Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1710

        “Oh my gosh, that many first mountain to third mountain top Holy Land.”

“Tiantian Old Ancestor has captured the top half of the Star Sea’s ability and more than 5,000 Peak powerhouses. This … who can handle it?”

“Terror, Tongtian Old Ancestor has lived for more than 50,000 years, and the background is too horrible. I do n’t say he has many avatars. Although the challenge failed, his network is also part of his strength. So many Holy Lands are found. See Come this time, Old Ancestor is determined to kill Hanyang Immortal Monarch.

“I’m sure to kill.” There is an old man breathes deeply: “Don’t say why the two giants are fighting, just say that the many avatars lost by Old Ancestor are enough to distress him, even more how, Tong Tian Old Ancestor That kind of existence, once shot, there is almost no way back. “

“I do n’t know if this is the Old Ancestor deity, this rumor is said to be several times stronger than the clone.”

“It shouldn’t be, after all, that died many times. If the deity falls, even if Old Ancestor has a counterintuitive method, he can live with the avatar, and his strength will be greatly reduced. He will not allow that situation to happen. . “

See many Holy Land coming.

In the sky in the distance, the spectators, including many forces in the Jiushan Realm, have a line, there are super sects, there are Holy Land, and even many forces in the inner ring have heard the news.

“This scale is probably the biggest one in millions of years. This is the battle that caused a sensation in the Star Sea.” Some people trembled with excitement: “This can definitely be written in the epic, Hanyang Immortal Monarch, and the Old Ancestor. From the beginning of history, no matter who wins or loses in this war, it will be extolled by future generations! “

It’s too big.

Hundreds of top-level Holy Land collectively dispatched, not just Old Ancestor, they brought their strongest Legion.

The fleet flies above the sky star, in contrast, the sky star has become a small bead in the hands of a giant, becoming small and fragile.

“I came too soon.”

Ming Yu Immortal Monarch smiled bitterly: “In this short time, he didn’t escape, and now, there is no way to leave, Hanyang Immortal Monarch, I am afraid it will fall.”

“Old Ancestor.”

Little Luoli, who is in charge of the daily cuteness beside him, pursed his lips: “Is Hanyang Immortal Monarch the only one to fall? I want to see him fight against Nine Heavens Divine Thunder.”

“Without a chance, without a chance, Tongtian Old Ancestor is difficult to entangle, and Hanyang Immortal Monarch’s Magical Powers, although powerful, are not a cover attack. Once someone is restrained, the consequences are unimaginable.” Sigh: “Unless he has a lot of powerful Peak Transcending Tribulation to help him, there may be a vitality.”

“Oh, well, Old Ancestor, you’re good, you’re great.” Little Luoli muttered.

Immortal Monarch, startled: “Do n’t talk nonsense, I go up like this, Connect Ancestor ca n’t hold a slap, I usually blow that at home that’s all, do n’t blow outside, let people listen It ’s not good. “

“But last time you said you were invincible to Star Sea.”

“I brag you to believe.”


Including Immortal Monarch, including those present, whether known or not, Hanyang Immortal Monarch is considered impossible.

“It’s over.” And many of the spaceship’s main guns lit the rays of light, and there were only seven rounds of rounds.

The sky stars bloomed with dazzling rays of light, and an explosion occurred.

The entire planet was smashed by bombers.

“Hanyang Immortal Monarch.”

Tong Tian Old Ancestor looked at the scene of the destruction of the planet in front, indifferently said:

“You are the youngster that I admire for the first time in thousands of years. Don’t hide it, it is not necessary, it has become inescapable net, you can’t escape.”

Goo ~

With a little tweet, you can show your figure in the encircling circle.

“I’m out, let Xiao Budian hide behind.” Zhang Han laughed at the crowd.

At this time, the atmosphere in the little space is extremely depressed.

No one spoke for a while.

Zi Yan’s eyes are lightly red.

The pressure is too great.

Zhang Guangyou complexion pale, Rong Jiali lost her soul.

Everyone was surprised. The enemies came too large and too fast.


Mengmeng’s voice trembled.

Zhang Han saw this, helplessly said: “What are you doing? I said it, no problem.”

“But there are too many enemies. This is the peak power of the Star Sea.” Lingxi Immortal Monarch said: “Now we are all grasshoppers on a rope, Zhang Hanyang, otherwise, don’t go out, you possess great magical power, think of a way, can you escape, like I said before, as long as you can summon Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, they all have to avoid, we also have a chance to escape. “

There is no absolute dead end.

Don’t look outside cultivator that many, but as long as Nine Heavens Divine Thunder comes out, who dares to contaminate in the face of the strongest Heavenly Tribulation? They can’t avoid it, and they may leave.

“I said, I do n’t have Heavenly Tribulation.” Zhang Han said with a smile: “Let ’s go, do n’t be nervous, I have already broken through the Peak Transcending Tribulation, what else do you want to avoid?”

“I’ll go with you.” Zi Yan pursed his lips and said, “Are we all good together?”

“Don’t be kidding.”

Zhang Han brows slightly wrinkle, seriously: “You are here, don’t let me be distracted, whoever takes a step out may make me fall, understand?”


Yue Wuwei sighed then said.

“I once said that when I entered Peak, I was invincible to Immortal Cultivation.”

Zhang Han has both hands on his shoulders: “Don’t look at the enemies’ size and powerhouses, but for Ant Eating Beast, there are as many ants as food that ’s all.”


Zhang Han silhouette flickered, leaving a little different space.

The polar body instantaneous time and the transition of Taiqing immortal physique.

He seemed to shuttling through the void, and after a thousand miles, he came to Tong Tian Old Ancestor and the others.

He is alone, facing hundreds of millions of enemies.

There is no difference in style, the crown covers the world, and even the universe Star River is overshadowed. He is the only one who is in the starry sky.

“Come out?”

Tong Tian Old Ancestor is carrying his hands with a smile: “Your immortal is really powerful, but it is only the strongest single attack. As long as ten or more people attack you at the same time, the immortal will break itself.”

He seems to know how to deal with Zhang Han, at least he thinks so.

“Come and try?”

Zhang Han faint smile: “Tongtian Old Ancestor, you really have some way of doing things, and you can predict that I am about to kill you, so I will bring someone in advance. Unfortunately, you are still too late.”

“Hahahaha, late?” Tongtian Old Ancestor laughed: “It won’t be late, I will fight with you for several years, and I know the intensity of your attack.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and did not respond.

And the void in the distance.

Someone asked, “Are you open this time?”

“Fart a fart.”

“Obviously Hanyang Immortal Monarch is going to be cold.”

Countless arguments.

Among the teams of Tongtian Old Ancestor, there is the Old Ancestor shouted of the famous Holy Land: “Hanyang Immortal Monarch, you are famous in all directions, and you are indeed strong, so let me guide you.”

“I am coming too!”

whiz whiz whiz 嗖 ……

Twenty Old Ancestor and a team flew out of the team at the same time.

“The lead is Beisheng Immortal Monarch?”

“The top ten giants of the Second Mountain have the same status as the old Ancestor, who just started to play and there is such a character. This is really no way to live.”

“The strength of Beisheng Old Ancestor is similar to that of Tongtian Old Ancestor. The two have also fought for 30 years without a win.”

“He can’t win Hanyang Immortal Monarch alone, but there are 19 Immortal Monarchs on the side, which is also top.”

Under the spotlight.

The atmosphere started to get tense.

Most cultivators hold their breath involuntarily, their eyes don’t blink, and Divine Sense always covers the front.


Zhang Han silhouette flashed.

The polar body appears.

Immediately after, Jiuyang God Body, Big Devil Body, Thunder Body, golden armor giant beast.

Six bodies, appear in the sky at the same time.

“haha, come!”

The big Devil Body laughs wildly, without using the large

Magical Powers, that has little effect on the twenty Old Ancestors ahead.

He rushed forward quickly, his body was mighty.


An Old Ancestor is the fastest and holds a sword. With Supreme power, he wants to pierce the chest of a large Devil Body.

“Surely not defense?”

The Old Ancestor smirked.


Unexpected things happened. His mysterious long sword stabbed his chest, and a metal symphony came out.


His full strength attack, did not break the opponent’s defense?

It’s too late to retreat, the big Devil Body’s right fist has been charged for a long time, and the strikes came.


In front of Old Ancestor, the whole person was blasted with a punch, and his whole body energy turned into a light green smoke, which gathered in the back, but he looked pale.

As a Peak Transcending Tribulation, there are many ways to save your life.


The big Devil Body doesn’t hesitate to make a punch in the air and blows the opponent again.


Why is this Old Ancestor flustered and exasperated able to explode by himself? What is his strength?

Silhouette is condensing again, he wants to step back because there is a little blood in the corner of his mouth.

I was killed and my energy recovered, and I could only use it three times in a short period of time.


As a result, the third Devil Body was instantly hammered.

“Save me!”

This Old Ancestor is horrified and roar up.

Five Old Ancestors were present not far from the back, three defended and two attacked.

Injured When Old Ancestor wants to retreat.

“Want to go?”

A voice appeared near his ear, and in his appalling gaze, the sword tip appeared on his chest.

“How do you …”

He turned blankly, silhouette annihilated.

First place Old Ancestor, die!

“Be careful!”

Everyone around, including Beisheng Immortal Monarch, expression is condensed.

Old Ancestor’s team behind the sky, also heard a lot of holds breath cold air voice: “Strong, really strong!”

“This is definitely a murderer!”

Tongtian Old Ancestor also frowns saying: “The strength has become stronger again, they are twenty, and he cannot kill him.”

Sure enough, as his voice fell.

Zhang Han’s six bodies are at war with each other.

“Hard skin!”

The first goal of Beisheng Immortal Monarch is the golden armor giant beast. With all the means available, it has not broken other people’s scale armor. It can not help but be secretly surprised. This is definitely the king of Antiquity Variation Beast.

Peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ ……

Jiuyang God Body, every time you punch a fist, the rays of light bloom on your fist, and you can break through all kinds of methods. No matter what Magical Powers you face, you can break it with one punch.

The big Devil Body is even more powerful.

Various kinds of Magical Powers contain.

Taiqing immortal physique cooperates with the harvest.

Soon, the second Old Ancestor, who failed to resist the attack of the Jiuyang deity, was seriously injured by a punch and was harvested by Taiqing immortal physique.

“Another died, Hanyang Immortal Monarch can resist this?”


The third one fell to Old Ancestor and was suppressed by the big Devil Body.

The fourth Old Ancestor died unexpectedly.

He completely did n’t expect that the golden armor giant beast attacked by Beisheng Immortal Monarch, the single-headed head, could even emit an unreactive beam, containing the breath of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth. He beheaded.

Fifth, sixth …

In just a few dozen breaths, twenty Old Ancestor rushed up and eight fell.

Many people in the Old Ancestor’s large team behind can’t hold their breath.

“This particular thing is too strong.”

“Go and save people!”

“Go and kill him.”

A swarm of bees, hundreds of Old Ancestor, at the same time, a chaotic war will start!

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