Chapter 6 Sweeping Cloud Peak on the sacred door (1)

For ten consecutive days, Zhang Yan’s immortal cave was closed to the door for a breakthrough.

However, I don’t know if it is the reason why I haven’t been able to do so. Although he feels comfortable and smooth, he has become more and more strong in the umbilical, but he has never stepped into the step he expected.

There is no such thing as a breakthrough in the last time. He has some regrets, but he also knows that this is reasonable. That time was three years of hard work, and it was impossible to have a good deed like this.

In this case, there is no need to force it.

Path of cultivation sometimes has to be persevering, bravely moving forward, sometimes it is necessary to quit smoking, Xu Tu easing, how to choose, are in their own hearts, now he is not lacking Dao Scripture medicine pill, The breakthrough Realm is just around the corner, and naturally there is no need to fight for these two or three days.

A few days ago, Ai Zhongwen came to the door to invite him to go to the Daoist Assembly, but he refused because of the cultivation.

Now that I have calculated the time, the Daoist Assembly has been open for more than three days, but the Daoist Assembly has a total of one month, even if it is worthy, it doesn’t have to be rushed.

At the beginning of the next day, he bathed and changed clothes, calmly cleaned up, and put on a cloud-like black robes. When he was ready, he went to Sweeping Cloud Peak.

Sweeping Cloud Peak is the Green Parasol Tree Mountain. There is a Daoist Temple named Pond Temple, which is open to the public. The waterfall is unique in the scenery of the Eighteen Peaks. It is used as the Daoist Assembly. Daoist Temple, he walks between the mountain roads, as far as the eye can see , each Sect Disciple dealings is endless, all are the crowns of the band, the big sleeves fluttering, a dusty atmosphere.

About an hour later, he came to the front of Pond Temple Mountain Sect.

The head Mountain Sect is divided into three door holes according to the Daoist Assembly convention. The words “Heaven”, “Earth” and “Human” are written on the top, “Heaven Gate” has always been used for the owner of the Disciple, “Earth Gate” is the meeting each Sect Disciple walks through, and the “people gate” is reserved for the princes and the bureaucrats.

Zhang Yan is the Profound Virtue Temple Disciple. Of course, he wants to enter from the “Heaven Gate”. He shows the bronze token, and the young lad naturally dares not to block it, letting others step into the Mountain Sect.

It’s just that he just stepped into the Mountain Sect, but some people reached for a stop, and the cold voice: “Slow, what are you looking at the Disciple?”

Zhang Yan glanced at it and found that in front of him was a 30-year-old Daoist Nun with a dusty, white-skinned appearance, but this Daoist Nun had a flying eyebrow and a sharp eye. The nose was as straight as a man, and at a glance I saw that it is a strong character.

Zhang Yan held a Disciple ceremony for Daoist Nun and said: “Disciple Profound Virtue Temple Zhang Yan.”

“You are Zhang Yan?” Daoist Nun seems to have heard of Zhang Yan’s name. He looked at him up and down and said: “I heard that you are proficient in Eclipse Canon, then I will ask you, ‘Ishihe’ Code?”

Zhang Yan didn’t want to, and immediately said: “From the “new saying of the language map”, it was written by the lonely practitioner Kong Yan a hundred years ago.”

“New Language Map” is a travel note, and “Xianghe” is one of them.

It is said that during the ancient wilderness period, there were a group of villagers at the foot of Lushan Mountain. Due to the scarcity of water resources, the villagers depended on a Spirit Stream to survive, but this Spirit Stream was intermittent every day, and the villagers were miserable. Because ten elephants are often playing in the creek, they think that it is the fault of the elephant. After repeated failures, they will kill the ten elephants, and the stream will be smooth.

However, the villagers did not know that there was actually a giant snake cultivation in the upper reaches. Every time the giant snake came down to drink water, the elephants were driven forward by the elephants. When the group died, the giant snake would be unmanned. After the cultivation became a Spirit, it would go down the mountain. Every day, people eat, and the villagers are scattered.

Daoist Nun stared at Zhang Yan’s eyes and said, “If you know, I will ask you again. If you are the villager, what should you do?”

This story is intended to warn daodao, path of cultivation is not to be confused by the before one’s eyes, but to trace the cause and find a proper way to deal with it, so there is also Teacher to check the younger generation Disciple The heart of the heart.

Disciple believes that, like, although the water flow is intermittent, the villagers can always survive, so they should maintain the status quo; also Discipe believes that the villagers can kill elephants and should kill giant snakes, should go upstream to behead giant Snake; more Discipe believes that the villagers do not know the antecedents, can only remedy afterwards, so should push one person out to feed the snake every day.

In short, the answers are strange and varied.

Zhang Yan thought a little, immediately replied with the slightest hesitation: “Kill it all.”

Daoist Nun blinked and asked, “Why?”

Zhang Yan said solemnly: “Today is a ten-image, but if it is allowed to multiply, Anzhi will still be like tomorrow. If there are more elephants, one day, Spirit Stream will be cut off, so it can’t be killed. It shows that the ethnic group is in a strong position, and one more head has one head and one head has nothing to do with the overall situation. The water flow is always intermittent, and one less person will be able to pass through a lot. The villagers can live, and the snakes will not be swallowed up.”

There is no standard answer in this story. Daoist Nun has no expression, letting the passage open, saying: “You can go in.”

Zhang Yan arched his hand and slammed the robes down the threshold, striding in.

Not long after he left, a girl from the side of Daoist Nun in sect flashed, Zhao Zhao, the sister of precisely Zhao Yuan.

She grabbed Daoist Nun’s arm and shook, complaining: “Martial Uncle, how can you put the little thief so easy? Last time he hurt my brother to vomit blood, I haven’t settled with him yet!”

Daoist Nun touched Zhao Ying’s head and said: “When you know the Grand Master asked your Master, how did your Master answer?”

Zhao Ying was tempted by curiosity and said, “What does Master say?”

“Kill a picture.”

Zhao Ying was surprised: “My teacher also answered this question?”

“At the time, your Grand Master was also very satisfied. Later, I asked you about the reason of Master. Your Master said that this is because the number of the nine is extremely high, ten is more, more than overflowing, and less is perfect. This is Heavenly Dao, so “After killing.” Daoist Nun sighed and said: “Zhang Yan’s thoughts, in line with Heavenly Dao, such a person’s future achievements cannot be measured. If you don’t want him now, you can’t easily offend. Do you understand?”

Zhao Ying seems to understand and nod.

Daoist Nun looked into the distance and seemed to be thinking about something.

In fact, the master Zhao Ying said that it was not “killing a picture” but “retaining the nine elephants”. Although there is no essential difference between “one kill” and “one stay”, the sentimentality revealed is completely different. From the answer, it can be seen that Zhang Yan is decisive, but not careful, but when he speaks this sentence, he killing intent and breasts, his eyes are like electric, this kind of momentum makes her not feel chilly.

Although she is not as proficient as her own Senior Brother, she can also see that Zhang Yan has a big Karma. She can’t help but sigh. I don’t know if such a person stays at Green Parasol Tree Mountain. Is it a blessing?

After entering the Mountain Sect, Zhang Yan walked all the way to the Mountain Sect. However, he did not know that in the past three days, Azure Ocean Sect’s common disciple has been blocked by a Vast Source Sect boy on the “Heaven Gate” road. No one can climb three mountain gates, but they still know what to do. Do not dare to use strong.

Three years ago, Southern Flower Sect Lower Academy was the owner of Daoist Assembly. Azure Ocean Sect had a common disciple named Chen Feng. His sister had paid respects to join a Southern Flower Sect High Master disciple ten years ago. Later, I didn’t know. What caused the death to die, and the inside story is already unknown. In short, the two families have a mutual feud since then.

When Chen Feng 趁Daoist Assembly was held, it was blocked on the “Heaven Gate” road, and it was threatened to compete with the Southern Flower Sect Disciple.

Originally, Mountain Sect has passed the test. As long as you feel that you have a good ability, you can stop any Fellow Daoist on the way to Mountain Sect. This is a good name. No matter whether you win or lose, it is a beautiful talk, so Southern Flower Sect Disciple doesn’t care.

Afterwards, whether it was the interpretation of Eclipse Canon or Fighting Competition, the Southern Flower Sect Disciples were defeated by Chen Feng. If he had a good time, he would not blame it. Who knows that this person is still determined not to let the mountain road, saying It is necessary to block the Southern Flower Sect Disciples on the mountain road, and the Supreme Law will end.

If this happens then, some people can’t see it. Vast Source Sect has always had a good relationship with Southern Flower Sect. There are more than a dozen Disciples coming up to the theory, and finally I can’t help but know, Chen Feng is only one person, but an enemy. The public, not only did not fall, they also beat their blood, and finally it is said that Vast Source Sect Disciple is not allowed to pass.

After one month, Southern Flower Sect with Vast Source Sect Disciple really no one can climb three mountain gates, which led to the loss of the two schools of the Lower Academy, so I have been resentful, this time it is Azure Ocean Sect to be the proprietor, this is two factions Disciple This is a special purpose to find the face, and those who know the enmity are deliberately pretending to be dumb, just do not know.

Three years ago, when Chen Feng returned to the mountain, he opened the Immortal meridians and went to the Higher Academy cultivation. It is naturally impossible to come here again in his current status, but he left, but left the consequences to the Lower Academy.

Among the Mountain Sect Side Palace, there are now more than 20 common disciples from Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy. These people are all from Profound Sect Aristocratic Family. They usually have a circle, so in the eyes of Green Parasol Tree Mountain, I only heard the name and I didn’t see anyone.

At this time, sitting on the first place called Zheng Xun, is the Cultivating Virtue Temple Lower Academy First Disciple, the oldest of all, the highest cultivation base, but this person is peaceful and not good at fighting people.

In the first two days, Mo Yuan blocked the road. He said that he did not put this matter in his mind when he was Fighting Competition Eclipse Canon. But until today, there is still no Disciple to climb three mountain gates. He discovered that it is wrong. I know this is Vast Source Sect. To retaliate, wait a second, Azure Ocean Sect is the proprietor but no one is at the peak, it is really a shame to lose face. So he brought all the common disciple together to discuss countermeasures.

Zheng Xun sighed and said: “Vast Source Sect’s Junior Brother Mo is still young, but I heard that reading Eclipse Canon is only a matter of reference. Right now I have sent the horse Junior Brother and Junior Brother Zhen to play against it. Can you win, and wait for the results.”

Not long after, a young man walked in from Side Palace and leaned over to the surrounding Disciples. His look was awkward: “Junior Brother is not as good as people, I can only hope for Senior Brother Zhen, hehe.”

Everyone silently said nothing.

About a moment later, a young lad came in to report: “Senior Brother, Senior Brother Zhen fainted.”

The Disciples face each other, and one of them stood up, and the cold Sensen said: “Is it that Momo can’t win, so use force?”

Young lad is busy saying: “Senior Brother Mo is fainting, just because the mind is exhausted.”

The man snorted and sat down again. They couldn’t help but start, but Vast Source Sect sent a 13-year-old boy this time. With strong words, the reputation was not very good.

Zheng Xun’s eyes fell on a white boy, saying: “Junior brother Chen, you…”

The Junior Brother Chen waved his hand and said: “Senior Brother Zheng doesn’t have to say, Junior Brother I am also a child of Chen Clan, it is not convenient to come out.”

Chen Feng is from Dengyang Chen Clan and Junior brother Chen is from Luochuan Chen Clan. Although he is the same, he has already separated himself a hundred years ago. He said that although he was an excuse for not wanting to come forward, it is not a strong argument. Zheng Xun is not good. The persecution was too much, and the gaze turned to another man with a cold face.

“Lin Yuan Junior Brother Lin ……”

Lin Yuan shook his head and said: “Mo Yuan is only thirteen years old, and he won’t win. Senior Brother knows that I always love the feathers, don’t force me.”

Zheng Xun smiled and asked several Disciples in succession. Some even said that Mo Yuan was just a honorary disciple. When he went there, he didn’t lose his identity. He won and was ridiculed. Some pushed for scruples and frustrated. To bully and bully; some have said that they have practiced in recent days, leading to a loss of heart and soul.

In a word, no one wants to go.

In fact, they also know the name of Mo Yuan’s child prodigy. Just now the two Discices were defeated and they also saw it. They may not be able to win or lose. If they lose, they will even lose face with their families. As for the sects, it is better than the family. Fame, so I would rather spend it here than refuse.

Ai Zhongwen is doing the last and last time at this moment. When I hear these words, I can’t help but shake my head. This is a stalemate. When is it a knot? Isn’t Azure Ocean Sect’s face really bad?

He thought about it and stood up loudly said: “Senior Brother Zheng, I know that there is one person in the Profound Virtue Temple, and it is better than MySQL Canon to make a difference!”



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