Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1262

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Including the single horn white horse, and even the giant tooth wolf with Zhang Han, they came in, the fist slammed on the ground, accepting the baptism of light black silk energy.

Every energy is drilled into their bodies.

“Silly and cool! The ancient curse, ha, to be our great king!”

“In the future, I will see who dares to bar with us and brandishing claws, and the uniform film continues. Just around the corner.”

“Hey King!”

The whole ceremony, carried out very quickly, about ten seconds, after each ancient animal was sucked into the black silk, their bodies suddenly lingered in a black mist and then dissipated.

Ceremony, it’s over.

Even the wind that swept all around, it stopped.




More than 10,000 ancient animals roared in the sky.

They are venting their emotions.

It seems that in the future, you can follow the battle of the kings and give them unlimited hope.

“It’s wonderful.” Luo Shanwu right hand pouted, sucking cold air, giving pain to the teeth, he shocked: “I still saw so many ancient animals for the first time, and this king ceremony Originally, ancient animals also had populations, such as tribes, cities, and planets. They were not iron plates.”

“Of course, if the ancient animal became a large group, the human cultivator living environment would be a hundred times worse.” Yue Wuwei touched the beard and said: “The ancient animal, like the Royal Family member, prefers free self-love, alone. Action, there are fewer ethnic groups. This is the first time I have seen the ceremony of the king. How to say it is really mysterious. It is their natural ability.”

“Small is not a big brother, it is too social.” A’Hu snorted.

“There are so many ancient animals, this… even if we return to the seven wild areas, they are also very useful.” Jiang Yanlan said with emotion.

The seven wilderness areas are in their hearts, and they can put a lot of pressure on them. They still remember it.

In a blink of an eye, they have the capital to be fully established in the seven wilderness areas.

“These guys can’t listen to us.” Zhang Han lost with a smile.

“But there are little points, and there is not much difference.” Zhang Mu said with a smile.

“This is indeed the case.”

In the eyes of everyone.


The little one changed back to the appearance of the penguin, and went back to Mengmeng’s bag to go to sleep.

It seems to be such a large range of Divine Ability, it seems a bit tired.

“The king ceremony is over.” Single horn White horse went to Zhang Han and said: “She is the master of the king, you can come here often, the Spiritual Qi here is rich, for your cultivate, too It will be faster, of course, the premise is that you should not directly order us.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

I also know some of the habits of the ancient beasts. They don’t look down on the Terran cultivator… This Heaven and Earth doesn’t necessarily look good. They are respected by themselves, and they are normal every day.

“You may be interested in something,” Zhang Han added.

“What?” asked the single horn white horse.

“We are fighting with a force in the province of Tianlongxing, and we are at the level of the hundred thousand people, how about?” Zhang Han said.

In this case, the single horn white horse stunned for two seconds.

Specially just finished the king ceremony, what’s the matter here?

“You have to fight someone else?” asked the single horn white horse.

“Otherwise? If you don’t, I can win, but your shot will save me a lot of trouble and time,” Zhang Han said.


Single horn White horse indulged, nodded and promised:

“Small, you and Zhang Hanyang, go to the Dragon Star Province to fight!”

“Ao, oh, destroy!”

These juniors have nearly 10,000 ancient animals, and many of them are excited:

“I didn’t play enough last time the old fox!”

“This is comfortable.”

“Go and go.”

Watching the riot scene.

Luo Shanwu’s mouth moved.

I feel a bit dry.

Nearly 10,000 ancient animals.

God, Xing Yi Xuan, Hu Tiandao, what is this?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hand over the ones directly?

Hundred thousand Elite, oh, my God, Xing Yi Xuan is about to fall to the second-line forces.

Dong Xiang and Luo Li looked at each other a few times.

They all saw a shock from their respective eyes.

Carrying the ancient army of the ancient beasts, this kind of thing, the millennium, is also the only one of Zhang Hanyang.


Zhang Han hehe smiled and led the team.


This is like a planet like a ring.

This is made up of a very strong metal, and after several times of transformation, it has become a place that does not go to the outside, and belongs to the aristocratic forces of Tianlongxing Province to solve the grudges.

Playing outside, there will always be a lot of chaos, and gradually, an unwritten rule is formed.

But when the grievances reach a certain level, the high-level leaders of both sides also want to fight, and they will solve them in the comet.

at this time.

The space station of the comet seems to have been no one here for more than ten years.

There are only a few functional robots on the space station for normal maintenance work.

Weng weng weng!

A ship spaceship came here.

At the height of the comet, there are eight large-scale viewing platforms.

“hundred thousand elite, admission!”

Xing Yi Xuan Great Elder Nan Long, waved.


An aircraft, coming out of the kingship.

One hundred thousand Elite Disciple, and soon stood on a square like a large circular platform.

The entire square is huge, and the hundred people are above, and only account for 1.00% of the area.

At the beginning, like Luoshanwu, I went to the Stars and Stars to smash the stars and talk about things. Some other powerful forces, whether they were front-line forces or second-line forces, came to watch the battles in person. On eight platforms, they were divided into three waves.

A group of people headed by Xingxuan sect master Hu Tiandao, standing beside him is a lot of stars, such as Great Elder Nanlong.

Even Lu Shuihan stood behind them, and Lu Shuihan’s expression was calm.

Including other people, I believe that Xingxuan is a must.

The second team is a group not far from the platform, and the Luo Family has a good relationship.

The number is very small, only a dozen people.

They saw Luo Family, Luoshanwu, and left with Zhang Hanyang on the same day. It seems that they have a very close relationship. Now they are not sure about their ideas. They have a relationship with Xingxuan. Of course, they must stand on the Luo Family side.

The last team, there are about 20 people, the number is not many, on the platform in the distance, but also the characters and the people who come to the head, acting as pure melons, because the comet battles, come here to see lively.

“The number of people watching the game is really small.” Nanlong glanced around and shook his head: “Sect master, such a good opportunity, why not publicize, let the people of Tianlongxing Province look at the strength of our star Xuan Xuan, right next There are also great benefits to recruiting disciplines.”

“Great Elder said this.” Third Elder shook his head and said: “This incident is caused by some disputes of the juniors. We also understand the specific things. According to the truth, this matter should be the fault of Ma Lin, but Lu Hao took the initiative to help, we couldn’t say anything, we wanted to bully each other, but we never thought that people were Zhang Hanyang’s daughter, and they hit the iron plate. Before that, our star’s discipline was also at fault, and it was calm and calm. Take a step back in the sky, but Zhang Hanyang, as the elders, to the juniors, the mistakes are bigger, these disputes, you can also know, we are eager to publicize, so big move, the result is because of such a small thing, spread out of demeanor, Our Xingxuan is a famous decent, and we can’t be like a barbaric man like Zhang Hanyang.”

“That’s right.” Another Elder nodded. “Besides, we don’t need this kind of propaganda. We don’t pay for it. Zhang Hanyang offended us. He was arrogant. Give me a big blow and let him know the stars and The gap between the provinces of the stars, apologizing to us in front of these people, is acceptable.”

“Let’s come here, just apologize?” There was an Elder murderously stunned: “Lu Shuihan Elder’s righteous woman is dead, why is his Zhang Hanyang’s junior alive? I suggest that the people involved at the time, all handled, now The Dragon List is just around the corner, and it’s time to kill chickens and monkeys.”

“With the strength of Zhang Hanyang and the face of Luo Family, the death penalty is exempt, and the crime is hard to escape. I think it is okay to destroy the cultivation base.”


Everyone in the room, you say a word, discussing how to punish.

The people who spoke are also Elder of Xingxuan, sect master Hu Tiandao and several people with similar identities stand at the forefront of the platform to see the surface of this comet.

“I haven’t been here for years.” An old man laughed and said: “Hu Sect master, listen to the words of Elder, what are you going to do?”

“Zhang Hanyang has a relationship with Luo Family after all.” Hu Tiandao said solemnly: “Indeed, as they say, the death penalty can be avoided, or Zhang Hanyang, or the people who started to work for me.” Junior, when I will choose Zhang Hanyang, whether to abandon myself, or his daughter and the juniors, it is necessary to see Zhang Hanyang’s choice. Isn’t that more interesting?”

“You, I really don’t want to suffer.” Old man shook his head, expression was a little emotional.

“My Hu Tiandao has been stalking for so many years. He Zhang Hanyang is just a hairy boy that’s all for me.” Hu Tiandao is said: “I also gave face to me that day, I really don’t want to face, then I use the actual Act to tell him what is reality.”

“Zhang Hanyang is young and young, but has the power of Void Refinement. It is also a person who gets great good fortune. It should not be underestimated,” said another middle age person.

“I will not despise his strength, but if I fight this comet, I will win one game first. If he does not accept it, I will try to ask for advice.” Hu Tiandao said.

“It seems that you are all planning to do it? If he retires? Don’t want to fight with you?”

“There is a gift, an apology, and a choice of punishment. I can also let him go.” After Hu Tiandao finished, he was silent and looked down at the indifference.

The Stars Xuanhund thousand elites, including more than half of the Spirit Transformation, have no chance of losing.

Even if you change to the same big force in the province of Tianlongxing, you should also be jealous of the stars.

The other one.

Dean’s Dean of the Academy, standing in a third-party crowd.

He is the highest-ranking person among the more than 20 spectators.

“Mountain Dean, you said Zhang Hanyang and Xing Yixuan, who will win? Zhang Hanyang can kill the peacock king, the armored dragon, the means is superb, it is said that in the sea dragon star domain is also call the wind and summon the rain, such a character, If you don’t have the confidence, you shouldn’t promise to fight the Stars?” Someone asked.

“Who will win…”

The dean of the mountain sank and finally sighed: “In fact, Zhang Hanyang has a 90.00% chance of winning if there is no accident. If the shot is taken, don’t underestimate Zhang Hanyang. He is a big backer.”

“What big backing? Is that person who can suppress the horror big demon in the center of the blue sand winds?”

In this regard, the mountain director laughed and said nothing.

Did not talk much, he did not know the exact news.

Even suspected that Yue Wuwei would not necessarily be shot, in his understanding, Yue Wuwei is the kind of broth.

“There is a person over there.”

“Is it Luo Family spaceship?”

“They are also watching the fun?”

Shua shua shua.

Many eyes were on the scene.

I saw a spaceship and soon approached the space station, the royal ship of the Luo Family.

When several aircraft fell from it, the people in it emerged from the aircraft.

I can see everyone in the room.

“What? Didn’t bring someone?”

Xing Yi Xuan Great Elder Nanlong complexion sank.

Is this playing?

Zhang Han and the others, plus Luoshan Wuand the others, a total of dozens of people.

Standing on the platform where Hu Tiandao is not far away.

This scene allowed Hu Tiandao to breathe a cluster.

He felt that this was completely a face of the face of the star.

“They didn’t bring people to come, so to say, is Yue Lao ready to shoot?” Shan Dean expression fretting.

“The strength of Yue Old Lord…”

He doesn’t know the specifics, but even if he is now Void Refinement Early Stage, he still feels that the method of Yue Wuwei is unfathomable.

“With Yue, the battle is already invincible.”

The mountain chief thought.

There is also a strange look in the eyes.

He is looking forward to seeing the picture of Yue Wuwei, because it will be beautiful.

Others don’t know this, but they don’t think so.

In the crowd with a good relationship with the Luo Family, a lot of exclamations were made:

“What! They didn’t bring people, how can they fight?”

“Even if Zhang Hanyang is a strong Void Refinement, can’t it be arrogant? Isn’t this a pit person?”

“What makes Luo Family’s main feelings? Standing on their team, this is the power of the dispute between the two parties. I chose the team, but Zhang Hanyang used these as jokes? Impossible, really discouraged!”

Many people feel that it is worthless for Luoshan.

Even very angry.

“Luo Family Lord, one of the glory is ruined, and his Zhang Hanyang, if you admit your mistake, Luoshanwu, you have to lose face!”

“It should not be easy to stand up.”

“Unfortunately, I thought that Zhang Hanyang would have superb means and methods. I didn’t expect to come out in the air. It was arrogant, or I despised Xingxuan. In any case, Xingyixuan is known as the famous strength of Tianlongxing.岂 will be so simple, the following hundred people in the crowd, it seems that Spirit Transformation is only half, but there are many hidden Spirit Transformation environments, the overall reach more than 80.00%, in exchange for other forces, also a few minority talents such as Tian Luo Academy. Pressure, other…not to mention people from the stars.”

“Look, maybe there will be a reversal.”

Most people are not optimistic about Zhang Hanyang, even cynicism, but for these attitudes and words, this side is gone.

“Hahaha, Zhang Hanyang, how are you arrogant!”

Hu Tiandao said with a sneer: “Agreed good thousand people fight, you did not bring people? Is it ready to go out, one person singled hard thousand?”

“It’s a joke!” Nanlong taunted: “Do you think Void Refinement will not fall?”

“Less special nonsense.” Instructor Liu said: “When you lose, don’t ask grandfather to tell Grandma.”


One of Elder’s Elder’s eyebrows stood in the eye: “Don’t swear here.”

“Since it is here, I am ready to start.” Hu Tiandao’s expression is light, and the tone is more dull: “I don’t care how many people you are on, whoever comes on, since the battle of the stars is agreed by everyone, we must proceed. , entering the surface of the comet, the energy layer rises, there is no turning back, only one party wins.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han hehe smiled: “You don’t regret it.”

“What do I have to regret?” Hu Tiandao’s cold breath dissipated and became very indifferent: “Zhang Hanyang, it is you who regret it, you will recognize your class today.”

“is it?”

Zhang Han suddenly laughed, as if he felt a little funny, saying, “What class do you think I am?”

“Do you need me to say it? The words “Hailong Xingyu” have already explained everything.” Hu Tiandao spread his hand and said lazily: “Begin, I can’t wait to see this game.” War, you dozens of people, against my star Xuan Xuanhund thousand elite.”

“hundred thousand elite.”

Zhang Han’s expression seems to have a hint of regret: “I said, Star Fight, how many people do you want to die,hundred thousand elite, Hu Tiandao, right? I hope you can laugh later.”

“Hahaha.” Hu Tiandao laughed a few times: “I really don’t know who gave you the courage. According to the rules of the comet, the hunting thousand people fight, you can’t have the cultivator above the Void Refinement. I am involved in the battle. I know that you may have a backing in the Sea Dragon Star, but the rules are rules. In front of everyone, I have to look at this hunting thousand people, how do you fight!”

“Turn on the energy layer.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

The smile on Hu Tiandao’s face gradually converges, waving his hand to start the operation, all around the comet venue, illuminating bursts of light, Heaven and Earth, and high-end technology, raising various energy layers.

It is no exaggeration to say that the defense here is stronger than the defense of many sect planets.

After all, this comet is a special planet funded by all the high-end forces in the province.

Weng weng weng!

Various energy layers rise slowly from the periphery.

Soon, the entire battlefield was circled.

“Zhang Hanyang, you can let your people go to death.” Hu Tiandao pointed to the battlefield indifferently.

The voice fell.

Xingxuan digital Elder made his own voice:

“There are dozens of people in the district, and there is almost no Spirit Transformation. Is it just going to die?”

“haha, the head is rusty.”

“If you change me, no one, I may not even dare to come here.”

They have put aside all considerations for face, they don’t care to laugh at each other completely, because they look at Zhang Han’s indifferent appearance, they want to step on it and trample on his dignity!

Luoshan Wujian shape frowned: “Hu Tiandao, manage your men.”

“My star 陨 的 的 貌 貌 貌 貌 貌 貌 貌 貌 貌 貌 貌 L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L


Luoshan Wuzuijiao trembled and said: “Hu Tiandao, this thing is that Xingxuan is not ruling, why should it be small? If you are willing to hand over Lu Shuihan and apologize, I can be a middleman. To reconcile this matter.”

Hu Tiandao is very arrogant, although the surface looks normal, but the heart is indeed arrogant, he is obsessed with it, and should not be borne by Sect’s Elite Disciple.

Luoshanwu has some love talents, but Zhang Mu, Zhang Guangyou also chatted, and shared a common idea. If Hu Tiandao can send Lu Shuihan and recognize a mistake, this matter will be given up.

But whoever thought, as soon as he came here, he faced a lot of ridicule.

Around the good temper of Luoshanwu, I don’t want to manage it. By the time the terror behind it has not arrived, he opened his mouth.

Kindheartedly licking the liver and lungs.

Hu Tiandao’s eyes are cold: “Luo Family Lord, I have decided, you don’t need to say much, when I traveled to Immortal Cultivation, Luo Family, you haven’t been born yet, if you are Luo Family ancestors, I can still Give a three-point thin face, but you Luoshanwu, what qualifications are in front of me to act as a flat person?”


Luo Shanwu’s face was black, and he slammed his sleeves: “If this is the case, I will not say more, what consequences, I will bear it!”

The words reminded me of this, and he was still so stubborn.

Well, since you are so confident, then wait and see!

Luoshan Wu is very angry.

However, his words, not only did not let Xing Yixuan change his mind, even sneer looking at this side, Nan Long also said:

“Isn’t it because I didn’t prepare at all, I couldn’t beat it. I want the Luo Family to come and speak. There is such a good thing on World.”

“hmph! ”

In this regard, Luoshanwu is coldly snorted.

I don’t want to say anything.

This scene.

It also makes people around all think a lot, it can be said that everything is said.

Luoshanwu’s friends sighed: I shouldn’t swear 胨 挥 锷 堑靡 堑靡 堑靡 堑靡 砩 砩

Mountain Dean is also somewhat confused:

Since Yue Old Lord is coming, will there be no means? What is their bottom card?

People around him don’t think so:

“I thought it would be a wonderful battle. Whoever thinks, it will be such a one-sided ending.”

“It’s too late to say anything, which is a disaster for Zhang Hanyang.”


In various arguments.

Hu Tiandao frowns, looked at Zhang Han:

“What are you thinking about? Don’t challenge my patience. Otherwise, my knife will not recognize people.”

“My ‘person’ is coming.” Zhang Han nodded, suddenly said: “This battle can also begin.”

“Yes? Where are the people?” Nanlong said with a big smile: “People, people…pu!”

The laughter of Nanlong stopped abruptly, just like a few hundred miles of cars suddenly stopped.

His eyes were round and round, and his eyes sparkled with horror.


Others seem to have not found out, their eyes converge on Zhang Han, some ridicule, and some secretly shake their heads, the irony is quite obvious.

At this moment.

A horrified, trembling voice was spoken from the mouth of Nanlong:

“Look, see, look at the sky!”


Hu Tiandao brows slightly wrinkle.

Great Elder What is going on? Panic.

But when he raised his head.


Hu Tiandao’s body trembled, his face turned white, and his pupil narrowed sharply.

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