God of Fishing Chapter 2214

Although Han Fei can’t move anymore, he still doesn’t feel that the difficulty level in this place can reach the desperate level.

Although it is not easy to fight, Han Fei consciously has many ways to survive.

Han Fei perceives that there are still more than 300 Evil Spirits in the Open Heaven Realm within the range of his perception. This is the result of his running while fighting.

Otherwise, if these Evil Spirits are allowed to be besieged, the number of them may be twice or even three times more than now.

Han Fei’s Evil Spirit is actually not too strong, but no matter how weak it is, it is also an open world. Evil Spirit’s shots are completely exploded. Up to now, he has been able to kill hundreds of them. A miracle.

Anyway, Xing Yu couldn’t figure out how Han Fei could survive so many Evil Spirit siege by himself. Even if it is himself, it is impossible for someone to pierce through a Source Land of Small World.

There are too many ants, and they can kill elephants. But Evil Spirit is not an ant, and Han Fei is not an elephant.

Han Fei: “Han Gan’s anyway?”

Emperor Sparrow: “You still run! This amount, even if I open the sky now, it can’t stop it.”

Han Feixin said: “Your emperor bird!”

Emperor Sparrow: “I am the Emperor Sparrow, but I am not invincible. This number, the entire powerhouse below the Emperor Zun in the Chaos Wasteland, basically comes to death one by one. If you don’t run, you also die.”

“Yes! You said that earlier, I ran away early, I thought you could do seven or eight hundred.”

Emperor bird: “……”

When Han Fei was sure that he could no longer fight, he was in direct contact with the state of integration with Emperor Sparrow. Instead, he merged with Xiao Hei Xiao Bai. When Yin Yang God’s eyes appeared, Xiao Hei Xiao Bai’s spirit strength replenished it, allowing Han Fei to relax, and he immediately began to escape.

Han Fei does not know how many Evil Spirits there are in this place. But if you really carry it down, once your spirit strength is really weak, when the time comes, you might be crushed to death.

This is not called running away, this is called strategic retreat, he needs time now, and he needs a time to quickly restore his spiritual strength.

Divine Soul is the power of God Soul Power, spirit strength, is the time for Divine Soul Power to maintain the fighting state. Han Fei’s Origin Sea can be Time Acceleration, but in this space, he has long discovered that Origin Sea can only adjust power, but cannot open the way to Origin Sea unless it is forcibly cut off.

I don’t know if this is caused by the fact that I and the sea world have crossed the two Small Worlds in a row. Anyway, Yuanyuanhai couldn’t count on it, so all Han Fei could do was escape.

While escaping, Han Fei’s body, the two major celestial veins, began to arouse, and the void fishing technique also began to operate. The advantage of being a Tianmai is that it recovers faster.

It’s just that this recovery speed is mainly the supplement of Spiritual Qi and injuries, the fatigue of the fleshy body, the use of energy, etc. Although the recovery speed of spirit strength is also fast, it is relatively slow.

“xiū xiū xiū ~”

Han Fei used the twin divine technique in the process of escaping. When all the Evil Spirits chased the body of the white mist, the body of the black mist slowly attached to the body of a broken bone crab. Start to rest.


Although Han Fei is equivalent to only half resting, it is also resting. I can add one point.

Han Fei got this breathing time, but he did not dare to take it lightly, because the result of Jiugong Qi Luck Ruler was desperate.

The Jiugong Qi Luck Ruler is calculated daily, and it can be calculated every day. Calculating the desperate situation today means that there will be a catastrophe today. For now, these Evil Spirits are not desperate.

This also means that either there is a stronger Evil Spirit or there are other threats here.

Evil Spirit chased Han Fei furiously for about an hour and regained a little energy. In an instant, the twins became one and turned into a bone, embedded in the body of the Evil Spirit.

This is a countermeasure that I have already thought of. I pretend to be a part of the Evil Spirit. Is it shouldn’t be discovered? His disguise ability is very good, even Emperor Zun can’t find it.

In fact, it was exactly what Han Fei thought, because his time grafting was very good, and most Evil Spirits did not pay attention to the rear after chasing the target, so Han Fei succeeded.

These Evil Spirits, after losing their goals, began to disintegrate after being furious for about 5 minutes.

“ka ka ka ~”

As the time got longer and longer, I only saw the Evil Spirit of the Open Heaven Realm, which shattered directly and turned into countless broken bones, scattered on the ground.

At this time, Han Fei seemed to be in a completely ethereal state, and he slept for another 5 minutes. It’s a pity that the time is too short, he can’t use the time magic, want to recover quickly, it is impossible.

Han Fei predicts that it will take nearly two days for her to be the fastest to restore her spirit to perfection. However, he cannot wait.

At this moment, these Evil Spirits have become broken bones and scattered on the ground. Han Fei originally wanted to rest for a while. Even if he was not restored to the most perfect state, he would at least return to a 30% state, and the Emperor Sparrow returned to Soul Sea , The rest space is bigger than oneself, so that even if something happens later, there will be no battle strength.

However, Han Fei’s imagination is too beautiful. When the skeleton was scattered, Han Fei naturally followed and fell on the surface. At first he hadn’t noticed it, but after he lay for a few breaths, he was shocked to discover that because the body of the Evil Spirit is not there, this surface is drawing on him. At the same time, there are baleful aura slowly converging towards him, seeming to erode him.

When it was attached to the body of the Evil Spirit before, it may be because the Evil Spirit formed the Spirit Physique and temporarily requested the baleful aura infection here, but now, these baleful auras have taken the initiative to find themselves out.

Han Fei immediately realized that he was not the Evil Spirit here, but a different kind of here. This space does not want to assimilate himself, but assimilate without distinction.

Therefore, when his vitality was lost, when the baleful aura began to attach, Han Fei immediately felt that the surrounding skeletons began to stir.


However, many bones are gathering together, and a big octopus-like Evil Spirit is slowly being assembled. At this moment, Evil Spirit has not completely changed.

However, they only saw an octopus shot and took photos. They simply felt that there was a problem with the space where Han Fei was.

“Fucking slot~”

I saw that the bone on the ground, “weng” suddenly jumped out, and became Han Fei again.

At this time, Han Fei was less than 10% back, and he was seen through the damn rules of the world.

However, this is only Han Fei’s first plan, hoping that he can avoid the recognition of Evil Spirit and get a space to rest. But now, this kind of scheme is obviously not working, he just listened to him shouted: “Lao Yuan, wake me up.”

Because he has been undercover in the Scavenger City, Old Tortoise has been in a deep sleep state from an early age. At this moment, Han Fei sounded like Hong Zhong and directly awakened him.

Old Tortoise, who was just awakened, suddenly said: “What’s the matter, are we going to the Sea Territory?”

Han Fei: “Fart Demon Sea Territory, I am being chased by Evil Spirit now, you take over my body, no matter where you go, just try to escape for me anyway, I need to rest.” [19459002 ]

“Evil Spirit ……his……fucking ……”

I have been with Han Fei for a long time, and Old Tortoise has also gotten into the habit of swearing. Now I can see that the densely packed, hundreds of Evil Spirits, the whole turtle is not good.

“So many Evil Spirits? They are all in the open world, my God, you didn’t run to the Great Desolate somewhere, right?”

Han Feixin said that according to Old Tortoise’s personality, he It shouldn’t be a place like this, after all, Old Tortoise is just an open world. But it turned out to be different, Old Tortoise guessed it in one bite.

It is a pity that Han Fei has no time to chat with Lao Yuan now. He only listens to him saying: “I will rest for a while, and call me when you can’t hold it.”

“Hey! Hey…”

I only saw the fall of Han Fei’s body instinct. Old Tortoise saw that Han Fei fell asleep directly. His whole tortoise was not good at the time, so you believed me too much, why do you think I could run away in the hands of so many Open Heaven realms?

Unfortunately, at this time, Old Tortoise also knew that Han Fei’s spirit strength must be extremely weak, otherwise he would not wake himself up.

This is the case, what can Old Tortoise do? Run…

Han Fei slept for about three hours this time. During these three hours, he felt as if he had slept for three centuries, feeling extremely exhausted in his mental state.

“Han Fei…Han Fei…Wake up soon.”

In his sleep, Han Fei was awakened. The feeling of sleepiness made him really unwilling to wake up. But Han Fei realized that he was running for his life now and he had to wake up.

It’s just that when he woke up, he felt a headache. Obviously, there was not enough rest time. This state lasted for more than ten breaths before slowly disappearing.

Han Fei felt that his mental state was probably restored to less than 30%, but this was not enough!

But when Han Fei took a look at the current situation, he only saw his body, turned out to be bruised all over, and his body aches and pains quickly hit his heart.

I just listened to Old Tortoise saying: “No, this emperor can’t do it. This emperor is a ray of soul! It’s already the limit to run for so long, this time the emperor is really going to fall into deep sleep… …”

Han Fei: “……”

Han Fei is also helpless. Indeed, Old Tortoise is just a ray of soul. It is already embarrassing for him to persist for three hours.

At this moment, Han Fei, whose mental state has improved a lot, did not continue to fight. First, he performed an apocalyptic divine technique for himself, and then uttered a low voice: “fusion.”

After Xiaohei and Xiaobai merged, Han Fei said to the little underworld as he did just now: “Son, you control my body and run away quickly. Don’t fight with these creatures. Run anywhere, just run. That’s it, as long as you can run.”

From the time when Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai once merged, Xiao Hei can control his body, so Han Fei handed over his body to Xiao Hei. This is the 2nd Step.

However, Han Fei couldn’t wait for Xiao Hei to be exhausted before handing over his body to the Emperor Sparrow. In case of a big murderer, I am still waiting for it to do it.

In fact, after Xiao Hei Xiao Bai took control of his body, Han Fei wondered if he could persist for three hours. Because Xiao Hei Xiao Bai is not an Open Sea Realm, they are just Open Sea Realm, and they are not in Peak yet, even if they control their own body, they can’t fully exert their power.

The only advantage is that after fusing Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai, he has Yin Yang God eyes and has a strong ability to escape. This is the fundamental reason why Han Fei can hand over his body to Xiao Hei.

And Han Fei himself, his heart moved, it seems that he has to continue to devour the soul of no master.

Although, swallowing too much Unowned Soul will make your Divine Soul and power extremely unbalanced. But now is a very time, if you want to quickly replenish the spirit strength, you must do so.