Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1521


new chapter of the Godfather, chapter 115, the boyfriend of Li Eun, the astronomical weng


    Two superruns away from Crescent Mountain.

    It’s the Mengmeng and the Ontario who went out for a ride.

    Drive to Li Lane’s small area.

    Open the door, and under the eyes of the people of the road, both of them go to the subdistrict.

    In some jealous eyes, it was also said, “The beauty who runs away, not the two generations, or the two milk.”


    seems that a large number of people have also moved towards that kind of life and have a series of images in their head.

    Mengmeng is wearing leisure clothes, inkles, colours, and grows up, Donald.

    “Mengmeng, Sister!”

    Li Lin was happy at the door with the player.

    “Haven’t you come yet?”

    Mengmeng blinked and looked around and said, “You didn’t expect us to leave for months, you got a boyfriend.”

    “hee hee hee hee, 19 years old, and don’t you ever love?” Li Eun-hoo said with a smile: “What’s the age to do, Mengmeng, puzzle, you two should be in love.”


    Mengmeng sighed: “Prosperity is impossible, my dad won’t let it, the key, and I don’t want to say what kind of heart is like a deer crash, what’s nervous to suffocation, tsk tsk, what’s exaggerating, I’ve never said.”

    I don’t know what Mengmeng said, when the child’s mother had gone through.

    “The key is not so good for men.” “” “Well, our circles are different, we’re in love and so on, and we’re not in a hurry.”

    “All right.” Li Eun-helplessly said, “You two are the best, just be single nobility.”

    Mengmeng said, “Do you have the feeling I just said?”

    “Are you moving?”

    Li Lin was a little late and said, “I don’t know, sometimes nervous, but when I first kissed, my head was blank.”

    “Kiss?” I saw it in a little trick: “Where did you two go?”

    “Just normal love.” Li Lane answered.

    “Open the room?” Mengmeng.

    “It’s not.” Li Ryan pretty face slightly: “We only met for three months, so fast, last time he gave me a surprise, and then he kissed me, and I didn’t refuse.”

    “Where is he? How do you guys know that?” Mengmeng good strangely said.

    “It’s like a Tokyo man.” Li Lane said, “I only know that his family is in Tokyo, and he doesn’t know what happened to my family, and then our character, the triple view and so on are more consistent, and the opposite side is going on.”

    “Oh, what’s his name?” Mengmeng asked.

    “Li Xiaohu, just like I am.” Li Lin said, “It’s good, if it’s done, they don’t have money, they all have children’s surname Lee, and there’s no other problem.”

    Fuck, you think it’s far enough. ”What’s the tongue?” Even marriage? “

    “Just fantasize.” Li Lin said.

    “He’s from our school too?” Mengmeng asked.

    “Yeah, it’s our school, hey, you guys leave, and I’m bored in school, and that’s what I know in college, one big time than us.” Li Lane said, “The phone suddenly rings.

    “Hello? Ah, my good sister and I just met, and you were hanging around at the mall, waiting for us to call you later.”

    Hang up, Li Lane leads to the left side of the street and says, “Come on, let’s walk to the front mall, and maybe ten minutes to get there, where he’s waiting.”

    “Just go and see.”

    Mengmeng Point nodded: “How did he catch you?”

    “When we met, I asked someone to listen to him.

    Big one and two aren’t in love, studying well, and being the vice-president of the student union, he’s nice, and he’s always looking for me to skip, sometimes play golf, go out for coffee and talk, and he doesn’t know where to know my birthday, and he gave me that big flower, and then I promise. “

    “Come on, don’t say that.” “The jockey felt a little uncomfortable, and said,” Look at you, a cheek, Aiya, can’t stand it. “

    “Sister, you laughed at me.” Li Jong-laughed said.

    It’s just different, it’s just so gloomy.

    “I’d like to see who robbed him, huh?” Mengmeng.

    “You come and turn me off, and if it doesn’t feel right, I’ll kick him.” Li Eun-pats, “My sister’s not much more important than a boyfriend?”

    “Don’t blow it.” The little trick touched the forehead.


    Talk on the one hand and go on the other.

    When you get to the mall, you don’t wait for Li Lin to call, you see Li Xiaoqiu.

    “He is.”

    Li Lin pointed to a man wandering at the door of the mall.

    Wears short sleeves, shorts and shoe, dressed clean, not so handsome, but feeling more civilized.


    Li Xiaohu saw a couple of people, waved his hands, had a gentle smile on his face, and came up.

    “Why are you waiting outside, so hot.” Li Jon took out the paper towel carefully: “Wipe the sweat.”


    Li Xiaohu picked up the towels, wiped sweaty, and watched Mengmeng and the zoo.

    “They’re my good sisters, and they’re big, rainy, crawling.” Le Jon introduced.

    “Hello, I’m Jean’s boyfriend Lee Xiaohu.” Lee Jung-ho laughed at nodded.

    “Well, my sister’s beautiful, especially Mengmeng, is a flower from early childhood.” Li Eun-said with a smile.


    Li Xiaohu’s head is tight.


    ‘s impossible to exaggerate other beauty in front of a girlfriend.

    “It’s beautiful, you’re three flowers.” Li Xiaoho said.

    Mengmeng’s first impression of Li Xiaohu.

    Her observation was also high, and Li Xiaohu’s eyes were not special, or she was sneaking in on her and her fathers.

    Mengmeng’s color is irreversible, and the little crap is full, and if Li Xiaoqiao sees it, they’ll know it for the first time.

    Go into the mall, go around.

    Li Xiaohu is as kind as he can not look at them as he can, and he is very kind to Li Eun.

    Nothing, in a restaurant on the sixth floor of the mall, people are ready for lunch.

    “I can stay in Hong Kong for five days.”

    Li Xiaohu said, “I came mainly to visit my relatives and my mother, and my grandfather was hospitalized, two days in the day, and then I might be going back to Tokyo.”

    “Your grandfather is alive?” Li Lane asked.

    “Well, it’s not too old to be serious.” Li Xiaohu said, “Look at Mengmeng and the jokes say,” We’re going to school, and if you want, you can go to Tokyo and then we’re going to college, and if we can go, I’m not going back with my mother. “

    It was intended to invite Li Lin himself to go, and then there might be a few romantic nights.

    Now it seems that two more lightbulbs will be needed.

    “To go to Tokyo?”

    Li Eun-yang is a little late: “Are you going? If we go together, neither do you go nor do I go to school anyway.”

    “What are you doing in love with yourself?” Mengmeng didn’t look good.

    “Uh, go ahead.” Li Xiaohu said.

    And he said, “There are a lot of special food, and he wants to take you to taste it.”

    “Is it delicious?”

    Li Lin slightly smiled: “Our Mengmeng’s food is the most delicious, and this is the next time you come to Hong Kong to take you to dinner.”

    “Okay.” Li Xiaohu laughed a little bit at nodded.

    Mengmeng and the Ontario, the first impression of Li Xiaohu, is very good.

    This man feels real and sincere, and does not pretend to be, but specifically not true, the two will turn it off.

    After lunch, the afternoon turned around in a few scenes.

    Until Huang Xiaohu gets the call and don’t leave.

    Go home.

    “Mengmeng, let’s see that little Li Ho, don’t let Jon be deceived.”

    “Well, go, go to the bedroom.”

    The two were sitting on the couch at random in the villa where the two people were stuck, and Divine Sense felt the situation there.

    At this point, he’s in the hospital’s ward, looking at an old man, a lot of people in the room, and he’s in the hospital.

    Follow the line and go back to a villa in a small area.

    Rest until 7: 00, dinner at the nearby restaurant.

    Until midnight.

    “OK?” Mengmeng said.

    “It’s like a good look, watching for a few days.”

    Three days later.

    In the day, Mengmeng and the Ontario Games often go out with Li Jon.

    Li Xiaohu had nodded hair, and he was going to date himself, come to a good night and so on, who would have thought that there was no chance at all.

    Li Lin decided to go to Tokyo, and Mengmeng was all right. They couldn’t get rid of Li Jon’s wreck, and they followed Li Xiaoqiu’s four men, travelling to Tokyo on the fifth day.

    “Here we go.”

    “Shall we go to the hotel or my house?” Li Huo said with a smile.

    “Yo, there’s a garden, tsk tsk, and I didn’t think Li Xiaoqiu was still an invisible second generation.”

    “Yeah, but it’s not very high at home.” Li Xiaohu Nodded should come down.

    He brought several people to the reception place, and he put a black Mabach.

    “Young Master.”

    The driver was kind enough to say hello.

    Li Xiaoqiao looked at the myth of several people in Li Yuan, see if it would be surprising and so on.

    There’s nothing wrong with it.

    “Their families don’t seem to be normal.”

    Li Xiaohu thought about it.

    “Go to the Tijiang Hotel.”

    Li Xiaohu said so.

    On his way over, he called home and said he was going to turn around with friends, and he won’t go back in the days.

    There’s nothing wrong with coming to the hotel all the way.

    Send to the place, the driver parked the car in the parking lot, and the key was handed over to Li Xiaoqiu and turned around.

    “This, how do you open the room?” Li Xiaohu has some expectation of looking towards Li Eun: “Yes.”

    “Of course the three of us are together.” Li Lin also knows what this guy thinks, and just say, “Just give us a suite.”

    “All right.”

    Come to the bar, Li Xiaoqiu, and just say, “Two presidential gloves.”

    When the room is open, on the way:

    “You guys are so light up.”

    Of the four, Li Xiaohu took a little suitcase, Li Jon took a big case, Mengmeng and the motherfucker, and they took a bag.

    It’s strange to see Li Xiaohu. How many clothes can you wear in this bag?

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