[Three chapters and one chapter]

“Farina, are you still used to it here?” Zi Yan smiled and asked.

“Well, pretty good, thank you.” Farina answered.

“There is nothing to acquaint with Aunt, such as what to eat, where to live, what to go out to play,” Zi Yan said.

Very warm, this little fairy is sometimes less sensitive, but her behavior has also touched Zi Yan, Zhang Han.

Hundreds of good filial piety is the first, and all evil is the source of sin.

In the secular as a textbook, Zi Yan feels the same in Immortal Cultivation, born and human, emotionally, there is no distinction between high and low.

Chatted for a moment.

Finna only said a few words, and the rest are Nina.

Nina is also strange, this younger sister of her own, at first a little indifferent, answering or rejecting are very simple, after knowing, she found out that she was a bit lonely and silent.

“Father, wait for us to go out and play, go to Muen,” Mengmeng said.


Zhang Han smiled.

The little girl grew up and liked to go out to play as normal.

After the meal had not finished eating, Yue Xiaocai ran over and saw Mengmeng eating it all here. She quickly pulled a few mouthfuls and the small team went out to play together.

Going out to play comfortably, it doesn’t matter if you eat a few mouthfuls of rice.

Came to the parking lot.

“What car is driving today?”

Looking at the fascinating car, Mengmeng didn’t want to open yesterday, the door was high, and the throttle had to be forced down, not too comfortable.

“You drive one, I also drive one.” Yue Xiao said.

This big toy is also very interesting to drive.

“Well, what about you? Are you driving or driving?” Mengmeng looked towards Nina.

“I drive.” Filina said.

“I am in the car,” Nina said.

“Oh, OK, I want to open my own key.” Mengmeng said, his eyes floating in the car, and finally settled in a limited edition red black Koenigsegg sports car.

Think about it, or a sports car for yourself.

“I am driving this.”

Mengmeng waved his hand and the car key flew into his hand.


Open the door and enter the car. It feels good to sit up.

“I also drive a sports car.” Yue Xiaoyun took the car key and took a Ferrari.

Ferina is the target choice. She has noticed a black big-tailed Lamborghini and got the car key and got on the bus.

嗡weng weng weng!

The violent engine rang.

As with yesterday, there was some dizziness at the beginning.


One foot down the throttle, unlike the Mercedes-Benz G, this Koenigseker rushed to the front very quickly.

This posture must definitely hit the wall.

But Mengmeng also has experience.


The spiritual force is transparent and floats the whole car, turns and flies out of the gate.

Yue Xiaofan and Farina are also the same.

The control is not good, but with a little familiarity, they will quickly master and control the power. They are all very powerful.

“so easy.”

Filina had a chance to accelerate and slow down until she entered the city.

Followed by the car in front of Yue Xiao, suddenly a rental next to it, seems to change course.


Farina is frowned and her mind is coming out.

Hua la la.

The taxi driver is sweating:

“What happened? Is it bad?”

I feel that the car is moving to the right uncontrolled, what is the situation?

He was forced to enter the right turn lane and follow the traffic until he went out for several dozen meters before he felt the steering wheel return to his control.

In this way, all the way to the community where Li Munen is located.

Go to the door of the community and get off.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Mengmeng, are you driving?”

Li Muen was shocked and ran to Mengmeng: “Aiya, Mengmeng, I missed you, and I came back so long.”

“Giggle, um, I am busy, go out and go to the squad, and watch the fun.” Mengmeng laughed.

“Small, Nina.” Li Munen greeted and curiously looked at Filina.

“She is my younger sister Farina.”

Under the introduction of each other, Li Munen sat on Mengmeng’s car.

There weren’t many passers-by in the community, but there were also a few eager eyes. I watched Mengmeng’s little girls get on the sports car and drove away.

“Is there a small driver’s license?”

They are surprised.

“I will take the exam tomorrow.” Li Munen carefully looked at Mengmeng and said: “Everyone said that when they were young, they looked good. When they were big, they would become ugly. They didn’t see these days. You seem to be beautiful again. Alright.”

“That must be a long one, my mother 1.7 m five, my father 1.8 m more, 1.6 m this small height, can not stop me.” Mengmeng said.

“Yes, yes.” Li Munen smiled. “Did you study these days? If your test scores are lost, you have to come back to class. Hey, I am envious of you. I feel that I am not interested in school every day. Our Yunying Society is also getting yellow.”

“Ah? Is the club going to be yellow? Oh, it’s yellow when it’s yellow.” Mengmeng groaned.

The president of his own, is not reliable, so let alone other members, and this association is not reliable.

“I will definitely take the exam,” Mengmeng said.

“咱班贝贝 has a girlfriend.” Li Muen suddenly leaked the look of the gossip: “It seems to be a girl in the third day, it looks pretty good, and you can’t compare it, I found it, babe is A flower man, hey, I like you first, then Nina, see you all go, wander around, and make a girlfriend.”

“Yes? Do you know this?” Mengmeng glanced at her.

“Hey, hello, don’t look at me, look at the road, don’t hit it.” Li Munen quickly reminded the sentence, then said: “Of course I know, I last saw him and the girl holding hands together. Go, in the grove of our school, I still kissed.”

Mengmeng: “…”

Silent and gazing.

“Hey, look at them, love hobbies are especially wonderful, I see Wang Xuechang in the third day, especially handsome when playing basketball, I like him a little.” Li Muen blinked.

“You are this early love?” Mengmeng startled.

“No, who is in love, it is normal to like, not the kind.” Li Muen twisted his body: “Yes, Xiao Wei of the class…”

Gossip time is up.

Li Muen told Mengmeng about some interesting things in the recent class.

For the deeds of the students, Mengmeng often laughed.

In this way, the car drove to a shopping mall in Zhukeng District.

“Go buy ice cream, then let’s go where to play?” Mengmeng thought for a moment: “Just have a place to visit here, Beihuan District, East District, Longcheng District, all have fun.”

Anyway, I’m still idle, and I’m quite good at driving.

I ate some street-style snacks directly at lunch. This kind of thing, Farina is the first experience, feels good, tastes like, and can’t compare with Crescent Mountain, but it tastes very good in this atmosphere. .

In this way, a whole day has passed.

When Mengmeng came out to play, Li Muen had no pressure, and it was no problem to take time off at home.

On the second day of the exam, Filin stayed at Crescent Mountain and did not go out in the villa, cultivate.

Mengmeng, they drove, passed through the community of Li Muen, took her, and came to the school together, parked the car on the roadside.

“you’re back?”

Class teacher Bai Yilin saw that they were really kind.

“Let’s say it, if you don’t take the exam, you still have to go back to class.”

Recently Bai Yilin and several teachers also talked.

In the past, when they were in class, they had a lot of subconscious eyes. They would look at Mengmeng, Nina, Yue Xiao, and most of them Mengmeng. People are fond of good things, good looks, eye-catching, and a little fun in the classroom, especially People still learn well.

Now, if they are missing, they are not used to it.

When several teachers chatted in private, they were still jokes. If they played abnormally, they would be able to come back to class.

I am looking forward to this.

As a result, the invigilator received the papers because they had handed in the papers in advance and watched for a while.

Undoubtedly found… still a schoolmaster.

The correct rate is really too high. At first glance, I have not found any wrong questions.


A sigh represents a feeling of enthusiasm.

It’s true that learning and playing are not delayed.

At the end of the exam, I went back to the car and looked at a row of sexy documents.

“Hey? How come there is a ticket.”

Mengmeng took a look and patted his forehead: “We seem to have stopped the wrong place, and we won’t stop here.”

“Well, pay attention next time.”

Yue Xiao has a few eyes, but still have to comply with traffic regulations.

After two days of exams, it was very easy. On the third day, several people came to class, and the results were issued.

Mengmeng is still sitting on the faucet.

First place.

Nina second place.

What makes people unexpected is that Yue Xiaoyun became the third place in the class and the top ten in the whole year.

This is not to shock the students.

Is this study of the way of studying off, will improve the results?

“I am going home to ask, I can’t do it, and I will take it off.”

One classmate said.

The result was smashed by Bai Yilin: “You still forget it. I used to be the penultimate class, and I made a deeper study. What do I do when I become the last countdown? Mengmeng, they are special reasons. This way the teacher is essentially not Agree, of course, if your grades exceed those of them, parents agree, you can come to me to apply.”


There was a creaking sound in the class.

Isn’t that just rejected? It’s impossible to score more than they can, and I don’t know how long people’s brains are, it’s too strange.

“Mengmeng, I have a girlfriend.”

When I was in class, Bekinan came, and the thief said: “It’s still very attractive to others when you hit the wall.”

“Slightly a little, good face.” Mengmeng said a face of “give cold shoulder”: “You are a premature love, know no.”

“What happened to the early love? It’s not too early.” Bekinan’s as it should be by rights said: “High school students, it’s normal to fall in love, we’re going to have a junior high school, it’s a year, then we’re talking.” There are also many girlfriends in the class. In this year, if you don’t talk about a love, they are not mixed.”

“You show off the good low class.” Mengmeng sneered.

“Cough cough, not showing off, where can I show off in front of you.” Bekinan coughed and curiously asked: “Mengmeng, haven’t you seen the youth idol drama?”

“Of course I have seen it. I have watched a few episodes of each of the fires, and I was generally advised to retreat in one episode,” Mengmeng said.

“Persuasion? Why? Which of the recent Li Green Green dramas did you see?” A female student faceted Peach Blossom: “Our family is so handsome, he sings well, basketball is good…”

“What a handsome, childish.” Mengmeng helplessly said: “Hey, you feel a little handsome, then sing, dance, play basketball, speak softly, sometimes with a little smirk, that is the male god. ?”

“Yes, yes, I like the goddess green and green.”

“That’s what it shows on TV. I don’t think it’s cool at all.” Mengmeng didn’t dare to say the same thing: “A lot of people are on TV, privately and otherwise, not saying bad, that is… anyway, no you Imagined it.”

Child is a big star. In the early years, Zhang Han often took Mengmeng to the crew to go to the crew, and also went to other crews. I saw many big stars, big names, noses, and gentlemen. Zhang Han used to I have taught Mengmeng, and some are just representations.

The female star who saw the big name was only a princess who was sick, more arrogant, and her nature was not bad. She licked her nose and made a lot of charitable things. The gentlemanly style, the private life is gorgeous.

In this place of Hong Kong, Mengmeng also saw a lot of Uranus stars, many of them are sitting straight and decent.

These little princess have already seen it.

Looking at her classmates, she shook her head again and again.

In fact, only the current horizon is high. For example, the secular can only see the height of one hundred meters. As a result, Mengmeng now sees a kilometer. The handsome guy who once knows the height of 100 meters is cold and invisible. Was raised too much.

“Then who you feel handsome? Who do you like the most?” The female classmate asked a little gossip.

When this sentence is exported, Beckinan knows what the next sentence is, and he can’t help but sighed then said.


Mengmeng laughed said: “Of course it is my father, my father is the most handsome and coolest male god.”

“Don’t ask, ask her father.” Yue Xiao said with a grin: “Mengmeng is a daddy girl.”

“hehe, you are envious of me.”


Mengmeng They returned to the class and lived for a long time.

The students know that they can’t go to class for a few days. Many people are hang-ups. Some students who have a crush on Mengmeng still don’t dare to speak. They can look at them more every day and feel good. .

Crescent Mountain.

Zhang Han started alchemy under the Thunder Yang Tree and occasionally got some artifacts.

Every once in a while, Glen will send people to send most of the gems and other items. In the kingdom, they will also send the spirit medicine grass, which will be raised on Crescent Mountain.

“Son, have you started alchemy again?” Zhang Guangyou came over: “When are we going to Hailongxing?”

“A few days later,” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh, there is an A-level relic in Beichuan one week later, and my mom and I are going to see it.”

“Then go.” Zhang Han said with a smile: “I just have to refine some medicine pill and spirits in these few days.”

“Brother Han, I saw you throwing the seven-star sword down the ground before?” Chen Changqing came from the side.

“Is it with Thunder Yang Crystal, oh? Is it already in the middle?” Zhang Han expression moved from Chen Changqing’s breath.

“Yeah, in the medium term, we are all in the middle of Nascent Soul. It is estimated that there will be a breakthrough in the near future.” Chen Changqing said with a bitter smile: “Now the strength is higher, I found out that Brother Han you give Our cultivation technique is really amazing and will raise our ceiling a lot.”

“It’s also very much related to your own qualifications. Don’t be arrogant.” Zhang Han smiled and said: “The cultivation technique is only an auxiliary means. You will come out of your own unique path in the future.”

“Then you have to be careful, maybe when I give you more than you, hang you.” Chen Changqing jokingly said.

Now that the strength gap with Zhang Han is getting bigger and bigger, Chen Changqing has broken the cans and broke the jokes. There is no pressure to make jokes.

“There is a breakthrough so soon, your kid can.” Zhang Guangyou touched his chin and said: “It seems that I have to hurry.”

“Brother Han, let’s go to the Hailongxing domain. We don’t always come. If we go to any small Tianlong, Tianlongxing province, the number of times we come back is less. Isn’t that a waste of Leiyang treasure?” Chen Changqing said.

“of course not.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly: “Small Tianlong is just a place with a fart. Of course, it is bigger than the Hailong Star. The Tianlongxing Province is bigger. It is the home field. It looks far away. In fact, we go to Tianlongxing. The province can’t take too long, and it will take ten days and eight days to go. The blue sand winds only block the spaceship below the main ship. We will buy some kingships when we finish, some speed-type king ships, It may take six or seven days to go.”

Chen Changqing: “Well, I will bring some ingredients when I go out this time. When I am free, I will give my naughty son some food.”

“Leiyang’s treasure land has only just begun,” Zhang Han said. “It will get stronger and stronger over time, and the quality of the ingredients will be higher. Later, if you have something to eat, you will be in the Immortal Cultivation field, for example. It is said that the flamingo chicken, the wolf-claw chicken, the blast duck, etc. are all delicious in the world. In addition to the taste, they take a bite to do it for a few days.”

“I’m a little embarrassed to say that.” Chen Changqing smiled a few times, his eyes looked toward towards the distance: “I heard that in the days of the Immortal World in Kunlun, the Western blood races were on the people of the valley, and I was ready to go. In this world, it seems that some places have not felt your terrifying, just let them feel my terrifying, some forces still do not know right and wrong.”

In China, even nearby countries, martial arts, Small World, who don’t know, such as Floating Sword Sect, Tianxia Mountain, Shui Yunzong, and even the National Security Bureau, that are the forces related to Zhang Hanyang, often doing things They all represent the Crescent Mountain side.

However, Zhang Han did not fight in the world at the time, in Immortal World in Kunlun, it was only in the East.

Glen is the representative of Crescent Mountain at the Immortal World in Kunlun. Chen Changqing heard about it and planned to suppress it in the past.

“Hey, it’s hard to wait for an opportunity. I’m not paying attention. In this world, maybe someone will forget the words Azure Emperor.”

Chen Changqing left a word mixed with a little pain, and then left.

Zhang Guangyou saw a helpless smile:

“Xiaohan, it’s true that you are with you, your rays of light are too dazzling.”

“Is it?” Zhang Han groaned.

It seems that some are considering this issue.

Take a walk.

Hong long!

There was a muffled sound in the pill furnace.

The fryer is gone.

Zhang Han didn’t care about the waste of this spicy medicine grass, ponder for a few seconds, sigh:

“I feel that I am already low-key, I didn’t expect…”


“Strength it doesn’t allow it.” Zhang Han looked stunned.

Zhang Guangyou: “…”

“I can’t help it. I went to Beijing with your mother to see a few old friends and go back to the ruins.”

“Well, when you come back, we are almost off.” Zhang Han nodded.


Zhang Guangyou returned to the villa, for a moment, and left with Rong Jiali.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went out shopping, went to the cafe to sit and feel the ordinary leisure time.

Chen Changqing went to force it.

Zhang Li and Liang Hao have been looking for friends to mink.

Mengmeng They went to school, Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali went to visit old friends.

Just leave Zhang Han on Crescent Mountain and be free.

But is it really free?


Zhang Han continued to practice alchemy. If you feel it carefully, you will find that the flame under the pill furnace is constantly changing. At the same time, Zhang Han’s pupils are deep in the pupil, and there are two flames.

The original attribute, Zhang Han has been absorbing, refining, the most basic end, and now waiting for a thorough integration, the achievement of the five-line Undying Body.

Sea Dragon Star Field.

“Let’s go, settle them, we don’t need to worry.”

Elf King Olain took Titan’s jade palm.

“Listen to Felina, the dark elf family currently has only 30,000 clansman, the number is a lot less than before, and it is easy to move quietly. It may be easier if the elder elder is in the case. If they come to the sea dragon, they will be placed in Where? It seems easy to hide, but each star has its own network. If it is discovered, it will be very troublesome to get rid of the ancient gods.” Tia Brow frowned.

“I have a good place.”

Elf King Olean thought about it: “The chaos, the eleven families, now only three, the other eight families were destroyed by Zhang Hanyang, their planet has also stayed, the location is very good, there is signal, Although Zhang Hanyang didn’t mean to charge those planets, but the remaining three families, no one dared to touch them, to kill them, we communicated with Liu Qingfeng, let the dark elf family pay some specialties, Cultivate resources, or crystal stone, in exchange for residency in a messy place.”

“Ah?” Titea said.

“It’s also a big deal, it doesn’t matter if they insist on staying.” Olane shook his head. “They won’t stay. After all, they can’t face the ancient gods.”

“If it is not too late, let’s go, do you want to tell Mo Wen them?” Titea asked.

“I have told him all the time.” Olah Hehe smiled, the breath between the eyebrows, where was the kind of shackles before, some savvy, he said: “This is the journey of the two of us, go out to pick up, come back After that, I have to accompany Ferina.”

“I thought very thoughtfully,” Titian said with a smile.

“Go, the journey of the two of us.”

Elf King Ollain took Titia and walked into the bamboo forest on a mountain of Roland Star. The scenery was beautiful and strolled through nature.

After half an hour, I came to a circular open space.

Olah Hehe smiled, right hand to explore.


A dull sound came out on the ground.

There was a strong wind blowing in front, the sand was flying across, and the ground was open to both sides. This is a circular gate. I saw a small circular spaceship inside, which slowly rose.

“The maintenance is very good.” Tiaia leaked a smile.

This is the small kingship used by the two when they first traveled.

Enter it.

The small king ship with a white appearance turns into a flow of light and goes straight into the sky.

After five seconds, jump into the subspace and head straight to the blue sand winds.

The blue sand winds, which block people in the nearby star fields such as the Hailong Star Field, are only a rough road for those who own the Wang Ship.

This destination, Xiaotianlongjing.

The purpose is to place the dark elf family in a mess.

In the face of the ancient sacred dynasty, after all, it is necessary to temporarily avoid the edge.



On the first day of school, I feel the school life. It is also very good for Nina. Mengmeng and Yue Xiao are used to it. There is no special feeling. I just didn’t stay at school for a while, I will wait a few days, go out next time, the final exam. Just come back.

Going to school, this is not a transfer.

With their strength, they are secular, and in the words of Zhang Han, they don’t bully others.

It has reached this level.

The car is still parked near the school gate, and there is no parking space, just on the side of the road.

After school, I went to the vicinity and saw the ticket on the window.

Mengmeng was lost in thought.

“We were fined again,” Mengmeng said. “This is the third time.”

“I don’t want to stop here.” Yue Xiaoyun looked around and said: “I said to the class teacher, can we stop at school?”

“Oh, yes.” Mengmeng thought about whispered: “I have to say it to my father. After waiting a few more times, we can’t open it ourselves.”

“Let’s go back first.”

The three men and Li Muen got on the bus and returned to Crescent Bay. They first sent Li Moen to the doorstep and then went to Crescent Mountain.

“Father, in alchemy?” Mengmeng ran over: “I missed me?”


“Oh, then I am leaving.” Mengmeng left.

“I didn’t finish it, I didn’t blame it, it didn’t blame.” Zhang Han quickly turned and said.


There was a muffled sound in the pill furnace, accompanied by a faint smoky smoke.

It was fried again.

If you follow the usual alchemy process, there is nothing to talk about simply, but Zhang Han is constantly experimenting with the flame attribute he has absorbed.

Through the precise control of alchemy, it is also a cultivate.

“Father, we drove out, there was always someone who told us not to post a ticket.” Mengmeng leaned over to Zhang Han and stared at his arm and said, “All three times.”

“The ticket? Hahaha, that’s where you got it wrong.” Zhang Han is good with a smile.

“There is no other place to stop.” Mengmeng groaned and said: “There is no line at the school gate, the parking place, the nearby neighborhood, there is a line, the parking is full, there is no place.”

“Can you stop at the school directly?” Zhang Han said strangely.

“I didn’t think about it, the school didn’t let the outside car go in.”

“Then I will say hello.” Zhang Han smiled.

A lot of things, no matter how difficult, in Zhang Han, it is a matter of words.

Hong Kong Centennial Li Family, etc., the families that once confronted Zhang Han are all living examples. They are even regarded as the normative records by today’s major families, and many people in the family have to look at them.

Headed by the Luo Family, many large families are in a state of surrender.

Even if there is no exchange, I will not be offended.

“Small troubles and our class teacher said, the class teacher and the vice-principal said, the vice-principal directly arranged a pass card for us. I can go directly to it tomorrow. What about the ticket?” Mengmeng grinned: “It’s all small money.” money.”


Zhang Han was almost slobbered, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “How did you become a small fan?”

“Not in the good education of Mother, people never waste money.” Mengmeng shook his little ass.

In Xiaotoutou, buying tens of thousands of clothes, or hats and school bags, are all used and not wasted.

“Don’t think about it, it’s good to go back and let people deal with it.”

“Well, then I went to play, and I took the first test, hey, no pressure.”

Mengmeng eagerly went to the Big Black and they went.

After a while, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back and everyone had dinner.

“I still have to go to school for a few days, Filina, can’t you go?” Yue Xiao ate a lipstick and burned meat. He was fat and thin, biting it, and it tasted very good. He tasted it while eating and talking to Filina. Sentence: “You are bored here and not bored.”

“The school is also very fun.” Nina looked at her and said.

“Go.” Filina said very simply, silent for two seconds, and said: “Thank you.”

For her average person, she is relatively indifferent, and even squats in the past, but she is kind to her, but she does not know how to communicate and is not used to it.

She feels that she is alone in the villa, and it is very boring. Although it is cultivate here for a few days, it is still a few days away, but it is still not calm.

It’s better to go out and play.

“Wait, I will call to let you know.”

Zi Yan laughed.

The team in the class is getting bigger and bigger, two elves, and after a long time, will Mengmeng’s class be huge?

Zi Yan feels a bit weird about this.

In fact, I never thought about it before. The other side of life is so complicated and colorful.

So the next day, driving into the road turned into four super sports cars, very eye-catching.

The key is that they all found that it is more suitable to sit in the sports car now.

Before coming to the door of Li Muen Community, Mengmeng was responsible for picking up her.

Mainly chat and joke.

Li Muen’s parents, Li Wei and his wife stood at the gate of the community and saw four super-runs.

They all looked at each other. In the first two days, they were actually worried and worried about whether they would crash or not.

It turned out that the little female driver was quite powerful.

Now I am relieved.

“Mengmeng, who is the class of our class, Zhang Xiaojun is famous.” Li Muen talked about rising, his eyes lit up.

“Zhang Xiaojun?” Mengmeng thought about it: “Oh, it’s a little fat boy who has more than three hundred degrees of myopia in my eyes.

“Yes, it is him.”

“He is very introverted, how is it famous?” Mengmeng said strangely.

“Last month, the Education Bureau came to a literary society. It is also relatively simple. If you don’t sing in the class, you don’t have a character. Just sing, it’s a chorus of the Yellow River. It’s Zhang Xiaojun’s lead singer. He looks better. There was an art fan, and the result was the first time I came to power. I was nervous. I shouted and said: The wind is screaming, the horse is calling…prepared, called! hehe, then he is famous.”

“Eh?” Mengmeng squatted, and then Pu Chi laughed: “It’s really talented.”

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