a puppet.

In just a few moments, several people from Severe Winter also became Han Fei’s puppets one after another.

Since then, this mountain city has been completely destroyed by Han Fei.

After only two hours, Han Fei refined all the kings of the Ten Thousand Scales clan in the mountain city into his own puppets.

In total, there is one Open Sea Realm and 21 Open Sea Realm.

The rest were not the kings of the Wanlin clan. Most of them came to the mountain city to avoid the tidal waves, so Han Fei did not attack them.

The king of the Wanlin clan, who was controlled by Han Fei, was soon arranged by Han Fei to return to his post.

So, I didn’t notice any abnormality. After all, it is normal for the king and the lord to disappear for a while.

At this moment, Han Fei did not release the kings from the sea of ​​origin.

At this moment, in the lord’s mansion, Taiyuan and the others are waiting for the results of Han Fei’s soul search.

I only listen to Han Feidao: “The Sea Area Map that leaves the chaotic wasteland is there. However, there is only the Sea Area Map of the chaotic wasteland. The Sea Area Map of other places in the Eastern Sea Divine State, this lord has both his body and memory. No.”

Just listen to Wang Yi’s word dao: “Enough. As long as we leave this chaotic wasteland, we can let go of our hands and feet. At that time, where we are going is our own business.”

Han Fei was slightly nodded, and saw a jade slip in his hand: “This is the Sea Area Map of the Chaos Wasteland, missing the part of the City of Wanderers. Sword God senior, a sword senior, you must Go to the Sword Pavilion in the East. Snail King senior, can you have ideas?”

Just listen to the emperor slightly smiled: “The emperor hasn’t considered it yet, when the time comes, let’s go out and have a look.”

Tai Yuan: “Han Fei, what are your thoughts?”

Just listen to Han Feidao: “I will stay in the Chaos Wasteland.”

Everyone was taken aback, but then relieved again. Han Fei is Human Sovereign, and he is walking on Human Sovereign Avenue. In the chaotic wasteland, countless Human Races are still in dire straits, and it is indeed a bit unrealistic for Han Fei to go now.

Only listen to Han Feidao: “According to the results of my soul search. In Eastern Sea Divine State, except for the Chaos Wasteland, the Sea Territory, and the Boundless Mine. You should be able to go to other places. And, moreover, There are no special restrictions on races. For example, the Sword Pavilion in the East, where countless sword cultivator powerhouses among the tens of thousands of races gather. There is also Quangmang Mountain, Taiyuan senior, if you take the body refinement path, there should be a comparison there. Suitable for you. Kongshen senior, your path is different, Eastern Sea Divine State’s capital of horror, should be your best choice. Snail senior, where are you going, I really don’t have an idea, but if it’s true There is no place to go. The Divine Capital Dynasty is the Eastern Sea Divine State Converging Ground. It is said that the system there is rigorous, so you can consider it.”

Snail Emperor was nodded, and immediately said: “No one wants to kill cattle for treasure, right?”

Han Fei said with a smile: “Among the ten thousand races, there are rare treasures, or powerhouses full of treasures. Most of them are. If the dynasty of the gods cannot protect even the guests in the city, then what Eastern dominates? Sea Divine State?”

Sword God slightly nodded: “In this way, it seems that only the chaotic wasteland you are in is the most dangerous. The burden of guarding the rioting sea will be on your body.”

Han Fei grinned: “The chaotic wasteland may be the entire Eastern Sea Divine State, the most suitable place for me. At least, it seems that there is still much to do here.”

Sword God: “Will the kings in the original sea be released?”

Han Fei’s heart moved: “For the time being, I will ask them about their choices after the tide waves. I control the mountain city and only a few seniors know about it. It is better for others not to know it. But, I I also want to ask a few seniors to do something.”

Taiyuan: “You say it.”

Han Fei: “I think, when I leave here, please ask a few seniors to cut off the memory of coming out of the riots to the mountain city.”

Snail Emperor: “Doesn’t it mean that I don’t even know how to return to the riots?”

Han Fei said with a smile: “Don’t you know now? As long as I don’t die, this road will always exist. Even if I die, I still have External Body Incarnation, and this road will not disappear completely. .”

Sword God and the others slightly nodded: “Okay! That’s good, to prevent me from waiting if something really happens, and it will be implicated in the riots.”