God of Fishing Chapter 773

Sea Demons advocate fighting. Every day, they either swim in the sea or fight against various marine creatures.

There is one place in Ten Thousand Demon Valley that they are extremely happy with, and that is the Sea Demons Colosseum.

Unlike the human arena, the Sea Demons Colosseum does not have the so-called game bet. They simply advocate force, hoping to see the aesthetics of blood and fury of violence. Perhaps this is actually a nature of them. After all, before awakening, weak are prey to the strong, or “big fish eats Xiaoyu”, is the survival law of various marine beings.

The Sea Demons Colosseum is the only one after another in this Ten Thousand Demon Valley, which was developed and cast by Sea Demons.

The Colosseum was built close to the mountains, and the auditorium rose up from the upper slope. Perhaps the aesthetic of Sea Demons is too chic, the bottom circle of the Colosseum is carved with nearly 100 kinds of marine creatures. This lively statue, like a rushing fish tide, surrounded the combatants in the center.

Moreover, in the Sea Demons Colosseum, there is not only flat land like the human arena. There are weird rock walls and coral plants. Five large football fields are filled with various prohibitions.

According to Yu 7, if some of these restrictions were accidentally broken, the cellar entrance would also be opened. At that time, other creatures will be released. At that time, the fighter will have one more enemy out of thin air.

At this moment, Han Fei, standing in front of the Colosseum at Sea Demons, listened to the detailed description of Fish 7.

It has been 10000 7 days since he lived in the 8 Demon Tower.

Han Fei feels that the Sea Demons robbers have disappeared long enough, and it should be time for activities.

However, Han Fei is very cautious.

As Ten Thousand Demon Valley, only one after another Blue Ocean Demon, it is easy to think of it. Originally, there were no robbers. Why did you come when you came?

Therefore, Han Fei must issue a certificate of absence.

So how do you issue this certificate? Hehe, wouldn’t it be great if several 10000 people came to witness at the same time?

When he came here, Han Fei didn’t take Xiaobai. And Xiaohei has sneaked out with the overlord. All Han Fei has to do at this moment is to get on the field and fight a few bloody battles.

Fish 7: “Master Yu Fei, you have just cultivated a short time ago and have not watched the battle at the Sea Demons Colosseum before. Do you really need to watch for a few days?”

Han Fei: “Watch a game and fight directly.”

At the entrance to the Colosseum at the Sea Demons, several Half Siren guards stopped when they saw Han Fei.

Now, who doesn’t know what happened to Han Fei? This is the Heaven’s Pride in Ten Thousand Demon Valley history, only one after another walked through 72 wonderland. Such Heaven’s Pride is said to be awakened by the spiritual sense born by Legend. This incident has been circulating in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.

It is said that in the blood valley next door, many people want to see this man. Others have heard that the other day, after the news that Han Fei had gone through the 72 wonderland, the Sea Demons in Blood Sea Valley even held several carnival feasts.

Nothing else, just because Han Fei, like them, was not Half Siren after awakening. So, these days, they all feel bright on their faces.

“Master Yu Fei.”

When the guards saw Han Fei, they lowered their heads even if they didn’t want to.

After all, this Yu Fei may become a super powerhouse like Chi Xuehuan in the future. Now, naturally, they dare not have the slightest dissatisfaction.

Han Fei said coldly, “How to join the war?”

Before waiting for a few guards to speak, they saw a Half Siren in a bright red Battle Suit greeted him: “didn’t expect, you are going to hit the Sea Demons Colosseum?”

Han Fei tilted his head, “are you?”

The man grinned, revealing steel teeth: “Sea Demons Colosseum, Yuxuan.”

Han Fei slightly frowned, this person didn’t please himself, and he has several points of pride.

Han Fei nodded: “I’ll fight.”

Yu Xuan stretched out his hand: “Come with me, this game has already hit half … In fact, even if you don’t come, I will go to you. You don’t know how many people want to challenge you …”

“Challenge me?”

Yu Xuan grinned: “Although you are a Legend Shape Transformation and you have gone through the 72 wonderland. However, you have not yet reached Peak. At the Sea Demons Colosseum, there are many famous Heaven’s Pride, their strength cannot be underestimated. So, it’s normal for someone to challenge you. And if it’s not Life and Death Battle, it’s not allowed to kill people randomly. “

Han Fei: “Life and Death Battle, how many people are willing to participate?”

Yu Xuan gave Han Fei a glance, and said, “You are going to fight Life and Death Battle? No one is willing to fight with you. Now your reputation is in full bloom, and you will have to die if you lose. Winning you?” I’m afraid I have to die. So, who do you think will fight you? “

Han Fei frowned. “Why?”

Yu Xuan glanced at the direction of 10000 Demon Tower: “Yu Wang has seen you personally, who dare to provoked you openly? Someone killed you, do you think Yu Wang will not punish him? Of course, there may be some problems in the brain of……”

Yu Xuan is lightly laughed.


“roar! roar!”

As soon as Han Fei walked into the Colosseum, he saw countless spectators suddenly stepping forward two steps, raising his hands, raising his mouth full of steel teeth, and suddenly roared out. After shouting, these Half Siren backed up one after another, watching the center of the stadium meticulously.

Just at first, Han Fei thought they were cheering themselves, but their eyes focused on the center of the Colosseum …

It turned out that a stone wall was smashed in the field. A fierce Fire Fish did not know where to come out, and enveloped one of the fighting Half Siren in flames.

Because of this mistake, another Half Siren got the chance. He got out from the other side of the maze-like stone wall, and shot with a harpoon in his hand, which directly gave the man Zhafei, and rolled over ten times on the ground.

Yu Xuandao: “The Sea Demons Colosseum is actually to hone everyone’s fighting skills, not fighting strength. This is also what we at Sea Demons lack. We heard that there are many human skills, and we must also keep up.”

Han Fei looked at the maze-like scene in the Colosseum, watched a Half Siren pierced by a harpoon, and frowned, “Stabbed, what should I do?”

Yu Xuan: “It was not the important part that he was stabbed. Of course, being pierced also meant that he lost.”

Sure enough, the pierced Half Siren lowered his head, ran his hands across his chest, pulled the harpoon hard, and then backed away from the Colosseum.

The fierce Fire Fish that came out was originally intended to attack and was killed by another Half Siren.

A male Half Siren suspended high above the arena, saw Han Fei at the entrance, and fangs roared immediately: “Look, our peerless Heaven’s Pride is here. Through the 72 wonderland, this is the greatest in Ten Thousand Demon Valley history Miracle. Yu Fei, are you willing to play? You will become the most shining star on the field, just like a flashing grass … “

“roar roar !”

Countless Half Siren spectators turned their heads towards the entrance, roared, and then remained motionless.

Han Fei couldn’t help laughing. These Half Siren were all standing and watching the show, their expressions were very rigid. They roared 2 times except when they should be excited, and they did not see any expression on their faces. Perhaps, they will also sound transmission, and exchange ideas and so on.

Han Fei was facing the Half Siren in the sky, and was lightly nodded.

That Half Siren immediately roared: “Look, our most dazzling Heaven’s Pride is nodded, and he agrees to fight. Powerhouse will always raise his noble head. Fighting is always the way for you to advance … Pray, and follow his will, fight! “

In this person, tone barely fell, over the Colosseum, there were more than 30 silhouettes in the sky, there were men and women, and all of them were Peak powerhouse.

Even these people are carrying golden harpoons.

Han Fei is speechless: I don’t have any golden harpoon, and I dare not take it out from the refining Heaven and Earth.

As a result, Han Fei looked solemnly towards Yu Xuan: “Will the weapon change?”

Yu Xuandao: “Change! Weapons will all be the same, don’t worry about that.”

Han Fei didn’t even look at those people. Although there are a few familiar faces in it, Han Fei feels that he doesn’t need to worry at all now. Because he didn’t really come to fight. At this point, Xiaohei has entered the Commerce District of the Canyon.

Han Fei, under the leadership of the waiter, walked in from the east side of the Colosseum.

In front of Han Fei, a small platform of less than 50 square meters was regarded as the entrance. Not far away there is a high stone wall, which is more than 10 meters high, but it is not continuous.

Ahead, there are strange stones, corals, sea Fucks … scattered randomly.

All of this can actually be regarded as a real simulation of the seabed scene. However, Han Fei’s attention is not here.

He found that this Sea Demons Colosseum turned out to be a large 10x Gravity Space.

10x gravity is no longer a very heavy gravity for someone new to Piscator Realm.

However, under the environment of gravity, people’s performance must be affected. At least, gravity can greatly reduce your destructive power. Either speed or display of power will be affected. Moreover, this can suppress the battle to a smaller extent.

At this point, on the other side of the Sea Demons Colosseum, someone shouted: “Yu Fei, how about 20 times the gravity? Otherwise, although there are restrictions, I am afraid of damaging the Colosseum.”

Over the Colosseum, the host shouted, “I swear in the name of Neptune that this will be a thrilling battle. Under 20 times gravity, one’s strength will be suppressed in all directions. With Yu Fei’s consent … “

Han Fei looked up, lightly nodded.

Host roar: “Look, Heaven’s Pride is always so, with absolute confidence. Audience, don’t slap your roar. Every battle is your valuable experience. In the future on the battlefield, you may live for this Come down. “

“roar roar…”

roar endless. Han Fei felt a sudden increase in pressure on his body. He twisted his body slightly, but said in his heart, “Do it.”

100 miles away, in the canyon.

A Level 48 Half Siren was stunned by a harpoon in a weapon shop. Immediately, a silhouette like Iron Pagoda appeared, and I touched the divine stage, and removed the divine stage from others …

Han Fei learned from the last failure. These Half Siren’s insights are not bad. They can be easily discovered without stunning him.

After I found it, I want to continue, I’m afraid I have no chance in this 2 months.

But you can’t kill. After all, once killed, things will get worse. At that time, someone will try to investigate the matter thoroughly, which is not good for Han Fei.

In the Colosseum, the corner of Han Fei’s mouth evoked slightly: “It’s very profitable!”