Grasping Evil Chapter 1253


Dreamland, a fragmented dream.

A young female in a haori skirt walks around Dreamland World. She sometimes stops and looks around. She doesn’t know one’s body in the dream, nor does she know who she is.

She was badly injured.

She slept too long, too long.

She has forgotten too many people and things.

“Who am I …”

“What is this place …”

“Where do I come from and where should I go, who can tell me …”

“Who can talk to me … even one sentence …”

young female walked in a daze, I don’t know how long it had been, and suddenly there was a light in the white mist in front.

She walked towards the light, and her eyes suddenly opened up.

The fog cleared, and a dream scene caught her eyes.

The surrounding environment turned into a vast lake with Immortal Island in it. Her body fluttered uncontrollably, and moved towards Immortal Island in the lake.

I don’t know how long it took before she finally landed on the island.

The island is full of exotic flowers and rare herbs, and there are countless towering ancient trees.

young female Vaguely felt the scenery on the island familiar, but could not remember where it was.

She moved on and walked into the Ancient Tree Forest.

Then, she was surprised to find that almost every ten steps in the woods were banned by an institution. Once these institutions were triggered, Far Ancient Great Cultivator was killed on the spot.

It’s a terrifying place.

“There are 3rd step bans everywhere. Could it be that Saint’s Dao Temple could not be achieved …” young female said to herself.

Behind her voice, she was a little confused, “But what is banned … Saint, what is it …”

I don’t remember.

She wants nothing to raise.

I can’t remember anything clearly, but I don’t know why, she knows the distribution of organs on this Immortal Island.

Going all the way, going all the way deep into Immortal Island, she did not go wrong with one step and did not trigger any agency.

“I must have been here, but I don’t remember …” young female groaned.

I don’t know how long it has been, the gloomy woods suddenly lit up.

She saw the exit of this Ancient Tree Forest.

She walked out of the Ancient Tree forest.

Everything that comes into my eyes is a small World constructed by organ mechanics!

In the sky, there are thousands of organ wooden clogs flying like giant Shan, flying in number, each organ wooden clog has terrifying breath above Immortal Venerable!

On the ground, there are mountains of organs, and those organs surround a valley. In the valley, there are several ten 1000 zhang bronze giants half kneeling on the ground.

No, that’s not a giant, it’s a copper Puppet created by mechanics!

Any copper Puppet has terrifying cultivation base comparable to Far Ancient Great Cultivator!

“Who created this institution World …”

young female Looking in the middle of the valley of institutions with doubt.

Suddenly, the sound of forging came from a certain direction. She followed the sound and went all the way, and finally came to a house of institutions.

The chimney of the government house is blazing black smoke, and the sound of knocking inside the house is deafening.

She entered the room, assaults the senses mixed with the smell of soot, oil, and wood.

Familiar taste. She must have been here before, but she doesn’t remember it.

In the room, a thin old man holding a huge copper hammer and knocking on a copper block repeatedly, entering the young female entering without notice.

At the foot of the old man, there is a red baby leopard lying on his back. The baby leopard is only the size of a slap. It sounds milky and milky. It seems that he was just born without several days, and his limbs can not stand yet. World curiosity and fear.

Curious is the instinct of every lifeform.

Fear is because the sound of old man knocking on copper is too loud, too terrifying!

The percussion sounds like thunder! Like Shan Beng! Seems like a crack!

The swing of the hammer seems to sink Heaven and Earth into a hammer, and a hammer drop can break the old order and create a new order.

The poor little leopard has just been born for a few days. Where I have seen such a terrifying swing, I am so scared that I am scared.

Looking at the fear of the little leopard, the old man unfortunately put down the copper hammer, holding his chin and talking to himself, “The ominous name of the red leopard family is born, and it is the newborn baby leopard. Courage, how can I be so timid as a red leopard, afraid of the sound of hammering? Is it a fake leopard? No, it cannot be a fake leopard. The dignified gentleman in the cloud will never take a fake Leopard hit me … “

“Red leopard, red leopard …” Young female stood by the door, muttering the word, but couldn’t remember what the red leopard was.

She walked towards the old man, and wanted to talk to the wrought-old man, but the man didn’t seem to hear her voice and could not see her existence.

She crouched down, trying to touch the shiver coldly little red leopard, but her palm passed through the little leopard’s body.

Can’t … touch.

It’s as if you’re in the same world.

The old man not at all perceives that other people are entering the house.

He looked at Leopard with disgusted expression, but he finally sighed and accepted the fact that his leopard was timid.

After some forging, the copper block was forged by the old man into a copper charm.

old man capped the copper talisman with the remaining temperature, and finally hung this copper trumpet around the leopard’s neck.

“This is a faith token. Put on this and you will be the disciple of my public lesson.”

“Speaking of which, you Former Lord Yun Zhongjun, never seemed to name you …”

“You are in my disciple, but it does n’t work without a name. Let me think about it, what name should I give you …”

“Yes! The most famous person of the Red Leopard family is the one who is scared and forbidden. D Min Yuanzhang. The pineapple flavor Jiajia craftsman scares the stupid and lowers the capital to fight the oysters to play.龀 scaring > Umbrella > Unconscious mind and liquid forgiveness

Red B, Red B …

Xiaobao Awoo, it seems that the name is very displeased, do not overdo it.

young female But with these two words, my eyes became more confused.

Chiyi, Chiyi … a familiar name, but she does n’t remember …

Here is her Dreamland.

She is the little leopard named Chi Yi in front of her.

But of all of these, she doesn’t remember it anymore, she just didn’t know the origin, and thought the name Chiyi was very nice and missed.

ka ka ka.

Dreamland is broken.

It’s white again.

young female faint sighed, she also wants to see more, to see how the little leopard later, and to see how the old man named the public losing class later.

But you can’t see it, let alone interfere with Dreamland a little.

She lost her head again, lost her direction again, and walked wildly in the white dreamland world.

I don’t know how long I’ve been away, and there’s a voice in front again.

But you can’t see the picture, apparently because the Dreamland in front is more severely broken, and you can’t even watch it a little.

Also fine, you can hear a little bit of sound, as long as you are no longer alone …

So young female listened sideways, she heard countless discussions, mixed together, very messy, very messy.

“Does anyone want to be brutal?”

“Who is it?”

“I heard that it is a vanguard Immortal Venerable called Chi Yi.”

“Chiyi? Haven’t heard of it …”

“Unbelievably, this woman entered the ceremony, which was actually hosted by Barbarian God, and Barbarian God personally promised that this woman did not need to surrender the soul order.”

“This girl could it be Inverse Saint disciple? It’s just Immortal Venerable nothing more, and my face is too big! I don’t need a soul order!”

“Not Inverse Saint disciple, but also absolutely not to be trifled with, this woman is said to be from Cloud Dream Lake …”

“His! Cloud Dream Lake! What is her relationship with Kung Fu!”

“It is said that there is only one female apprentice in Saint disciple, and that is the female!”

“Have you heard that Chi Yi has repaired the Title, and will be a Title Immortal Venerable from now on …”

“What? Title, which has been passed down for countless years by the Kingdom of Gods, was created by this female cultivator? It’s incredible.”

“Have you heard that Ming Ling is too Bai Saint, defeated by the formation of Chi Yi Sir …”

“Immortal Venerable defeated Beginning Saint? Even with the help of the authorities, it is a unimaginable record.”

“Have you heard that Chi Yi is only a little behind, and has made the Starting Heaven Artifact …”

“This matter has already stirred the real world, how can I not know.”

“I heard that Atsugi Sir wants to borrow God Extinguishing Shield …”

“What! That’s God Extinguishing Shield, how can Barbarian God Sir …”

“Latest news, Barbarian God Sir agrees to borrow a shield.”

“It is indeed Chi Yi Sir, but there is a way to talk about Barbarian God.”

“Have you heard that Chiba Sir intends to leave Ancient Barbarian World.”

“It’s impossible! Chiyi Sir will never abandon the oath of voicing! Even more impossible to betray Barbarian Clan!”

“You misunderstood, Chi Yi Sir by no means is trying to betrayal, but just want to leave the barbaric world and travel around.”

“so that’s how it is, I hope Chi Yi has a pleasant journey and return soon …”

ka ka ka.

Dreamland is broken for another time.

White mist, one more time, covering everything.

“No more sound …” young female is extremely lost.

She went blank again.

Disoriented again.

All around the mist, it’s so cold.

She walks in an almost eternal loneliness, and occasionally can find a Dreamland picture, more often still blank.

For a moment, there was a Jin Guang that cut through the sky, dispelled the mist, and illuminated Dreamland World.

young female looked up staggeringly, seeing a bright sun rising from the horizon in the distance.

That’s … what a beautiful light.

She is reluctant to remove Gaze!

Even if her eyes are pained by the sun, she doesn’t want to move away!

At this moment, another hand protruded from the sun.

From outside the dream, into the dream, through time, through the entire World, coming, then clenching!

Hold her hand!

Tug her out of the fragmented Dreamland World again!

Release her from the eternal curse named Sleep, and regain her freedom!

The dazzling ray of light pierced into the eyes, and the young female named Chi Yi crossed the endless years, and finally awaken, open eyes.

She saw the familiar and unfamiliar sunshine, and even saw Ning Fan smiling and standing in the sunshine.

He laughs … but it looks so good, like … a Dao Light.

“Are you finally awake, you, but Barbarian …” Ning Fan asked politely.

He can see me!

Is he … talking to me!

Barbarian, what is it, are you asking me …

Who is he …

Who am I …

Aketo suddenly became extremely nervous.

She didn’t answer, but after hesitating again and again, she slowly took the take action and the awards Ning Fan touched.

She was afraid that her hand would pass through Ning Fan’s body, and she feared that the landscape in front of her would be broken into a vast white mist, making everything she had at the moment lonely.


Her hand, accurate, touched Ning Fan’s hand.

It’s like an electric shock, but it’s not just electricity, but thunder! Countless thunders roar in my heart!

She stayed in the same place and still kept the grip of Ning Fan’s palm. After a long, long time, she still couldn’t recover.

She saw Ning Fan asking her one more time, but she was too confused to think and listen.

She saw countless Fire Demon pointing and talking about her.

She saw Nu Luo glaring at her, as if she had done something bad.

I don’t understand, I don’t know anything.

Can’t remember, can’t remember anything.

She seems to be back to the original state, as if all the past has been turned into blank paper.

It wasn’t until the last question came that she finally got Soul Recovering.

“… You have returned to freedom. You chose to stay here or follow me.” It was Ning Fan who asked her the same question. Ning Fan had asked it a few times. Only this one time, she heard it.

“I’ll follow you!” Chi Yi said anxiously.

No hesitation.

Nuo Luo is very angry!

He saw that Chi Yi was also Barbarian, and it took a huge Magic Force to wake up the woman. As a result, the woman did a wicked thing as soon as she awaken!

This woman shook Ning Fan’s hand!

And do n’t let go when you hold it, but hold it hard, hold it desperately, hold it all the time!

Nuo Luo has seen people who eat tofu, but never met people who eat tofu!

Also, this woman is eating that ’s all, that ’s all wrong, she should n’t eat Barbarian God’s tofu! The body of the Barbarian God, can it be touched by leisurely Barbarian, the act of this woman, in the eyes of any Barbarian, is a bold act of 1st Rank!

“impudent! Don’t let go!”

Nuo Luo wanted to reprimand one or two subconsciously, but was signaled by Ning Fan expression in the eyes and stopped.

When she sees this, Nuo Luo no longer likes the boldness of Chi Yi and dares not to say a word.

After that, Ning Fan repeatedly asked Chi Yi’s intentions, and the answer was followed.

Fire Fish Sin has been repelled.

Ning Fan has enough time to confirm the identity of Nu Luo and Chi Yi.

He recites Mountain and Sea Incantation in the heart. This spell was also taught to him by the strange eyeball.

This technique can insights the natural method, you can hear the soul sounds left between the mountains and the sea, you can extract the vitality of natural myriad things for your own use, and it can also be used to identify the blood of Barbarian Clan.

Nuo Luo and Chi Yi are both Barbarian.

The Barbarian God’s hangover marks on the two are also real.

In this way, when he looks at these two people again, he cannot be treated as an unrelated person.

He is the Barbarian God of the ten generations, and all Barbarian left in the world are his people …

gu lu lu

It’s the sound of Ning Fan’s belly.

Smashing the 1st layer Sea of ​​Consciousness of Fire Fish Fairy made him take a lot of effort, so at this moment, he is hungry …

“… Is there other food besides fire quail?” Ning Fan desperately needs food belly, very urgent, very urgent!

“No, but if you go to the next house, you still have a good food for Sir to enjoy.” Nu Luo answered respectfully.

“So, let’s go to the next house.”

“Go now? Obey.” Nu Luo was somewhat surprised.

He remembers that Ning Fan is very interested in the scented pieces. In this quail-fire palace, it seems that some scented pieces are also advisable. Leave at this moment. Why do n’t you want those pieces? or is, the hunger of Ning Fan within the body has become so severe that it is unbearable and can’t be delayed for a while? So no extra time for collecting debris?

After thinking about it, you have already revealed your identity with Barbarian God Sir, and collected pieces of debris, can it be, and Barbarian God Sir? Let your subjects do the work! Then he said another word, obeyed, and beckoned, calling Long Yansheng to the front, instructed, “Lord Ning needs something, you have to wait to find it, so so …”

Hurriedly instructed a few words, the female Luo led Ning Fan to leave the quail fire palace, and went straight to the quail’s first palace.

The one who left together, also the Chi B, cautiously followed Ning Fan behind, and he was positive about Ning Fan together forever.

Ning Fan and Fire Fish immortal battle, the movement is too loud, the demons in other palaces can never be unaware.

But it is also because the battle is so quiet that no Demon dares to run into the Palace of Fire to investigate what happened.

Immortal Emperor dare!

The higher the cultivation base, I dare not!

A Fire Fish immortal suspected of overhaul is going crazy, who would dare get involved in this matter at rampage! Is old life star long?

Zi Wei Northern Pole Palace, 7th palace, quail’s palace.

The master of the quail head palace is not one person, but five people in charge of the same palace. These five people are called the emperor of the grain by the demon in the palace.

People are like the name, all five are Immortal Emperor cultivation base, and the body is all grain.

The Emperor Wugu is a well-known elder in the palace. He has a calm temperament and rarely gets flustered by things outside his body.

However, today ’s events are absolutely trivial, so they ca n’t panic.

“Damn! What happened to the Quail Fire Palace! Why did the Fire Fish fairy rampage to this extent!”

“imperceptible! Under the interference of the Fire Fish fairy’s Divine Ability, all sensing methods have failed! This monster is moving this time!”

“Who provoked Fire Fish Fairy to such an extent! Could that be the outsider who sneaked into the palace recently?”

“I must immediately negotiate a charter! The quail head and the quail fire are closest to each other. Although in the past the Fire Fish fairy Spirit Manifestation has never been out of the quail fire scope, no one can guarantee that under such rampage, it I will not stop in the quail fire palace. Once this bastard bursts out of the quail fire and kills the quail head, how can I respond! “

“It’s better to withdraw from other palaces! In the face of overhaul, I will not escape if I try my best. If I join forces with the Zhugong Demon, or I might survive!”

“No! I will never leave this place! If I were to wait for the oversee Seal, the locusts would rush out to harm the Spirit Valley Spirit Herb again …”

“What time is this! Also care about those Spirit Plant things!”

“Spirit Plant may not be worth mentioning, but what about offerings in the temple!”

“You do n’t need to worry about the sacrifice temples! Those locusts are courageous and do n’t dare to eat Zi Wei’s offerings! If they dare to speak, they will save their lives and let them die in the sacrifice temples. , Just once and for all, get rid of my tribe! “

Five emperors are talking non-stop, and suddenly complexion slows down.

It’s the rampage of Fire Fish fairy, somehow stopped.

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