[Two chapters and one chapter]

“There is nothing fun left, right. Our school is going to have a sports meeting. Are you going to have a class last week? The time is similar. Do you participate in the time?” Li Muen said: “At the time of elementary school, you participated. , take the first time every time.”

“I didn’t participate, it didn’t mean anything.” Mengmeng controlled the steering wheel and said, “You can’t bully the little boy.”

“What you said, old-fashioned.” Li Muen grinned two times: “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, I brought two small breads and a bag of milk. Let’s eat first.”

Speaking of taking two small breads from the bag, opening the bag, eating it in a small mouth, the garbage bag is also placed directly in the small net bag on the side of the bag.

All the way to school.

A few of Bekinan and his classmates braved and walked into the school gate.

“Aiya, I rely on these sports cars, it’s really exciting!”

“Good, how much money?”

“Of course.” Beckinan looked at it carefully: “The former Koenigsek, which is two thousand six more than a million, plus the tax chaos, is all 30 million.”

“So expensive?” Several small partners secretly swear.

Under their gaze, the car arrived at the school gate and slowly approached.

“Damn, Mengmeng?”


“She actually opened a super sports car to go to school?”

“Oh, my god!”

Several people stood in the same place and were shocked.

I saw the doorman at the school gate, ran over and sent a few pass cards, pointing to the direction and opening the electronic retractable door.

Several sports cars drove in and stopped in the empty position on the teacher’s building.

“Technology is so good!”

Bekinan took the lead and ran away, parking in one go, too strong!

As everyone knows, a few small hoes are parked, and the ruts are not on the ground.

Some teachers in the past have seen this scene.

Very curious, which colleague is so high-profile, driving a sports car?

As a result, it was a few small gimmicks.

I still know.

“The first two eight classes Zhang Yumeng, Nina, Yue Xiaozhong, the female classmates do not know who they are, their grades are very good, the first grade of the grade, there is a tenth, the family also has money, hey, junior high school students It has become a way of envying us all.”

Some teachers shook their heads one after another. Some other teachers who are going to class, they are also envious, and they feel that life is wonderful. Some people, born with these standard, envy, maybe it is also through the efforts of previous generations. Luxury life, myself, may work hard, and future generations may take off.

“How do students drive the car here? Like what!”

Suddenly a woman’s dissatisfaction came out.

Turning his head and looking at it, many teachers have their heads miniature.

Director of the third grade.

“Which class do they have? What is going on? If this kind of behavior is exposed, how many accusations will be caused, and openly show off in school.”

The director looked a little angry.

It seems that I intend to take a tube.

The result came after the voice: “Is this showing off? It’s about the same with toys in their home.”

“Hey, principal.”

The woman’s indignation was extinguished, standing next to the instructions.

“School, teaching and educating people, many situations can’t be avoided.” The headmaster smiled and said: “You want them to compare without comparing them? No, even adults are comparing each other, not to mention children? We are focusing on the right guidance. Of course, what you said is not unreasonable. They have several primary school tyrants. I also know that this time in school for a few days, if you are not used to it, you will be slightly tolerant, or take a few days off.”

“No, I didn’t understand it, just afraid that the impact was not good, haha, in fact, nothing, the students in the teaching building can’t see it.” The woman hurriedly hit haha, the principal almost expressed his attitude clearly, where is she still? Dare to say anything.

Under the eyes of several teachers.

Mengmeng A few people walked slowly towards the teaching building.

“Mengmeng, it’s too powerful for you, even driving a sports car.” Bekinan came over and said with surprise.

“Playing and playing.” Yue Xiaoran said casually: “In a few days, I can’t drive this kind of car.”

“Real cow.” Bekinan admire the tone and said: “You will drive very powerful. When you learn, I will only open a bumper car now.”

“hehe, driving is easy.” Mengmeng snorted.

Four people, including Nina and Filina, are very convinced that it is very simple.

As everyone knows, if they do not have a physical force to cooperate, it is estimated that this car has to hit many times.

Go to the teaching building.

Bekinan talked and laughed.

But suddenly I felt a bit murderous.


He turned his head and saw a sister, black face, looking at him coldly.

“Hey.” Beckinan dared to say something.

The girl was coldly snorted and turned and ran away.

“Who?” Yue Xiaosheng said.

“Nothing, I am, a good friend, junior, ah.” Bekinan said slyly.

“Is it a girlfriend?”

“No.” Bekinan looked positive: “Now is a good friend, and I have some good feelings. The school is not allowed to fall in love. How can I violate it?”


Turning around, Bai Yi Old Lin is behind.

“Zhang Yumeng.”

Bai Yilin came over and said with a smile: “The third grade you made yesterday, the score is very good. You can also enter the top 20 in the third year. It is really amazing. Is this our new classmate?”

“Right, her name is Farina.” Mengmeng laughed happily as he heard his grades.

“There is another female classmate who raises the face value.” Bai Yilin looked at his eyes and looked a little strange. Zhang Yumeng came from these friends.

“Hello new classmate.” Bai Yilin greeted him.

“He is our class teacher Bai.” Nina introduced.


“You have to call the teacher.” Nina reminded.

Filina looked at the white forest, and she was helpless. She said it in two seconds: “The teacher is good.”

Actually, what are the use of these virtual ones?

Going down the stairs, Mengmeng went back to class, and Bai Yilin went to the office.

It’s still early, there are more than half of the classmates in the class, and a few have not come.

In the back seat, five or six male students gathered in a piece of bragging.

Bekinan walked over.

Just approached, I haven’t spoken yet.


A fart came out.

“Wow! So disgusting!”

“He is fart.”

“It’s really stinking.”

The noise of the class was noisy and it was a mess.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaoyun, Nina, and even Filina, very simply closed, ready to wait a few minutes to gasp.

All of them, including Bekinan, are squatting.

The male student turned red and said loudly:

“I am not farting, I am, I am a chrysanthemum breathing.”



This sentence made many people laugh and spray.

The excuses to find are too different.

“You said that breathing, how can you only call out, do not suck in? Nonsense,” said a male student.

As soon as this statement came out, the male student who was farting was stunned, as if he felt the stench, grabbed his mouth, and looked at it. After a few seconds, his hand was taken down and looked at a few people around him, some hesitating and Deeply said: “I am right, I am responsible for calling out here, you are responsible for sucking in.”

“What about you?”

Someone did not respond.

But Mengmeng, Li Muen, Bekinan, etc., stunned for two seconds.

Some people laughed, and some people were black.

Especially Bekinan:

“I rely on, he said that our mouth is a chrysanthemum, do him!”


Six or seven male students rushed over and pi li pa la was playing.

Accompanied by the boy’s defense: “don’t, don’t, don’t, I don’t mean that, I just prove my theory, the theory Aaah…”

Although it is a trouble, it is also very painful.

In a few seconds, I began to beg for mercy.

A small farce happened in the second class of eight years.

Accompanied by the sound of the birds outside.

Accompanied by the playground, the hustle and bustle in the corridor.

This is their youth.

It is as dazzling as the rising sun, like a rainbow after the rain.

It is also a good time in memories after many years.

In the class, many people feel that school is so bitter, boring, dry, and can enter the society, only to find out that … work is very tired.

Mengmeng’s current life is completely called the combination of work and rest.

Play a big circle outside, come back here, last week, very comfortable.

In a few days.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei have nothing to do with the company, listen to Sun Dongheng’s report, or go for a stroll, do beauty, although it is not effective for them, focus on participation.

Mainly shopping, shopping, also saw a few old friends, as well as a small younger sister, Zi Shiya, etc., all took out to play a few laps.

I heard that they went to the Hailong Star Field, and they were quite curious about Zi Shiya and others. But they have no strength but no dare to go. Parents don’t let it, unless cultivate, a little strength, this wind, leading to More and more people on Crescent Mountain are starting cultivate.

Zhang Han has been under Thunder Yang Tree for a few days, or cultivate too sham, comprehend five lines of Saint Body.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali went around in Beijing and went to the A-level ruins to get some treasures.

What makes Zhang Han very heart-warming is the void stone!

This thing can forge the Space Gate. Now there is one on Mengmeng. Zi Yan doesn’t have it. This small void stone can only strengthen the door of Mengmeng, and can also give Zi Yan a The seven-star sword of the power of the stars is implicated, the distance is very considerable, and there are many other functions.

Zhang Han laughed and shouted, father: a horse, a top two.

This luck is really amazing.

About three days later, Chen Changqing returned with his sword and his breath was full.

That evening, the name of Azure Emperor swept through Small World.

Old ancestors? Nascent Soul cultivator ? But a palm!

A large blood family in the western region of Immortal World in Kunlun was destroyed.

Surprised Heaven and Earth.

The time passed quickly and it seemed to be another day of travel.

This afternoon.

“White teacher, we are gone, the next final exam is coming back, bye.”

In the teacher building parking lot, Mengmeng waved his hand to Bai Yilin.

“Hey, let’s go, let’s go, pay attention to safety outside, you are fun, don’t leave the adults too far, the teacher will wait for you to come back to the exam next time.” Bai Yilin smiled helplessly:

“Zhang Yumeng, I know, she is very obedient in front of Mr. Zhang and his wife. You are more naughty in Yue Xiao, and pay more attention to it. Nina I am the most assured, very calm, Philip, not very good. Love to talk, high cold, but a lot of small ideas in my heart, not a loss of the Lord, you are a few people together is still very worry-free, do not say, go back soon, drive slowly on the road.”

“Well, teacher, goodbye.”

Several people greeted each other and got on the train.

Weng weng weng!

The sound of the engine of the sports car sounded, slowly opened to the school gate, and the street was blown up. Many people turned their heads and looked at the cars and their eyes glowed.

All the way back to Crescent Mountain.

“father! Are we going to leave?”

Mengmeng saw Zhang Han under the Thunder Yang Tree and ran over to ask.

“When you mother and Aunt Feifei, they are back,” Zhang Han replied.

“Where is the mother?”

“Going to France to see the new Chanel launch conference, there is a good package, I bought it in the past.”

“Ah?” Mengmeng stunned and then snorted: “Really, run so far to go shopping, it will take a long time for them to come back.”

“It won’t take long to sit on your Blue Butterfly.”

“Oh, are we going to start overnight?”


“Then I have to pack it up.”

Mengmeng eagerly returned to his bedroom and planned to take a few clothes.

Out of habit, Mengmeng doesn’t really like the long skirts, robes, clothes and pants of the Sea Dragon Star, like sportswear, jeans, hoodies, shorts, sports shoes, but the little princess is often worn.

“To go back, let’s also clean up the room.” Nina looked towards towards Filina.

The two live in a villa.

Originally, Nina was going to buy some clothes for Filina. As a result, Fina went out and got a lot of clothes. How did I buy it without money?

Nina is very curious.

When Farina picked up a black sling and asked her: “Is this also a dress?”

Seeing Clinda’s curiosity, Nina’s pretty face is red.

Yue Xiaoyun directly ran back to his home, and basically never lived.

Yue Wuwei is also happy, and Lisa is in the mansion house.

Not many people at Crescent Mountain traveled together.

Mainly Tianxia Mountain, Floating Sword Sect, Shui Yunzong, Glen, Wangjing Shadow Family, plus a few other sects who know the news, there are also nearly 10,000 people.

Today, between many sects, the Sea Dragon Star is not a secret.

The reason why there is no big spread is that they all use this news as a secret.

Find ways to get out of the quota, trust relationships, and contact Tianxia Mountain.

For those of them, Dong Chen deliberately came to Zhang Han to say.

His first sentence is:

“Cut the leeks?”

“What kind of leeks?” Zhang Han was stunned at the time.

Then don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Because Dong Chen said: “Through the tolls! Only we can go into the sea dragon star field, I tell you, Kunlun Immortal World, those sect are very rich, do not eat white do not eat!”

So the second news spread, want to go to the sea dragon star domain, costly, need to pay crystal stone or cultivate resources.

This is the case, and those who come here are grateful again and again, thank you very much for giving face.

For them, it is a good thing to exchange some resources for quotas. What are the resources? In the sea dragon star field, you are earning money, spending money, and drizzling.

As everyone knows, the cultivate resources of Hailong Star will make them stunned. The first two people have already realized it.

The expression of the chest is full: In the Immortal World of Kunlun, perhaps ten people grab a sixth-order gem. In the sea dragon field, the hundred thousand individuals grab a third-order Spirit Treasure, and I am a mother.

It is not at all in the same breath.

Two hours later.

The blue butterfly fell from low altitude.

Zi Yan, wearing a small high heel and a short skirt, made Zhang Han suddenly think a little.

It’s just not the time!

“Is everything ready? I am going to change my clothes.”

Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng, ready to go, smiled and said, went back to the third floor bedroom, put on sneakers, black jeans and a more tidal hoodie, wearing a cap and carrying a bag.

It’s very different from just dressing up after coming out.

Before, there were some sexy routes, mature beauty, and now is the youthful sports style.


“set off.”

The people got on the plane. Under the eyes of Zi Qiang and others, the aircraft took off and left.

Earth Void World, ancient mines, dragons, endless seas, silver seas, clear waters, huge screen waterfalls, this way, Filin looked quite carefully, the second time, the surprise in my heart did not fall back.

This place is simply amazing.

There are so many treasures.

A few days ago, in the leisurely sitting of the gazebo under the Thunder Yang Tree, Ferina placed twice the juice next to her, ready to drink.

When I saw Zhang Han coming out, I found Thunder Yang Tree, Leiyang Baodi, as if I couldn’t see how many sixth-order spiral medicine grasses, and many fifth- and sixth-order stones were piled up into hills.

It turns out that these treasures are hidden under the law.

My goodness!

This is too rich!

Farina is now a bit dumbfounded, and the moment she saw it, the degree of arrogance can be imagined.

The first stop came to the lost continent.

Unexpectedly, in the past ten days alone, the buildings on the lost continent have increased a lot and are being built at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Capturing the construction of the Dahl star not far away, the fireworks are everywhere, and the entertainment venues of the entire planet can be seen from the outline.

When completed, it will be the largest entertainment planet in the Sea Dragon Star.

The spaceship fleet, stayed near the lost continent for a while.

A lot of people who came here for the first time, seeing the huge void, can’t be shocked.

Zhang Han, the first time to contact Liu Qingfeng.

Nothing happens, they are still in the dragon star of the sea area.

The company’s recruitment continues, and there are still no shortage of people, the main backbone members.

Some people from Tianxia Mountain, the Crescent Mountain security team have basically arrived, plus Liang Family, Zi family, Chen family, and Floating Sword Sect, which can be said that Liu Qingfeng and Mu Sect Master, Jiang sect master, Zhang Mu has been discussed and identified a number of available people as members of the backbone.

The Hailong Star is so large that the company’s management needs too many people.

Let Liu Qingfeng have some big heads. They like cultivate, and they don’t know much about business. Many orders are in the hands of Sun Ming and so on. They even hold the power, and even Liu Qingfeng deliberately named it. People are the best able to do.

I saw myself suddenly entering Interstellar Era.

In the frigate, it was almost scary.

There was nothing wrong with the fleet starting to jump into the subspace and preparing to travel to the sea area.

As the hub of the Hailongxing domain, it is also an important place for the group company of Liu Qingfeng.

“The father and the mother went to Xiaotianlong, and they passed a few days ago.”

Nina took advantage of this time to contact Mo Wen, and after receiving the news, she told Farina.

“Go to the small dragons?” Farina looked solid.

“Mu Wenshu said that they were secretly passing, with dark elf coming to the sea dragon star field, to be placed in the extremely chaotic land.” Nina said.

This thing Zhang Han just knew.

On the other side of the chaos, he did not react at all. There are eight relatively stable planets, and he does not care. Even the group of Hailong Star, he is not very concerned.

It’s all Liu Qingfeng’s decision, and I agree with the Elf King’s statement. As for the renting thing, it also follows the meaning of the Elf King.

Let Liu Qingfeng also have some accidents. I didn’t expect to talk to the Elf King. I found that the Elf King is not the same as before. He said that things are well organized and organized. In just a few words, Liu Qingfeng agreed to his arrangement. The average person can’t do this.

Enter the subspace again and travel for more than two days.

On the way, Zhang Han changed the equipment to Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

That is, two new Space Gates, with a seven-star sword, and the connection with the Space Gate, the distance is very far.

Under the blessing of various stable tactics, the three-person blood essence is combined with the ability of the Xuanbao Seven-Star Sword.

In the star zone of the sea, if you use it, Zhang Han can make several space jumps and reach the side for a few seconds.

Space Gate is the enthusiasm of Zhang Han, and it is also something that allows the two to stroll a little.

Otherwise, Zhang Han can rest assured.

Also for Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and this time Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, Wang Ya, are all accompanied by treasure, and there are also a group for everyone to prepare.

Treasures are not overwhelming, they are guardian things.

Although Zhang Han didn’t say anything, but for those who have just contacted the cultivate world, there are still too many situations that can make them have a crisis. During this period, Zhang Han should pay attention to it. After familiarity, he has capital, he is You can go out and travel.

Many times, the situation is changeable, and it is not so much. Zhang Han, as everyone’s Boss, can take care of it.

In fact, all of this, only Yue Wuwei saw more.

After all, this item is also old Jianghu.

Xiao Tian Long Jing.

A region is not too big, the star domain level, but because of the proximity to the Tianlongxing province, there are many resource-rich planets highlighting the high end.

The small kingship that Tiria and Olean took was fast in the subspace, and finally, for more than ten days, came to the territory of the dark elf.

The dark elf family of Xiaotianlongjing belongs to the second-line forces, close to the front line, and has a lot of planets in charge, but only one of the main planets.

The two people who came to Titia were also the base camp.

The car is getting used to it.


The small kingship arrives at the nearby void and slowly approaches the space station.

Arrived near.

“I am Tiaia, I want to see Deman Elder.”

“Sorry, I don’t know you. We are ready to go out and go to the Dragon Island. If you want to see it, wait twenty days,” said a young elf.

“What? You are now telling the man Elder, saying that I am coming, let him not leave!” Titea said quickly.

With a wave of it, a dark energy is presented.

“dark elf !”

The young male elf feels the same family, the bloodline is much richer than himself, and even has Royal Family qualifications.

“Slightly wait!”

He hurriedly said a few words in the communicator, querying the information of Titea, followed by complexion slightly changed.

Once the princess.

“I will contact Deman Elder.”

His attitude is more respectful and he is immediately connected.

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