Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1711

        “Why did his strength suddenly increase so much?”

Tongtian Old Ancestor complexion slightly changed.

I can’t figure it out.

No matter how he thinks, it is impossible to know that Zhang Han was simply not Peak Transcending Tribulation. According to the avenue rules of Immortal Cultivation, Peak Transcending Tribulation is on the ninth-order Transcending Tribulation.

And Zhang Han’s Ninth Tier will be able to communicate with Tongtian Old Ancestor’s hard steel and kill many of his avatars. This kind of thing has not been heard by the cultivator layer since ancient times.

Tong An Old Ancestor and others thought that Zhang Han was Peak, who thought that he had just broken through to Peak, with a strong battle strength. The six bodies were fighting in the sky, fighting against the heroes, let Tong Tian Old Ancestor all looked aggressive.

“Is his battle strength relatively low before?”

Next to Tongtian Old Ancestor, there are more than thirty people close to them. Five of them have played with Tongtian Old Ancestor, and they are of equal strength. The rest of Old Ancestor are also famous. In their time, Sweeping almost all the way to the Peak Transcending Tribulation.

They are not at all eager to start, but wait and see from behind.

Some people couldn’t help but argue: “This level of battle strength is almost the same as you and me. Besides, he has five avatars, but how can the avatar’s battle strength be so powerful?”

“In previous years, his strength was not as good as it is now, but he knew some Supreme Magical Powers.” Tong Tian Old Ancestor groaned and said, “His several avatars can be resurrected, and they can also perform an Immortal Technique. It is difficult to defend and cannot be interrupted. I suspect that his Immortal Technique has some special physique to fight against, depending on the time that each avatar insists on. “

“Even you can’t resist, we have no fun.” Old Ancestor said with emotion.

“Fortunately, his Immortal Technique can only attack one person. If he can fight all, then this Hanyang Immortal Monarch is really against the sky.”

The atmosphere on their side is very relaxed.

There are more than a hundred Old Ancestor in front of you.

More than one hundred fights, even the old Ancestor, can fight against each other for a while.

“Let the fleet kill the golden giant beast first.”

“The Antiquity Variation Beast of Hanyang Immortal Monarch is also powerful, the defense is really strong.”

“Strange, I have been studying alien beasts for years and have never seen this kind of Sacred Beast.”

Boom ~ boom ~!

When the order was given, many of the spaceship’s main guns aimed at the golden armor giant beast.

One after another beam, like a firework in the sky, landed on the huge golden armor giant beast.

Soon, it was surrounded by flames, and the smoke was hazy. In the blazing flames, the golden armor giant beast growled:


The sound is deafening.

The golden armor giant beast suddenly flew out of the flame.

“It didn’t hurt.”

Tong Tian Old Ancestor and the others brows slightly wrinkle.

“This Sacred Beast defense is too strong.”

“Not good, it’s going to the fleet.”

whiz whiz whiz!

More than 40 Old Ancestors flew out.

I saw the golden armor giant beast invading into the subspace, and three seconds later appeared in the direction of the fleet.

With each claw, dozens of spaceships can be broken. These hard kingships cannot be stopped at all.

But the response of the old Ancestor was also very fast. The spaceships that were not attacked in the near future receded. More than 40 Old Ancestor shot one after another to stop the offensive of golden armor giant beast. However, the huge golden armor giant beast No matter how they fight, there is no effect.

“The spell is useless.”

“Illusion Technique Magical Powers is useless.”

“Sword technique, Blade Technique is useless.”

“Soul Attack has no effect.”

“What attack is going to affect it?”

Over 40 Old Ancestor was skeptical about life.

Each of them, usually in the wild Star Domain, facing the top Sacred Beast, can leave calmly.

Now more than 40 people are working together to fight one and still can’t move.

It’s discouraging.

Crowds watching from a distance, the whole body is convulsed, and ca n’t be excited by themselves:

“Really strong, Hanyang Immortal Monarch is probably too strong.”

“More than a hundred Old Ancestor fights around him, he is more than capable.”

“His! Look, guys, look, my god, Old Seven Ancestor has fallen. He is the fastest Immortal Monarch in Star Sea. How could he fall without escaping the attack?”

“He is the seventeenth fallen Old Ancestor.”

“Will this battle, Hanyang Immortal Monarch fight and leave?”

“If he can go, it will be difficult for Old Ancestor and the others!”

Numerous cultivators have watched the battle, not even blinking their eyes, admiring this picture of the battle.

“Really so cruel.”

Immortal Monarch holds breath cold air behind him.

“Great Demon King, how do I feel that he is going to win?” Ye Longyuan suddenly realized that this scene seemed to be familiar. Every time I watched him, he was crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Sure enough!

One minute passed.

Twenty-one people died as Old Ancestor figures.

More than one hundred Old Ancestor who fought in front of me, trembled with fear and trembling.

Some people feel that the sword tip may leak from their chest in the next second.

“Tongtian, you haven’t shot yet!”

There is Old Ancestor shouted, and he takes the initiative to retreat.

The soldiers were defeated.

With more than a hundred Old Ancestor, he continued to use defensive measures and quickly retreated.

Don’t fight, don’t dare not fight.

Tongtian Old Ancestor called someone, but as a result they did n’t get in. The group of people who fought and died in front of them all lost that many people, and they were still indifferent.

What is the cannon fodder?


“More than a hundred Old Ancestor was repelled by Hanyang Immortal Monarch alone.”

In a little different space.

Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, Zhao Feng, Menmeng and the others, also seeing the tension, but they were fighting, they relaxed a little, because it was a familiar rhythm.

“Look, Tongtian Old Ancestor took someone up.”

Mu Xue cried out in surprise.

With these words, their mood is tense again.

I saw Tong Tian Old Ancestor and the others, and flew forward at the same time. After meeting with the returned person, hundreds of Old Ancestor confronted Zhang Han together!

“Hanyang Immortal Monarch, didn’t expect your strength to reach this level.” Tongtian Old Ancestor sighed softly: “Great, I don’t think I can kill you, but fortunately, I found enough people this time. . ”

Suddenly, Tong Tian Old Ancestor’s tone became extremely sharp, and his eyes flashed:

“Hanyang Immortal Monarch! Hundreds of us are more than half the power of Star Sea Peak Peak. What ability and capital do you have to fight against us, today you will die!”

Tongtian Old Ancestor, whose height is five meters, is showing great power. At the same time, hundreds of people around him are beginning to show their coercion. The coercion seems to become a substantial energy group.

It is not an exaggeration. A Transcending Tribulation second-order cultivator, in the face of this coercion, must be instantly suppressed and fallen.

Zhang Han’s five big bodies are standing still.

“Tiantian Old Ancestor.”

The polar body bears both hands, indifferently said:

“I had no intention of going to war, and you repeatedly provoke me. Is it really my temper?”

“What about Not good?” Tong Tian Old Ancestor sneered: “You can still fight hundreds of us?”

“It’s not just a few hundred of you, including your Holy Land. They are all enemies. A few years ago, I was able to pacify those 40 Holy Lands. Now, you hundreds of Holy Lands, I can be destroyed.” Zhang Han said deeply.

The moment the words fall.

He shot.

Take the initiative.

Five avatars, rushing at the same time.

“Devil Angel!”

The Great Devil Body demonstrates its power, and the illusory shadow of the twelve-wing dark Angel appears, playing a strong Great Divine Ability.

“rays of light!”

The Jiuyang deities are glowing, a natural phenomenon appears, a round of bright sky illuminates the front, and in the sun, there are countless illusory shadows of Jiuyang deities, they are hitting Magical Powers.

“Immortal Seal!”

Taiqing immortal physique also began to play various immortal methods.

The Magical Powers of the Polar Body are more and faster.

The thunder body simulates the attack method of Five Elements.

Boom ~ boom ~ … But no matter how fast Zhang Han can move, it can’t be faster than hundreds of people.

The Magical Powers technique of Old Ancestor will always be wiped out by Zhang Han.

For a while, thousands of Magical Powers confronted several Magical Powers.

You come and go to the scene, but there are come and go.

“One against hundreds.”

“I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes,”

In countless shocked eyes.

Zhang Han and other five bodies, suppress all enemies in the world! Synchronized forward, while the old Ancestor and the others are backing.

“Through the sky!”

When retreating, Old Ancestor shouted angrily: “You play us?”

When he came, Tongtian Old Ancestor didn’t say that the enemy was so strong.

“He has clearly surpassed me and waited, and it is no longer possible to win by number.”

Tong Tian Old Ancestor was distressed: “I wasn’t that great when I left last time, but he broke through again.”

“How can Peak Transcending Tribulation break through?”

Facing the sound of doubt, Tong Tian Old Ancestor’s face was ugly.

“There is nothing I can do to kill him. Even hundreds of people can’t beat him. Am I innocent to fall?”

“No, this is impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Tong Tian Old Ancestor’s eyes gradually filled with madness.

“Remember these three drops of blood?”

With the wave of Zhang Qing ’s immortal physique right hand, three drops of blood from Old Ancestor appeared.

“Kill you first this time!”

Blood killing!

The five avatars are simultaneously deployed, and the golden armor giant beast stands in the direction of the fleet above.


Tongtian Old Ancestor holds breath cold air, his scalp is numb, and his eyes are scared. He shouted: “Kill him, kill him!”

Boom ~ boom ~!

Hundreds of people shot at the same time, after annihilating Zhang Han’s Magical Powers, the major attacks came on the points.

annihilation, recovery, annihilation, recovery …

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