Shan Ge did not know how to forgive.

He knows that Mengmeng is the daughter of that, who dares to make her unhappy, that ruthless person will make his family unhappy.

If something really happened to the father, wouldn’t it be a layer of skin?

Can you not be afraid?

In the eyes of Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong, the big mountain brother is called Mengmeng aunt.

Mengmeng looked at him with some suspicious eyes.


If you can’t say it, your forehead will flow cold and sweat.

Seeing that he was afraid of this, Mengmeng did not say anything swearing, turned his head to look at Chen Chuan, lifted his right foot and kicked his ass:

“Want to transfer the topic? Hey, in front of your sister, you are too tender.”

“I don’t have it. I didn’t have Mengmeng’s sister smart. He just stepped on me and didn’t apologize.” Chen Chuan answered honestly.

“Sorry, I really didn’t see it, sorry, sorry.”

Shan Ge rushed to apologize.

“Okay, you can change your clothes.” Mengmeng said to him.


A long exhalation, turned and strode away.

Seeing Wu Zhaokong and Bekinan looked blank.

what’s going on?

“How come you? Who is attending the wedding?” Mengmeng looked strangely at Zhou Lei and Bekinan.

“I don’t know, my brother said it was Hu’s wedding.” Zhou Lei replied.

“Me too.” Bekinan nodded.

“Yes, we are attending the wedding of Hu Ye, come to see the world.” Zhou He also echoed.

Some looked at Mengmeng with some suspicions.

“Oh, yes, you can also know Uncle Hu.”

Mengmeng snorted and thought about it:

“How to sit outside, it’s boring here, sit inside, there are so many foods today.”

“No, no, thank you.” Zhou He hurriedly waved: “We are waiting for our family here, we will not go in.”

Bekinan said: “We can’t get in.”

“Why can’t you get in?” Mengmeng looked strange.

“No tickets.”

“Tickets? There is no martial art. Are you talking about invitations? It seems that you have not heard of invitations.” Mengmeng has some doubts, people are coming, why not go in for dinner?

Then there was a reaction. Many people in the hall were sitting. It was the guests who came inside, and brought their own children to see the show.

“You come with me.”

Mengmeng grabbed Chen Chuan’s back collar with his left hand, and the right hand moved to them and took the lead to the door.


Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong could not pay attention.

When hesitating, Bekinan and Zhou Lei have already kept up with Mengmeng.

So the two did not hesitate and went straight to it.

Going straight to the door, there is a little understanding of the two of them on the road, and I can’t help but talk about it:

“Zhou He? He has been mixed in the circle for several years. How can he not understand the rules?”

“Yeah, Wu Shao, they are all sitting here, he is going in. I really thought that his Zhou family is very big?”

“Wu Zhaokong, Lian Wushan is very reluctant, what is he going to join in?”

“Can’t get in, the six guards at the door can let this group of people go in?”


The words are basically the same as Zhou He’s identity, or the first level of roles.

Where do you know Mengmeng?

People like Shan Ge know the tip of the iceberg.

But this is the tip of the iceberg, but also let him cold and sweat.

Hey, hehe…

Before coming to the near, Wu Zhaokong was also nervous.

If it is stopped by people, it will be too shameful.

However, the guards did not even look at them, and ignored them. It seems that they still smiled at Mengmeng.

Walk directly into the venue.

The picture that caught the eye was a very gorgeous banquet hall. There were a lot of people inside, and they were all the most heavyweights.

There are still a lot of people who don’t know, almost full, but there are only eight people at each table, not at all.

So easy to come in?

So simple!

Zhou He found that some things seem to be difficult to get into the sky, but it is still very simple.

Looking to the right, isn’t that your parents? How do you sit in the last row? Do you want to go there to find them?

Some hesitant.

“Brother, come on, how do you listen to that?”

A sigh of God, Zhou Lei, they all walked out seven or eight meters, almost lost personal.


I quickly followed up and found myself a group of people, almost swaying and walking in the venue.

Inward, crossed a lot of rich areas.

Continue to the inside.

A lot of giant figures of the older generation!

Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong’s legs began to tremble.

The characters on the table here are sneezing, and their family may not be able to bear it.

“You are sitting here.”

Mengmeng took them to an empty table: “You have four tables, and you can eat more in a while. I have to go in with my parents.”

“I, we have four tables?” Zhou He’s heart was snoring.

Sitting in this position, you will not be inexplicably hostile.

Everyone is behind, my junior is sitting here, is that okay?

“Mengmeng, are you not with us?” Bekinan still hopes to have dinner with Mengmeng.

“No, you are here. I will wait until after the meal. Yes, don’t go there. There are people from Liu Shu and Jiang Yan. They are amazing. You can’t stand it.” “”

Mengmeng refers to the opposite side of the crystal walkway.

There are some people sitting in the water cloud.

“I know, we definitely don’t move.”

Wu Zhaokong rushed to answer.

“Well,” Mengmeng said. “Then I took him back. Chen Shu still waited for me.”

“Good.” Zhou He looked polite.

Don’t take Mengmeng at all as a little girl.

Can walk on the field unscrupulously, and arrange a table for them in such a high-profile position. How much energy is there?


Speaking, Mengmeng grabbed Chen Chuan to the compartment on the inside.

During the period, many people saw this side. See Mengmeng and arrange a few people to sit there. No one would say anything.

Who is Mengmeng?

Zhang Han’s jewel is still a little girl, but her identity and status are sometimes higher than Zhang Han because she is too favored.

Originally, this table was also someone who was picking up the people. When they saw them, they arranged another table directly.

“How did he go there?”

“Wu Zhaokong is doing what he is!”

Zhou Jiazhu and Wu Shanxing were shocked.

Hurry up and take out your mobile phone to send a message.

When I learned that it was Bei Jinnan’s classmates, Zhou Lei’s friends gave them the location, and for a moment they were a little bit dumbfounded. Is it an opportunity?

Mengmeng ……

Zhou Jiazhu looked at the person with the highest strength on their table, Ye Han.

“Ye Shao, do you know a girl named Mengmeng?”


Ye Han’s answer made the Zhou family’s master shine.

Slightly hesitant, he got up and walked to Ye Han, whispered:

“I don’t know who Mengmeng is? If it is convenient, please tell Ye Shao.”

“Zhou Jiazhu, IMHO, in your capacity, know that she is not necessary.” Ye Han smiled and whispered: “You are in the Jiansha District, and she has nothing to do with her.”

“Yes, just Mengmeng took Zhou He and Zhou Lei to the table inside.”

“That is your son?” Ye Han gave a slight glimpse. He really didn’t know Zhou He. He looked at Zhou Jiazhu strangely. “How did they know Mengmeng?”

“Hey, my family and Mengmeng are a school, they are friends.”

“It turned out to be like this.” Ye Han looked a bit, looked at the other side, and suddenly smiled: “Zhou Jiazhu is still very blessed, can know Missy, this thing I am not good to make speeches, maybe later your family can Tell you, but I still have a word, sometimes… the misfortunes of the blessings, the blessings of the blessings.”

“Teached, thank you Ye Shao.”

Zhou Jiazhu quickly nodded and thanked him, returned to his position, watching the wine glass fell into meditation.

Ye Hanhe smiled and didn’t care.

Just thinking about it: a friend may be OK, but the border is over, the temper may not be very good, and a Zhou family, far from the palm of the hand.

According to the truth, before the change, Ye Han will be similar to Zhou He, and in the past few years, a leaf cold, have been able to catch up with the family of the last week, and the tribe should be treated with enthusiasm for three days, sometimes it is true.

Not only were they shocked, but even Zhou He was dull.

“Mengmeng she,” Zhou Lei’s tone is somewhat low: “It seems very powerful.”

“She is walking here.” Bekinan said: “There are so many powerful people here, she can, explain her home, even more powerful than these people.”

Looking closely, Bekinan’s eyes seem to be very bright.

Challenging? Still other?

It’s just that Wu Zhaokong is a little scared: “Know it, don’t think about those that are useless, sit here honestly, wait for the wedding ceremony to start, then eat, just like this.”

“You are also.” Zhou He looked at Zhou Lei; “The hour is coming, just sit here and enjoy one.”

After sitting for a few minutes, the stage lighting show began. After one minute, the host went on stage:

“Welcome all the guests, today is a…”

Many people suddenly found out that today they are two new couples.

Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan, A’Hu, Liu Jiaran four people.

Parents of both sides came to power one after another.

The representative of A’Hu is a busy family of friends, Liu Jiaran is Liu Qingfeng, Jiang Jiangmen is only known in the Martial Artist circle, and the head of Instructor Liu’s uncle Liu appeared, which made many people outside the circle startled.

When the wedding is going on.

A’Hu and Instructor Liu are wearing suits.

Two people, A’Hu is awkward, and the head is big, giving a feeling of strength and beauty. Liu Jiaran is standing beside him, the bird is dependent on people.

Instructor Liu has a lot of quiet, not handsome, but very temperament.

Standing with Jiang Yanlan, she seems to be a relatively hot wave. After all, there is a firebird energy attribute, which is a manifestation.

It also looks very good, two pairs of newcomers can be said to have exhausted the eye.

During the period, Liu Jiaran and Liu Qingfeng couldn’t help but red eyes.

It is not easy, Liu Qingfeng brought her big.

At this time, I saw my daughter getting married, and my heart was a little empty.

However, the master of ceremonies is very powerful, and the atmosphere is adjusted in a few words.

Liu Jiaran also said more naughty what Liu Qingfeng said, and pointed to the little spirit under the stage.

A close personal secretary, following Liu Qingfeng for many years.

Is that kind of secretary who has something…..nothing…?

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