Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1463

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recent chapter of the Godfather, the first hundred and sixty-three chapters of the official text, is in school, in astronomy.


    Mengmeng said to Zhang Han and Zi Yan with a copy of the notice:

    “Class 431 of the Western Transportation Financial System.”

    “The notice came down?” Zi Yan smiled: “Come on, show Mother.”

    “Look.” Mengmeng sent the notice to Zi Yan.

    “The notice is not quite the same.” Zi Yan just saw Zhang Han coming from the side: “See? We daughter’s notification, we’re going to college, haha.”

    Look, Zhang Han won’t laugh freely.

    Mengmeng’s university notification, which is not the same in Zhang Han’s eyes.

    “Ready to go?” Zhang Han laughed.

    “Whatever, we’re all on an appointment, and we’re on the 29th, and we’re going to play in Tokyo for two days.” Mengmeng said.

    “Father Mother sent you.” Zhang Han said a word and recalled that when he first went to college, he shaked his head: “I don’t know before. Why do those who went to college have to send their parents, and fear and spare you this time?”

    “Uh, good.”

    Mengmeng blinked, nodded promised.

    She, the motherfuckers, and Li Jon all agreed to go together, and they didn’t have to be sent by their parents.

    As a result, only her parents will pass over for delivery.

    Mengmeng is, of course, happy.

    “Just two days we play, hehe, right, Li Jon has booked our flight.” Mengmeng suddenly remembered.

    “Isn’t there a plane at home?” Zhang Han strange.

    “There’s no point in taking a private plane.” Mengmeng said, “It’s normal to go to college.”

    “Right.” Zhang Han laughed, “I bought two tickets for that moment. Oh, yeah, didn’t you lose your bank card last time? Replace it.”

    “It’s already done.” Mengmeng replied.

    “How much money does Kari have?” Zhang Han asked.

    “I don’t know.” Mengmeng remembers the message of cell phones: “There’s a chain of things I don’t spend much money.”

    No attention was paid to what was specific, but rather to a long series of figures.

    Zhang Han pulled out his cell phone: “East Sung? You let someone check my daughter’s flight to Tokyo and buy me and Zi Yan…”

    Give me something.

    Not for a long time, Mengmeng’s new phone, and there’s another message.

    Open it up.

    A series of amounts are accounted for.

    “Father Lord Wang paid another zero?” Mengmeng laughed at hehe said.

    “It must be, little girl’s house, drummed outside.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

    “Just know that she’s used to it.” Zi Yan smiled and turned a white eye over.

    “That’s it, baby girl.”

    Mengmeng also laughed, and as a result Zhang Han spearheaded:

    “Why don’t we have a birthplace? Don’t be used to Mengmeng anymore.”

    Zi Yan knew Zhang Han was playing funny, microeyes: “This is a good idea, if it was born, better be a little boy?”

    “Can’t I be scared of a lot of men?” After Mengmeng stayed, he said, “Don’t give birth, I don’t want younger brother younger sister now.


    Zhang Han said with a smile.

    hmph! “

    Mengmeng, take his own notice, eagerly ran out.

    Little girls also do not know that Zi Yan’s situation can only have one last birth, as is the so-called only child.


    There is a total of one month on vacation.


    next day.

    Mengmeng is lying in bed playing games.

    “Mengmeng, get up, we’re going out.” Zi Yan knocked the door and walked in.

    “Not enough to lie, where to go?” Mengmeng asked.

    “Go to Heavenly Dragonstar Province.”

    “Ah,” Mengmeng lives: “So soon to the Immortal Cultivation?”

    “To do something, your father was ready for something, the Primal Chaos Stone, a landing star, put the stone in, and we came back.” Zi Yan said, “Will you not go?”

    “I’m not going, who took you out.” Mengmeng came out of the house and started washing up.

    “There’s an old man.” Zi Yan slightly smiled: “He’s with us, and if you don’t want to go, he’s at home.”

    “No, I’ll go.”

    Mengmeng just picked up and packed it up.

    Wait about half an hour.

    Zhang Han and Yu walked out.

    At this point, the jockey and Mengmeng are waiting here.

    There are only a few of them, not a lot.

    Big Black, Little Black stayed on Crescent Mountain.

    spaceship left the world for more than a dozen days and arrived at the rain star.

    Today’s landing stars, mountain tsunamis, with Spiritual Sense sensing winds and waves, can only see the clouds of dense clouds and lightning.

    ”What’s the use of Primal Chaos Stone?”

    “Haven’t you seen such a type of treasure?” Zhang Han asked.

    “Don’t pretend to be with us.” You’ve been mixed up in Immortal Cultivation before, or Transcending Tribulation Nine, and I’ve been neglected by you to say it. “

    Reminds me of this, the innocence is a bit harsh.

    He didn’t think Zhang Han was a hidden big guy.

    How old was Transcending Tribulation Nine?

    Think of yourself over the years, and Zhang Han’s comparisons.

    Feels like playing a knife in front of the bus.

    No wonder he’d be that many cultivation technique.

    after all is Transcending Tribulation Nine.

    Everything seems to have been explained, but the heart of innocence is somewhat blocked.

    “Primal Chaos Stone.”

    Zhang Han’s funny shaking head said, “It’s the type of special unseen, what you want to feel in the stone, at least Transcending Tribulation 7th grade grade basics, Primal Chaos Stone, or chaos, which means that it can speed up, learn, accelerate understanding of the mystery Divine Ability, etc., and, in general, it has a lot of value in the treasure. Over the nine stages of Spirit Treasure’s presence.”

    Innocent knowledge is that not every type of treasure is stronger than the nine stages Spirit Treasure, but it means function or role in Spirit Treasure Classification at 7th grade and above, starting with 7th grade, or going beyond nine.

    “So Primal Chaos Stone can speed up the rainfall stars?”

    “Yes, it may take a hundred years to change the rainfall star, but now there are Primal Chaos Stone, for a few years.”

    Zhang Han left that phrase and walked towards the hatch.

    Innocence, Lisa, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, all of them are behind.

    To Void in the universe, only Zhang Han began to perform Divine Ability, all kinds of treasure floors, pointing out the beautiful wire, Primal Chaos Stone was at the centre, slowing down to the surface of the planet and not entering it.

    hong long long!

    A cloud of clouds, the rain stars all of a sudden are empty, no wind, no waves, everything is static.

    The next moment, however, changes suddenly occurred.

    Whether it’s thunder or wind speed, it’s a dozen times faster than before!

    The flashlightning of the planet, like a night pearl in the universe, has always remained bright.

    “All right.”

    The whole process is still simpler.

    “Aren’t you afraid to lose?” Or can’t you stop asking?

    “Primal Chaos Stone, consumed.”

    Zhang Han said a word that left the dome trembling.

    Hyun-kyo, is that it?

    It’s really great talent.

    If you change him, it may be useless, but it’s 100 years, slowly waiting.

    But Zhang Han doesn’t care about treasure.

    Like Primal Chaos Stone, he was given greater attention by Zhang Han, but he did not cross Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, Primal Chaos Stone Stone, Spirit Treasure, or else treasure.

    It’s all outside.

    Step back.

    Roads through the Dragon Star, takes a few hours off.

    The situation of the Skyscrapers now has nothing, and the Blue Sand area is gradually disappearing, and the sea dragon area is much closer to Heavenly Dragonstar Province.

    Back to the tradition.

    It took 26 days back.

    On the rainfall day, a total of hours was also spent all the rest of the time on the road.

    This is the image of Immortal Cultivation, which takes a long time from one place to another.

    Of course, Immortal Cultivator is the most indispensable, that is, time.


    Back to Crescent Mountain, Mengmeng lay in his own big bed: “Be comfortable, or be comfortable.”

    Zi Yan came, sat by the bed, and she looked at the phone:

    “By the way, Mengmeng, you have a lot of students to do promotions, do you want to do it?”

    “Women Lord Wang, where’s your daughter, now lazy and not ready to play at all, not in trouble, hey, want some fruit, and lie down.” Mengmeng’s lazy tales.


    Zi Yan didn’t have a good word.

    Turn around and get some fruit, two juice and a few bags of snacks.

    “Thank you, Mother.”

    Mengmeng smiled hehe said.

    Lie in bed, eat snacks on the table, watch the flat computer, with keen interest pleasure.

    It was at home for two days and never went anywhere.


    Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Laughing, Li Eun, to Hong Kong International Airport.

    It took off at 10: 00.

    Only three hours have reached the Tokyo airport.


    city of Sitin is one of the best tourist destinations and one of the best international visions.

    “Mengmeng, you didn’t even get the luggage.”

    Li Lin, look at a few people who are on the ground, some envy, but don’t you understand that even for a few days, you have to take some of your life supplies?

    “Buy it directly.”

    The jockey answered the word.

    “You’re going to go to college in this city in the next few years.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “How are we going? Go to college. Find the dormitory. Or turn around first?”

    “Take a bus at the airport, go to college first.” Mengmeng said.

    “All right.”

    This time Zhang Han ran his legs, went to buy tickets, went to the airport bus, about an hour, took a bus, and finally came to the west gate.


    doors look a bit angry, and there’s a lot of newborns and many parents, and there’s a lot more private cars coming.

    There are volunteers in the campus with senior grades to receive newborns.

    A lot of people are watching, especially Senior, looking at pretty little junior sister.


    was no experience in the first place, trying to hook up, and it was only a month, and a lot of beautiful girls were found to have been chased, and many of them had bad Senior.

    Now they’re senior and naturally happy to have Junior Brothers meet for a second.

    These people will also observe.

    Sometimes you see the parents who send children to school, have millions of big cars, what Odioa8l, the tiger pack, Mercedes, even Bingley, Lawsles, and sometimes see one that attracts a lot of eyeball.

    That means that those who come to school are good and good generations.

    But this is only very few.

    Make them more interested, or pretty little junior sister.

    “Shit, come here. Look at these.”

    When Zhang Han they went into school.


    series of senior hospitalizations were suddenly surprised.

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