Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1261

“Zhang Hanyang, where I am going to go this time, since I have come to the Tianlongxing province, I have to go to my Luo Family to be a guest. I have prepared a lot of good wines.” Luoshanwu said with a big smile: “Not long ago we Going to the Haotianxingjie, um, it is the fiancée of Luotao. This marriage contract has not been retired. When I came back, I heard about some things. I didn’t expect Zhang Hanyang. You turned out to be a Void Refinement big cultivator, and it was amazing. ”

“Is your strength not improved?” Zhang Han laughed.

I have already felt that Luoshan Wu occasionally overflows with a trace of energy. This is just the strength of the skyrocketing after the breakthrough.

Spirit Transformation Peak, Los Angeles is just a stone’s throw from the Void Refinement.

Not to mention the qualifications, the specific qualifications can not be found out, the style of Luoshanwu, and some exuberant atmosphere, Zhang Han knows that Spirit Transformation can not stop him.

“Fortunately, breakthrough, very lucky, met a secret in the starry world, got some good things.” Luo Shanwu shook his head: “There is a big star in the sky, there are many stars in the light, each star The domain has a star province, and basically has a relatively safe sub-space channel. It is convenient and convenient, and it will save a lot of time compared to the purposeless flight.”

“We are going to go to the blue sand winds first, then look at the situation and solve the problem of Xingxuan, and then return to the Hailongxing domain, and will come to the Tianlongxing province in a while.” Zhang Han said.

Luoshanwu: “…”

Solved the problem of Xingxuan.

Scorpio, it’s easy to say.

“Blue sand winds, is it?” Yue Wuwei suddenly thought of something, some uncertain looking directly at Zhang Han, asked: “Can you?”

“Can, those guys come to call us, I almost know what it means, not a bad thing, you can go and see.” Zhang Han nodded.

“What are you talking about?” Yue Wuwei groaned, did not understand.

However, Zhang Han laughed and said nothing, and did not say it deeply. He left a sentence: “When you get to the place, you will know.”

The elders of the ancient animals, told the juniors to contact themselves, only a few possibilities.

The first point, the ancient animals were killed, so they fell down, they couldn’t help, they went to Zhang Han to talk about it, that is, the so-called negotiation, the second point, hehe! The little one is the existence of the top layer in the ancient animals. It grows up against the sky. It has many means by nature, and there are more inheritances to learn. There are few natural enemies in the universe, and the blue sand winds Those who value small and not identities want to hold their thighs in advance. The third point is pure negotiation, defusing the crisis, and not wanting their juniors to risk being eaten outside.

There are only a few reasons, and what is the specific thing. I have to wait until I know.

Zhang Han feels that it should be the second reason.

Ancient animals, also divided into sites, like the existence of tribes, every place, there is a lead big brother, perhaps the existence of the blue sand wind, also want to have the ancient brother such a big brother.

Little is not old now, the age is still very small, the potential is very high, waiting for some years, it is common for those big demon, very simple.

“You have something to go to the blue sand winds. I wonder if we are here, will it be inconvenient?” Luo Shanwu asked.

“Nothing,” Zhang Han said. “Just talk about something.”

“Oh.” Luo Shanwu thought about it and said: “Right, the Dragon List battle, according to the past time, has been held recently, because the intention to say this thing, the result delayed for a long time, may still It takes a year and a half to carry it, but it is the person in the town of Longmen. Sitting here in the town, they inspected the news of the blue sand winds. It is said that the negotiations were successful, and they will calm down for a while, but also those stars will be recuperated and stabilized. Will hold a dragon list.”

“Longbang I can only participate in the level above 40 years old, maybe there are still some Void Refinement weird, the dragon list reward is very rich, this time I hope to get a good ranking, how to get it, also have a hundred.” Usaid with a smile : “Zhang Hanyang You are not old enough to participate in the middle class? If you can participate, it is estimated that no one can fight with you, the first stable, for thousands of years, I have not heard of From the age of ten to 40, there is a Void Refinement.”

“Longbang…” Zhang Han is good with a smile: “Let them play, I have no interest in the Dragon List.”

Along the way, talking and laughing.

Lori soon incorporated into the small group Mengmeng, which is much more cheerful than before.

When a person’s pressure is too heavy to bear, it will be extremely repressive.

Lori’s initial pressure came from her mother’s illness. Now it can be said that there is no pressure. It was not old enough. She loved to play and soon became a part of Mengmeng.

Just like this, chat, eat, cultivate…

Two days later, everyone came to the blue sand winds.


The familiar environment allows the giant-toothed wolf, the three-tailed rat and the sword-tailed tiger to lick, all of which are relaxed.

These innocence are too nervous. Always observe the expressions of those people, for fear of being unhappy, take your own anger, and just finish eating if you are eaten.

Watching them every time they ate and took out the ancient animal meat, it made the tears flow.

Usually we eat people, and here they are people who eat us.


“go in.”

“Adult, adult.” The giant toothed wolf whispered, “I will lead you?”



Above the boat, open the gap, the giant toothed wolf flew out.

Head into the blue sand winds.

Traveling inside for a long time.

When it comes to the white enchantment, the giant-toothed wolf bursts into an energy, as if the channel was opened.

In front of the white mist, there was a gap, and it can be seen that it is a continent edge.

It’s like a continent that floats Void.

There is no light inside, it is very dim, all around is dead, giving people the feeling that it is dead, no ecology, no movement, maybe the foot can be found on the ground, a little bit of bone, cold, quiet, is such a continent of tip of the Iceberg.


Yue Wuwei controls the spaceship and goes directly into it.

“It’s so cold!”

Many people couldn’t help but shudder, the temperature here is too low.

Hua la la !

Zhang Han waved two layers of energy to isolate the cold temperature.

“ao 嗷嗷!”

The giant-toothed wolf roared.




A variety of roaring, accompanied by the weather, emerged from the inside.

Void Refinement, even Body Fusion.

“It’s so tight, we are about to face the elders of the ancient animals, the big demon in the center of the blue sand winds, so that the people in the town of Longmen are quite jealous!” Luoshanwu sucked cold.

Like ordinary ancient animals, in the wilderness area of ​​the universe, you can always meet.

The so-called wilderness area is where the human race has never explored. The universe is very large, the planet is small, and countless crises are accompanied by countless adventures.

There are a group of people who have been in the wilderness field all the year round, in order to seek for a big chance.

Ancient animals, rare, many Immortal Cultivator may not be seen several times in life, but for these cultivators of the wilderness field, the ancient animals are common, because this can be shaped, with the ancient bloodline of the beast It is the middle and lower layers of the ancient animals, the number is not low, such as 鲲, Peng, nine-tailed fox, True Dragon, etc. These are the top of the ancient animals, or they are the real ancient animals.

Coming to this continent, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei quickly investigated the situation.

“The energy layer in front.”

Yue Wuwei frowns, said: “That should be the center of the vortex, the change is not over yet.”

Continent only leaked a piece of the edge, the front is like an ice wall, the side can not see the side, erected in front of the eyes, as if it is not old.

The natural array of stars and stars will swallow a piece of continent in the ancient animal.

The evolution has only just begun.

That is to say, there may be more terrifying creatures inside.

Just can’t come out.

This situation is not good for the entire Tianlongxing province.

“But the time of change should be constant. Look at this level of hardness. There is no problem for the time being. In the future, Dragon Star Province may become a wilderness star field.” Yue Wuwei said with some emotion.

“Come.” Zhang Han looked towards the right side.

The eyes of everyone also gathered in the past.

I saw the right side, flying a lot of different beasts, and blinking, there were hundreds.

It is different from those that are mixed outside.

The beasts here are generally much larger in size. There are giant tigers with a body of more than 40 meters and a single horn white horse with a length of more than one meter. But the body is very sultry, extremely fast, and various. Most of the beasts are at the Void Refinement level, and some are in the Body Fusion environment.

“It is the ancient beast on the edge of the continent, to this extent, the words inside…” Yue Wuwei shook his head.

There may be a Great Accomplishment environment, perhaps Transcending Tribulation.

How can such a place appear in the Hailong Star Field?

The previous seven wilderness areas, Sealed Demon Land, are now coming to the continent of the ancient animals.

‘wrong! ‘

‘This is not right! ‘

What happened to Yue Wuwei suddenly, heart startled:

In the place of the small star field, there is almost no such thing happening. Even if there is, it is only a situation. The seven wilderness areas and the ancient animals are continent, appearing successively, Shengwuxing… This, this should not be the master’s handwriting. ? ‘

‘If it is the master’s handwriting, it can be explained completely, only the master can have such a reverse power, but what is the purpose of the master doing this? There is a treasure in the north of the sea, you can go to the seven wilderness areas, that Sealed Demon Land, what is the seal? ‘

‘The ancient continuation of the continuation of the beast, what is the meaning? ‘

‘No, the lord can do it, but many places are full of mystery. Perhaps this is really a change of Heaven and Earth, and the seven wilderness areas, and the lord should have something to do with it, otherwise the will of the lord will not happen. ‘


Yue Wuwei suddenly sighed, and he was not clear about many things. When he remembered the lord, he seemed to have no interest in these ancient animals.


“Hey?” Big Black also poked his head. The first time I saw such a grand scene, it seemed to be bigger than the senior of the giant ape.

“Hey, hey.” Little did not climb out of Mengmeng’s bag, swaying to go forward, and Mengmeng was in his arms.

“hu hu, hehe.”

Take a closer look, this little thing is actually drooling?


Luoshanwu sucked cold air and whispered:

“So many ancient animals, great pressure, are some of the dominant. Will they do it for us?”

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Many of the ancient beasts are roaring, some are roaring, some are sly faces, aggressive, as if they ran over to eat people.

This fierceness has gradually raised the hearts of everyone.

“Zhang Hanyang!”

“Zhang Hanyang.”

“He is Zhang Hanyang.”

“Human cultivator.”

a path of low voice, constantly coming from the ancient animals.

Closer, closer.

If there is a sun here, this group of animals completely explains what it is to cover the sky.

“Zhang Hanyang, you are here.”

In the end, as the representative opening, it is the single horn white horse with a small size.

Its purpose is more peaceful, no vicious, somewhat agile, and somewhat quiet.

“I have something to say directly,” Zhang Han said.

“Well, then I said directly, on the periphery of the continent, the land that was swallowed here, I can be the head of the beasts in front of me.” Single horn White horse said: “We have this continent, many ancient animals, and also have their own sites. How do you say that each site has a king, it is no exaggeration to say that in our continuation, each king, at least has a real Accomplishment realm, also has Transcending Tribulation, such as the extreme treasure, belongs to Three-jaw tyrannosaurus, we don’t understand this situation now, we can’t get out of the continent, we can’t get in. In this starry sky, we didn’t expect us to discover the Royal Family, a powerful cockroach, it can become ours. The king of the team, even the future continent, more exotic animals, and even the entire continent, can be respected by it.”

Speaking of this, the single horn white horse bowed slightly, slowly said:

“The noble king, we are willing to be your subordinate beast.”

“Hey King! We are yours, you don’t want to eat those juniors, it’s not enough to stuff your teeth!” A giant elephant spit out.

Luoshanwu: “???”

What the hell?

What they are saying is… oh? Royal Family in the ancient animals!


Zhang Hanyang raised a donkey?

My God, my mother!

Luoshan Wusong’s eyes widened, and the expression was incredible. He couldn’t believe that the Royal Family in this ancient animal can be raised.

“Zhang Hanyang, I don’t know if you have a relationship with Yu Wang?” Single horn asked.

“Oh, little is a spiritual pet that my wife raises,” Zhang Han said.

Single horn White horse lost a while: “spirit, spiritual pet?”

‘It turned out to be her? ‘

Luo Shanwu was a little worried, and looked at Zi Yan.

“What, is the king a spiritual pet?”

“Oh, my Old Ancestor, the King of the Kings is the spiritual pet of mankind.”

“It’s over, this day has not been sent.”

A bunch of ancient beasts screamed at the chest.

“It is my spiritual pet.”

Zi Yan blinked quickly, the right hand was slightly lifted, and the mind and the little did not communicate.


The small point is turned into a black streamer, and it is not in Zi Yan’s wrist, there is a small imprint.

“It’s really.”

Single horn White horse bows, very helpless expression.

Hesitated for a few seconds, and he slowly raised his head and said:

“It’s awkward, very awkward, but we still keep the original decision, let you be our king.”

“That…” Single horn White horse thought about it and asked: “We want to know, 鲲王, what kind of 鲲 is it?”

Shua shua shua !

Luoshan Wu, Dong Xiang, Lori, many ancient animals, all eyes gathered on Zi Yan.

At this moment, she could have a queen-like atmosphere.

But she seemed to be in a daze, looked at Zhang Han, and after seeing the gesture, she said: “The ancient curse.”

These four words appear.

Hong long long !

It seems as if it is a blue sky, and it is on the bodies of the ancient animals. Many large beasts are shaking.

“Don’t be a child!”

Single horn The white horse’s eyes are round and round, and the white smoke is screaming out of the nose.

Hey, hey.

It seems crazy, running very fast around the field.

Hoofs are like thunder!

There is only one white streamer, which is extremely fast, even if Shi Fenghou sees it, he has to obey the post.

“Hey! It turned out to be an ancient curse, oh child! Ancient curse, Hahaha.” Single horn White horse surprised.

Another three more than a hundred meters long gold python, the face is that charming, sliding forward ten meters, looking at Zi Yan’s wrist, sharp and gentle tone: “Hey king, you come out let us see Look at your honor! If you want, you are yours.”


Zhang Guangyou sprayed his mouth directly.

I really didn’t expect that such a fierce gold python could say such a thing.

“The ancient curse! I am going, too embarrassed, no wonder so swallow that many of the juniors.”

“Aiya, the big king is coming out soon.”

These ancient animals are not reserved!

The hearts of the people are quite emotional.

Luoshan Wudu is about to see it.


See Zi Yan looking at himself, Zhang Han smiled nodded.

“Get out soon.”

Zi Yan said softly.

The palms are lifted.

呲 !!

A black streamer rushed out very quickly.


Instantly turned into a giant, huge body, spiritual eyes, crystal blue tail and wings, accompanied by all around the black fog.

“Small is not a point, the small does not point to this name is really the essence.” Luoshan Wu stayed and said.

“It’s so big.” Lori’s tone was full of shock.

Who can think of it, it will be the result.


“Great King!”

“You are so handsome!”

These ancient animals have rioted.

But whoever thought, the little did not look at them, actually drooled.


These antiquity complexes have been greatly changed.

“Small, don’t eat them,” Zi Yan said.


The little one opened his mouth, screamed, and the voice was ethereal, as if from all directions.

It is actually not ready to eat, can feel it, the ancient animals here, although the soul is very helpful to yourself, but can not eat, some strength is very powerful.

Can not eat, easy to break the belly.

“hu ……”

Single horn White horse is excited.

“Please wait a moment, I will tell clansman to return now!”

Weng weng weng!

Single horn White horse, the sharp horn of the head, bursting white rays of light, a wave of fluctuations, swaying in the all around space, it is emitting some kind of signal, notifying clansman’s signal.

At this moment, Zhang Han knows that this single horn white horse is the king of these ancient animals.

Or in this change, temporarily become the leader.

Its strength should be the strongest in existence, with the power of Body Fusion.

But at this time, it is not a little bit of a bow.

No way, the ancient curse, by these four words alone, represents the infinite possibilities.

“If I become the second king of the family, then, then the king will go out to travel, the entire continent, I have the final say, my son!” Single horn White horse thinks so, more excited.

“Hey King, please take a rest for the place where we live, wait for the clansman to return, we will seal the king ceremony.” Single horn White horse softly.


I didn’t seem to understand it, and I didn’t have any interest. When I looked at it, I saw the little penguin’s appearance and returned to Mengmeng’s bag.

During the period, ‘咕叽’ ‘咕叽’ was called twice.

Seeing this scene, the single horn white horse lingered for a few seconds.

“How do you like to become a king…..and ugly and small shapes?”

But it doesn’t matter. It is an ancient curse. The Yi people are very powerful characters. If they grow up, like their level, they will go to the king to ask for the king, and they will not take care of them. They may even eat them.

The strong is lonely, the ancient curse, and the lone ranger in the universe, powerful enough to be incredible.

“Zhang Hanyang, the great king is your spiritual favorite, but we are not, even if we recognize the king, we will not directly listen to your orders.” Single horn White horse proudly said.


This is superficially arrogant, and Zhang Han meets them.

Progress is better than expected, and Zhang Han guessed this, but he didn’t expect the other party to make a decision so quickly.

“It seems that the ancient curse, in the ancient animals, even the Yi people are more powerful, I do not know much about the ancient curse, these ancient animals, may not know anything, just understand that the ancient curse is 鲲The family is a rare creature, a natural deterrent.”

Zhang Han is indulging.

Some things are not clear now, and after that, they will speak and talk, and they will communicate.

Follow a lot of ancient animals and come to their usual resting place. On this continent of the tip of the iceberg, there is a mountain range. They live here, canyons, waterfalls, flowing water, and the scenery is not bad. There is less sunshine.

Without sunshine, there is always a lot of life missing.

Waited for a long time.

Each and everyone Juniors returned from the outside.

For a moment, there were more than 10,000 ancient animals, thousands of them coming back from the outside, thousands of them in their habitats, their elders, and the Void Refinement, the only ancient animals in the Body Fusion.

“You can start.”

Single horn White horse looked towards towards Zhang Han.

“How come?” Zhang Han doesn’t understand how they sealed the king in ancient animals.

The entire Immortal Cultivation community has too much knowledge, even if Zhang Han is an old fritter, there are many places that are not clear.

“Royal Family of the ancient animals, born Royal Family, their memory has a bearing on the king.” Single horn white horse expression seems a little excited.

It is very much looking forward to the ancient curse can be the king of everyone.

Even more expecting, the little can not be the king of their entire continent!

By then, it is the fastest younger brother to follow, that is the second home.


Think about it, the single horn white horse is shaking and excited.

The center of continent, but there are parents of them.

When they found out that they recognized an ancient curse as a big brother, the surprised expression would be wonderful.

“Small, don’t go, go.”

Zi Yan has a smile on her face.

She also had an accident about this scene.

There is a kind of unclear feeling in the heart. From the very beginning, it is her Spirit Beast. Nowadays, it is a natural Royal Family. There are many powerful ancient animal surrenders. It is the king of the future family.

It’s amazing.

“Hey, hey.”

The little one called twice and climbed out of Mengmeng’s bag.

“You are so jealous.” Mengmeng said: “They want to recognize you as the boss.”


Little did not shake his head, looked at the picture in front, and fell into meditation.


After five seconds, it seemed to understand what it was.

Hua la la !

The body suddenly became bigger, and the body of the ancient curse appeared.

Its scorpion is filled with a touch of darkness, and a strand of infiltration of the soul breaths out to all directions.


Invisible fluctuations.

Let more than 10,000 ancient animals in front, growl and scream.

Black glow is like a big cloud.

Then thousands of black lines were separated.

This is a unique skill from the ancient curse, from the ancient heritage of the ancient animal Royal Family.

Feng Wang ceremony, started!

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