Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1527

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    Flight two hours, get to the place.


    presence of Crystal Island can be felt in mind, but it cannot be seen in sight.

    “The boundaries are indeed weak.”

    “But if you want to open it, it’s hard.”

    Chen Changqing and the others discussed several voices.

    Like this, the boundary is extremely strong, with the existence of the World Law, which is difficult to break.

    The arguable arguments have just emerged.

    There’s a little flag for right hand.

    “Open it!”

    Throw over the front, the black flag continues to grow, up to 30 metres, the flag is not automatic, accompanied by mysterious energy, and is stuck in the border.

    shua shua Shua!

    The entrance is shaking, and the frequency is getting worse.

    The entire Crystal island, in the eye, has also begun to shine, faintly discernible, is a strange scene.


    The entrance to Crystal Island was ripped apart from a crack.

    “Go ahead.”

    Innocence leads into it.

    Others entered.

    all around is an incredible range of mountain ranges, and the latter is a frozen ocean, and there is no ocean.

    They’re on the beach, both sides of the beach, like a benchmark, landscape.

    The tall trees of the forefront, the big forest light, are bleak, and occasionally there are two birds in the depths.

    Guvuta continent, the ancient arts, arrived.

    For people who have a lot of experience, it’s not all rare, and it’s all around, which can be said to be a normal scene.

    But it seems that only Zhang Han discovered a confusion and vigilance on his face.

    “What’s the matter?” Zhang Han sound transmission asked.

    “It’s not very good.” The domain is not breathing lightly, with caution, sound transmission answered, “cultivation base is being repressed.”

    “Strike?” Zhang Han Ming.

    “It’s like external repression.” Into says, “In secularity, I don’t use jewellery, there are no other people who can play, and here I now have Great Accomplishment Peak-Stage’s cells, unusual.”

    “Transcending Tribulation?” Zhang Han’s eyebrows wrinkled, but he suddenly omitted a smile: “Here, we can do everything.”

    “Who’s all this consultations with you?”


    ‘s something in your heart, Zhang Han. What realm is it now? What’s the strength? Scared, it seems to be a little hypothetical.

    I don’t want to do what I don’t know.

    Soon, others found the end.


    Chen Changqing looked at his own hand: “Is there no cultivation base pressure here?”

    “Yeah.” Mu Xue also reacted: “No repression.”

    “No, no, no.” Zhang Guangxiang shakes his head: “There is no pressure to show that people here can breakthrough to a higher level.”

    “Not without repression.”

    “It is a reason why the laws of the ancient armed world are solid, and it seems that the entrance of the ancient arms may stabilize, and when I came last time, there was no pressure on me, as if it were an unusual continent, and now, unlike this ancient world, it is truly a subsidiary space.”

    Earth hides too many secrets, and the domain is sometimes not clear, but he can feel something.

    This is the journey of ancillary space, and once the law comes, it has been shown that there is no speculation.

    “Go inside and see.”

    Zhang Han said, “I think it should be different from when you last came.”

    上次岳无为在这里,也没有太多的消息,现在老爷意念说情况有趣,那是肯定发生了某种mutation 。

    “Take the way.”

    Zhang Han looked behind her eyes and said it.

    Come to a stranger place, there’s a local road, and there’s a better understanding of this place.

    After hearing this, the truthful came to the forefront of the team.

    “That’s our sect direction.”

    Princess Ye was nervous and worried about sect.

    “Shall we not be a jet?”

    The crooks are in the back and asking.

    “The speed of the aircraft is faster, Guvuta, and it’s like half of the Asian plate, not big.” “The voyage says,” sitting in a jet, how much it affects the outside world, so it’s good to come to a strange environment and feel it. “

    The fathers are not trying to tell the fathers a little bit of reason.

    The plane is good, but it’s easy to miss something, like Secret Realm.

    “Well, then fly away.”

    The gang is running fast.


    ancient arts are not too large, but not small, and the mountain range here is invisible, Spirit Beast is everywhere, and occasionally a few animals can see silhouette.

    “We’re about to fly five hours before we get there.”

    The Princess of Ye speaks of geography every other time.

    After two hours.

    “There is a city ahead, known as Mountain City, which is owned by the Mountain Palace, but there are many people, and many adventure teams like Spirit Beast mountain range from here to which we were just passing.”

    The Princess of Ye introduced it.

    “Risk team?”

    “There is only a very small number of old and weak disabilities in this city, and it seems that there are some situations in this ancient world.”

    In this statement, the eyes of the Princess of Leaf are gradually solidifying.

    Zhang Han thought about it and said, “Go ahead and look.”

    sou sou sou sou!

    People flew fast.

    到了city gate 口,也不见往日巡逻的队伍,大门不光光敞开,仔细一看,半边的门都已损坏,仿佛它之前经历了摧残。

    From the point of view, there is no one in the streets of the city.

    Like an empty city.

    “What’s going on?”

    The Princess felt bad in her heart and fled into it, and Spiritual Sense cleaned up and found more than a dozen people in a front yard, except old man who was four or five years old.

    “Come on.”

    There’s nothing to do with it, and the bodies of those dozens suddenly don’t take control and float.

    “You guys!”

    One of them old man cried, “Please, forgive us, and we haven’t been alive for years.”

    There’s another old man crying: “Catch us, but leave us some fires, don’t move child.”

    Old people are trembling, but still standing in front of a few kids who hide behind and cry.

    As if these people had gone through the end of the world, all around the building had been completed, indicating that that was not the case.

    Zhang Han, Innocence and the others are not open.

    Let this native man ask for information, and she asked directly:

    “Don’t worry, I’m Princess Tsuruk. I just got back from the Eastern World. What’s going on here?”

    “You, are you a crane man?” An old woman obviously heard that the body was shaking, and some excitement: “Great, not those people.”

    “What the hell is going on?” The Princess has some urgent questions.

    “By Mountain City, the city of Mountain was enslaved and many people wearing silver armor were particularly strong, particularly strong, and even City Lord could not resist and be killed by an eye.”

    old women trembled: “All adults are caught, leaving only some old and weak, and they heard that… the valley has also been extinct, and everyone has been arrested as slave.”

    “What? By the Mountain Palace?” The Princess of Ye was surprised.

    The mountainous palace is just like the crane door, even weaker and weak.

    By the Mountain Palace, they were completely powerful and destroyed by the crane door, especially the sacred stone.

    The Princess of Ye is cold.

    “Who are those people?” She asked.

    “Don’t know.”

    More than a dozen people gradually recovered their feelings, and you said something about me.

    “They’re all wearing silver armor.”

    “No one can resist.”

    “There are silver decorators who say that the power here has been seized.”

    “They are going to kill and cruelty if they don’t see it.”


    Fast flying towards the crane door.

    The Princess of Ye has these words in his head.

    It’s just a blow.


    few hours later, we went through town again.

    The situation is close, with only some old people and children, and the number is good.

    Ask the situation, probably those, and they don’t seem to know too much.

    Let’s go again.

    Finally, two hours later, it reached the crane door.

    The crane door, sitting on the mountain range, like its name, in this area, there are lots of white wings, but now one can’t see, in Inner Sect, where the demons of sect can be seen, and many buildings are beaten down.

    No one.

    “The Tsuruk Gate is destroyed?”

    Ye stayed and watched the front scene, with tears.

    “There’s a village down there, someone’s there.”

    Innocence points to the front.

    “Crawman Village.”

    Princess Ye wiped tears and took the lead over the past.

    This is the village close to the crane door.

    There are dozens of old man, who often have contact with people at the crane door, which is more calm at this time.

    “Princess Ye?”

    There’s old man who recognized her.

    “How did you get back?”

    “Did the East World Gate open again?”

    “Let’s go, let’s go. You can’t stand it. Those people come from the abyss of the West.”

    These old people are talking.

    “Can you say it specifically?” The Princess asked.

    “A month ago, the West World came to mutation, rays of light, and many silver armoured fighters came, and they were going to destroy the world and capture many people.”

    “The kilogram door was not blocked, the meteor fell 30 per cent and Sect Master was taken away after surrender.”

    “He left us with messages, such as the return of those with the crane door, the opportunity to flee, the opportunity to go to the eastern world, if not the opportunity, to hide.”

    “30 percent of the meteor?” The Princess relaxed some, that’s a good news.

    She said, “Do you know where Sect Master was brought?”

    These people look at each other and don’t seem to want to say it.

    “Please tell me?” The Princess of Ye sincerely pleaded.

    “Van Mountain City.”

    The last old man sighed: “It is said that all those who were arrested were brought to the city of Wanshan, not just the crane door. This is the whole thing about the continent. Sect Master’s proposal to leave the door to hide, but if you don’t go, it’s not for us to command.”

    “Many thanks to inform.”

    Princess Ye arch his arch.

    People leave here.

    “Van Mountain City, the largest city in the ancient world.”

    Princess Ye gave an account of the city of Wanshan.

    In this case, even Mengmeng has some curiosity.

    She said, “Shall we steal the past and look at it?”

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