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“It doesn’t matter to you, I am leaving, you can circle yourself.” Mengmeng muttered.


Sitting down and not moving forward.


Madi smiled and smiled. After waiting for a minute, she walked in the direction she left.




Hit the mirror.


“Ah? Just not from here?”


Mardy was a little suspicious and touched the mirror:


“A little bit of curvature, it should be along this side.”


In this way, Mengmeng has been moving forward.


In a short while, I couldn’t see Madi’s figure, and then there was another wave of people, a small team of five people.


Seeing Mengmeng sitting with a fish?


Somewhat strange, speaks and can’t hear.


Crossing this wave of people, I encountered three waves.


Oh la la!


I don’t know where I am, but suddenly I hear the sound of the waves, Mengmeng knows that this is to leave the mirror maze.


Continue for two minutes.


A group of people is reflected in the mirror.


There are only three people, two black adults, and a sixteen-seven-year-old boy.


Ok? ? ?


Mengmeng noticed that when the boy saw himself, he suddenly stayed, and the aggression in his eyes made Mengmeng feel a bit annoying.


“Look what!”


Mengmeng said aloud.




The other person laughed, not only that, his expression has expressed his inner thoughts, even licking his lips, reaching out and touching the mirror?


“Small, let’s go.”


Mengmeng was a little tired of the white one.


I can’t miss such a person.


But I didn’t meet, I couldn’t teach, Mengmeng and Xiao did not leave, passed through a mirror and continued to move forward.


“Wow! Have you seen it? Have you seen it?”


A few hundred meters apart, the son of Yin Xing Yinshan, Yin Hao voice Lang Lang, some excited can not themselves:


“That little Lolita is so beautiful, left uncle, right uncle, you are going to catch her, don’t care about me, the relics are not explored, we will leave when we catch her!”


“This is not good.”


The left eagle frowned. “Now, when the head is down, let us be cautious. After all, this is the place where Zhang Hanyang and the Moon Emperor live.”


“What does that little loli have to do with them?” Yin Hao shouted dissatisfiedly: “It is not that all the powerful people are searching for various places because of the treasures of the heavens. How can we have time to come to this broken monument?”


“Zhang Hanyang has a daughter who is said to be very beautiful. Many people in Kunlun have seen it.” The right eagle said calmly: “The little girl was young and young, little boy, change it.”


“What to change, it is impossible to change!” Yin Hao seemed to be angry, and said loudly: “I only want her, catch her, I will return to sect and immediately close the cultivate! Let my father give you treasure, not in the sect, say again. The daughter of Zhang Hanyang, not my goal, is not to say that the beast next to her is a gorilla, a black dog and a penguin? The little Lolly just riding is clearly the beast in the sea. !”




The left eagle sank for two seconds: “Don’t you see the people of the Southern Territory’s beasts? Generally, only the Southern Fields of the Beasts will capture the spirits in the endless sea and the North Sea Gold Coast to tame.”


“Probably, it doesn’t matter to Zhang Hanyang.” The right eagle looks loose.


It’s not that they are very indulgent in Yin Hao, but this kid is too able to move between right and wrong. In the past, when he didn’t follow his heart, he said something bad about it. Yin Shan probably didn’t say anything, but couldn’t hold Yin Hao’s mother.


Over time, the left eagle and the right eagle, regardless of those, are not good at all, and many things don’t care, just do it.


Seeing the two people hesitating, Yin Hao’s tone was reduced a lot: “As long as I catch her, I will be cultivate in the future, certainly not in the sect. If I get the treasure that my father said, I must try my best to the two uncles. Fight for it.”


“This is what you said.”


The left eagle suddenly leaked a smile.


Don’t worry about how Yin Hao played, it is OK to beat his own backers. There are treasures and bribes to them. If you get a treasure, maybe there is no drama, but get two or three, Yin Hao is really likely to come.


“Want to catch her, let’s leave here and say, go to the next place and wait for her. We got a fourth-order stone before, and we can leave with that thing.” The right eagle smiled.


“Hurry up, don’t let her run!”


Yin Hao’s heart was hot, and it was the first time I saw such a beautiful Loli.


Seeing that the two had made up their minds, the resistance of the left eagle’s heart also dissipated.


I just thought about half a ring, and I didn’t hear the other generations of the other three ancestors, who was a small loli who was proficient in the sea beast.


In this case, what if you catch it?


The three people quickly walked to the side, about twenty minutes, and walked out of the left and right mirrors. The scene in front of them was empty on the edge of the cliff. The lower side of the sky was a sea of ​​ocean, parallel to the front and the ground, with dense Mama clouds. Very regular, clouds paving the way, like a rainbow channel, each channel, 30 meters wide, the clouds are densely in the channel, it can be seen that it is for people to step on, as to which one can step on which can not, then need Try it.


Looking at a cloud channel, it stretches like a roller coaster.


The people on the edge of the cliff are clear and a maze.


At the end of the maze, there is a city in the sky, which looks gleaming and very mysterious.


There are already dozens of people marching on the clouds. Every time they step on a cloud, they use energy to test the next one. These cautious people should see someone falling into the sea before.


“She is there!”


Yin Hao suddenly yelled.


The voice was also heard by Mengmeng not far away. She turned her head and saw that it was the man, and the eyebrows were wrinkled.


Didn’t say anything yet, the left eagle thought, a big energy hand grabbed Mengmeng.


At the peak of his Golden Core, isn’t he still rushing to pick up a little loli?






In an instant, the guardian treasures that Mengmeng played showed.




The left eagle squatted, and a long sword appeared in his left hand, instantly cutting through these defensive treasures.


Huge atmosphere, when she reached Mengmeng ten meters, she suddenly lit up more than ten lights.




Suddenly, the long sword was blown by a golden defensive hood.


“Defense to treasure?”


The left eagle glanced.


“Catch her!” Yin Hao shouted again.


“you guys……”


“First take it down and say it.” The right eagle eyes flashed.


A strong stock of all overwhelming, I saw a chain of iron in his right hand, a slight glimpse, instantly condensed a dozen square meters of crystal large net, covering Mengmeng and small points, although not penetrated the golden defensive cover, but Mengmeng was also caught.




The left eagle took out the fourth-order gems, and their figure suddenly flashed and left the ruins.


When it appeared outside, there was no pause. The left eagle and the right eagle opened the road, and quickly flew to the Kunlun passage not far from the next door.




Lei Tiannan, standing not far away, suddenly squatted and was caught off guard.


When it was clear that Mengmeng was caught, his face changed greatly, but at these times of breathing, the few people had already flew far.


“Give me a stop!”


Lei Tiannan snarled and wanted to chase it, but he found out that they could not see them in sight.




Lei Tiannan’s face was ugly, and he quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Zhang Han: “Not good, Mengmeng was arrested, in the remnant of the light wind lake, you…”


“I am already on the road.”


Zhang Han’s relatively indifferent voice came from the phone and hung up.




Lei Tiannan’s face is not very good: “Some people, really are dying?”


On the other hand, Mengmeng is not flustered.


Her right hand has the treasure ball that Zhang Han gave. It is safe to smash it. There is nothing to be afraid of, just a little angry.


Just seeing the cloud maze, Mengmeng was not interested, and wanted to go to the air city above, and the result was caught.


“What are you doing for me?”


“Ha ha ha.”


Yin Hao looked at Mengmeng in the defensive hood, and his heart was like a fire. Hearing not only laughed:


“You little Loli is so beautiful and beautiful, even the sound is so good, rest assured, I am not trying to hurt you, but to give you a big chance!”


“Oh.” Mengmeng ridiculed: “What chance can you give?”


“When I was the silver lady, I was the wife of the lord!” Yin Hao looked proudly: “Not only does it have a lot of resources to be cultivate, but as the wife of the silver star ancestor, I also play with you in the East.”


“I really don’t want to face.” Mengmeng stayed and sneered: “I tell you, let me go, or you have to finish.”


“Let you? It is impossible. You must cooperate now, or give in. Which one do you choose? In fact, the submission is also very good. I like to resist.” Yin Hao said with a smile.


“Wait, my dad is coming, and I still have this.” Mengmeng spread out his palms and gave them a look at the beads that can be contacted by Yue Wuwei: “I just smashed it, you can’t run.” ”


“What kind of joke, your resistance is in vain. Even today, even if the king of Laos is coming, can you not take it away, do you see it? The Kunlun channel is in front.” Yin Hao said loudly, there is already an ecstasy of success in his eyes. .


“Who is your father?” Zuo Ying suddenly asked.




Mengmeng replied proudly: “Zhang Hanyang.”




The left eagle and the right eagle’s head suddenly felt a humming sound.


The heart seems to stop beating in an instant, and the passage is in front of you, but they stop.


“Uncle Zuo, don’t listen to her pulling the flag and pulling the tiger skin.”


Yin Hao began to be shocked, some were amazed, but the heart was hot, burning most of the reason, he retorted:


“Zhang Hanyang’s daughter doesn’t have the fish under you. She is carrying a gorilla, a black dog and a penguin. Do you think we don’t know the situation? Do you want to lie? It’s really smart. But you used the wrong place, left uncle, right uncle, don’t hesitate, let’s go back to Kunlun.”


The left eagle and the right eagle looked at each other.


There is already a hint of remorse in my heart.


In this troubled autumn, you should be careful, but this is the end of the matter, the name of Yin Xingzong is also said by Yin Hao…


“Go back first.”


The right eagle frowned, not hesitating, taking the lead into the passage.


Appeared in the Immortal World of Kunlun, several people rushed to the direction of Silver Star.


“Oh, I have already told you, if you don’t believe it, you will pull it down.”


Mengmeng sat on the back of the little bit, and he didn’t panic at all.


But I saw the left eagle and the right eagle a little bit… worried.


Isn’t this gimmick afraid?


“Uncle Zuo, break her defense!”


When I arrived at the Immortal World in Kunlun, the world was not suppressing, and Yin Hao shouted loudly.




The left eagle nodded and saw a long gun in his hand, moving forward.




Mengmeng’s outermost golden reticle has experienced layers of fluctuations.




The left eagle frowned: “The sixth-order top defense is treasure!”


He once again looked at the right eagle, this treasure, not everyone can have it.


Even if she is not the daughter of Zhang Hanyang, maybe she will come.


“Zuo Shu, right uncle, if we really get that treasure, there are two treasures, and I will give you one more!” Yin Hao once again reminded him.


This made the two look a little.


“But it, no one is going to do it, nothing to hesitate.”


The right eagle sighed.


As a result, the left eagle increased the attack intensity.




After three minutes, the outermost golden defense was broken.


“Ha ha ha…”


Yin Hao just laughed and went to Mengmeng.




Another layer of strong energy fluctuations emerged, and gathered in a position of ten meters from Mengmeng to form a blue defensive cover.




The left eagle sighed: “And?”


Continue to wave the attack, four minutes later, with a bang, the hood was broken again.


“Give me over!”


The left eagle shook his energy hand and grabbed Mengmeng out of thin air when he reached ten meters.




A crystal clear glow surrounds Mengmeng.




The palm of the energy is shot on top, and only one breath is maintained, and it slowly dissipates.


“and also?”


“So many six-level defenses to treasure?”


The left eagle and the right eagle swelled.


“Let’s go back to sect!”


Yin Hao hurriedly screamed and did not intend to break the defense here.


“The bow has no turning back, go!”


The right eagle shouted and led the team to fly forward quickly.


Mengmeng faintly looked at the back:


“Don’t bother, there are dozens of treasures on my body.”




Yes, the defense of the little master is super strong.


Xiao did not like a decent, nodded, a group of people who eat melons, as if they were caught without it, very comfortable.


Mengmeng did not care about them, took out a bag of potato chips, a glass of orange juice, so that the open and aboveboard ate and ate two, the little girl shone brightly, and leaked a smile:


“My father is coming soon.”




The left eagle and the right eagle are said to be one by one. What is going on here? Was scared by a small little loli?


“Looking at the mystery.”


Yin Hao smiled: “The treasure of the right uncle can not only trap you, but also block the breath. You try to play those little cleverness, you can’t do it.”


“Oh, hehe.”


Mengmeng couldn’t help but laugh again, and then licked it and ate potato chips, not taking care of them.


This attitude makes the left eagle and the right eagle feel a little bad.


The situation is wrong.


I hope that nothing will happen.


Silver Star has been far from visible.


At this time, some people left the sect and went to various areas to wait for the anti-sky treasures that fell from the sky.


“Shi Shixiong, I heard that your speed is the first in the world? Is this the case?”


Shi Fenghou is preparing to travel, and there are more than a dozen silver star disciples around him. The men and women are half-to-face. They are people who worship Shi Fenghou and are talking.


“Fortunately, there is a dog that may be like me.” Shi Fenghou snorted.


“How can a dog compare to the stone brother?” A male disciple laughed and said: “The speed of the stone brothers is recognized as fast. I heard that when you were in the lower bounds a few years ago, Zhang Hanyang could not chase. Go to you.”


“Don’t compare me to him.” Shi Fenghou raised his brow and finally spit out: “I may be better than it.”


“Shi Shixiong~” A female disciple leaned in front of her and said with a smile: “At that time, the lower bound was the Feng Xue Pavilion created by the Three Princes. The first force, you are the leader in the Feng Xue Pavilion, and went to the Snow Temple. In a few years, it has become a leader of the younger generation. It’s really amazing.”


“Nothing great.”


On this topic, Shi Fenghou didn’t want to answer, Feng Xue Pavilion, Feng Xue Dian, all cool, and said what it did.


“Shi Shixiong can be really strong.” Suddenly a fat disciple flattered: “Probably because the identity is too honorable, the wind and snow temple can not be moved, and it is directly cold.”




Shi Fenghou’s face was black and his eyes looked sharply.


Is this looking for you?


“Ah, sorry, I said something wrong.” The disciple of the figure who was blessed flashed a treacherous look, and the look pretended to be flustered: “How does the Feng Xue Pavilion and the demise of the Wind and Snow Temple have something to do with the stone brother? They are dead by themselves, and the stone brothers are so powerful that they cannot affect the entire sect.”


The implication is that Shi Fenghou is not a small name, but his strength is also good, but when I come to my silver star, I still have to start from scratch and be a good person.


“Great fat, what do you talk about?” Shi Fenghou’s female disciple next to him asked: “You don’t go to the cultivate with Master Dong, come here to pick the thorns, is it free to do nothing?”


“Nothing.” The fat man smiled and said: “The stone brothers have experienced a lot of experience after experiencing the Feng Xue Pavilion and the destruction of the Snow Temple. I am not here to take the scriptures?”


Seeing Shi Fenghou’s face suddenly changed, his eyes were amazed, and then his face was hard to look.


The fat man thought that the words he said had a role, and then he said:


“When we sect, if you encounter any big enemy, escape this aspect, don’t you ask the lower stone brother?”




Shi Fenghou swallowed and spit, regained his gaze, his mouth moved, and finally gave a half sneer, then said: “Don’t ask, let me know!”




Shi Fenghou’s figure flies quickly to the side and flies out five or six miles in an instant.


“Shi Shixiong, we are a team, you wait for us.”


The female disciple screamed anxiously, scratching his eyes and fat, and took the lead and flew over.


“What do you run with Shi Shixiong? The man is holding the brother of Dong, supporting you, hey, wait until you have a chance to meet outside, you must teach him.”


“No need.” Shi Fenghou’s face was stiff and he looked at the figure flying fast in the east direction, and his heart had already opened:




How did you catch her?


Do you think your life is too long? Are you tired?


Insufficient success, dare to move her? It’s really over.


I Shi Fenghou finally found a place to stop, this…


“What are you looking at? Brother Shi?”


A dozen people beside them seemed to be aware of it, knowing from the ugly face of Shi Fenghou.


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