Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1462

Granny Father’s latest chapter, one hundred and sixty-two chapters, the rain, the astronomy.

    “We went to school.”

    When we got to the place, Mengmeng and the jockey went to school.

    Zi Yan also called Mount Rohan.

    罗山得知后,立马放下手头的事情,将Mengmeng 和岳小闹来上学的事情吩咐了下。


    fact, there is nothing to be specifically instructed, and both have been studying, even without a record of school.

    Back to class.

    Students are dressed in school uniforms, and Mengmeng and the jockey are wearing their own clothes and visible.

    “Huh? How come two men?”

    The classmates are starting to fall apart.



    “Oh, my God, you’re back!”

    “Wow! Why have you been there for more than two years? Are you going to other schools?”


    After the initial stay, many of the students were then shocked, and a few more people even spoke.

    “Hi, everybody.”

    Mengmeng waved his hand, and he walked to the last row on the left.

    The last row has four empty seats: Mengmeng, four of them.

    The table chair doesn’t have dust.

    Just empty.

    “We go out and do major events.”

    “Sister, you’re more cute, like the group called.” Somebody said.

    “What do you say?” The little crawl says, “What’s fat, don’t mention it.”

    “Mengmeng Beauty, still flowers, tsk tsk.”

    When Mengmeng took off the more lovely duck tongue hat, he provoked a couple of bold boys’ classmates:

    “It’s getting prettier, really, and my heart is drunk.”

    “Pack.” This little trick is like an evaluation.

    Those boys were also truthful, said with a smile: “Sisters are still so tough.”

    “Where have you been for two years?” There’s a lesbian question.

    “Get out of here and play.”

    “Where’s Felina and Nina?”

    “They’re not back yet.”

    “Too bad.” It was a shame to say, “It was hard for you guys to have been so good at the beginning, especially when it was rainy, and more than two years without learning.”

    The man who talks is sighing, but it seems a little pleasant in his heart?

    Mengmeng looked at it, and hehe smiled: “The Palace is not dead, Earl is finally Chechen, and this year’s high exam is mine.”

    The girl’s mouth moves, wants to rebutte, but she has nothing to say.


    “So you’ve learned too? Is it in other schools?”


    Ten minutes.

    The director is here, and when he sees Mengmeng and the zoo:

    “Traveller, this is.”

    The director jokes and looks like he says, “Do you have any certainty?”

    “Just as soon as the rain says, take this year’s exam.”

    The director of the class went down and said with a slight smile: “That could be accelerated, with a few of us doing better this year, and I heard three of them, the Berry private school, and a few simulations were particularly high.”

    “No problem, Mengmeng, I’m famous too!”

    Just while speaking, Deputy Principal rushed in.

    “Wu Principal.”

    The director of the class looks good.


    Wu Principal Microslightly nodded, staring at the classroom, seeing Mengmeng, this thing smiles:

    “Mengmeng, you’re back.”

    In the classroom, it was discovered that Wu Principal followed two people with a series of books, simulation tests, etc.

    “From a class of one to three, there’s a variety of simulations, and if you want to see it.” U Principal said with a smile.

    “Thank Principal.” Mengmeng said thank you.

    After leaving a new book, Wu Principal said, “What’s the matter? Call me anytime.”


    When Wu Principal they left.

    Class’s quiet too.

    It is clear that Principal could be allowed to send a textbook in person… that identity is not the same.

    Of course, like the director of the class, there’s a part of the classmate who knows that at first grade.

    Last few days.

    Each Teacher sends a number of retrieval materials, which are carefully prepared and where the focus is.

    Mengmeng and the motherfucker are also very quiet at school.

    Quiet reading and enjoying the last few days of high school.

    To go to college, to classmates, to learn that the suffering of high school is over.

    At noon, come to the cafeteria.

    At the gate.

    “Aiya, Mengmeng! I want you dead!”

    Li Eun, come on, happy to hold Mengmeng.

    “Huh? Easy.”

    Mengmeng was hugged for something.

    Ever since she was a kid, she liked to let Father mother hold, grow up, and Zi Yan hug, and Zhang Han was basically holding his arm, pulling her hand, holding less.

    There is no difference between men and women, and it is clear that Zhang Han was instigated.

    “Why are you so slow this time? It’s been more than two years.” Li Eun’s excited.

    “Hey, this is an accident, or we’re back early.” Mengmeng laughed said.

    “Why are you so fat?” Li Lin and Yuan are so quiet.

    She and Mengmeng had a little bit of fun, a little bit late, but not as good as Mengmeng.

    “Don’t say, I’m not fat!” The little crap doesn’t hate it, and it says, “It’s full. Look at you. Look at me.

    The atmosphere has been solidified for a moment.

    Mengmeng looked at Li Eun’s chest and swept himself, and finally looked at the underground jokes.

    Three types.

    “I seem to be getting a little slow.” Li Ling blinked: “Let’s go back to dinner.”

    Speaking of three people entering the cafeteria, they were overcrowded and had little space.

    “Mengmeng, you’re in that seat, we’re going to buy food, what are you going to eat?” Li Jon asked.

    “I…” Mengmeng grows down and says, “Hot?”


    Li Lin ran to buy food, sneak into Dada, buy a cloud.

    Go back to your seats and start eating and talk.

    “Mengmeng, how long can you stay here this time? It’s going to be high soon.” Li Lane asked.

    “It should be a long time this time, not always out. Not too long.” Mengmeng said.


    Li Eun was happy: “So we can play together. Oh, yeah, why hasn’t Felina and Nina come back?”

    “They…” Mengmeng lamented: “They’re not coming back for a while, but I feel like they’ll be back for a while.”

    “Oh, there’s something wrong.” Lee Ryan doesn’t understand, nodded, and he says, “Sister Mengmeng, do you think about college? Shall we join us? Now my grades are fine, we’re in Hong Kong, the University of Science and Technology, the Faculty University, and I’m sure, but I don’t want to stay in Hong Kong.”

    “Like, it’s not Hong Kong, going to another city.”

    “Great.” Li Lin said, “My little face is stuck:” How can I get seven percent? “


    Mengmeng came down, and then she was sinked, two seconds later, and she hesitant said, “Seven percent, it seems to be empty, or less than seven percent.”


    Li Eun’s chopstick fell on the table, and she was whispering, “It burned out suddenly, and I shouldn’t ask you.”

    “I’m telling the truth.” Mengmeng’s big eyes turned and laughed.

    “Ask her what? Ask me,” The Ontario. “

    “Have you had experience? By the way, Sister Li has finally had a little excitement.

    “Experience, yes, I’m going to be seven percent, less on a few subjects.”

    Li Lin: “This meal can’t be eaten!”

    One is a number of issues, one is a few, like, one has to do the same, not the same, but the number.

    But the same is true.

    Li Jon saw a couple of eyeballs burning, picking up chopsticks with silence, boring up.

    And then all around shouting.

    all around is full of people, the table next door, with four boys.

    One of the skinny sluts said:

    “We Teacher also said today that high school tight college loose, with some self-reliance, college not just playing, but learning, and I think one of those words makes sense.”

    “Which one?” Little Fatty next to Little Fatty asked.

    “High school tight, tsk tsk.”

    “It was.”

    “You don’t understand.” Another high-school eye, looking at a skinny man: “It’s a little interesting, sometimes high school tight.”

    “There’s also a high school loose.” The skinny man Lowly laughed up and picked up the eyebrows.

    “What are you talking about?” Little Fatty Boys are focused on eating up.

    Hear their conversation, Li Jon eats eating, stuck, chilling, whispering, saying, “It’s disgusting.”


    The next few days.

    Mengmeng and the jockey have also been in the temperature.

    Soon, come to the high school day.


    seems that the atmosphere of society is different.

    There’s a lot of free cabs, and love cabs, free of charge for students.

    That is how much can be seen in the first high school, at 7: 30.

    A taxi radio system:

    “Hannon’s peer’s exam is on the bus and is on its way to the sixth middle school entrance…”

    And those who forgot to take good evidence, went to the wrong exam, and they repeated.

    Of course there’s a lot of fun.

    “Wish the exam to come on, the exam would be fine, and Senior would be waiting for you at work.”


    Higher exam is a place to prove, working so hard for so many years, it’s a failure, just two days.

    Mengmeng, motherfucker, Li Lin, are all at the first secondary school.


    7: 30, a lot of parents came in front of the door.

    Zhang Han and Zi Yan are here too.

    “Go ahead.”

    Zhang Han waved.

    “Well, wait for my good news.” Mengmeng said it.

    “Go back, I’m fine.”

    Innocent suddenly erupted two fingers, with a little trick.


    That’s what “yeah” means.

    “Two witnesses!”

    “Two witnesses, who are you?” Have you seen your license and ID? “

    “I brought it!” The little bird stared at me.

    Get into the gate and see Li Jon waiting next to you.

    “You’re coming.”

    Li Eun-jun got his hands on, “I’m so nervous, I feel my heart’s going to jump out, my hands are sweating.”

    “What’s nervous?” Mengmeng comforted: “Don’t worry.

    “No, that’s how you comfort people?” Li Lane touched his head.

    “Just play it properly, you simulate the exam three times, not at about 600 or 70?”

    “But I think Kawada is not enough for the North to score lines.” Li Eun-Eun is under stress.

    If it doesn’t work well, it’s even worse.

    “Don’t worry about it. Besides, we’re not going to go to Tokyo.” Mengmeng said.

    “Don’t go to Tokyo?” Li Eun-yeon’s gone.

    “Well,” Mengmeng said, “No one said we had to go to the highest number of universities to find an interesting university.”

    “Well, so long ago, I’ll be relieved.” Li Eun-yen’s breath for export.

    Shoot the chest, relax a lot over time.

    “Then I’ll just play it, and I’ll check out where college is fun.” Li Lin said.

    Three people are divided in different exams.

    Mengmeng went into the exam.


    can see a lot of students, sitting in danger.

    Some expression is nervous, some relax, and others relax, and I don’t care, but there are only two kinds of things that are so confident and broken.

    Mengmeng sat down, the front seat was a girl, in the snow, a cigarette.

    Soon, two exams Teacher walked in, a man and a woman.

    “To begin by focusing on the prohibition of the carrying of electronic products capable of sending or receiving information…”

    Say when the bell rings.

    Teacher, pick up the test pack:

    “Under the supervision of the classmates, this is sealed.”

    Speaking of him shaking the front monitor, he opened the bag and started issuing the test.

    “Why do you have paper here?”

    Teacher walked next to the woman before Mengmeng and looked at the scarf.

    Teacher, I’m cold. “

    Teacher was silent and put the last napkin back.

    The result was a dozen minutes, and the tissue was exhausted.

    Teacher took a piece of paper out of her bag, right next to her, and then she’ll give it to one, service week to the end.

    That’s not going to make a girl look at it.

    Teacher’s attention, however, was quickly placed on Mengmeng.

    “Nice little girl.”

    “Nice words too.”

    “Huh? She seems to have a very high rate.”

    “It’s a good kid.”

    Look at Mengmeng’s question, and she gives the girls in front of the paper towel.

    “Enough, enough.”

    Half a woman’s exam can’t stand it anymore, and the nose is getting red.


    Two days of high school will soon be over.

    Someone’s happy with people’s grief.

    “We can finally get out. Hi!”

    Li Lin, relax and say, “Mengmeng, how are you doing?”

    “All right.” Mengmeng said.

    “How much?”

    “Seventy hundred and forty minutes.” Mengmeng answered.

    “Wu Wu Wu…”


    “What about you?”

    “I played well this time, about 700 cents.”

    “Wu Wu Wu,”

    A male classmate finally couldn’t stand tears.

    “Know the score?” Li Jon’s got half a shock: “Listen to your answer, I may have more than 600 or eight percent.”

    Everyone around is rushing away.

    “What college do we report?”

    “Let’s get out of here tonight. Hi.

    We’re going out to play tonight.

    Everybody back home first.

    Good news about the exam.

    Get dressed at home, get dressed up.

    After the darkness, three people started their night life.

    A little while at the bar, more than 9 o’clock to the beach, mixed up into someone else’s cruise party, with many new generations of young people in Hong Kong.

    And Mengmeng was almost big, handsome.

    By the middle of the night, we had a barbecue on the Gulf.

    Back to Crescent Mountain in the middle of the night, playing a little game, and then sleeping each other.

    Play a few days, and estimate it.

    When the students knew Mengmeng had a score of up to 7040.

    It was shocked: school hegemony or that school heavier.

    “Zhang Huang, what college do you want to report?”

    The director laughed very sweet: “If the university is questioned, you can contact Teacher anytime.”

    He’s out of his class, too long to face.

    The Director is very pleased.

    “I don’t think so. Wait till we talk about it at night.”


    Ridiculous, Mengmeng and Li Lane had coffee, just hanging out the street.


    “Then Mengmeng, you’re sure.” Li Lin said.

    This round to Mengmeng is late: “I don’t know what to choose. Forget it.”

    “Catch?” Li Eun is stuck. Which college do you have to decide?

    “It’s a good idea.”

    And suddenly, the jockey came up and said, “What, how many? Fifty universities?

    “All right.”

    “Server, bring paper and pens.”

    The motherfuckers checked with their phones, wrote down 50 universities, put them in front of Li Jong’s desk, and they’re screwed up.

    “Pick it.”

    The motherfucker and Mengmeng looked at her.

    “It’s a lot of pressure!”

    Li Yuan swallowed his mouth: “Really I choose?”

    “Is there a fake? Come on.” The little trick drives.

    Finally, Li Eun, relax right hand, pick up a note in the lower side of the left and open it up:

    “It’s the West Transport University.”

    “Well, well, that’s it.” Mengmeng Point nodded: “I haven’t been there much.”

    “I’m sure I can report it.” Li Eun, relax completely.

    Circumstance is located in Western Province and has a long history of human life.

    Mengmeng’s college, that’s all.

    It’s mostly parents who don’t care.

    Innocence and Lisa, Zhang Han and Zi Yan, also let them do their part on college issues.

    As for Li Lin, she had a very thoughtful mother, and her father supported that she could be told to go to college with Mengmeng.


    the end, Li Xiaoqiao denied Li’s statement to Mother.

    Simply said, follow her.

    Playing with Mengmeng, Li Kai has always supported it.

    It’s just going to be Martial Artist. Li Kai didn’t think so. What are you doing?

    There’s no idea now.

    It’s too soon.

    And when it comes down, it’s raining, and it shocks the quartet, and makes countless scholars look forward.

    Many universities have taken the initiative to start robbing people.

    But unfortunately, there is no connection.

    Mengmeng, the motherfucker, Li Jon, have also been successfully recorded.

    Their half-foot has already entered the university career.

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