Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1524

“Aunt” in astronomy.

    Li Jon waited five minutes to find a chance to break up, and she said with a faint smile: “I’ve known Ho Senior for a longer time, and Ho Senior helped me in school, and then this time, I brought Aunt a gift, hoping Aunt would like it.”

    Said Li Lin took the bracelet out.

    Li’s hearing this said with a smile: “Aiya, it’s so kind. Thank you. That’s great. This is too expensive.”

    Looking at a few eyes, looking at nothing, but knowing that it’s a very high bracelet.

    my heart slightly startled, it’s a well-deserved daughter of Li Kyung.

    “Ho, this child is true, nor is it said earlier, and Aunt is not prepared for gifts, so that the present is owed first, until Aunt is back tomorrow.”

    “No, Aunt, it’s all right, we’re just here to see, um,” Li Jon Lin joins hands.

    My mother didn’t say anything about this, but he talked about other things, observing a moment, and feeling that Li Eun was really good, the more looking.

    At first, she saw Mengmeng, and it was amazing.

    I thought Li Xiaohu was chasing Mengmeng, and now it seems that Mengmeng, though beautiful, can’t eat when Li Yang is the kind of patient, philosophical, gentle, big man, that’s the impression of Li’s mother, absolutely tall.

    Observance is still in place, and the main Li Yuan is excellent.

    Life is a different environment, playing with Mengmeng since I was a kid… There may be nothing to climb with Mengmeng.


    may have climbed at first, but then it turns out that the gap is too big to be compared to that, gradually, it doesn’t mean anything about climbing.

    It’s like Zhang Han was initially treating Mengmeng’s addiction.

    It’s not to let her be abused in the game, but to reach the top, it’s gonna be overriding, it’s small, it’s not cold.

    Coming to Li Family to be a guest, the whole process is pleasant.

    After dinner, the Mengmeng three resigned and prepared to return to the hotel.


    mother of Li was never forced to take care of them, but he was told to take care of them.

    When Li Xiaohu left, Li sneaked to Patriarch’s side, her husband waited for a few people to talk about things.

    “What are you doing here?” Li Xiaohu’s father asked, “There’s nothing wrong with the face.

    He is usually unable to participate in such talks, or in small meetings, and this time he has the cooperation of his company to sit here.

    People in the core circle, especially Lee Patriarch, are disturbed when they don’t like to talk about things.

    At this point Li Xiaofu Mama came here, and while the surface would not say anything, it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t happy.

    But people came and couldn’t do it, and Li Xiaohu’s father blamed him.


    fact, blink, suggesting a match.

    “Something to say.”

    Li Xiaohu’s mother is not worried, smiling and saying, “Our family has been in love lately.”

    “What?” Li Hui Father was surprised.

    Li Family Boydine is relatively small, and it is generally necessary for families to undergo post-screening marriages, which is also a rule of the family’s incompatibility.

    i didn’t think she’d come to say anything like that.


    ‘s nothing to be in love. Talk about, what?

    Li Xiaohu’s father is sighing.

    Several others, including Lee Patriarch’s face, also faded three minutes, and Lee Patriarch started drinking tea.

    Li Xiaoma didn’t sell a switch, and he just said:

    “Our family Ho Ho is talking to Hong Kong Lee Lee’s daughter friend.”

    “Hong Kong Lee Kai?” Li Xiao Hui Father is in the middle of his face. “Really?”

    Others also have shocks, Hong Kong Lee Kai, who is still very powerful in the circle.

    “It’s true.” Li Hui Mothers Point nodded: “How can I be kidding? They just went to the door to make guests.”

    “This kid…” Li Hui father laughed, looking towards Lee Patriarch, and said, “My family is three years old, and it’s about the age of love.”

    “Well, well, Hong Kong Lee Kai, a personal figure.” Lee Patriarch agrees: “But I went to Li Family in Tokyo, and Aristocratic Family in inheritance for 100 years, and in this regard I gave Li Xiaoqiu a good weight, remember, he was Li Family, and he had the right to take the initiative.”

    “Yes, I went back to remind him,” Father Li said with a smile, and said, “Why don’t you bring someone here to show Patriarch?”

    “They went back to the hotel, not just a great girlfriend, but two of his girlfriends.”

    “What’s her name?” Father Lee had some joy, and he didn’t want to talk to Patriarch, and he asked.

    “Her name is Li Lin, she’s beautiful, and she belongs to the better looking type, child’s good, and the first time she goes to the door, she sends me a bracelet.”

    Li’s got a wrist.

    There is no special feeling that the eyes of the people will come together and look at them.

    “It’s comfortable to put it on.” Mother Li intends to say two words: “Yes, the two of Li Jon’s sweets, they’re cute, they can be her honey, they should not be the same in the family, they’re called a jockey, and they’re called a rain.”

    “Oh, okay, I know, nothing’s wrong with you going back.” Father Lee set up his hand.

    It was just when Li’s mother was going to confess.

    Lee Patriarch was drinking tea, looking at some confusion, thinking, next second:

    “pu 噗噗……”

    Lee Patriarch sprayed all the tea in his mouth.

    “Patriarch, how did you drink tea still choke?”

    “What’s the matter?”

    Somebody asked.

    In the eyes of several people, Li Patriarch’s eyes were rolling, and he was choked, standing up, like a corpse, stretching right hand, saying to Li’s mother:

    “Come on, take me to visit them.”

    “Visit who?” Li’s stuck.

    “Patriarch, calm down. What’s going on?”

    “Shouldn’t it be a sheep psycho?” A middle age man was alarmed.

    “You’re only sick.”

    Li Patriarch’s face grows red, but more exciting, and he looks at Li’s mother and says, “Did I ask you, Zhang, is it beautiful, and she comes from Hong Kong?”

    “Yes, yes.” Grandma Li doesn’t know what’s going on, and then it’s a bit of crap.


    Lee Patriarch’s very powerful pats:

    “Yes, it must be her!”

    “Patriarch, what’s going on?” Li Hui Father asked.

    Others also have some confusion.

    “你们不懂。”李Patriarch 深深地sighed :“我也是听说过,张雨萌,来头恐怖啊。”

    He remembers that when he took part in an extremely high circle, he couldn’t even breathe the atmosphere.

    The guy on the table, someone mentioned that.

    “Today, the martial arts community is too peaceful, very good, only Crescent Mountain, who needs to be careful.”

    “Especially Crescent Mountain Princess, who has grown up and must not be able to live and practise occasionally, like that, Zhang Hanyang would prefer not to offend his love, especially his daughter, the role he can’t play.”

    “Hearing of a rainy color is irreversible, just never seen.”

    “You don’t see who she is, Zhang Hanyang’s woman can be simple? Can you say Crescent Mountain’s strength is too strong to imagine, front section time is a legend? And now what?”


    Remember this, Li Patriarch’s trembling heart, which, if it were related, would be great.

    “What else is it, Li Eun? Go after the rain!”

    Lee Patriarch said it.

    If there are martial arts people who listen to this, they’re afraid to get cold.

    It’s a typical ‘Read the Heaven for Hell’.

    “Well, Patriarch, it’s not good, Li Jon, the child is good, and she’s so beautiful, fairy, very negligent, and he doesn’t have to catch her, and once he’s chasing, Li Lin is finished.”


    likes Li Jon more in her heart, because it’s a sense of manoeuvre, or door-to-door, more geological.

    And Mengmeng gave her a different feeling.

    The evaluation was extremely high, up to the time when she had no confidence in her son, and she had never thought about it before, and that would happen.

    “Also, be careful, I’m moving.” Lee Patriarch sat down and drank a couple of tea water: “Specifically, tell me.”

    After Grandma Lee said, he was happy to laugh:

    “The honey is fine. Your family did a great job for Li Family.”


    one sentence, Li Hu father’s heart is pissed, looks like he’s got a lot more burdens on his shoulders.

    The other one.

    Mengmeng has returned to the hotel.

    “aaaaaaaah! Mengmeng, when I just got there, I was nervous.”

    Li Lin was lying in bed and said, “I’ll see my parents so soon.

    “What’s that got?” Mengmeng didn’t look good.

    “The way you make a boyfriend, this look, like a little hooker.”

    “That’s not what it is.”

    Li Lin said, “It’s not normal to go to college without having sex, we’re all adults.”

    Speaking of Li Lin, sit up and say, “Mengmeng, you never thought about it?”

    “Well, no.” Mengmeng’s a little late, as I’m telling you, “I can’t figure out what kind of boy’s fit for me. Key, no one can cross my father’s door, that’s all. I’m sure I’m not anxious.”

    “After a year, we can be 20 years old.” Li Lane said, “Twenty to thirty years old, this is our golden age.”

    Immortal Cultivator wasn’t.

    The jockey mouth moves, and finally nothing.

    And she thought, “You’re a boyfriend, and we don’t care, but it’s a good first look, and try and wait, when you want to get into our circle, we’ll take you cultivate.”

    “Just know that she’s good to me.” Li Eun said with a smile.

    “Well, you see, all these years of play.” The little trick picked up the eyebrows.

    Mengmeng said, “You’re in love, and don’t be too anxious. We can watch a little bit of Li Ho, what if he’s in deep shape?”

    “He certainly is not, I can feel it.” Li Jon is confident.

    Mengmeng and the motherfucker looked at each other.

    It is true that girls who are caught in love, think chambers of commerce are falling.

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