Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1144

“Not… at least the Spirit Transformation.” Zhang Han spoke in the eyes and looked at nothing.

What I wanted to say is that the demon king was first introduced, and it was not the Spirit Transformation.

Think about it or don’t reveal the strength of Yue Lao.

The dark mask is a very powerful Xuanbao. Zhang Han used to have a total of five Xuanbao. The dark mask is one of them. It is usually used to seal and refine dark and dark creatures.

Therefore, the original Zhang Han, is the army of the demon soul, the army of the spirits, the army of carrion.

It is no exaggeration to say that with a dark mask, there is a movable force.

Unfortunately, Zhang Han has not yet demonstrated its power.

For those in Immortal Cultivation, you don’t know what the dark mask is.

At this time, Mengmeng heard the answer and leaked a surprised expression: “Spirit Transformation is so good, isn’t it born? It’s so powerful.”

“It’s not born, it’s the kind that came out. The evil spirits are the starry people in the Immortal Cultivation field. It’s not easy to meet, but every time they meet one, the size of the team is very large.” Zhang Han said: “Their The starting point is very high. It is because when it was not published, it has experienced many years of reproduction. Until the time comes, after the advent, there will be a period of rapid growth. This is the Devil.”

Zhang Han explained to Mengmeng that the people around him were quiet and quiet, including Yue Wuwei, who were listening.

“When we meet the evil spirits, are we going to escape?” Mengmeng asked again.

“The devil is very powerful, but there are many ways to deal with it. For example, Spirit Treasure is not as good as your fireball. Many moves can hurt them, but the effect is different.”

“Oh, I know, I feel now that the clown is not very scary.” Mengmeng licked his beautiful big eyes: “It seems to be a little cute.”


Yue Xiaoyun stunned.

“Think carefully, it’s a little cute.” Nina echoed.

It made everyone silent for a while.

“You feel cute, because you didn’t see the terrible thing. If you run into this kind of thing next time, you can run it directly.” Yue Wuwei said: “Don’t listen to Zhang Han, although the attack can hurt them, but the base There are thousands of magic souls in it, but it is not good.”


Xiaoxiao suddenly called in Mengmeng’s bag.

As if to express: What is not good to deal with, isn’t that what you eat?

“Liu seniors let us go back and gather people and give up the three connected stars.” Yi Hou said slowly.

“Abandon this side?” Li Mu was shocked: “We just managed to get it down, and the result was abandoned? Why?”

“Because…” I thought about it and said the news: “The second battlefield, the third battlefield will end. From the latest news, the Tiger Royal Family is also quickly abandoning many of the planets in the second battlefield. They are not just jealous of the clowns, but also to put their goals on the first battlefield. Both of us are gathering people and want to win the first battlefield.”

“Is the first battlefield so important?” Mu Xue asked curiously.

“It’s very important.” The Yihou face is a positive one: “The first battlefield is the central location of the entire Hailong star field, where it can detect the subspace flow of a small half of the sea dragon star field, where there is a space node that can react faster. Master the first battlefield and master the initiative of the war.”

“It seems that the next battle will be more intense.” Zhang Mu said with a feeling.

“I am duty-bound!”

Li Mu suddenly shouted.

Scared to the side of Instructor Liu.

What is it called?

So they embarked on their way home.

Everyone went to cultivate and grew very fast. After a few battles, they were able to fully understand the capabilities of Nascent Soul.

Master, comprehend, progress.

Go back to Cloud Shadow Day.

Everyone has relaxed a lot.

After seeing Liu Qingfeng and Li Wei, the two were still watching the map of the Hailong Star Field, and got one news after another. The various points on the map dissipated and they can roughly see the action trajectory of the two forces.

“came back?”

Liu Qingfeng looked at everyone and smiled: “How? These battles are fierce?”

“Yeah, very intense,” Jiang Yanlan replied.

“The next battle will be more intense. Do you want to participate?” Liu Qingfeng said with a positive face, saying: “The plan I had discussed with Li’s head before was useless, and even the long-term means were also The Clowns’ Legion shattered, and the Tigers’ Royal Family also did. The current battle has changed from a calculation to a Ming War. We will invest most of our talents in the first battlefield. The first battle will win, and this war will win most of the battle. When the battlefield loses, we will escape from the sea dragon star field, and it will be in danger.”

“Jump into the subspace.” Instructor Liu suddenly took a forehead: “Oh, yes, the speed of the spacecraft is limited, even in the subspace can be detected, give it out.”

“Yes.” Liu Qingfeng nodded: “This is the case now, more people will be invested, but the battle of victory is still after the first battlefield, or the Yunxing District, or the sea star area, but There is also good news. Silverwing Hall will also send more people to participate in the first battlefield. Overall, our chances of winning are great.”

“But they have to guard against the back of the royal family. They suspect that there is a Spirit Transformation in the middle of the sea, even if the first battlefield fails, if you attack the star zone in the sea, then… the defeat of the battle is really lost.” Li Wei took a breath: “At the moment, it is still important in the first battlefield. There is nothing to say. Send someone to finish it.”

It’s over.

In a simple sentence, the interpretation of the determination to win.

“The next few days are calm periods. The clowns’ fleet is unable to capture the flow of the subspace. He has more than 600 spaceships. It is troublesome to appear. The first battlefield has to wait for the clown after the storm, if the clown has been The sea dragon star field makes waves…” Li Wei shook his head slightly.

That means everyone is in danger.

“The clown will leave in a few days.” Liu Qingfeng said: “The Devils don’t always live in one place.”


Liu Qingfeng, Li Wei looked a move, did not go to understand the magic soul family, but quickly looked at the map of the sea dragon star domain, it seems to be calculating.


It is consistent with Yue Wuwei.

Clown Legion, these days have appeared frequently in the Sea Dragon Star.

Continue to sweep all kinds of spaceships.

“The important star of the tiger’s royal family was swept away again.”

“The cloud planet’s node planet was swept away.”

“The clown army is terrible. God, I saw it. Some people resisted, and they were swallowed up by the dark fog. There are tens of thousands of bones!”

“That is a demon!”

Even the most chaotic land gave a message.

Among the eleven families, seven families have learned about this matter and exchanged ideas with each other. Even people have not sent it out, just to tell the world:

“The clown forces can’t stop, if they meet, take the initiative to send the spacecraft.”

This news is wrong.

How do you feel the big noise on the other side of the chaos, are eager to send the clown forces away?

The so-called sending away is nothing more than waiting for someone to grab enough to go.

If you grab a month or two, can you still have a spaceship in the Hailong Star Field?

For a time, Haimu Alliance, Falling Snow Alliance and other major spacecraft manufacturing sites, orders are numerous.

But the forces of several parties are the same.

The spacecraft order will not be accepted.

The spacecraft in stock has been sold out on the eve of the beginning of the war. It is not much made now, and it is also a problem to sell to.

No one can guess which side will win.

Since it is a neutral alliance, it will remain neutral, and even if one party wins, there will be a lot of orders.

One day, two days, three days…

A full seven days.

The Clown Legion constantly sweeps the Sea Dragon Stars, and its size is growing.

The message was sent on the seventh day.

The clown appeared in the star zone of the sea, and the tiger was on a main star of the royal family.

There are a lot of spaceships, but they can’t stop the clown.

There is a Spirit Transformation genius who shot.

Seriously injured.

The clown was angry, and there were countless deaths and injuries. Roughly, there are hundreds of thousands.

Stunned the eye.

After this time, the clown seems to have disappeared.

The eighth day, the ninth day, the tenth day.

Have never appeared.

“he’s gone?”

“Finally left!”

The tiger’s royal family was relieved.

In particular, Tiger Tianshan, known as the Changsheng Supreme, has also relaxed a lot.

He sat in a room, looking at the map of the sea dragon star field in front of him, some kind of fine flashing, seems to be thinking about how to carry out the war on the first battlefield.

Today, the tiger is on the royal family side, the most famous one is Tiger Tianshan.

Wherever others are, where is the victory.

The unbeaten myth is still going on.

Many people speculate that Tiger Tianshan will be crowned the title of war king after the victory of this war.

There is no doubt that the tiger’s royal family is full of momentum and is convinced that one side is winning.

These stem from the confidence of the elders.

These self-confidences at the elder level stem from the Spirit Transformation’s powers in the town and the support of the family in the chaos.

The situation of the Cloud Shadow Alliance is similar. Many people know that Silver Wingtang really participated in it. With their help, the odds are bigger.

the eleventh day.

The calm period has passed, and the atmosphere of the entire Hailong Star Field is turbulent.

A spaceship was dispatched, jumping into the subspace and heading for the first battlefield.

The wind and the clouds, a bigger war, will be opened.

On this day, Zhang Han, who was on the thunder, took off.

The armor of Hu Tianshan flew into the air, entered the main ship, and left the star area of ​​the sea.

The main members of the Silver Wing Hall, led a lot of people, quietly left.

People from all major sect forces have dispatched.

All know that the most intense war is coming.

In addition to the neutral alliance.

There are also more leisure places.

On the planet where the environment is pretty good in the sea dragon star.

The space station has only one main ship.

A cliff edge on the side of a canyon waterfall.

The flowers bloom and the air is fresh.

A basket full of petals is swaying.

The white legs are arbitrarily placed on the edge of the basket, and the ankles are exposed.

It’s Chu’s reluctance, holding the book and watching it carefully.


Half a ring, three figures flew quickly.

It is Ye Longyuan, Yan Chen and Su Bei Mu.

“Sister, the first battlefield seems to be doing it, that, let’s not go see it?” Ye Longyuan said with a smile.

“You want to see?”

“Hey, I want to see.” Ye Longyuan snorted.

The environment is very good here, and there are not many people. They are here for a week and can be idle for Ye Longyuan.

It’s boring everywhere, not even the tomb, even if there are no treasures.

Everything is observed, and there is a hint of error in my heart.

It seems that I know how Ye Longyuan got the ring of the Master.


Chu turned to the sound, there was no sound, still looking at the book.

Ye Longyuan suspects that she did not hear her words.

But I dare not ask.

The strength of Chu’s leaning is too strong.

Even the Tiger Tianshan is gracious to her.


Ye Longyuan didn’t dare to speak, let alone the dust and Su Beimu. They both borrowed the light and knew that Ye Longyuan’s thighs were thick.



Ye Longyuan is a little bored, looking around and suddenly focusing on the opposite hanging basket.

That pair of white feet seems to be beautiful?

Look at the face that you rely on.

Hey, Dan Fengyan, is also the type he likes.

She is still reading the book seriously, not paying attention to herself.

Ye Longyuan’s eyes are gathered on the ankles. After a while, they are not honest, and they are slowly rising.

Slender white legs, and then up, is the lower edge of the long skirt.

It seems to be messed up because of sitting posture.


See no evil.

Ye Longyuan has a slight eye and wants to keep looking up.

Curious through the gap can not see what underwear inside.

Then he suddenly coughed.

Hurry to close your eyes.

Did not dare to see.

There is no thief in the thief.

If this is offensive to the sister, as a thigh, she is angry, but it is uncomfortable.

After taking a look away, after a few minutes, Chu leaned back and took the book back.

“If you want to see it, then check it out.”

The light that Chu leans on looks directly at Ye Longyuan.

This made Ye Longyuan have something that was discovered just now, as if it was a sense of self-confidence.

Oh, one doesn’t pay attention, it’s the same.

Oh la la!

Chu leaned and waved.

The petals on the basket, like an explosion, are flying around.


As soon as the picture turned, several people had returned to the main ship.

“You are too good for your sister.”

Ye Longyuan is quite envious.

Shifting and transposition, the real move!

“Isn’t the Master’s name more powerful, is there any name?” Ye Longyuan asked again.

This time Chu was silent for a few seconds before he slowly said: “Debao people.”

“Debao Taoist? Cheng, wait for me to see Zhang Hanyang. If you have the chance, ask the Yue predecessor.” Ye Longyuan scratched his head and curious: “Sister, I really count your brother? You tell me the truth.” chant?”


Chu dumped a trace of doubt.

Didn’t you say that before?

“That, sister, you are not looking at me, I am more pleasing to the eye…”

“No.” Chu said that he quickly answered, and did not even wait for Ye Longyuan to finish.

She seems to understand some of Ye Longyuan’s temper, knowing that this kid will be wild when it comes to benefits.

The voice of the dust also looked at Ye Longyuan.

Can you look pleasing to the eye?

“Sister I heard that there is a move called a win.”

“You have nothing to do with this qualification.” Chu said in a plain voice.

“Then I will be relieved, that is to say, I am now a registered disciple of Deborah. After the meeting is approved, I can determine whether it is a formal disciple.”


You want to see the Depot people, even I just saw the back in the secret.

There are some confusions in Chu’s eyes: Master, I am pursuing your footsteps, but I can’t find any traces. Where are you in the end?

“I am sure.” Ye Longyuan smiled: “Even Mu Xue can become a disciple of Zhang Hanyang. She also started as a disciple. It is a formal disciple of Zhang Hanyang. I am stronger than her, and I am sure.”

If this is heard by Mu Xue, it is estimated that a big battle is inevitable.

“Zhang Hanyang, is he very powerful?” Chu asked.

“Specially strong.”

Ye Longyuan immediately said, “Would you like to owe him millions of crystals? I can still know by owing him crystal stone, and walking on our earth. On earth, he said one thing, oh, I have not I have seen this before, we have handed over it before, I am in his hands, a hostile nature, and few people who have survived.”

“He is very stifling?” Chu Deyi seemed to have a little interest in Ye Longyuan’s creditors and asked again.

“This…” Ye Longyuan sinks.

The dust has opened its mouth: “killing and not killing.”

“How do you say that?” Ye Longyuan turned and asked.

“But all the people who provoked Zhang Hanyang, he killed, did not provoke him to be lazy, especially his daughter, and his father’s elders, so far, because of Zhang Hanyang’s own affairs, basically there is no shot, because Some of his loved ones, many of the big forces have been destroyed.” Su Beimu said:

“He is very strong. When he debuted, the strength revealed was not too exaggerated. After the Grandmaster was invincible, it disappeared. The battle of the gods, one of his friends, Chen Changqing, Azure Emperor, was suddenly boosted by his strength. First, after the Kunlun Immortal World came, swept the small world, he appeared, invincible, annihilated it, then, then there was no more, beat the Kunlun Immortal World, swept a few sect, no one can block.”

“The most exaggerated is his wife.” Ye Longyuan’s small face shrank: “His wife is beautiful.”

“Hey, cough, cough…” The words were slammed into the mouth.

Su Beimu is also amazed.

Do you dare to talk like this?

“I mean that beauty is not like a mortal. Like a fairy, I thought it was a vase. Whoever thought it was a big man, she can kill the giant, the sister, the giant of Immortal World in Kunlun, is the Nascent Soul, it is the kind of breakthrough. The breakthrough Nascent Soul, because we have the world rules suppressed, she can kill the giants at that time, the family is very powerful, and the help of Yue Wuwei, the whole earth, they are the strongest, others have to look up, hey, I thought I will be a strong person in the future, and whoever wants to be robbed first.”

“Zhang Hanyang, I don’t know, you said the Yue predecessor, very strong.” Chu said.

“Yue Wu is particularly mysterious to him. No one knows what his specific realm is. The key Yue Wuwei and Zhang Hanyang are a group. If you want to travel to and from the earth, you have to wait for nothing,” Ye Longyuan said.


Chu leaned on the simple response, and suddenly smiled: “You said that Zhang Hanyang’s wife is a fairy, very beautiful, what grade is that sister?”

“You are not one…hey!”

Ye Longyuan suddenly felt the air seemed to be cold.

“You two are not a type.” Ye Longyuan hurriedly said: “Zhang Hanyang’s wife belongs to a fairy who does not eat human fireworks. The sister belongs to the fairy, but the character, the face, the eyes are different, um. , Chu Xian female teacher.”

Chu refused to leak a smile, did not say anything, sitting in front of reading a book.


Ye Longyuan is relieved.

This woman, I like to listen to good words.

Even if no one is beautiful, you can’t say it.

Besides, no Zhang Hanyang, his wife, the emperor, looks good, it is also a top big beauty, there are several in the world that can be more beautiful than the moon.

Really… Is there anything like this?

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