When I heard the speech of Zhou Jiazhu, Zhou Lei also realized the seriousness of the matter.

Where is this gathering, it is simply prison.

Things you want to do can’t be done, and you have to be honest. No one can offend and be uncomfortable.

However, Zhou Lei is also honest.

Not only him, Zhou He is also like this, looks like a positive color, it seems to be in the office.

From the spiral staircase to the third floor, it is also a wide and generous hall, surrounded by a lot of sofas. It is a place to rest, magnificent and luxuriously furnished. For these, everyone in the room is also commonplace.

It can be seen that many people are resting here, not including some 16-year-old youths, and men and women in their early twenties.

Obviously, on this occasion, many parents bring their own family to come and see the world. After all, this kind of grand event is not much in Hong Kong. To be exact, there are very few cases in which they can participate.

“Xiaohe, you take your brother to rest here, get acquainted with the environment, and later your mother will take you in and see, we will say hello to a few noble people.”

The Zhou family whispered a word and walked with his wife with a smile.

They were also secretly surprised at the scene, but on the right side of the entrance to the venue, there were many heavyweights standing there to discuss.

Even the people at the door are so strong, what is the presence of sitting inside?

“so boring.”

Looking at the two people saying hello, Zhou Lei whispered a sigh: “I don’t want to be here, it is better to go home and play games.”

“Hey! Little voice, I didn’t tell you, you have to go through such an occasion sooner or later, look at it in advance.” Zhou He whispered, “Let’s go, let’s go to a quiet place and sit for a while. ”

“Hey? Isn’t that babe over there? Is he coming too?”

Zhou Lei suddenly pointed to the right side, Wu Zhaokong and Bekinan stood on one side, staring at the venue.

“It must be Wushanxing to bring them, let’s go, it is also known, in the past, say hello.” Zhou He relaxed a lot.

The other party has the same status as himself, and there is nothing to sit with. It is only in this occasion that you can only rely on the corner.

“Wu Shao.”

“Zhou Shao.”

The two greeted each other.

“You are coming too?” Bekinan glanced at Zhou Lei.

“You can come to me why can’t come.” Zhou Lei faintly answered.

“Let’s find a place to sit down.” Zhou He proposed.

“Okay, sit there?”

Wu Zhaokong took the lead to the side, sitting in the rest area on the back side of the crowd, there were ashtrays on the coffee table, some candy, special snacks and a few bottles of drinks, even in the rest area, according to the best treatment of the hotel.

Zhou Lei wants to eat some snacks, seeing that others are not moving, but he has not moved.

“Where is Wu Shao sitting there?” Zhou He gestured to a small circle of people sitting inside.

About seven or eight, all in their twenties, five men and one woman, there is a yellow-haired man on the far left, wearing a suit and a quiet face.

“Yes, he is Wu Chengxi. I just watched him and his uncle come over. I didn’t expect to be in his position and didn’t go inside.” Wu Zhaokong looked awkward.

“No, he is a famous Young Master in Hong Kong. His family is also strong. How can he get in the way of his prince?” Zhou He was strange.

“Who knows, I didn’t see the few people beside him, Wang Shao, Ming Shao, Dong Shao, they don’t have to worry about Wu Shao, they didn’t go in, sit here.” Wu Zhaokong said with emotion.

It seems that among the richer generations of the younger generation, there are very few who can enter the venue.

“It’s really different from the past.” Zhou He sighed.

In the past, he attended the gathering, just like the stars holding the moon, is the protagonist of the audience, even in some high-end gatherings in the Tsim Sha District, he is also one of the heavyweights, but nowadays… even the qualifications for admission are not.

I can only wait for my parents to wait until the right time to come and see myself and see for a long time.


Suddenly the sound of opening the snack bag was very light.


Zhou He’s several people groaned, and the voice seemed to come from the coffee table on his side, but he didn’t see anyone here.

Finally, half a minute later.


A small hand sticks out from the side of the coffee table and grabs a snack and shrinks back.


Zhou He’s awkward.

Is this stealing snacks?

He and Wu Zhaokong got up and walked over and saw the picture bursting and laughing.

I saw a five- or six-year-old kid, eating snacks and screaming, there are already six or seven snack bags.

“You… your parents?” Wu Zhaokong asked with a smile.

“Oh, whisper.”

Chen Xiaochuan, who was out to eat snacks, saw him look at himself and was shocked. He hurried his index finger. The thief looked around and grabbed two snacks and ran. I climbed down to the place where the horizontal and vertical sofas intersected, but the two legs that leaked in the corridor were so conspicuous.

It’s really a shame.

Seeing Chen Changqing laughed again and again, Xiao Chenchuan ran out, his thoughts could follow in Chen Chuan, every move is in his eyes, stealing and stealing, the little boys are mischievous.

It’s just about eating. Today’s food has a lot of spirits.

“Mengmeng, your brother ran out to play, you grab him back, he listened to you most.” Chen Changqing looked at Mengmeng and smiled.

“Oh, okay, I am going to bring the naughty guy back.”

Mengmeng put down the juice in his hand, combed a ponytail, a red plaid with an eagle-patterned jacket, plus a beige shorts, white shoes, and a fresh and colorful dress.

When he heard Chen Changqing, Mengmeng got up and went out.

At this time, the rest hall, Zhou He, Wu Zhaokong did not know what to say.

Who is this child?

Some curious, maybe the identity is not normal here?

“Are you hiding there?” Bekinan ran over there and asked.

“Hey! Don’t talk! I can’t eat it when I find it. You can get off quickly.” Chen Chuan whispered.

“Let’s sit back.”

Wu Zhaokong waved his hand and called back to Bekinan and looked at Zhou He again.

“Are you coming over to steal Spiritual Sense?”

This is the meaning of the two people’s eyes, not much to say, young people do not understand things.

In this case, who can allow a child of five or six years old to run around, if it is a big man, the consequences are unimaginable.

So both of them think that the children of the hotel staff are secretly running around to join in the fun.

No matter what.

They sat down again.

But at this time, a man in a suit came from the side, twenty-five years old, was on the phone, whispering something, completely did not notice a leg next to the sofa.


Directly smashed, Qianpu fell to the ground, and the juice in his right hand was scattered on a white shirt.

The man’s face instantly darkened, and after standing up, his eyes flashed with anger, but it converges.

“Oh, you stepped on me!”

Chen Chuan sat up and looked at the suit man.


It is obvious that you stumbled over me there!

Forbearance, tolerance…

“Whose child is it? How are you lying on the ground? Are you?”

The suit man looks to Wu Zhaokong.


Wu Zhaokong’s face is tight: “Are you a mountain brother?”

Upon hearing this, Zhou He’s spirit was shocked.

Xicheng District, the brother of the West Africa, the Devils of the Devils Group, the strength, but it is equal to the role of their older generation, his father and Liu Qingfeng are friends, this relationship alone, people have the qualification to enter the inner hall It is also far from the sin they can.

I saw the juice on his white shirt… The two felt that things were a little bad.

The four people sitting on the couch rushed to get up.

“You are?” Mountain brother brows slightly wrinkled.

“I am Wu Zhaokong.”

“I am Zhou Jiaxue, we don’t know this child, he…”

Zhou He’s words have not been finished yet, and Chen Chuan’s eyes are sloping:

“Big Brother, how do you say you don’t know me?”


Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong were in a hurry.

“Oh.” Shan Ge sneered, and said faintly: “A little thing, it’s such a state of affairs, or a week, Zhou Jiazhou, Wu Jiawu Zhaokong, know you.”

I am so embarrassed!

Zhou He’s face is the same as eating it.

Wu Zhaokong is also a cold in the back. This kind of understanding is a bit scary.

“Mountain brother, you listen to me.” Zhou He explained quickly.

” Needless to say, I have to change clothes. You don’t know it here.”

The mountain brother looks cold.

I will leave when I finish.

For a time, Wu Zhaokong and Zhou He’s cold sweats all flowed out.

Look at Bekinan and Zhou Lei are a bit embarrassed, how good is the other party?

“Little Chen Chuan, do you think I can’t catch you when you run here?”

Suddenly a familiar, crisp sound came.


“Mengmeng !”

“You are too?”

Bei Jinnan and Zhou Lei were surprised.

“Oh, are you here too?”

Mengmeng also squatted, did not say hello, saw Chen Chuan to run, she walked quickly, grabbed Chen Chuan’s back collar:

“Hey, I ran out to eat snacks, one or two… I ate a total of seven packs of snacks. I told Aunt Feifei that as long as I said, you can’t eat snacks for half a month.”

Mengmeng’s face is a smirk.

“No, I don’t!”

Chen Chuan’s face narrowed and he saw a man in a suit, and he quickly pointed to the past:

“Mengmeng sister, he just stepped on my foot, he bullied me.”

Hurry to transfer the topic.


Mengmeng looked at the suit male and didn’t seem to know.

Zhou Lei, Bei Jinnan, Zhou He, and Wu Zhaokong also looked at the past.

I saw that the mountain brother looked awkward and his mouth trembled.


I heard the sound of the swallowing water clearly.

He seems to be nervous?

Mengmeng is not a monster, how can it seem a little scared?

A few people are curious.

The next scene can make them a bit stunned.

I saw the waist of the mountain brother is very low, the face is bitter, the voice is just deserted, it is really soft, and there is even a flattery:

“Missy, I am my fault, I really didn’t see his legs sticking out, I…”

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