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    is a good idea for both of you to evaluate, which seems to be real, and that proves that my eyes are good. “Li Eun said with a smile.

    “Don’t be happy too early to show up with us, watch out for me and tell your dad.”

    As you say, Li Eun has changed slightly.

    Poor thing to say, “Straight elder sister.”

    “Don’t be so meat.” “The little crawler shakes his head:” I’m afraid. “

    “As you say, I’m a little worried.” Li Lin said, “Ho, their family is very hard to deal with with, we’re the doorman, and I know I’m not gonna refuse, I don’t know what my dad thinks, like, looking for a chance, when he goes to Hong Kong next time, I take him to see, Mengmeng, when you help me, you go to my dad.

    “That’s right. Stop.” Mengmeng said, “Don’t say that I, Li Xiaoqiu, is good now, but who knows what will happen in the future, you two are free to develop, and I’m not pushing for help.”



    The doorbell rings.

    Li Lin said no. Run over and open the door.

    “Well, my dad just called me and talked about something about you, then, let’s go talk?”

    “All right.”

    Li Eun-eagerly followed out to the next room.

    “tsk tsk, I hear something.”

    The little sneakers say it.

    “No, you’re not.” Mengmeng said, “How can you hear people’s privacy?”

    “Aren’t you curious?”

    Mengmeng: “Curiously.”



    The two people move and feel the next room.

    “My dad particularly supports me.”

    “Look, I said, they’ll agree.”

    “I listened to his tongue, and I thought you were a daughter-in-law.”

    Li Lin: “We’ve just been dating for three months.”

    The tone is happy.


    don’t know what’s going on, talk about it.


    Ai Mei’s up.

    “Damn, suck, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

    Spiritual Sense was retrieved immediately.

    Mengmeng can’t see it anymore.


    Mengmeng touched his forehead: “Should it not come back tonight?”

    “This is not allowed. Hey, I’ll fix it. Shall we see Jon take it?”

    Mengmeng shakes his head and says, “I don’t know.”

    “I don’t think so.” “The little stunt hesitally said,” There are also numbers in the heart of grace. “

    “Wait a minute.” Mengmeng speculated: “We’re still here, and she’s not embarrassed.”

    “Yes, too.”

    “I help them.”

    “How do you help?” Mengmeng’s gone.

    “Look, maybe it’s too hot in the room, it’s raining, it’ll wake up.”

    The crocodile leaked out of a bad smile, right hand strangled.


    The temperature of the next room.

    24, 23, 22 0


    Li Xiaohu: “Why is it so cold all of a sudden?”

    “Oh, is the air conditioner broken?” Li Lane has some confusion.

    “Probably, I asked someone to come up and see, uh, we go next door and talk, and then we rest.”

    “All right.”

    Little Ai Mei, under the “good help” of the bizarre, is over.

    A couple of people talked about the journey for a few days.

    Today, 19 August, about five days of play, is about to go back to school, to officially start school in September, to go back a few days in advance, and to be reunited with students.

    In August there were 31, that is, a total of 12 days of leave.

    At the same time.

    Crescent Mountain.

    “The Princesses of the Rocks beg.”

    The Princess went to Crescent Mountain gate and said to the archers.

    Who are you looking for?

    A member of the security mission at the gate came.

    “I’m looking for Lord Crescent Mountain Zhang Hanyang.”

    “What is it?”

    “There’s something important to say.” The Princess bites his lips, and there’s a piece of responsibility for the face.

    Look at this, if not understand, I’m afraid it’s gonna be a woman who’s being played with feelings to get to the door.

    But the whole Crescent Mountain, the old man, is very well aware of Zhang Han’s temperature.

    That’s impossible.

    And the Princess of Ye came from the ancient arms community and set up sect outside, and was not very low in identity.

    Maybe it’s something on martial arts.

    Members of the Mission thought about nodded: “Wait a minute, I’ll report it.”

    One moment, Zhao Zhao came out.

    “There’s something you can say to me.” Mr. Zhao said, “I Master is taking a break.”

    “I, I want to ask for help.” “The Ye ‘all sound was shaking a lot:“ Something happened in the ancient arts. “

    “What’s the problem?” Zhao’s eyebrows are slight.

    “I don’t know, but I have a letter jewellery, which can be linked to a dao comprehension sacred stone of sect, and it turns out that the shrine was destroyed, and I went to the entrance of the ancient armed world, and I found the entrance, but I couldn’t stop by, and I begged Crescent Mountain to help, and I could do everything, and I asked you to help me.” Ye Seth is desperately weak, poor and helpless.

    Zhao Wing hearing this, it’s late.

    He was silent for a few seconds under the eyes of the Princess Ye.

    “When we came to the secular world, Crescent Mountain was martial arts Holy Land, and I had no choice but to ask you.”

    This kind of thing, Zhao Zhao, is not allowed to do so.

    He said, “I’ll ask, you wait here.”

    The Princess bites his lips, looks at the back of Zhao Zhao, slowly disappears in the eye.

    One moment later, he came back, the color was calm:

    “The passage is not open, there’s no way to help you.”

    Zhang Han didn’t care about the forces of the ancient world.

    Zhang Han answered only one word, but in his tongue, Zhao Zhao had his own massage, adding that: “Even if the passage is open, the ancient arts have nothing to do with us, not to place hope in Crescent Mountain, and we are not charities.”

    Zhao Chang’s words, let the Princess’s expression change.

    He turned back to Crescent Mountain.

    Just took four or five steps.


    He heard the sound in the back, and he knew what that was, not by one foot, and there were some moves.

    What is the reason why a sect Saintess can get on his knees and ask for it?

    She’s got a lot of love for sect.

    Zhao Zhao is not touched by heart.

    He was on his side, laughing, and he said, “Miss Ye, you don’t actually have to.”

    “sect, I have a grace.” The leaf has a red eye and a very strong voice: “I can’t imagine who can help my Sect, except martial arts Holy Land Crescent Mountain, and I beg you, give me a chance, and I can pay all the costs.”

    sect’s sacred stone has been destroyed, and it has been shown that sect has been destroyed, otherwise there is absolutely no possibility.

    Whatever the war, sect would have left some of her people, and what the Princess wanted was to rely on Crescent Mountain to save others, and she had hesitated before she came, but she would soon be determined that if she hadn’t done it, it would always be an obsolete Candle in her heart.

    dignified sect Saintess, kneel down, and this screen makes Mr. Zhao also intolerable.

    Think about it, if Crescent Mountain has something to do with him, don’t say he’s on his knees, even if he’s dead, he’s willing to do it.


    Zhao Zhao was deeply sighed: “Madam Ye, I understand your mind, or I’ll come up, and I’ll tell Master about it, but there’s something you don’t want too much, you…”

    I can’t tell you what you’re talking about.

    shook the head, he went back to Crescent Mountain.

    Zhang Han is being refined by Thunder Yang Tree.

    Now, the body is more solid, the pure sun has reached Great Accomplishment, deep mystery, and Zhang Han’s moment is feeling it.

    “Master, Princess Ye was kneeling out there, and there were scenes.” Mr. Zhao said.

    Zhang Han Smart Dan, after controlling a few spiritual medicinal al al herb entered pill furnace, he opened his mouth and slowed down his tongue:

    “The people of the heavens and the earth, sometimes, can’t save them. The road is unequal, the knife is aided, the chastisement is good, the warrior is right, but sometimes, depending on others, the search for help, and the illusory thing, the mountains, the unreliable, or the only one who has it, is the mountain on which she is the greatest, the princess of the leaves, and the search for help, but is she really aware of it? The ancient arts are unknown, the crane door, and no one understands that if there is a man who seeks revenge, it is the fault of the year when he did it.”

    Zhao Wing hearing this, expression slight.

    “Master’s right, we had a good grievance with Feng Xue Pavilion that year, and if Feng Xue Pavilion’s man asks for help, then disciple understands.”

    “You were beaten by her spirit.”

    Zhang Han said it.

    Ye are so determined that she can be touched, Zhang Han wants to see if she’s really strong or solid.

    Next day, one morning.

    Princess Ye kneeled out all night.

    Zhang Han hasn’t spoken yet, Zi Yan says, “This little girl isn’t easy, can you help? Honey, what do you think?

    “Uh, listen to you.” Zhang Han directly responded.

    “Little wind, let her up.” Zi Yan waved.

    Zhao Wen went down.


    this point Zhang Han and Zi Yan are sitting in the cold booth next to Thunder Yang Tree, enjoying early, some milk chips, white rice porridges,

    No, Mr. Zhao came with her husband.

    “Sit down.”

    Zi Yan slightly smiled, implying, “Have some breakfast?”

    “Thank you, I’m not hungry.” Princess Ye is a little stubborn, but this can’t hide the surprise in her expression.

    “Your steadfastness touched us.” Zi Yan said.

    “sect is gracious to me, and if I don’t do anything at the end of the crisis, I’ll regret life.”

    “We’ll help you, as appropriate.” Zhang Han said.


    “There is nothing to do, to be busy, and we are going to go to the ancient arms community in the near future, and since you can find the entrance, it is clear that the border is already weak and should be open in advance.” Zhang Han responded.

    He remembered the old man’s words.

    Something interesting happened to the ancient arts.

    It’s kind of different.

    “Thank you, thank you.”

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