God of Fishing Chapter 2135

Han Fei and Sword God and the others have made their own choices. For Han Fei, staying in the Chaos Wasteland is far more beneficial than leaving the Chaos Wasteland.

I am different from Sword God. Sword God has lived for tens of thousands of years. The sword palace and the original sea are already large enough. What they lack is to prove their own way and seek breakthrough.

However, Han Fei has not yet reached the time to seek a breakthrough. He is now at the stage of laying the foundation. Filling up resources, expanding the source of origin, and enhancing his strength is what he needs to do most at the moment.

And the chaotic wasteland, there is a huge amount of resources hidden here, an energy crystal, Han Fei can not look at it, tens of thousands of energy crystals are also optional for him, but a million, tens of millions , Hundreds of millions of pieces…A lord, in a blink of an eye, provided himself with 30 million energy crystals.

Adding to the search from the source of many Wanlin clan kings, the number has reached about 40 million. Although there is a distinction between high and low energy crystals, even if you count it blindly, the masterless soul in the energy crystals can make yourself suck a scalp and numb.

Before, in Xiaohai Village, a sacred energy crystal contained 8 strands of Chaos Qi, 102 points of the unowned soul, and 110,000 spiritual Qi points. What is the concept of the 40 million pieces?

Therefore, before the tide wave arrived, Han Fei could say that he did nothing and went directly to the origin to expand the Chaos Sea.

When the endless Chaos Qi was extracted from the energy crystals by Han Fei, its quantity reached 200 million strands. Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked. If he opened endless void every day to suck, when would he have to suck?

So, Han Fei is in the original sea, and uses Yin-Yang Grindstone daily to refine Chaos Qi to transform Immortal Spirit Energy. It took a full two years to completely convert this part of Chaos Qi into Immortal Spirit Energy.

No, even the resources haven’t been transformed yet, but the mountain city has already ushered in the 11th attack of ominous creatures. Moreover, the scale of siege by ominous creatures is gradually increasing.

According to Shancheng’s past practice, all ominous creatures before the tide wave attacked the city on a first-come, first-served basis. Whoever grabs it will win it.

This is precisely what has consolidated the rule of the Wanlin tribe. Before the tidal wave, the number of ominous creatures attacking the city was generally about ten times. This situation is uncertain, but there is no more than 20 times at most.

For ordinary people, they only hope that this degree of siege will come the more the better. The more times, the more benefits they get.

And this time, the mountain city has only ushered in 11 ominous creatures attacking the city, although many people are also very sorry. However, this is also in their calculations, 11 times are good, and the least in history is only 5 sieges, and the gains are pitiful.

But today, it was half of the eighth day that Han Fei and the others came to the mountain city. The ninth day did not arrive, and the tide wave came.

This tidal wave came about five days earlier than expected. The arrival of tidal waves is not very fast. It is like a sandstorm or a sea wave. It takes a certain amount of time from being discovered to actually arriving. This time can be as slow as about half a day, so there is enough Time for the powerhouse in the city to respond.

It is naturally an ominous creature to come one wave earlier than the tidal wave. This should be regarded as the most majestic attack of the ominous creatures in the early stage.

This time the duration of the siege, at least three to four hours. Of course, not every moment countless ominous creatures rush into the city. The number will not be more than the previous few times, or even less. But the continuity is far from comparable in previous times.

On the Four-sided City wall, Han Fei’s puppets are screaming: “Explorers and above, all the people will go to battle, go to the city gate and receive the pure stone. Each person is limited to 300 pieces. After the war, everyone according to For your own strength, you need to pay 120 energy crystals of the corresponding level. Quickly, within one hour, all will go into battle…”

Such roars sounded one after another.

After all, a person’s power is limited. But with millions of people participating in the war, the energy crystallization that can be obtained after a battle will be a terrifying number.

Everyone receives 300 pure stones first. This is not a gift, but a loan. If there is a loan, it is of course to be repaid. According to the usual method of the mountain city, given 300 pure stones, 120 energy crystals have to be recovered. According to the result of the one-to-one battle, the equivalent to the mountain city lord collected 40% of the harvest. Of course, it is a battle, there is bound to be loss, 300 pure stone impossible everyone can exchange for 300 energy crystals. Under normal circumstances, 200 pieces can be returned, which is not bad.

Excluding the wastage during the battle and the amount that must be turned in, generally, if the combatants are not dead, the calculation is based on the previous income and expenditure ratio. At this time, Han Fei estimated that the average number of energy spars obtained may remain between 180 and 220, so they can save about 60 to 100 energy spars by themselves.

If the previous 11 waves of ominous creatures attacked the city. In fact, the energy spar that the public can obtain is actually a lot earned by those who participate in the war. Of course, compared to the rulers, they naturally get too little.

More than 2 million people shot, and the total income after the war is more than 50% more than the leader of the mountain.

Of course, there is no shortage of powerhouses that can increase the usage rate of clean stone to more than 90% in the battle of tidal waves. Generally these people are excellent in innate talent aptitude. After every tidal wave, some outstanding talents will be selected among these people and sent to the city of scavengers.

The more is the more, the less is the less. Of course, there are generally no more than a thousand people. This can be decided according to the wishes of each lord.

At this moment.

When the challenge began, the people in Shancheng heard that the number of pure stones that could be received this year was about 300, which was 30 more than the highest one in previous years. This makes many people happy.

Someone said: “This time the number of pure stones has increased, but the number of turned over has also increased. Be sure to pay attention to the efficiency of the use of pure stones, and do not use them blindly, otherwise they will participate in the war for nothing. How many benefits, it will not be worth the loss.”

Someone has a facial expression grave. If there is a father, tell his son: “My son, listen well. Under the tidal wave, the probability of falling is greatly increased. Remember, don’t take risks and don’t be greedy. Once you are in danger, even if you are in danger Use a few more pure stones, and you must protect your own safety.”

A wife and husband said: “You and I join hands. Equivalent to 600 pure stones, you have to set aside a hundred for protection. Once you reach the 100 cordon, you will fight on the edge immediately. Otherwise, if you die, I will not be able to Live alone.”

When the tidal wave came, the entire mountain city was caught in an inexplicable tension. However, in Han Fei’s view, this still can’t be considered.

Because facing such an impact, the probability of falling is less than 10%, which is actually pretty good. Compared to the Heavenly Desolate City I’ve seen, the previous Star Fragmentation Island Guard Battle, and the previous Thirty-Six Profound Sky, what is this?

Han Fei just came out of the original sea, he heard the Sword God sound transmission: “Han Fei, such a scene, should I let the kings come out for a look? Otherwise, miss this time, I am afraid that they may not see it in this life. “

Taiyuan: “If you control the mountain city, you need to be secret. If you don’t trap them in the mansion, they are only observable, inaudible, and unable to obtain all the information around you. What do you think?”

Han Fei thought about it briefly, and slightly nodded: “Yes, but I have to change my opinion.”


“shua~ shua~ shua~ ~”

In the lord’s mansion, a piece of Formation knot within the realm, Luo Xiaobai and the others appeared one after another, except for one.

Han Fei couldn’t see through this Li Luoluo, he guessed that this woman It shouldn’t be so simple, so this tidal wave attacking the city may be seen by others, but Li Luoluo can’t do it.

At least, he can believe that others are all 36 Xuantian, who was found by his own family and beaten down. There is only one shining sky, only one Li Luoluo is left, and she herself, her origin is unknown.

At the moment when everyone left, Han Fei was in the original sea and directly said to Li Luoluo: “About the outside world, I will only tell you a very simple outline, but I don’t believe you, so there are some things I will not Let you participate. Can you understand?”

Li Luoluo pouted slightly: “Is it so untrustworthy? I don’t understand the sea world either!”

Han Fei chuckled: “Don’t follow me with this set. When you go out in the future, there will be time to understand.”

Without talking about too much nonsense about Li Luoluo, Han Fei’s distrust of her was on his face.

Outside, when Luo Xiaobai and the others appeared, they found themselves and the others trapped in the Formation. For a while, they were all confused.

Luo Xiaobai: “Han Fei, what does this mean?”

Zhang Xuanyu: “No! How come we are trapped in this Formation?”

I only listen to Han Feidao: “There are some things that I can only let you see, but I can’t let you participate. I can’t tell you where this is. I’m afraid that in the future, if there is any accident, my layout here, It will be leaked. However, I want you to see this World again, so I can only let you watch through the canopy…”

When the three of Luo Xiaobai heard it, it was immediately clear that Han Fei was about to make a move in the sea world so soon. Since it is a second hand, these kings have many mixed mouths, and they may not be together in the future. If there is an accident, it is indeed necessary to be cautious.

Snow Girl: “Everything should be the overall situation, Human Sovereign don’t have to worry about me waiting.”

Hong Yue: “All but with the orders of Mr. Human Sovereign.”

Zhang Xuanyu: “No, just do it, it’s good to watch the sky.”