Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1523

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recent chapter of the godfather, the 105th twenty three, cost more than 100 million, flying astronomy,

    Ask the family?”


    hearts of the people have been tortured.

    In the Great Upper Town, no one has ever heard of the great Mengmeng.

    Probably in other cities, some finances.

    “Unfortunately, this is Going to Tokyo City.”

    They don’t panic, they even look cold, and they know that this is not good.

    And the first few beautiful women are afraid to suffer.

    “You want to find someone?”

    Zhang Pas hands: “Okay, I’m Zhang family.”

    “Zhang Family?” Mengmeng brows slightly wrinkle.

    Was it the Zhang family father had been waiting for?

    “Which Zhang family?” She asked again.

    “How many Zhang Family?” And said, “There may be a lot, but we’re the best Zhang family, understand?”

    “I’m a man to Ma Family in the district.”

    “Hu family in the three northern districts.”

    “Liu Family in Sector Four East.”

    A few words were made in the back.

    And they say, “You better find someone. Oh, younger sister, or you’re gonna eat hard today.”

    Mengmeng made a direct call under the eyes of the public:

    “Missed? Uncle Wolf, I’m on my way to Tokyo and I’m bullied.”

    pu… “

    Ye Tianlang almost stared out when he was informed, and felt like the brain was running out of oxygen and dizzy.

    “You, you, where are you? Me, I’ll be right in position, I’ll be five minutes, oh, no, three minutes.”

    After that, just hang up the phone.


    Upstairs, a slight light flew out.

    Give me 20 seconds to locate the phone.

    It was a fight to run over for a second, and at three and a half minutes, he gasping for breath to come to the restaurant.

    Look at people, he relaxed, and he replaced them with a strong rage.

    He? Who’s that?

    “They are Zhang Family, who is headed towards Ma Family in the district, Hu Family in the three northern districts, Liu Family in the four eastern regions.” Mengmeng pointed to the past, respectively.

    At this point, Zhang and the others are not famous to look at Ye Tianlang.

    “Who are you?”

    there’s a man’s little brother with a bad tongue.


    Ye Tianlang was in the mood, kicked out of his foot and kicked that man off his head.

    But not heavy.

    That man was just lying on the floor spitting white foam, and the other guy was a little bit of a bubble, and the man seemed to be a tall man? It’s just dizzy.

    “Big Young Lady, you’re pissed off.” Ye Tianlang doesn’t care about anyone else, and his eyeballs go to Mengmeng.

    “I’m not angry, they’re too angry to make my friends angry, so find their parents and punish them.” Mengmeng said, “

    “Well, there must be no severe punishment.” Ye Tianlang weighs nodded.

    “Nothing’s wrong with us.” Mengmeng got up and said, “It’s not eating, it’s eating somewhere else.”

    “Let’s go, why are you still stuck?” ”The little crap looks like Li Xiaohu.


    Li Xiaohu seems to have failed to react, hesitated to get up and go straight away.

    He seemed to note that a few people wanted to speak, and that they moved and said nothing.

    Did this middle-aged man freak out?

    Who the hell is Zhang Hui? It’s like a very good look.

    Just leave after.

    Ye Tianlang coldly said:

    “You should thank me for saving you, and now, call your parents or Patriarch, and let them pick them up and say,” Ye Tianlang, let them come, and every person is fined 100 million for disciplinary purposes. “

    Zhang Bo: “What are you talking about?”

    He finally realized it wasn’t good.

    Nor dare you say too much, and call him in silence, when the other side is Ye Tianlang, after the three words were exported.

    “Who the fuck did you get into? I * * * *

    It hurts, Cheung Bo is stupid.

    These people are more forced or intimidated.

    When their parents came, that low gesture opened their eyes.

    For Zhang family.

    Ye Tianlang said, “He’s messing with a rain, Crescent Mountain Young Lady, Zhang Han daughter.”


    Zhang family was brought by himself, hearing the heart fiercely, all of which was remorse.

    Of course they know the status of Crescent Mountain today.

    Regret it wasn’t first!

    If it were good for Zhang Han, then they would also be the first Aristocratic Family, but unfortunately there was no antidote in the world, let alone ‘if’.

    The other one.

    after the whole group left, sat in the car.

    “Well, I slowed down, I took two minutes off, a little dizzy.” Li Xiaohu said, and sneaked into Mengmeng.

    “I see you this man is still bone.” Mengmeng praised, “It’s a good look, young man, but we’ll watch, and don’t bully her.”

    “How could it be?” Li Xiaohua said, “I really like her, not bullying her, don’t worry.”

    “Who knows if you will change in the future?” The jokes say, “I’ve seen many examples on the Internet, and I’m impressed, if you don’t love it, you break up if you move in love, and don’t think about those corrupt ways, or Mengmeng will kill you.”

    “cough cough cough cough cough cough cough…”

    The harsh way to talk, let Li Xiaohu get sweaty.

    “Aiya, don’t worry, my eyes, I believe, is it great?” Li Eun laughed at hehe said.

    “Don’t exaggerate, it’s going to fly.” Li Huo said with a bitter smile, and a little less worrying, “Is it really okay?”

    “What else did my sister say, I told you, Mengmeng and the puzzle were great.” Li Lin said, “Look, my dad is a real estate, at more than 100 million dollars, not working in front of Mengmeng, and my dad said he didn’t mention 0.1 per cent of Mengmeng’s dad.”

    It’s not just assets, but also influence, but, of course, it’s just feelings of Lee Kai’s early years.

    Li Xiaoqing has a slight impasse on the surface: “Who is your father at a price of more than 100 million?”

    “Li Kai.”

    Li Xiaohu touched his head: “Hong Kong Lee Kai, I know, it’s Legendary. I chased his daughter, it’s…”

    And I said, “My mother disagrees with me in love, because of front section time information and phone calls, she seems to have found out that this was a matter of concern to me, and now I just want to say,” Now, I’m just gonna say, she’s gonna say, “What are you doing out there, we’re going back to Li Family?” Are you going? ”

    “Ah? Meet parents now? This is, it’s not good.” Li Lane’s a little nervous: “And, I don’t even buy a present, no, no, no.”

    “It’s all right, don’t worry.” Li Xiaohu looked forward to seeing the fucking show, and he said, “I can’t get you back to my hands, just to love, to go back to see if I’m not and so on, let alone with the gifts, I can say I’m still after you, so my mom doesn’t know how much to support you.”

    In Li Family, the Li Xiaohu family is not at the core, but also under its own pressure, and Li Xiaoqiu wants to see it.

    “And you go, I can open and aboveboard.” Li Xiaoqiu thought, “If you really don’t want to go, we’ll go back to the hotel, and we’ll have a chance later.”

    “I…” Li Lin can’t take the idea of turning around Mengmeng and the Ridge in the back seat: “What do we do? Are you going?”

    “Big sister.” The little trick can’t help: “Your own business is your own God, and we’re just together.”

    “I don’t know.” Li Eun said it.

    “The hesitation is to go.” Mengmeng right hand, there’s a stone, and then put refining into a bracelet. “

    “This is a gift?” Li Eun-eyes shined: “You take it out, and I can’t deliver it.”

    “Just this one, you don’t send it to think about another way.” Mengmeng, whoa.

    “Thanks to my sister, or not.” Li Enton laughed, touching the bracelet: “That’s a good hand.”

    “Then you keep wearing it, you really don’t need a present at my house, just go and see, you don’t have to be nervous.” Li Huo said with a smile.

    “Well, from now on, we’re just friends, you’re still chasing me, I don’t agree.”

    “Gotta go.”

    Li Xiaohu smiled, turning right at the next highway, going to Li Family Park.

    He called home halfway and said he’d take friends home to be guests.

    Grandma Li heard me and didn’t do it.

    A lot of fruit, some snacks, on some tea in the villa’s living room.

    When I get back, I look at three girls.

    Li Xiaojung.

    “Welcome to you.”

    After all, she waved at Li Xiaohu: “Yo, come on.”

    Go to the side room.

    “When you first brought a girl back, front section time, when you played the phone, I didn’t notice a little news, did you talk to your girlfriend, was it one of them?” Li’s wife said, “You know what happened to your father, you…”

    Another series of more old words.

    Li Xiaohu didn’t want to hear, and I interrupted saying, “Mom, I’m chasing that black dress girl.”

    “Which one?” Li’s eyeballs wrinkled.

    “Her father is Li Kai, Hong Kong Lee Kai, who’s worth more than 100 million dollars.” Li Xiaohu’s down his voice.

    “Who? What did you say? Li Xiao? This is true?” Li’s face becomes great.

    “Hey, unfortunately, people don’t look at me.” Li Xiaoqiu said, “I just like it unilaterally, and I don’t have to catch it. I’m just weak, pathetic and helpless.”

    “You child.” “Li’s mother blamed me,” How come your head is different from your father? Your father was confident. Besides, people came to your house to be a guest, and that’s what a friend thinks. You, too stupid to chase girls, get out of here, wait till Mom hits you millions tomorrow. Be careful. ”

    On the other side, she walked out, and she was smiling on her face:

    “Are you still used to coming to Tokyo? I’ll give you a place to stay here, just like my own home. Don’t be careful.”

    “My family is beautiful, handsome, human being is good, principally good, he’s stupid, he won’t talk.”


    Mengmeng and the motherfucker look at each other.

    I’m afraid it’s just some fun in ordinary life.

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