God of Fishing Chapter 800

I don’t know what I’m thinking about here. But the human side is aggressive!

However, many people are very happy, facing King Dao: “Senior, you are still alive!”

Some people scolded: “What’s your name? Can you say something auspicious? No, what is alive?”

Someone asked, “What’s the situation? Who is this?”

Someone said, “This is the Senior we mentioned before. Two of them have killed 12 Sea Demons Heaven ’s Pride. They are extremely powerful.”


Some people were shocked: “Our back?”

As a group of people are still in panic, I heard Luo Xiaobai preemptively: “Don’t panic. This Senior I know is indeed a reserved hand for us humans.”

A group of people looked towards Luo Xiaobai, and the red clothed woman said, “Why don’t we know?”

Luo Xiaobai’s face was indifferent: “Inconvenient to disclose.”

Le Renkuang secretly rejoices: I haven’t seen Han Fei in the past three days, thought he had an accident? Fortunately, it finally appeared.

It’s just that Le Renkuang also has some guilty, and his heart said: Han Fei is really big-hearted! Still dare to arch into the Sea Demons group?

Of all the people, only Cao Jiaren, immediately made a clear judgment.


If she hasn’t contacted Han Fei before, she hasn’t found it yet. But since Cao Jiaren has been in contact, naturally I know that this is acting.

Immediately, Cao Jiaren informed himself that group of players: “Don’t speak up, don’t talk.”

But I heard Meng Guiyi come forward and said, “That Dwarf Fishman is Blue Ocean Demon, which is very powerful. At that time, many people ambushed and failed to leave him.”

I saw Ning Dong coldly moved towards the Sea Demons and made a movement to wipe his neck.

Ning Dong didn’t know the truth, but just venting his emotions, he wanted to kill that Dwarf Fishman. Because he had shot at him when he was ambush before, he was easily blocked.


However, just when the two sides are brewing emotions.

Han Fei suddenly shook her wrist. Shu Shan’s voice sounded in his mind: “Try to escape, you’re showing stuffing.”

Han Fei’s heart is lightly trembled: When did I show the stuffing? Isn’t my performance perfect? Everyone who knew I had a problem was dead. I also intentionally left Yu Jie as proof.

Han Fei: “How do you know?”

Shu Shan: “In this group of people, there is someone inside the body who lives in a spirit. If I guess correctly, he senses the Divine Artifact you snatched.”

Han Fei was a little panicked at the time: Why did he did n’t expect it, because the Bone Spirit Lamp exposed himself …

If you have come into contact with the Bone Spirit Lamp yourself, then Yu Jie asked herself the question about where the fish shadow is … and there was a big omission in her answer.

This alone is enough for the other party to conclude that he is lying.

At this time, lying, it is clear that I have a problem.

Why didn’t the other party immediately shoot? Obviously, because the Bonelight is in his own hands, the other party is afraid to act blindly without thinking.

I’m in the Sea Demons nest now. If at this time, I suddenly use the bone magic lamp, then the Sea Demons side will inevitably lose a lot. Therefore, the other party just wants to hold himself for a while and wait for the opportunity to hit himself.

At this moment, all thoughts are clear.

Han Fei can’t help but sigh: It really is a detail issue! Thanks to myself, I thought that my acting skills were very good, and I was ready to take the opportunity to display the bone spirit lamp!

Although it can be used now, the results are conceivable. I am surrounded by so many people, but once I use the Bone Spirit Sheet, I am afraid that I will be instantly killed.

Han Fei faintly realized that someone was already gaining momentum and seemed to be dealing with himself.

“It’s over, it’s over, how do you slip?”

At this moment, Han Fei knew that his people had completely collapsed. However, there is still a chance for salvation. They are holding the bone-light lamp in their hands now. They are still afraid to shoot at themselves for the time being, they can only find a chance to kill themselves.

They have to look for opportunities, they have to look for opportunities, they have to hurry away.

Han Fei gave direct sound transmission to the leafless tree: “Master, is there any way to pull me away?”

In the bottom of my heart, the sound of the leafless tree sounds: “Why?”

Han Fei: “I was exposed.”

The leafless tree was silent for a while: “Too many people around you, I can’t help it now … if …”

Han Fei is speechless: “If anything … just say it!”

The leafless tree: “Try to find a way to keep fewer people around you, the less the better.”

Han Fei has a circle on his face: How can I find an opportunity?

No, I have my own magical lamp. Even if they do it themselves, they won’t do that to many people. They are bound to dread.

Han Fei couldn’t help shaking her bracelet: “big brother, help, you said that someone inside was inside the body with a soul and spirit, is it strong? Can you save me?”

Of course, Han Fei didn’t want to die, even when facing Chun Huangdian. When Xia Xiaochan was okay, his first thought was to save himself.

At this moment, the overlord is not around himself.

On the body, there is a Cao Family boxing mark. But once the Cao Family’s fist print broke out, Cao Jiaren would surely find out. Then when you ask Cao Qiu, you immediately know who you are.

Moreover, the Cao Family punches on Cao Jiaren have also been used in front of others. Used it by myself, with skepticism.

At that time, once you return to Broken Stat Island, you can become a Dwarf Fishman.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s eyes brightened: it seems that his Frozen Salt Mirror has another chance to use it.

Immediately, Han Fei secretly exclaimed: Have a chance! Frozen Salt Mirror, you can copy one yourself. Just need the right time to protect yourself.

With this in mind, Han Fei stopped worrying. However, he must be vigilant at all times to prevent others from suddenly shooting at himself.

After a while.

The leader of Half Siren stood up: “Ready. There is no so-called combat skill competition in this battle, and some are just a boost. This time, many people may fall. But if we can kill the leafless tree, we can Enjoy the glory of Neptune and become the hero of Ten Thousand Demon Valley. “

Said, this Half Siren looked towards Han Fei: “Yu Fei, I know your ability to innate gift inheritance is a hegemony, and its effect is stronger than that of Sea King Body Possession. If you add Shanghai King Body Possession, you will be Of all the people here, the strongest one. You follow us, when you charge, open the way in front, no problem? “

Han Fei sneered: So fast, will you start working on me? Can’t wait! Specially meow, he robbed several refining shops in Ten Thousand Demon Valley in time. Otherwise, the image played by this wave of hard work will be lost.

However, on the surface, Han Fei is still expressionlessly said: “No problem.”

The man was nodded: “No problem, everyone is ready to charge.”


Han Fei is participating for the first time in the so-called Sea Demons charge. The first condition of the charge is the Neptune secret technique, which is an ability that all Heaven ’s Pride must learn.

When Han Fei also frowns, when the Neptune secret technique is performed, I only feel that the white fireworks originally have a faint tendency to become one with a large number of users. formidable power, seems to be stronger.

However, at this time, the bracelet shook slightly: “It’s not right. The secret technique you are using is absorbing your Life Strength.”


Han Fei At the time, the whole person was bad. No wonder, every time I used the Neptune secret technique, I always felt something was wrong. Co-authored, this is a terrible secret technique.

It turns out that this secret technique is not without side effects. On the contrary, the side effects are so great that they can draw Life Strength. Han Fei was shocked. Who got this Life Strength? Neptune? But is n’t Neptune dead?

Han Fei couldn’t help but realize that something was wrong and that Neptune was not dead. Or, Neptune has a new heir. Otherwise, there is no reason to use the secret technique to madly extract others’ Life Strength.

How many people are there in just one Ten Thousand Demon Valley? No wonder you see Half Siren yourself, eight out of ten people will have the Neptune secret technique. It turns out that there are such benefits.

Han Fei’s heart moved: In the future, this secret technique will never be used again. I do n’t have enough lifespan. I still suck you?

Of course, at this moment, not when I thought about this, Han Fei responded: “understood, under normal circumstances, I will not use it in the future.”

Han Fei was placed in the front of the charge for physical reasons. Stand with Captains in the Golden Battle Suit.

Next to Han Fei, one man with his mouth full of steel teeth, roared: “Everyone, charge.”


Above the sea floor, the smoke billowed. Everyone stood up, and the hazy white fireworks joined together.

As soon as Han Fei launched the charge, the speed soared. Perception is releasing, he is waiting for the time.

However, just after charging about 3000 meters, Han Fei noticed that the large troops behind him slowed down a little bit. Also going hand in hand are five Captain-class powerhouses.

Han Fei cursed “Damn”, next moment, Frozen Salt Mirror launched instantly.

I seem to feel that Han Fei has action. One of the Captain-level powerhouses suddenly shouted: “Do it.”

In a moment, five Neptune strikes stronger than a streamer, and immediately dispatched.

“clang clang clang ~”


A big shield suddenly appeared behind Han Fei. No one noticed, at that moment, the silhouette of Han Fei flashed suddenly.

In the next second, the Highest Grade shield was split by 40% in an instant, and Han Fei was instantly burst.

When a bright white crystal is scattered, everyone is discolored.

“Damn, fake!”


Han Fei A flying flower demon flashed and fell into the ground. It was a leafless tree, a cave that had long been reserved for Han Fei. There are many caves scattered in the underground caves.

As soon as he landed, Han Fei stepped into a stealth position for himself.

It’s just that stealth formation is useless. None of these people are called Heaven ’s Pride in vain. Just a glance and immediately found Han Fei’s location.

However, just at the moment they wanted to do something, a blue demon flower was launched. Immediately after, Han Fei stamped himself into a convulsive array, and then left in a hurry.

On the human side, many people mistakenly looked towards Luo Xiaobai.