Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1143

“Yes, the demon king started Body Fusion, possessing the demon spirit of the demon king, and has a stronger ability to reproduce. It is not a good temptation in Immortal Cultivation.”

Yue Wuwei gazes at everyone’s answer: “The place where the demon king was born is a dark place. If you kill this demon king, the other kings of the dark land will know that they will come to seek revenge. This is The most taboo place.”

“That’s too scary?” Mu Xue’s face shrank.

“In this way, the war in the Hailong Star Field is directly declared to end?” Li Mu said incredibly.

“Maybe.” Yi Hou smiled: “Even if you continue the war, at least you must wait for the demon king to make waves. The wave sweeps, let the fleet power go to the majority, then the star war will be less, the surface war will More intense.”

“Dream King? Clown?”

Zhang Han is somewhat thoughtful.


They are in the space station of the Blues Star.

Near them, nine Thunder Kings suddenly appeared.

This is heard to be the demon king, and the non-stop to send the spacecraft?

It seems that the Snow Alliance is also afraid.

“I am the representative of the Snow Alliance, please accept the spaceship.”

“it is good.”

Received soon.

It is at this time.


The universe in front of the void.

Suddenly the clouds are lingering.

It seems that there is something big and fierce to appear.


Everyone in the field changed his face.

A spaceship of the Snowfall Alliance did not return to the front.

Can just fly a distance.


The firepower of the film appears, covering its direction, no matter how to defend, it is impossible to block a round of attacks of more than 500 ships.


This spacecraft blooms in the stars.

It’s cold.

“Come on, ready to jump into the subspace.”

Yi Hou shouted.

“Not too late.”

Yue Wuwei frowned: “Look what it wants to do.”

Looking at the indifference of Yue Wuwei, I know that if the demon king dares to make a second, he does not mind the killer.


Mengmeng was a little nervous, and the small hand held Zhang Han’s palm.

“Nothing, rest assured.” Zhang Han smiled and touched Mengmeng’s head to comfort him.

“How did the demon king come here?”

“They came with the Ray King of the Falling Snow Alliance?”

“Isn’t that robbed?”

“The demon king, this momentum is a little scary.”

There were some changes in the face of everyone.

Unexpectedly, a mysterious creature like the Devils will appear in front of you.

This kind of scene, including Zhang Mu, You Huo, Zi Yan, Zhao Feng, and even Nina, Mo Wen, Li Mu, are the first to see.

The black cloud is getting more and more turbulent.

Even on every ship on the other side, there is a black mist.

The entire hull has also become black.

What is even more shocking is that this black is like a mysterious light.

There is no living person in every ship, but the feeling for everyone seems to have thousands of eyes, watching it coldly.

What kind of terrible race is the Devil?

Oh la la!

The black fog spread again, as if to devour it here.

Nearly only a few hundred meters away.

“It will appear.”

Yue Wuwei’s eyes are slightly blurred:

“The monsters of this size are just the beginning of the formation.”

Implications: What do you push with me? Believe it or not, I am killing you?


Li Mu screamed.


Mengmeng looked at the black fog in front, but he was not scared. Instead, he was scared by Li Mu’s voice.


Zhang Han waved, and Li Mu was shot and flew.

“What is it?”

Zhang Han said something dissatisfied, and touched Mengmeng’s head: “I can’t scare the hair…. Nothing, don’t be afraid, in fact, the King of the Soul is sometimes very cute.”

Everyone is speechless.

What is the relationship between the King of the Devil and the cute?

Oh la la!

The black fog suddenly violently surged.

As if to come out inside a big devil.

It is also like what a monster appears.

The result is amazing.

I saw a two-meter-high… a doll like a doll, slowly showing the figure in front of the fog.

It’s like a real toy.

Except for the reddish eyes, the shape of other places, arms and legs is not uniform.


The clown’s voice is extremely hoarse.

The whole person greedily looked at the spaceship in front.



“Give me, spaceship!”


The clown heard a voice.

Instructed him to want this batch of spaceships.

“The clown is the demon king?”


“What is his strength? It is completely undetectable.”

“It seems to be strong and strong.”

The people whispered and their faces were full of dignity.

The news of the clown was only heard for a few days. I didn’t expect to face the collision now.


Yue Wuwei snorted, and some suddenly burst into a glimpse.

It seems to be shot.

The mind is waiting for a move.

Yue seniors are very powerful, Spirit Transformation is a great man, how can he deal with the evil spirits?


No need to lose the spaceship!

The heart was quite a surprise.

Zhang Han said a word, and he was forced to do so in an instant.

“Yue Lao does not have to do it.”

“Well?” Yue Wuwei said: “If you don’t do it, he won’t give up.”

“It’s ok.”

Zhang Han stared straight at the clown in front of him and leaked a mysterious smile: “Give him… the 80% spaceship.”

“What? Give him a spaceship? Really?”


“This, okay.” Yi Hou smiled and looked at the eyes and did nothing.

“With your temper, compromise?” Yue Wuwei looks strange.

“Give him first.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly: “This clown, I know.”



“Master respect you know the demon king?”


The crowd was in a state of procrastination.

“Order, everyone will take the aircraft, let out the 80% spacecraft, and arrange it.”

When each aircraft, the person in the transport spacecraft leaves.

In front of the clown’s gaze suddenly burst into red awns, black mist lingering, as if there are thousands of devils in the hustle and bustle, to be shot.

But the clown is like a jealous thing.

It’s just foggy, and there’s no real shot.

Until everyone left, the Bacheng spacecraft slowly drifted to the fog and was swallowed up by the black mans.

The hazy fog has calmed down a lot.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

The clown’s gaze looked at Zhang Han’s spaceship, as if through a window, staring at a shadow.


Zhang Han’s eyes disappeared.



“give me!”

He seems to have more spaceships.

Yue Wu’s brow wrinkled.

Provoking me?

But he hasn’t done anything yet.

Zhang Han looked at the front and said plainly:

“Ding Jiu-Ming, almost it will be fine.”


Mu Zhangmen, Mu Xue, etc., who knew Ding Jiu-ming, suddenly changed his face.

This, what is the situation?

The clown is Ding Jiu Ming?

How can it be?


With the words of Zhang Han.

The clown’s eyes suddenly burst into two red clouds and came straight to face.

He is attacking!

The black mist haunted, as if it had become a big hand, and grabbed it to the Lei Wang.


The devil’s roar of the clown is mixed with anger, bloodthirsty, and dark atmosphere.


This moment, a light blue light, surrounded all the black fog.

Yue Wuwei’s voice is very cold, saying one word at a time:

“You want to die?”


The black fog seems to be fixed, and it can’t move.

The eyes of the clown are flashing and fierce.

But in the face of Yue Wuwei, there is no resistance.

“He, he is Ding Jiu-ming?”

Muzhangmen looked horrified and said quickly: “How could he be Ding Jiu-ming, how could Ding Jiu-ming become like this?”

“Yeah, what happened?”

Mu Xue is also a one-on-one.

It’s impossible to connect the clown and Ding Jiu-Ming who are in front of you.

The last time I lost the experience of the mainland, Ding Jiu-ming experienced the corner of the Immortal Cultivation field in the Sea Dragon Stars. People suddenly disappeared. Now, it has become like this?

For Zhang Han’s words, Mu Xue is convinced that he is Ding Jiu-Ming, and that is definitely the case.

Moreover, after Zhang Han said the words of Ding Jiu-ming, everyone also found that the momentum of the clown suddenly became more violent, looking at them as if they had their own consciousness.

what on earth is this kind of happenings?

“He has gained the inheritance of the devil.”

Zhang Han looked at the clown in front of him and thought about it, adding:

“Or he was swallowed up by the demon king, and the situation is more complicated. Whether the clown is Ding Jiu-ming, or the demon king, or the combination of the two is possible, but I think Ding Jiu-ming is swallowed up. The biggest possibility.”

“Is it swallowed?”

Mu Zhangmen’s face changed slightly: “Why did Ding Jiu Ming die?”

“not yet.”

Zhang Han suddenly frowned slightly and said: “The devils are awakened. Generally speaking, they only need to breed, or have a safe place to recuperate. This is the time when their devil is weakest, but we heard it not long ago. The news, the stars were smeared with charcoal, destroyed, and then the fleet was robbed, the clown also had the consciousness of Ding Jiu-Ming, perhaps the previous few stars, Ding Jiu-ming’s revenge, oh, there is a possibility, perhaps close to reality “”

“What is it?” Mu Xue asked.

At this time, even Yue Wuwei was somewhat curious.

what is the reason? He is somewhat incomprehensible. He knows that it is a very fierce race. It is also very difficult to deal with, and it is hard to deal with it. It can be about the demon king. He doesn’t know much. Seeing Zhang Han’s appearance, he seems to know the king of the demon. .

What is the origin of this kid?

Yue Wuwei was a little surprised.

Zhang Han always broke some of his understanding.

There are times when there are some things that I can’t really tell.

Under the eyes of everyone.

Zhang Han looked at the clown in front and spit out a word in his mouth:

“He sold the soul to the devil.”


“The soul, sold to the devil?”

“God, is that Ding Jiu Ming still not dead?”

“This one……”

There was some worry around the crowd.

I really didn’t think it was this answer. It was a bit too exaggerated. The most important thing is that the soul can also sell?

“The previous few stars should be the place where Ding Jiu-ming hates, so when the demon souls come out, they will consume a lot of energy to destroy them. They will steal the fleet. They will use the spacecraft as a breeding ground. The number of magic souls should be Not much, it is the nascent state, it needs a period of steady growth.” Zhang Han said, gently shaking his head, his look is slightly sigh.

Unexpectedly, Ding Jiu-ming actually triggered the advent of the demon king.

The final result, the clown is Ding Jiu Ming, or the demon king, can not guess.

“How do you know this thing?”

Yue Wuwei was stunned for a while and finally asked.


As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s eyes once again gathered on Zhang Han.

It feels incredible.

In this regard, Zhang Han laughed and said nothing.

The eyes slowly drifted to the place of the clown.

The heart smiles: Because, this demon king, this is what I originally had.

At this time, Zhang Han was also particularly surprised.

I did not expect that the clown, the evil spirits, turned out to be a treasure of their own.

The so-called clown is nothing more than the thing that the demon king presents, perhaps related to the influence of Ding Jiu-ming.

Does he like clowns very much?

Or is it defined as a clown?

No matter what, the whole clown, the so-called Demon King, is actually a mask.

This mask is Xuanbao, which is very functional. Xuanbao is not in the scope of Spirit Treasure, or in the field of Spirit Treasure, or in the field of Immortal Cultivation, which is extremely difficult to get, formed by Innate, or A treasure created by refining and chance.

Zhang Han called it a dark mask.

Because wearing it, the inner suffocation, the killing of the sky, will affect the consciousness of the whole person.

There is also a function to seal the dark creatures.

It happened that Zhang Han met the Devils, sealed them, refining the Demon King, and refining and refining, which will become a big boost in the battle.

Unfortunately, Zhang Han has encountered Nine Heavens Divine Thunder before the end of refining.

Now, here, I saw the dark mask.

I have to say that there are some coincidences.

‘I don’t know the original treasures of my original, can’t find it back. ‘

Zhang Han is slightly pondering.

There may be many treasures that have new owners.

Combining all the knowledge of Zhang Han, he only said a series of guesses, the closest to the real guess.

“What should I do?”

Mu palm frowns: “Is there a way to save him back?”

“There is no way.” Zhang Han said: “He hasn’t fallen yet. If his mind is strong, he might take the initiative in the body of the clown, even if he finds himself, Ding Jiu-ming, not the previous Ding Jiu-ming, everything. It depends on his creation.”


Mu’s head sighed heavily: “But, this is his life.”

“It’s also his choice,” said Zhang Han.

“Then we…” Yi Hou suddenly opened his mouth and whispered, “What about our spaceship? Is it really for him?”

Now that you know the details and the origins, there are ways to deal with the devil, do it directly!

This is what I think in my heart.

Lian Yue did nothing to say: “The current devil is still very weak, do you want to kill them?”

In this regard, the surrounding people face complex.

Ding Jiu-ming is still in the body of the clown, but he is not him.

But if you kill the killer, the palm of your hand is still a bit awkward.

“No, the spacecraft gives him and let him go,” Zhang Han said.

“What is this?”

“Raising pigs.”

Everyone: “…”

What is the relationship between pigs and pigs?

Only Yue Wuwei, leaking out thoughtful thoughts, some inspiration, but vaguely, as if to catch and can not grasp.

In the presence, Zhang Han understands the situation.

Clown, the new king of the devil.

If it is the original demon king, seeing Zhang Han here, it is estimated to be scared to death and escape directly.

Now, there is no situation, it should be the effect of the dark mask refining it.

Even if it is not completely successful, it will not leave ten.

The growth of the evil spirits is very resource intensive and requires a lot of dark energy.

With you around Zhang Han?

It will take too long.

It is stocked in the Immortal Cultivation field, and when it grows to a certain level, it is taken for raising pigs.

What makes Zhang Han emboldened is that he can feel the connection between the dark mask and the dark mask.

Is it like causality, or is it because of refining?

The dark mask, now not his, can sense three points.

So Zhang Han was a little addicted and thought about letting go.

If you can get it in the future, let’s look at luck. Zhang Han is not particularly concerned.

“Really let them leave? The evil spirit family, Immortal Cultivator is not necessarily able to meet twice in life.” Yue Wuwei said.


Zhang Han waved his hand.

Yue Wuwei was silent and recovered energy.

Oh, la la la.

The energy that covers the black mist slowly dissipates.

The clown seems to have noticed that there is a hard-to-handle person in the spaceship. It seems to have a hint of it, and there is another very jealous person.


In the eyes of the clown, the red mans slowly dissipated. It faced Zhang Han, the Lei Wang, as if it had a strange smile.

The black mans swept the wheel and took away the 80% spaceship here, including the ten Thunder Kings that had just been sent.


Hundreds of spaceships, jumped into the subspace and left directly.


“The ten Thunder Kings that have just arrived, have not been hot, they have been robbed.”

“What grab? It is obviously the boss who gave the opposite.”

“The clown, the demon king, I have seen it for a long time.”


Everyone is caught in the discussion.

Even Mengmeng asked Zhang Han a lot of questions.

The clown looks terrible and unforgettable, too special.

Yi Hou shook his head and looked at the number of ships around.

“That… Our next trip seems to be impossible. This spaceship, in the past, was not enough for the royal family to break the teeth, first return to the cloud shadow?”

Yi Hou whispered.

“What can’t you fight?” Li Mu suddenly said: “The clown is not just grabbing our spaceship. It will definitely steal the spacecraft of the royal family. I see its posture, obviously sweeping the sea dragon, and before. In the days of speculation, since the number of spacecraft is small, the surface war has become mainstream.”

“We have changed here, the tiger will also have the royal family, or wait a minute, see what they say, I will report the news.” Yi Hou said, go to the side to contact Li Wei and Liu Qingfeng.

The fleet size of more than 20 ships also stopped the pace of going forward and quietly stopped near the space station.

In the communication between Yi Hou and Li Wei, I will give you a series of news:

“The important strategic planet of the Tigers Royal Family, Luo Fanxing was robbed of more than 100 spaceships.”

“Our Hanli three planet space stations were robbed of a total of two hundred and thirty-five spaceships.”

“The spacecraft of all major forces have suffered from catastrophe in these days.”

“The family in the chaotic land has been quiet. Guangjia sent people to stop the clowns. Who knows that they are seeing the black mans, they escaped without saying anything.”


Upon hearing this news, Zhang Han smiled.

The expression seems to say that Guangjia is not self-sufficient.

“Dad, what is the strength of the clown?” Mengmeng asked curiously.

Spoiler, pay attention to the public list Wang Zhang.

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