Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1263

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Horror, it’s too horrible!

Let Hu Tiandao forget how to speak.

Others slowly raised their heads.

“My, God!”

“How is it possible? The ancient animals? So many?”

“No, no, how can this be?”

Under the eyes of everyone, the atmosphere of the planet, dense Mama is covered with a layer of ancient animals.

They work collectively.

They slowly drift forward.

Like a huge kite, it is full and covers the sun.

Covering the sky, the film is continent, and all fall into the darkness.



Various roaring sounds burst like a crack.

“How is it possible, how is it possible,” Hu Tiandao no bloody.

He seems to understand something.

The body squatted.

Lu Shuihan not far from his back.

His face was full of horror.

“It won’t be…”

I just had a bad idea in my heart.

Next second.


A large eagle, swiftly swooping, like catching prey, plunged into the defensive layer.

For the living body, you can enter and not go out.

The ancient beasts seem to have become an army, traveling fast, and outside the defensive layer, there is no attack at all.

Sou sou sou sou sou ……

An ancient animal has entered the battle circle.

That hundred thousand elite, look silly.

“So many ancient animals, how to fight?”

“Don’t! Fast, open the barrier, let us go!”

“Sect master saves lives, saves lives!”

“Put away, let us lose!”

Many people are panicked, fighting nearly 10,000 ancient beasts, only one death at the end.

These ancient and exotic beasts have a fighting power burst, with innate talent Divine Ability, nearly 10,000 ancient animals, sweeping the entire Tianlongxing province.

Nowadays, they are hundred thousand people, never thousand tops, but they are not the top, but they have to face such a brutal and ancient team.

How to play?

“God, this, this is really great talent.” Mountain Dean stared at the picture in front.

The people beside him are also exclaimed:

“The ancient animal, Zhang Hanyang called the ancient animal, too strong, who has played this?”

“originally is this way, originally is this way, Zhang Hanyang has always been emboldened, a horrible card, who can think of him, he can find an ancient beast.”

“Now it seems that Xing Yi Xuan is a joke, we just have a joke.”

Many people feel that their faces are burning, as if they were slap in the face.

I have just said that, after two minutes, I was beaten.

“The key is that no one can think of an ancient animal. I don’t understand now. How did he do it?”

Some of the good-natured people in Luoshanwu, on the platform, they are also in a state of procrastination.


“Luoshan is so good, his eyes are really hot, he is right.”

“Good one-handed turn, wonderful and wonderful, seeing the faces of those who are Hu Tiandao, it is more ugly than eating.”

They are biased towards Luoshanwu, and they are more happy after seeing this.

“ao 嗷嗷!”


“Eat them!”

These ancient beasts, at this time can be very excited, unscrupulous fighting, they like, and even many of them like to destroy, baring fangs and brandishing claws rushed up.

Nearly 10,000 ancient animals, what concept?

Arranged, it is several times longer than the hundred thousand people, hiding the sky and covering the earth, various attacks, unrelentingly falling.

“Stop, stop! Zhang Hanyang, you stop!”

Nan Long trembled and his heart was terrified.

Hundred thousand Elite Disciple, if all is dead, his sin can be great.

Not to mention that Lu Shuihan is dying, he may have to be accountable.

It’s such a big mistake that one needs to come out and bear the consequences!

Sect master to bear? How can it be?

“Zhang Hanyang, I beg you, stop and stop, don’t stop, don’t let them do it!”

Nanlong was in shape and flew to the platform on Zhang Han’s side, and he snorted.


The figure has just flew in half, and the whole person has become a shrimp and flies away.

Zhang Han slowly recovered his fist and looked at Hu Tiandao, indifferently said:

“You said, to bear the consequences, I like this sentence, and I really like to see your face now.”

“You! Hehe…” Hu Tiandao angered his heart, mouth spurt blood.

Looking at the slaughter below, his eyes are getting red.


Hu Tiandao all around, everyone feels scalp numb.

That old man is deeply sighed:

“The battle of the Stars, no matter what, but also bear the consequences, the outcome has been doomed, Hu sect master, calm and calm.”

Hu Tiandao is hearing this, closing his eyes, his fist holding the dead, trembling arm, suppressed murderous, as if to tell, he wants to kill the state of mind at this time.

Silence, silence.

No one is talking.

The atmosphere on the court is full of bloody cold.

Everyone in Xingyixuan is full of cold.

Especially Lu Shuihan, a bone-like cold, straight from the back into the brain.

“It’s over.”

Lu Shuihan knows that he is already cool.

“I, why, me, why did I want to shoot at the time, why…”

At this time, he seems to forget that what kind of resentment he must have reported in the beginning is how urgent hope is that his hands and feet can kill many people.

I thought that Xingxuan could keep him.

Now, with a touch of remorse on the heart, but gradually, it turned into a grievance, and he looked at Zhang Han with sorrow, his eyes stunned.

The comet battle ended.

In all eyes, the curtain fell.

Hundred thousand elite cultivator, where is the opponent of nearly 10,000 ancient animals.

The blood flows into the river.

At this moment, the anger in Hu Tiandao’s heart seems to break through the clouds.


The energy layer is slowly falling.

Sou sou sou !



Many ancient animals, flying directly into the air, marching far away in the universe, gradually disappearing into the field of vision.


A lot of people watching the lively are relaxed.

The pressure just now is simply unimaginable. It is too big. If there are so many ancient animals, if it is a riot, it will cause a storm. Even many people feel that if they fight, this comet may have to be destroyed.

“Lu Shuichan, how do you want to die?”

Zhang Han’s gaze suddenly looked towards towards Lu Shuihan.


Lu Shuihan screamed loudly: “Sect master save me.”

He is fast and close to Hu Tiandao.


A knife flashed past.

Lu Shuihan, pawn.

Even without responding, he was hacked to death.

Hu Tiandao’s sixth-order sword, held in his hand, he looked at Zhang Han coldly.

“How? Not satisfied?”

Zhang Han hehe smiled and calmly looked at him.

“Zhang Hanyang, what is your connection with the ancient animals?”

Hu Tiandao said coldly: “Zhang Hanyang! The riots of the ancient animals, and what is the connection with you? Zhang Hanyang, the appearance of the ancient animals, what role did you play, Zhang Hanyang, you damn it! It is your reason Let the ancient animals appear, it is your reason, let the Tianlongxing province suffer, it is your reason, let countless people die, Zhang Hanyang! I Hu Tiandao, how do you want to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven today? Those who are dead, ask for justice, you don’t have to regret, you will use your life to pay homage to those who are dead!”

“pa 啪pa pa! ”

In the face of this quite imposing manner, under the gaze of all eyes, Zhang Han actually raised his hand and said with a long voice: “You are really shameless.”

“Hahaha, I was the first to see such a brazen man.” Yue Wuwei laughed.

“He is funny,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Like a fool.” Zi Yan also said something.

“The good image you describe, the more you look at it, the more you look like a fool.” Zhou Fei said.


A series of words made Hu Tiandao almost blow up.

“You have already won, why bother?” The old man fringed beside Hu Tiandao said: “Young people, get people to spare … and forgive.”

“What kind of stupid do you think?” Yue Wuwei said with a face of “give cold shoulder”: “Respond to both of us to show of age?”

“Not much to say, Zhang Hanyang, you and me, the victory and defeat of the points, but also life and death, can you dare?” Hu Tiandao knife pointed to Zhang Han.

“as you wish.”

Zhang Han responded with a sigh of relief and fell down.

Suspended in a Void outside ten thousand meters.


Hu Tiandao flashed down, holding the knife in both hands, and the moment he got out of the knife, the momentum on his body changed significantly.

Just like an angry tyrannosaurus, he was like a mountain at this time.

Towering over the mountains.

Calm and heavy.

No exaggeration, anger.

Some just concentrate on the attitude toward the enemy.

This is a piece of teaching.

This is Hu Tiandao.

Under the prestigious name, there is no vain.

Hu Tiandao is also a famous strong man. Under his knife, I don’t know how many souls are dead.

The well-recognized strongmen in Immortal Cultivation are on the top of the enemy’s bones.

Hu Tiandao knives with both hands, holding the long knife behind his back, and slamming down, slamming into Zhang Han.


I saw the long knives of the hundred zhang, lightning-like attack on Zhang Han.

Extremely sharp, just like cutting space.

In the face of this sharp move, Zhang Han had to avoid it.

With the Five Elements Undying Body, it is hard to resist, although it can withstand it.

“Magic Shadow!”

Zhang Han’s thoughts are moving, and the secret law is now.

One, two… In just one second, Zhang Han’s silhouette has reached hundreds of them.

Even Divine Sense has not detected which is true and which is false.

“A very good move, but in front of me, the clown is the same.” Hu Tiandao sneered, and sighed: “Heavenly eyes!”

Hua hua hua!

Hu Tiandao’s eyes, blooming dazzling rays of light.

That kind of hundred zhang knife mans, divided out more than ten roads, running away with more than a dozen silhouettes.


Zhang Han expression Jog.

I did not expect Hu Tiandao to have such a move.

“so so.”

Zhang Han smiled.

Do not hide at all.

The knife mandled through a dozen silhouettes.

Hu Tiandao stunned.

Because he clearly felt that one of them was a real enemy.

The secondary attack target, locked in a dozen silhouettes, is the direction of the enemy to avoid.

However, Knife Mang has passed, Zhang Hanyang, was not injured.

“Good exquisite movement technique!”

The mountain director looks bright.

“Strong and strong, Zhang Hanyang is really strong, it makes me unexpected.”

“This kind of movement technique, and only the Void Refinement mid-season can do it with him.”


Hundreds of forms, together, cast a spell.


Seeing this scene, Hu Tiandao complexion slightly changed.

Because he had already felt it in advance, from the formidable power of the curse, he was sweating, and he had to take out the treasure when he was in crisis.

A 3-Layer treasure tower, white, exudes the appearance of the tower, and covers it with Hu Tiandao.

The curse seems to be turned into a black line, and it is constantly surrounded by the outside of the treasure tower and cannot be broken.

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