[Three chapters and one chapter]

Luo Shan respects Zhang Han and Zi Yan, but for a long time, the pressure is not much. If you understand the two people, you can face Mengmeng. He is stressed. If you are not happy with the little princess, think about him. The scalp is numb.

Throughout Hong Kong, the top group of people, who did not know, would rather sin Zhang Hanyang, and would not provoke his baby girl.

“Uncle Luo, what are you doing here?” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“I talked to a friend about cooperation. He happened to be here. We will come and rest.” Luoshan said with a smile: “You are back, you father mother, are they coming back?”

“That’s for sure, they are at home.” Mengmeng didn’t ink, he said directly: “Uncle Luo, there is something I want to tell you.”

“What? Anyway, what can help, don’t bother.” Luoshan said with a smile.

This pair of postures, so that the original sitting in the chair, Luoshan’s partner, some dry eyes.

His attitude…


He also stood up and walked two steps forward, smiling at Mengmeng.


That big Boss is relaxed.

It turned out to be an understanding.

I said how can they come up.

In the next second, his face became pale.

“The scene! We have to smash the field!” Chen Chuan called.

“Yes, it’s awkward here. It’s a bad place.”

Mengmeng’s delicate little face reveals a serious atmosphere.


The big Boss was picked up by his own saliva.


Luo Shan, his partner, is stunned.

In less than a second, Luo Shan returned.

Without saying anything, he waved a hand to a middle-aged man behind him.

“Old horse, go call.”


The middle-aged man nodded and walked backwards into a room to call the contact.

“This is this,” the big Boss shivered, and had to ask, cold sweat all over the cheeks, the younger brother at the door, also dumbfounded, watching his own big Boss sullenly asked: “Is there any misunderstanding?”

“What misunderstanding? Roll!”

In the end, Luo Shan was the top person, and his eyes leaked a trace of fierceness. He scared the big Boss a few meters backward and softened to the ground.

“The little princess opened her mouth. Today, my face is not good for me.”

Luo Shan indifferently said.

The discourse is directed at the big Boss. He also has some connections. He can talk to Luo Shan. This sentence is a big export. The big Boss looks pale and knows who is useless.


Luoshan’s partner, complexion slightly changed, but quickly converges, smiles standing aside, not say a word.

He also feels strange about this scene.

Awu, Wang Yihan and other students, I also stayed at this time.

Awu has a thought in his heart: Zhang Yumeng is really amazing.

This is the middle-aged man inside, and whispered a few words in the ear of Luoshan.

“About ten minutes, Mengmeng, sit down first?” Luo Shan faced Mengmeng and leaked a warm smile.

“Well, let’s sit down first.” Mengmeng said.

Everyone was seated, and Luoshan and the partner nodded and smiled. They didn’t say anything, sitting on the sofa on the side of Mengmeng:

“Go and let people get some drinks.”

Luoshan seems to be transformed into Boss, and he orders his men.

Within a minute, a lot of juice and cold drinks were brought up.


Luo Shan asked at this time: “Are you wronged here? Luo Shu is here, there is nothing to say to Luo Shu.”

“I didn’t, I was wronged and my father arrived.” Mengmeng said casually.

“Cough cough cough.” Luoshan drank a cup of tea, and suddenly coughed a few times, almost spouted out.

Also, she was wronged, and the god of the gods came.

“That is because?” Luoshan looked a bit curious.

“My friend is being bullied here.” Mengmeng put the list in his hand on the table: “Those people are really bad, give people a set, deceive people, and they are all bad people. This place is too No, we will not let go, then I will not leave.”

Luo Shan carefully looked at the next list, and he would not neglect about Mengmeng.

After reading him, he was silent.

“It is indeed a bad trick to deceive people.” Luoshan nodded.

The next set, deceiving, there are attempts, plus these arrears.

Luoshan understood it.

“After a while, I will report it, and there will be a special department to check. If there is a problem, I can’t escape it,” Luo Shan said.

“Oh yes, let the police Uncle handle it.” Mengmeng reacted, it was a good idea.

These two words, let the big Boss hear, but some surprises.

Although he has some unspeakable activities here, but it is all done by people, and has little to do with him. Is it always necessary for Luo to open up? Still walking the circuit, in the end is a big man, not one drop of water can leak out.

It seems to be a little relieved.

Can only say that the imagination is very beautiful, the reality is cruel.

After chatting for a few minutes, Luo Shan did not even say a word to the partner, and concentrated with Mengmeng.

Until the old horse came over: “The man is here.”

“come yet?”

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaoyun and others curiously ran to the bedside and looked down. Good guy, the nightclub was blocked by a series of black cars. One black man slammed into the lobby on the first floor with a baseball stick. At first glance, there are also many people.

“Get started, from the first floor to the seventh floor, then go back to the first floor, grab the scene and watch it, don’t let anyone leave, and then hand it over to the relevant personnel.” Luoshan waved.


The old horse made a direct call.

In a few words, say to the big Boss here.

It turns out that people didn’t want to let go of this!

I have to cry out, who is it to be pitted?

Third floor.

Peng Ge bandaged the ribbon, his teeth went to the hospital, and he was about to leave with a group of younger brothers.

Also foul-mouthed:

“Wait for the few to go?”

“Let them catch people, come back and handle them.”

While speaking, their elevator came to the first floor.


A broken glass sound came out.


Get out of the elevator.

“Holy shit !”

I saw dozens of people, as if to start playing a piece of music.

Peng peng peng peng peng peng ……

“Hey, let people wait.”

Luo Shan suddenly said.


The old horse immediately ordered it.

“Mengmeng, are you going out to play?” asked Luo Shan.

“Yeah, I will go home after a while.”

“Then I will send you down first? Waiting for the chaos here, don’t affect the mood of going out to play.”

“Well, don’t send it, we can go on our own.” Mengmeng got up and said.

Luo Shan thought about it and nodded and said: “Alright, old horse, you send them down.”


Then Mengmeng and others left.

Sitting on the first floor with the elevator, I just saw Peng Ge and others.

“Bad man, I will hit you next time I meet you.”

Chen Chuan raised his fist at Peng.


Peng Ge and others realized at this time that this was completely provoked to the top talents in Hong Kong.

Dry throat swallowed, did not dare to say anything, even dare not look at it, bowed all the way.

Under their lingering light, the group of black men stood in two rows and sent them away.

When the Mercedes-Benz G at the door was found to be driven by Mengmeng, a group of people rushed to the car to make a spacious road.

The old horse walked back from the door and raised his hand:


Peng peng peng peng ……

On the seventh floor, Luoshan stood in front of the window and watched the Mercedes-Benz leave and walked away before turning to look at towards the partner, apologizing:

“Not good, let’s talk about another place?”

“Nothing, nothing.” The man shook his head again and again.

Before leaving, Luo Shan looked at the big Boss:

“In the face of inspection, if you have nothing to do with you, please close the business, go to other places, because you are in Hong Kong, there is no place to live, of course, if you insist on continuing to open, the next time you lose your life, don’t blame me. Did not remind you.”

“Yes Yes Yes……”

Luo Shan knows that this Boss is cautious and does not necessarily have any evidence. This matter has little to do with him. It is not enough to be a stupid person. This lesson is enough.

After the completion of the Luoshan Trail, I left.

On Mengmeng’s side, Yue Xiaochao is still crowded in the back seat, and Wang Yihan is sitting in the co-pilot.

The car drove out a distance.

“Thank you, Mengmeng.” Wang Yihan’s mood was a bit low and thanked him.

“What kind of polite, you have trouble, can you just call me directly?” Mengmeng carefully controlled the steering wheel and replied at the same time.

“I called you some time ago and kept shutting down,” said Wang Yihan.

“Oh, yeah.” Mengmeng groaned, helplessly said: “I didn’t signal where I went, but every time I go to the mid-term exam, I will come back.”

Wang Yihan nodded, silent again.

Mengmeng also felt that it was like a good friend of childhood, and now there is a little strangeness.

There aren’t many topics, and it used to be a hot day.

Until Wang Yihan took out the lighter, order a cigarette.

Mengmeng is weird:

“How do you still smoke?”

“I want to smoke and take it.” Wang Yihan looked out the window.

“Smoking is bad for your health.” Mengmeng said resolutely.

“What about that?” Wang Yihan’s tone was a bit blunt, and he said, “I’m sorry, I just got a little distracted, think of something else, Mengmeng, can you stop the car?”


Mengmeng controls the car and stops at the roadside.

Wang Yihan opened the door and sat next to a flower bed.

Mengmeng followed, and Yue Xiaoyun and other people sat in the car, did not say anything, it was a bit strange.

“What are you…” Mengmeng stood by and said, “Dye your hair, smoke, and play with those people.”

“Mengmeng, we are different.” Wang Yihan laughed.

“What is different?”

“You are growing up in honeypots, born to be different, rich, princess life, what you like, your father will give you, I am different.” Wang Yihan shook his head, seemingly sad, but stubbornly did not want to cry.

“Wang Uncle and Su Aunt are not good for you?” Mengmeng added.

“You only saw the surface. When we were playing together, it was very good. Later it changed. It was different.” Yue Xiao said:

“They often quarrel, often quarrel, each of their own small companies, and later separated, very busy, no one cares for me, I started to live with father, he is busy, I have to go to the mother, live back and forth, only Give me living expenses, then I am busy together, I live on campus, oh, a lot of pocket money, what about it? Mengmeng, why do you have such good parents.”

“Because they are very good.” Mengmeng did not expect this kind of emotional problem, and some were caught off guard.

“Yes, they are just fine, I am different, no one cares.” Wang Yihan shook his head.

Not only rebellious, but also want to make trouble, in various ways, to attract the attention of some parents, she is eager to be cared for, who does not want to be a little princess.

She is envious of Mengmeng.

I feel that this is a gap. I don’t want to be too close to Mengmeng because she is too dazzling and will sting herself.

So she said:

“Mengmeng, we used to be such a good Sister. Sometimes I miss you very much, but I don’t want to let you contact you. I will envy you when I see you. I will be unbalanced and sad. I will spend time with you when I was young. It’s especially wonderful. It’s precious in my memory. It’s a time of my special happiness, but it’s different now, it’s all different.”

Said, Wang Yihan’s emotions ups and downs, throwing cigarette butts into the flower bed, got up and said:

“Mengmeng, thank you for this time, no you come, I don’t know what to do, I am gone, go back to school, you and your friends to play, goodbye, I wish you will never come across I am like this.”

Wang Yihan finished, quickly ran to the side, waved a taxi and left.

Mengmeng stood in the same place and looked at the front.

She seems to realize that she seems to have lost a friend.

This feeling is a bit lost.

The mood is also low.


Yue Xiaoyun got off the bus and said: “Don’t think so much, there are so many miserable people in the world, she is all good, go, get on the bus, you go to the co-pilot, I drive.”


Mengmeng nodded and got on the co-pilot.

Yue Xiao is driving, and it will be slow for a while.

Still familiar, but looking at this toy-like car, Farina is deep in the middle, and some are eager to try.

But she won’t say it.

Mengmeng looked at the scenery outside the window and often went away.

Back to Crescent Mountain, the sky was dark.

After dinner.

“What’s wrong, little cute.” Zhang Han smiled and asked: “Is it unhappy?”

“No la.”

Mengmeng licked his mouth and sighed then said: “Hey, I met Yihan today, she has some trouble…”

I’ve talked about the things in Wang Yihan’s home, but I didn’t say anything about the scene.

After hearing from Zhang Han and Zi Yan, they were silent.


Zhang Han touched her brain: “Everyone has a lot of friends in their lives, friends who are children, friends who grow up, and often friends in each young section are different, but come to Finally, there are a few good friends. You used to know Wang Yihan, Martin, Steven, and Wang Yihan. Others haven’t contacted it. Now, Nina, Yue Xiao, Farina, is also very good. Friends, but in the future may also be due to their own affairs, the latter become a family, the contact is less, very normal, there are new friends to integrate, there are old friends to leave, this is life, like some articles you have read, you give me I have read it.”

“Then I feel different,” Mengmeng muttered.

“There is also a good relationship with Sister.” Zi Yan smiled and said: “Look at mother and Aunt Feifei, the relationship is very good, love and brother, we all have husbands, no delay, you will have a good Sister in the future, such as Said Nina, Yue Xiaoxiao.”

“There is no dissatisfaction. I feel that Yihan’s situation is somewhat…” Mengmeng didn’t say anything, and there was a feeling that he couldn’t tell the truth. It was more complicated.

“I am a bit strange. At that time, I saw Wang Jiawen and Su Yu. The feelings are very good.” Zi Yan wondered: “The separation is quite long. Now I have to get divorced. This is too much for the children. If they are not If you care, Wang Yihan is really on the wrong path. Isn’t that ruining the child?”

After Zhang Han hearing this, he didn’t say anything. He calmed down and saw the big eyes staring at small eyes. He said with a funny voice:

“Okay, you two don’t worry about people’s affairs. Waiting for me to ask people to inquire, understand the situation, the feelings are not good, can help, after all, their family also brought a lot of laughter to Mengmeng. ”

So Zhang Han asked a security team member to inquire about the situation.

The result was no more than two hours and he returned.

Brought back is the complete situation.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan are sitting in a sightseeing boat.

Listening to the report, my eyes are very different.

“The relationship is broken because Wang Jiawen is derailed.”

“He is calculated, there are some photos and chat history documents.”

“The other party is a business partner. The first time I drank too much, nothing happened, but the woman said something definitely. After several temptations, plus some false evidence provided by her, Wang Jiawen gradually fell into the vortex. It’s really a relationship, it seems that she wants to go up, and Su Yu’s showdown, and constantly harass.”

“This is the reason why Wang Jiawen and Su Yu started to quarrel. Also because of Wang Yihan, the two did not divorce temporarily. This situation lasted for more than two years. Wang Jiawen had difficulties in business. The woman left mercilessly and took away. More than a million.”

“The influence on Wang Jiawen is also great, and the feelings are not compounded. Later, he hit Su Yu sitting in someone else’s car and quarreling again. The relationship between the two is more and more like a stranger, and he is preparing for a divorce in the near future.”

“As for Su Yu, there was an affair. After discovering Wang Jiawen’s affairs, I went out to drink with a few friends and drank too much. She didn’t want to go home and live in the hotel. The result was a former partner and friend. Well, that, she immediately broke the contact afterwards, but she was pregnant unexpectedly. She went to the hospital to have a baby, and her mentality at that time was collapsed.”

“There are some trivial things. In the hearts of the two of them, the memories of the sweet times of the past are very good. It can be said that there is also a status in the other party’s heart. It is just to face the reality and use work to anesthetize psychological injuries. That’s it. ”

A series of finished.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan are wrong.

“You, how do you know so clearly?” Zi Yan snorted and asked with some surprise.

“Two hours, understand so many things.” Zhang Han touched his forehead.

It’s really amazing.

“Hey, I went directly to Wang Jiawen and Su Yu, hypnotizing them.” The security team’s men said.


It turned out to be the case.

“Their things are so complicated.” Zi Yan has some big heads.

“You are like this.” Zhang Han said: “Since you hypnotized them and know the thoughts of the two, you will make two documents and send the cause and effect of Wang Yihan to both sides.”

“Okay, I am going to prepare this and send them to them tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you.” Zi Yan smiled nodded.

Waiting for him to leave.

Zi Yan asked: “Is it useful?”

“Not necessarily, look at their own choices, clear officials are not chores, how they choose to see their own heart and wishes.” Zhang Han replied.

This kind of thing, others can not control, Zi Yan also knows, but also unexpected, at this time some stunned.

After a while.

“Husband, will we continue to be happy in the future?”

Zi Yan snuggled up beside Zhang Han, the two looked up at the sky and the night sky was beautiful.


“Then will you derail in the future?” Zi Yan added.

There is no doubt that Zhang Han is very good and very flattering. Zi Yan is powerful and can suppress everything, but in case someone else is empty.

Good husband has to look tight.

“You have no confidence in me?” Zhang Han waved and slammed Zi Yan’s ass.

“I have confidence in you and have no confidence in others.”

“Do not worry, can you take it with you in the future?” Zhang Han is good with a smile.

“Then I have been with you all the time. Will you bother one day?” Zi Yan exhaled like Zhang Han.

“How can Xiaomei girl follow?” Zhang Han took her hand and leaked a smirk: “It’s a good time.”

Zi Yan has a slight tremor at the corner of his mouth.

I still want to hear some sweet words.

As a result, Zhang Han squatted back to the room.

A cloud of rain, sweaty sweat, the whole person soft in the arms of Zhang Han, fell asleep.

At night, Farina sat on the balcony chair.

The small table next to it has two glasses of juice.

Well, this juice is really good to drink.

Looking back on these days, she is full of curiosity about the world.

Ordinary people, ordinary life, seems to have a lot of passion.

For the future, she is somewhat confused, and she is a bit worried about the accidents in Xiaotianlongjing. However, since the mother came back, these things should not be thought of by myself.

“A lot of stars.”

“Where is Xiaotianlongjing?”

The night sky is beautiful, and Filina looks at the sky, trying to find a small dragon in the distance, but how to see it, but can’t see it.

In this way, one night passed.

The next morning.

Farina is looking forward to breakfast.

The food here is delicious.

She swallowed her subconsciously and stunned.

But I have to wait for everyone to get up.


She suddenly saw that Mengmeng flew out of the castle not far away, connected to the Spiritual Sense secret in the mountainside, and played a long whip in a moment.

“This place seems to be particularly powerful.”

In the late stage of Mengmeng Innate, although not very powerful, but for all around the flowers and plants, it will definitely form a strong blow.

In particular, the flame she played made Felina feel uncommon.

But it looks like every move, hitting the grass, there will be a ray of light blocking, no harm to any, only the water near the pond, being beaten up and down, hua la la.

Looked for a moment.

Suddenly a voice came behind him:

“We have also practiced in the past? You can have a few moves with Mengmeng. Of course, the strength to be maintained is the same as her, you will find that she is very powerful in the same stage.”

It is Nina who just finished cultivate.

“I won’t go.” Filin shook her head and refused: “Nothing.”

What is the meaning of lowering the strength of sparring?

But then she nodded again: “You take me there.”

I may feel that I am eating Mengmeng’s family here and living in Mengmeng’s home. There is nothing to accompany her.

And when the practice is over, you can go to the restaurant to eat delicious.

I don’t know which reason impressed her.

Nina lightly smiled, taking the lead and jumping straight down from the balcony on the second floor.

On Crescent Mountain, many people don’t take the usual path, and there are not many doors when they are used.

“Mengmeng, look at the move.”

Come near, Nina right hand forward.


At the foot of Mengmeng’s two green grasses, the energy is swirling as if to trap Mengmeng’s legs.


Mengmeng merged with both hands and snorted:

“Spirit of the Spirit!”


A golden mysterious turtle phantom emerges.

The energy on the grass below rebounded, and the connection between Nina and the move was directly dissipated.

“It’s a lot more powerful.” Nina shines, said with a smile: “Felina, you try?”

“You want to make a move with me?” Mengmeng licked his big, shiny eyes and looked towards Filina.

Filina’s mouth moved and she finally said, “I’m afraid to cry for you.”

Ok? ? ?

For Mengmeng, it was a common practice for Mengmeng. Without hesitation, she said directly:

“You, this little boy wants to cry to the elder sister?”



Farina spent a few seconds, she came to Earth, according to the age of the adult, and the elves converted, the percentage, I really is smaller than Mengmeng.

“Fog spirit!”

Filinina’s eyes were slightly confined, and her secret technique was applied. A mist of mist was taken and she went to Mengmeng.

She also controlled her strength in the middle and late stages of Innate, and the tricks she made were to play with children in their own eyes.

Forget it, Founder is also eating a meal.

Farina comforted herself.


Mengmeng waved to the spirit thorn phantom, and his hands moved forward.

As if the invisible palm, along with Mengmeng’s movements, merged into one, and crushed that mist.


Farina also had a change. In front of Mengmeng’s grass, several green grasses suddenly became bigger, as if they had turned into spikes and hit Mengmeng.


Mengmeng took a shot and the few energy was broken.


Farina was slightly stunned and stepped up to the level of Innate’s peak.

After playing five more tricks, I suddenly found out that she had no way to take Mengmeng.

“Eat me a Fireball!”

Mengmeng is not on the defensive, throwing a Fireball that is about the size of her, carrying a slap in the face, and screaming at Filina.


Filina uses Innate’s defensive means.

Raise a shield.


What surprised her was that the shield was only a face-to-face and it was broken.


Raise a thicker shield again.


Still broken.

The Fireball is only a few inches smaller.

This made Farina feel hesitant. I didn’t expect this Fireball technique to look very simple. When faced with an attack, it seemed to be a very complicated attack. The difficulty of defense and the ordinary Fireball were at least tens of times larger.

In desperation, Filina had to improve her strength, use the Golden Core level of defense, set the next three, only to resist Fireball.

“Do you know this time?” Mengmeng groaned.

“You… I am not used to suppressing strength.” Filina said with a stiff neck.

“Okay, you are doing it well? Who makes you small?”

Mengmeng said aloud.

I couldn’t speak to Filina, and I was so mad.

I like you to be angry and why not my small appearance.

Mengmeng hehe smiled and satisfied the bad taste in his heart and said:

“Are you washing? I am going to change clothes, let’s go have breakfast.”

“Okay.” Nina nodded.

Mengmeng jumped back directly to the third floor bedroom.

Washed his face again, put on a sportswear, opened the door and went out:

“father, mother? Did you get up? I am hungry.”

I called in the corridor.

The door soon opened.

“Get up early.”

“How come out then.”

“Lazy bed.” Zi Yan stretched out, and was tossed last night, and now there is a lazy feeling.

The simple two words, said Mengmeng stunned.

The lazy bed is so good.

“go for meal.”

Mengmeng jumped in front of the road, took the stairs to the square, and waved at Nina.

Entire group Go to the restaurant.

The restaurant was designed by Wang Long, one of the four chefs of the original, to give a good plan.

There are two areas.

There are many ordinary areas, and there are also areas in the compartments.

Breakfast is varied and very rich. Wang Long also has a lot of men and even a stalker.

Seeing Zhang Han they came from above.

They started cooking.

A dozen stoves started together, and when they arrived at the restaurant, they basically ate food that was just out of the pan.

However, some of the cumbersome ones that need to be cooked for a long time can only be a simple heat.

It is also a buffet style, what you want to eat on the plate, and the type of hotel is similar, of course, the ingredients can be produced by Crescent Mountain.

Especially after the success of Leiyang Baodi, the essential improvement of the ingredients is not the same.

“This is very delicious, milky little steamed buns, and crab yellow, I like the soup, steamed dumplings taste good, are delicious, salted duck eggs, can not eat in the sea dragon star…”

Mengmeng said a few words, it looks very intimate, mainly to Ferina.

Seeing the look of the little girl, Zhang Han smiled and looked at Zi Yan.

This little girl, growing up now is very warm and considerate.

Is it the gentle Elder Sister?

Zhang Han thought about it, waiting for everyone to sit down.

He says:

“Mengmeng, it’s really grown up, and it’s not naughty recently.”

“I haven’t been naughty before.” Mengmeng made a face to Zhang Han.

“Oh, naughty is nothing.” Zhang Han thought about it and said, “It doesn’t matter if you are willful or arrogant anyway.”

Zhang Han sometimes feels arrogant, arrogant, and often does not lose to himself outside, like gentle, considerate, virtuous, always relying on others, his ideas are buried, not Zhang Han wants to see Arrived.

It’s just that it’s hard to say that the child’s mother is still there, and Zhang Clan’s education was suppressed by her long before.

It is impossible to rekindle.

I knocked on the side and said something.

As a result, Mengmeng has not answered yet, and Filina has come to the sentence:

“She is very embarrassed in front of you, and it is also very powerful outside. I just married a building yesterday.”

“Hey,” Zi Yan was almost picked up by the eight-treasure porridge, a look of confused toward Mengmeng: “???”

“Hey? You stink?”

Mengmeng blinked at the Philippine, and looked down slightly, carefully looking at Zi Yan.

Zhang Han didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “There is nothing, is it the road to see the injustice, the heroes are righteous?”

“Yeah, yes.”

Mengmeng nodded and said, “It’s Wang Yihan. I saw her in a nightclub. She was cheated. Those people are particularly abominable. I want her to work part-time. I heard those guys say that. Stay with their Boss and sleep.”

Very straightforward to tell the reason.

Zhang Han turned black and said, “That’s really awkward, let me daughter listen to these three things.”

“Then you gave up a whole building?”

Zi Yan subconsciously licked the hair on her face and said, “If the movement is big, should the people of the National Security Bureau contact us?”

“Not me, I didn’t do it,” Mengmeng said. “I saw who I was, Uncle Luo Shan, looking for him directly. He told people to go.”

“Oh, it’s him.” Zi Yan shook his head with a smile.

Some helpless, when you encounter such a thing, it really has to be managed.

“Do it right, pick up the kind of stuff, let others do it, my daughter is so delicate…” Zhang Han laughed.

After the words were not finished, Mengmeng’s rebuttal: “Who is fine, I am amazing.”

“Oh, well, it’s a great little fairy.”


Mengmeng looked at Philippe.

Small, you dare to complain?

Who knows that Filina doesn’t look at her, she looks down on her own food and feels like she is wrong.

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