Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1522


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    Mengmeng hehe smiled: “I like shopping, buying.”

    “You don’t know.” Li Lin said with a smile: “Mengmeng’s dad is great for her, and I remember Mengmeng was that kind of thing when he was a kid, and whatever he wanted, he went out for shopping, but he was very happy.”

    “That must be.” Mengmeng laughed twice.

    I remember what it was like in an hour.

    “When I met my father and I met in Tokyo, and when my father was still living in a cheap rent, it was rare, old, dirty and dirty, and my dad was more obsolete and dirty, it was different to me and became a big handsome man.”

    Listen to this, Li Xiaohu.

    There seems to be a lot of stories here.

    Did she say her father wasn’t in good condition, or was she in Aristocratic Family, which was later endorsed?

    Some curiosity, but Li Xiaohu didn’t ask much, just listen.

    “Can Dad do the same? That’s not mortal.”

    People exaggerated Zhang Han, Mengmeng was happy.

    Huh? Huh? Little song, upstairs, into the room.

    Two bedrooms, the jockey likes to live alone, Li Lin runs past and Mengmeng is going to squeeze in a room.

    Lying in bed, Li Lin relaxed a lot:

    “Li Xiaohu’s family looks great. That’s the door. My dad won’t oppose it, but what if he’s too strong? I’m married to the door. Is that bullying? Aiya, what a mess.”

    “You can get it.” Mengmeng didn’t sound good, and said, “Be blown up, look at your stink.”

    “No, I can’t tell you.” Li Jong-woo laughed hehe said, “I just thought, I’m worried.”

    “Concern about what.” “The trick walks in and says,” The better his family is, you know why? “

    “Why?” Li Lin asked.

    “因为只有厉害的人才知道我们啊,我比较低调,也不太出名,有事提Mengmeng ,管他什么Aristocratic Family ,你就说我是张雨萌的好姐妹,保证那帮人给你供起来养着。”李沐恩说道。

    “You mean, martial arts?” Li Ling Ming, reacted, “I understand, and then I said,” I’m confused with my sister, see who dares to mess with me. “

    There are also some jokes, and Li Lin is not sure what Crescent Mountain is in Jianghu today.

    But she knew it soon.


    The doorbell rings, Li Lane runs over and opens the door.

    Li Xiaohu said, “I’ve fixed the Figina restaurant. When are we supposed to eat dinner?”

    “Mengmeng, when will you eat?” Lee Ryan asked.

    “Then now.”

    So a few people went out.

    Li Xiaohu drove himself to the restaurant.

    This is a high-profile restaurant, an excellent environment, especially on the fifth floor, which belongs to the membership system, and which can eat at the Figina restaurant is a small Kang Family Court, probably on the fifth floor, and many of them are at UprightSect’s expense.

    Just sit down, finish the meal.

    “Ho Ho, are you home in Tokyo very hard to deal with it?” Li Jon asked.

    “All right, Going to Kyung Li Family, it’s better, probably 30? I’m not too spoiled in my family, but it’s not a story of inheritance, but it’s good to administer one or two companies, as president of the hegemony.” Li Xiaoqiu, as he says, “Maybe later, Mrs. President?”

    “hehe, that’s too early for us to start dating now.” Li Eun laughed at hehe said.

    The two of them came to the eye.

    “Aiya, this is disgusting.” “The crooked head says,” Don’t love outside, you can’t eat, I think you two should go back to the hotel and talk to each other. “

    “cough cough cough cough…” Suddenly Suddenly cough up a little embarrassed: “Well, I don’t think so.“

    “Think of beauty.” Li Eun-yun White his eyes.

    Mengmeng looked at the excitement, and suddenly it was interesting to find out that the jockey said people were tired.

    She used to be fine and always said she and dad were bored and so on.

    “Yo, aren’t we Li Xiaoqiao Master?”

    The man who walked all three walks suddenly stayed.


    The first yellow suit young man, the expression has an exaggeration, sitting directly next to Li Xiaohu, pats his shoulder:

    “Li Xiaohu, long time no see.”

    Wrap it!

    Li Xiaohu complexion slightly changed, but then calm back, this is his city.

    “Zhang Woo.” Li Xiaohu Point nodded: “Longtime no see.”

    “Three? Can you stand it?” Zhang is a little mockery.

    “misunderstanding, she’s my girlfriend, these two are her sweets.” Li Xiaoho said, “Zhang, are you here to treat friends?”

    It’s more hideous to have a guest.

    In a few words, Mengmeng and the jockey can see that this guy and Li Xiaohu may have some stumbling.

    But looking at that arrogance, it’s a shame.

    “Young Master Li is really getting handsome.”

    A man standing behind him said with a smile: “Run out of Shanghai, go to Sitin, and look like the water builder there.”

    “Lovely girl with two honey, why don’t we have a table?”

    “Don’t be such a joke.”

    Li Xiaohu frowned, looking for the two.

    “Look, Li Xiaohu went out, went back to Tokyo, and it was all up.” Zhang Pas hands: “Come on, Young Master Li, have you met, come together? My big brother’s over there, you shouldn’t have had the guts to go over there, or is it, let me come to Big Brother and say hello to you?”

    Wrap it!

    Li Xiaohu’s face changed again, and he’s silent for two seconds: Not good, I have to treat my friends. “

    “You can’t go, I used to say hello with three beautiful girls, and I’m sending them back, this little request, you can’t refuse.”

    Almost bullying people in the face.

    Li Xiaohu was patient and became more powerful.

    How would he choose?

    Mengmeng and the motherfucker suddenly wanted to see if there were men.

    Not good, I refuse. ”Li Xiaohu is silent for two seconds, open up.

    “Well, there’s kind of, out of here, long enough.”

    Zhang’s a little bit nodded, and nothing, he swept his eyes off three women, and suddenly he came up and walked in.

    “It seems that this meal is not quiet, let’s go, let’s change the place.”

    Li Xiaohu, get up immediately.

    But whoever knows, Zhang’s two followers are standing by and watching, and one of them says:

    “Young Master Li, is this going to take your girlfriend to a toast?”

    Li Xiaohu is a little angry, and the color has risen by three cents, and he calls for an exit, no response and wants to leave with a few people.

    “Young Master Li will also wait a while, but we cannot afford to take responsibility if we find you leaving.”

    The two men were blocked before them, and they were not allowed to leave.

    “Are you sick?”

    Li Jon was reluctant to say, “How far is it to get out of here, and I don’t believe it. We’re going to leave you and stop it.”

    Speaking of Li Lane pushed on a man.

    That man back two steps, frowned.

    “Didn’t you think Young Master Li preferred a hot sister style?”

    Only on the other side, Zhang and a black clothed man, who seemed to be almost old last year, came over.

    “Little Boy.”

    The name is Zhang Bo, who is a relative, and who is worth it, Li Xiaohu is far from comparable.

    “hehe, since he met, it was a coincidence, to sit down and not talk to Li Xiaohu for a long time.”

    Zhang Bo came and saw Li Yun, and he was a beautiful girl, and he was dark and nodded, and when he saw Mengmeng, his eyes were bright.

    Li Xiaohu, silent for a second, and eventually nodded meant everyone to sit down.

    Mengmeng and the jockey are completely food-eaten, and nothing is planned to say.

    This situation is also a test.

    Li Lin was a little nervous, and she was worried about disappointment.

    There is no doubt that Li Xiaoqiao’s attitude determines the progress he and Li Yuan have made.

    If he is.

    Hang on, the feelings of those two people will be on the floor again.

    Li Eun came with Mengmeng, and Mengmeng understood that it was a time for them to watch it, as good sisters, which naturally did not have to be said much.

    Sit down after that.

    “These sisters came from the big deal?” Open up and ask.

    “My girlfriend and her two sweeties.” Li Xiaoho said.

    “Since it comes to play, then join us.” Zhang Bo has a few eyes on Mengmeng, and there’s no doubt: “You’re taking them to Tokyo, too, and I’m Toto be your Big Brother, and half host, and I’m going to make you happy, and I’m having a party tonight in the North Bottom.”

    Li Xiaohu is trembling.

    If it’s gone, it’s really up to you.

    Zhang Bo has already said something. How can he choose?


    seems to be quiet on the scene, and Zhang Zhang became a flame, “Lee Young Master, what? My brother invited you not to go?”


    If they refuse, it will be difficult to confuse in the circle in the future.

    Li Xiaohu’s forehead unknown to hang a sweat.

    suddenly, he sighed, said resolutely:

    Not good, Major Boy, I’m still a little bit of a thing, coincidence, next chance to get together, and I’m going to send them back. “

    “Are you all right?” The smile: “Are they all right? Don’t worry about going back, leave them here, we’ll be hospitalized.”

    “My girlfriend won’t be in trouble.” Li Xiaohu said.

    “Well, we’re welcome to the honey, and we like to be friends.”

    “Three of them live together, this is next time.” Li Xiaoqiu responded very quickly.

    Zhang Bohearing this after, freshly laughed.

    And Zhang fell straight down: “Li Xiaohu, is this dont give face?”

    At this point, there are several more people on the side, as well as people inside the circle.

    “Isn’t this Li Xiaohu?”

    “Come with me.”

    “I said,” How did Brother Bo get here, and there was someone familiar. “

    Many eyes are placed on Mengmeng, and there is no doubt that, in their eyes, Boss wants to hook up.

    It must be worthwhile to meet Top Grade.

    “Gentlemen, I’m sorry, I have something to do today. Next time I do, I invite you to pay for your sins.”

    Li Xiaohu stood up, and he didn’t realize that the two sweats fell down the corner of his hair.

    Although the surface is calm, there is some panic in the heart.

    “Li Xiaohu, I see you go out for two years, don’t you understand the rules here?”

    Zhang was suddenly shooting at the table, standing up, staring very loud in the eyes, and going to do the same.

    Zhang Bo is next to a fantastic look.

    And those who came here, and some faces fell down:

    “Li Xiaohu won’t give Boss a face?”

    “He looks like a coward.”

    “There’s power to call cows, no power, that’s stupid.”

    Li Lin exploded, standing up and pointing at each other and saying, “Who are you stupid? You’re a fool. You’re all stupid.”

    the girl’s breathing eyes red: “Mengmeng, they bully people.”

    “All right.”

    Mengmeng couldn’t see it. Sit down with Li Lin: “These people are too much.”

    “Well, how are you doing this, just watch jumping clown play, and wait a minute, Mengmeng let them punish them at home.”

    Li Lin, that’s better. Otherwise, the girl’s gonna be crying.

    “Li Xiaohu, sit down, don’t take care of them.” Li Jon said, “

    “Ah, um.”

    Li Xiaohu has a little silly eyes, broken cans, and he just sat down.

    It’s time for each other to react.

    Is this bullshit?


    Zhang Bofaintly smiled.

    And then Mengmeng stared, “What’s the joke? Come here and tell me which family you are.”

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