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Zhang Han has some faint thoughts, but he can’t do it now.


Disguise again, very simple method.


The guardians didn’t have much heart. The three city owners got together and gambled on some resources. It seems that this time there are a lot of them?


The consonance is not only strong in physical defense, but also a pair of scorpions can see some arrays, Zhang Han has no action, open and aboveboard holding resources.


St. Spirit Water’s bottle was loaded with 30 bottles in a short while.


Seeing the guardian’s heartbeat:




“How much?”


“What is Wang doing?”




“This matter is a big deal.”


Zhang Han’s face is grim, saying: “Psychic warfare… I don’t have to say more about this level.”


“What do you say? Really?” The guardian also knew the matter of spiritual warfare. He couldn’t help but blink his eyes.


“Cautious! Three kings will not make a joke?” Zhang Han’s tone is dissatisfied: “When the king returns, if he says, you will know.”


During the talk, Zhang Han made another three bottles and looked at the other person’s face. Zhang Han was not moving.


Go directly to the medicine garden, take half of the six-order treasures, and many fifth-order, fourth-order.


It’s a matter of going to the clothes, and hiding the power and name.


When he reached the safe spot, Zhang Han only smiled:


“It seems that this Sinan is still sensible.”


Sixth-order Spirit Treasure, twenty-five, is a rare treasure.


Spirit Treasure is divided into several levels, first to third, and fourth to sixth.


The sixth-order treasure is a relatively good resource. It is also a common resource in the Immortal Cultivation field. Twenty-five kinds, Zhang Han did not expect it before coming.


There are a total of seventy-nine large bottles in St. Spirit Water, twenty-five bottles in Dragon Scale City, thirty-three bottles in Lingxi City, and twenty-one bottles in Bailian City. If this is seen by Dong Chen, it is estimated that the eyes have become needle eyes. Ten bottles and eight bottles, that is not Dong Chen.


There are eight hundred and thirty-six kinds of the fifth-order herb, four orders of more than three thousand, and three thousand of the third-order, only the dragon scale city income, the other two cities did not move.


Top Grade crystal stone Five thousand, the other two cities did not take.


In other words, this ancient mine, Zhang Han got more than 1,340 kilograms of St. Spirit Water, five thousand Top Grade crystal stone, equivalent to 50 million Low Grade crystal stone, twenty-five six The treasures of the order, the five-order treasures of 836, add up to the fourth and third orders of nearly six thousand.


At this point, Zhang Han has only one idea:


In the ancient mines, there are still money in these cities!


Only this time, clean and neat, they will also know that some people pretend that they have taken treasures, and they will take precautions next time. If you tell other cities in the ancient mines, it is a little difficult.


“But these resources are enough for me to become a devil, and maybe the magic band is almost the same.”


“My repair is about to break through the late Innate. In the later period, I will absorb these resources. I can kill only when I become a peak.”


“Although the stage of the fleshy bones and blood can be absorbed without limit, I think it is better to thoroughly digest it. If it is finished, it will take a long time to come back to the ancient mine.”


It seems to be self-hypnosis. If Zi Yan sees Zhang Han’s expression, he will say:


You guy, you want to be lazy and lazy, no one said you, don’t just want to accompany Mengmeng, but also said that the crown is grand and cut.


Zhang Han is really serious, he thought so, whispered:


“Yes, that’s the reason.”


“It’s time to go back.”


“It’s not ten days.”


Muttering a few words, Zhang Han laughed.


Back in the heart, Zhang Han is flying at low speeds.


Near the place where Dong Chen is located, Zhang Han’s Spiritual Sense covers the past.


The expressions of these people are boring, and there is a sentence that says nothing.


Liu Instructor: “Go to the enemy! How have you been here, don’t tell me when you came in last time, at the very least let us see when the boss is making a big splash!”


Zhao Feng: “Yeah, too, this is too boring. We have been cultivate for so long, and we have broken through. As a result, we have not fought any more than ourselves.”




The first time these people came, they intended to go through various wars with the dark Martial Artist of the ancient mine.


Whoever wants to come in and stays in it, even the position has not been moved. At the top of the mountain, you can meet the embarrassment, and even see a small team of dark Martial Artists, they all want to go up and do it, and Dong Chen did not let.


“Who said no?”


Mu Xue sighed and said: “Dong Dong, my master is invincible, I don’t have to worry about him. I said before I came in. Let’s go to the Western Mountain Range to play.”


“What do you know?”


Dong Chen smiled and said: “Don’t think that we are just killing the enemy. You don’t know how many people have died in so many years. There are dozens of people in our Tianxia Mountain. You want to fight right, but now, you can’t disturb Zhang Han. If there is a chance in the future, or when Zhang Han comes back, let the three elders take you to the western mountains, oh, forget that the last three elders almost died there.”


As soon as this sentence was exported, everyone was silent.


But the blood in the bones is constantly rising.




Liu instructor leaked a fierce breath: “I must hurry up to improve my strength. Otherwise, I can’t even get a wife. Jiang Shu gave me three years to go beyond Jiang Yanlan. Otherwise, he would consider other sect’s nephews. .”


“Let’s wait for Master to come back and talk.”


Zhao Feng shook his head slightly.


The voice of the voice just fell, and Zhang Han’s voice came over:


“Or go out first, this time I am afraid that the two cities will be rioted.”


“came back!”


Dong Chen and the three elders have a bright eye.


Looking around, I saw Zhang Han showing his figure from the side, and in the distance, it was a Little Black point, but in a minute, Zhang Han arrived here.


“What do you mean?”


Dong Chen quickly asked: “Two cities riots, is it…?”




Zhang Han was a little addicted. Knowing that Dong Shu would definitely entangle him with treasure.


And he is ready.


It’s true that Tianxia Mountain is their Zhang family. For the Tianxia Mountain resource, Zhang Han feels normal.


He has always been like this, and his grievances are clear.


“There will be no movements in Dragonscale City, but Lingxi City and Bailian City are estimated to be violent for some time. There are many resources. Everyone goes out to cultivated, and the absorption is almost down.”


Zhang Han said directly.


“Well, go, go out.”


Dong Chen couldn’t wait, and the smile on his face could not be covered up.


Looking at Zhang Han’s expression is saying: Kid, when you are ready, take it out quickly, don’t let me do it all the time.


In this regard, Zhang Han did not take care of this.


Even if I give it now, I will go to Crescent Mountain with Dong’s temper.


what? Tianxia Mountain ?


Impossible, how many treasures there, Dong Chen is clear, where is Zhang Han rich!


The right big family, of course, must hold the thigh.


Dong Chen never thought about it, one day he would be so steadfast ‘to give a gift’.


Just in the plains, all the way to the south, two hours later went to an exit area, looking for ten minutes, then left the ancient mine.


All members came to Hong Kong.


Zhao Feng and others went to the ancient mine with Zhang Han, so that the brothers of the security group were envious and asked what the experience of the ancient mine was.




“It’s very good, very good, um, the ancient mine is not as dangerous as you think…”


It is at noon at this time.


After getting off the plane, Zhang Han went to the company and was going to go upstairs to see Zi Yan. I didn’t see it for a few days, and I thought about it.


Dong Chen and the three elders followed the ass, like a bodyguard.


Seeing that Zhang Han was speechless for a while, in the afternoon, he still had an idea. Can you do without paying for the grain?


And the office is also a good place, I haven’t tried it yet…


“Dong Shu, three elders, go back first, I still have things.”


Zhang Han silently took out five bottles of St. Spirit Water.




Dong Chen is stunned.


“so much?”


The sound was a bit sharp, but when he said that he was immediately alert, he coughed:


“Hah, not bad, quite a lot, Xiaohan really understands things, elbows don’t turn away, you can rest assured that your home Tianxia Mountain is getting better and better, the rain and the dew are all smeared, that… is it, three elders?”


What are you doing with you? Give it to me, you have to! Deadwood!


Looking at the three elders beside them, Dong Chen was angry.


If the elders are there, they have already spoken.


“Oh? Oh, this… Xiaohan, look, you Dong Shu is open, you have to give it to me, if not so much, one… three bottles?”




Zhang Han couldn’t help but laugh, and took out five big bottles again: “Ten bottles, a lot.”


“Ha ha ha, this is too much.”


Said Dong Chen face a positive: “Of course, without delaying your cultivate, give your home Tianxia Mountain support support, more good, three elders, let’s go back to Crescent Mountain, wait for you to bring six bottles of St. Spirit Water back , put it in the treasure chest, according to the past points can be exchanged for the sect disciple.”


“Why don’t you go?”


The three elders said with dissatisfaction: “I still want to retreat.”


Close your sister!


Dong Chen is hating iron and not forming steel.


You can’t see it, Zhang Han can take out ten bottles at random, he also steals the resources of the other two cities, the drums are definitely bulging, I am not there, can you come out?


With so many resources, in Dong Chen’s opinion, Zhang Han’s cultivate is not used at all. Even if it is a security group, it will not be used much. The remaining Dong Chen also has to look at the situation.


“Don’t talk nonsense, go now, go back and forth for a day, tomorrow you are coming.”


Dong Chen said with no anger.


“Got it.”


The three elders snorted.


“I am going upstairs.”


Zhang Han spoke casually.


“go Go.”


Dong Chen waved his hand and, under his gaze, Zhang Han walked into the company.


At this time, Zi Yan still does not know the return of Zhang Han.


Because Zhang Han didn’t call her after she came out, Zhao Feng said very carefully that she didn’t have to tell, maybe Master wanted to give a surprise.


And Zhang Han, I just wanted to call, I heard Zhao Feng’s phone call and thought about it.


All the way up.


When coming to the ninth floor, Zi Yan office.






There was a voice from Zhou Fei.


Zhang Han pushed in.


Zi Yan is sitting on the office chair, the back of the chair is adjusted backwards, and the body is covered with a thin blanket for a nap.


Quiet Zi Yan, exquisite facial features like a fairy in the fairy tale world, long eyelashes, small nose, sexy red lips.


However, Zhang Han’s gaze naturally moves down, towering, enchanting and meticulous.


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