I heard that Ai Zhongwen recommended that one person can overcome Mo Yuan, and Zheng Xun smiled and said: “I don’t know which Junior Brother is said by Junior Brothers, where is it now?”

Ai Zhongwen replied: “This person is called Zhang Yan. It is a Profound Virtue Temple Disciple. Due to the recent retreat cultivation, I have never come to Daoist Assembly. I am still trying to squat at home. I also hope that Senior Brother will give Howling Pond Metal Sword. Please bring this person.”

Howling Pond Metal Sword is a kind of Five Elements. The Dao Cultivator can be used to transmit information. It is a common contact method for the Higher Academy Disciple, but the Lower Academy also has some, but all in the hands of First Disciple Zheng Xun. Generally not urgent.

Zheng Xun is a bit strange, saying: “I know that the Profound Virtue Temple Disciple lives in the Seizing Moon Peak. It has three ropeways connected to the Sweeping Cloud Peak. It is only a moment away. Why use the Golden Sword?”

Ai Zhongwen added: “One person came to the 15th peak Gazing Star Peak, calling people to please, to Sweeping Cloud Peak, it will take a few moments, I am afraid that it will be dragged to tomorrow, the second person is not ordinary Disciple Comparable, you can’t call and drink, use the golden sword, it is to show solemnity, hope that he interrupts the retreat, and quickly arrives.”

Zheng Xun is puzzled. The fifteenth peak Gazing Star Peak is also under the name of Profound Virtue Temple. However, there are some Disciples with no roots there. Cultivation, how do people recommended by Ai Zhongwen live there?

He indulged and asked: “Is this Disciple surnamed Zhang? I don’t know if it is Fengyan Zhang Clan, or Genkun Zhang Clan, or Mianze Zhang Clan?”

Ai Zhongwen shook his head slowly.

He didn’t know that Zhang Yan really came out. Although he knew that he was a Zhou Family son-in-law, but Zhang Yan didn’t seem to want to publicize his background. He couldn’t spread it everywhere, making friends can’t be an enemy, so he didn’t ask this question. Good answer.

When Zheng Xun still wanted to ask, suddenly someone interjected: “This person is my Profound Sect Aristocratic Family?”

Ai Zhongwen is not concise, but has to euphemistically say: “The Senior Brothers don’t have to worry about it. This person has an extraordinary experience and can’t be used to it.”

The man sneered and said: “What can not be ruled out, just a so-called honorary disciple, and actually use the golden sword to please, I see Senior Brother Ai is a long time in the sludge pond, forgot the original origin, proximity To pitch makes you black.” He arched his hand to Zheng Xun and said, “Senior Brother Zheng, I know this Zhang Yan. About half a day ago, he humiliated the senior Brother Hu’s management, gambling. I also cheated on a page of the secret book, Senior Brother Hu, I don’t know if I am right?”

He turned his eyes to Hu Sheng Yu, and there was a sneer in his eyes.

Sitting on the left side of Zheng Xun is Profound Virtue Temple Lin Yuan. He said slowly: “I also listened to Lin Tong, who talked about this person. It is said that it is just a non-rooted honorary disciple, just squatting. I don’t know where to learn the Eclipse Canon Deduction method to mix some ignorant people.”

The Disciples on both sides are arranged according to the cultivation base. Hu Sheng Yu is also sitting on the specific place on the right side. His character is gloomy and arrogant. He does not have much contact with the Disciple. I don’t know Bian Qiao and Zhang Yan. After hearing this sentence, his face suddenly became cloudy and uncertain, and there was a killing intent in the eyes.

Ai Zhongwen secretly screamed, he originally wanted to lift Zhang Yan to win Mo Yuan, but he didn’t expect it to cause trouble. When he thought about it, he couldn’t help but regret it. He also cared about it and knew that these people only care about their own reputation. Why bother with this?

Zheng Xun listened to the people and said that they suddenly showed disappointment and shook their heads and stopped talking.

Under the Disciple, the Disciple didn’t take it for granted. It wasn’t originally Aristocratic Family Disciple. It wasn’t in their eyes. Some people even said that cold mocking was a hot mocking. Ai Zhongwen ignored his own identity and made the next person.

Originally, Ai Zhongwen came out to speak only for the reputation of the martial art. The Daoist Assembly owners always went to the summit first, and he heard that Vast Source Sect and Southern Flower Sect have arrived at the foot of the Green Parasol Tree Mountain, and they are coming together. When they reach the summit first, what is the face of Azure Ocean Sect? Therefore, you can no longer swear and push, you should make a decision.

I didn’t expect a good heart, but I was humiliated by words. All people in the room did not put the slogan on the heart. I only care about the identity of the family. His heart was very annoyed. “Junior Brother, I am also a honorary disciple. It seems to be a superfluous person. So, it’s not easy to stay here, you’re leaving the Senior Brother!” He arched his hand and slammed his sleeves and slammed the door.

Going outside the door of Side Palace, he looked up at the pines and cypresses on both sides, and he thought that Ai Zhongwen was also good at Eclipse Canon. Can it be impossible to get away from this group of short-sighted people? And when I go to the meeting in person, I will see if the name of the child prodigy is true. When I think of it, my heart rises in a strong spirit, and one walks to the Mountain Sect.


After Zhang Yan walked less than a hundred steps, his footsteps could not help but slow down. He said: “What does that Daoist Nun mean?”

After Building Origin, he was very clever, and Daoist Nun talked with Zhao Ying. Of course he also heard it clearly, and that…what seems to be meant to be told to him?

The other party seems to be looking for deliberate search, but Zhang Yan intuitively believes that the other party will not be so superficial, and ask for such a sentence for no reason, there must be some reason.

“Like the river, like the river, the overflow is over, the less is round…”

Zhang Yan frowns and ponders over and over again. Suddenly, he has a foot on his feet and thinks of a possibility. Could it be that she is her own cultivation base?

With this in mind, the more he thinks, the more likely he is.

It stands to reason that there is a “Lin Yao Wen” in hand, and the cultivation should be improved even if it is not as smooth as before. But he felt that although Inner Qi was strong, he couldn’t go any further and stepped into the threshold of “Origin Becomes True”. He had always thought that he had not yet arrived. Now think about what the name of Daoist Nun said, and then look at his own body, and he could not help but raise a hint of enlightenment. It seems that it is not too late, but too!

The problem is in the words “too late”!

As if an electric light flashed from before one’s eyes, Zhang Yan suddenly realized that the obstacles of before one’s eyes were scattered all at once, and they laughed loudly. “This is the case, it turns out!”

He turned and yelled at the Director of Daoist Nun.

The Realm level of Profound Sect Dao Law is well known, but it also has a dark pit trick.

For example, Building Origin is a step in which there are two Realms, namely “Congealing Origin to Reveal Intent” and “Origin Becomes True”, but there is still a level called “Temper Origin to Remove Weeds”.

After “Congealing Origin to Reveal Intent”, if you want to go further, Origin Energy, which is deeply hidden in the shackles, is not about the amount, but whether it is pure or not.

Doo Cultivator, who doesn’t understand concern, often spends a few years or even ten years to pour the cultivation. As time goes by, the fire attribute in Origin Energy will gradually disappear, eventually concise and step into Realm of “Origin Becomes True”, and then opened the meridians.

It’s just if this happens then, but it takes more time, and it’s invisible to be left behind by the knowing Disciples.

You know, the secret art that is practiced after opening the meridians is different from the opening of the meridians. There is no way to count between the upper and lower levels. If you are slow, you will be slower. If there is no big Destiny, there is no outstanding Aptitude. There is no hope to catch up with the first step of Fellow Daoist.

Rather than Profound Sect Aristocratic Family, it’s impossible to know the concern.

The “Temper Origin to Remove Weeds” step is only secretly secret between the master and disciple, word of mouth, never written on Dao Scripture, even if it has been, this book has been Profound Sect Aristocratic for thousands of years. Family storage was destroyed.

With such deliberation and tacit control, the major Aristocratic Family held the path of cultivation in one martial art.

In fact, Profound Sect Aristocratic Family is far more than this in this respect. It is not the Dao Cultivator from Aristocratic Family. The cultivation is really a thin ice. If you step on the wrong step, you will never have a way back.

Zhang Yan has his own city in the chest. After a little thought, he will vaguely guess the possible reasons.

That Daoist Nun must have seen that his cultivation base is on this threshold, and it is not easy to speak directly, so I wake up myself through an allusion, although I don’t know why the other person did this, but this person is remembering it. It is.

Although Zhang Yan didn’t know how to temper Origin Energy, he used to read the profound texts in the past and roughly inferred what problems he had. He had some thoughts in his mind, and he was confident that there was a broken jade in hand, as long as he knew the reason. There, always try to find the right way.

Thinking of this, he can’t wait to find a place to meditate for a moment.

At this moment, he looked back when he felt it, but he saw an acquaintance figure stepping into his eyes.

Ai Zhongwen was indignant on the mountain road, looking up and looking up, but unexpectedly saw Zhang Yan, the eyebrows were happy, and hurried forward a few steps, arched: “Senior Brother Zhang has long been here, but also heard of Mo Yuan What happened to this?”

Zhang Yan did not understand: “Senior Brother Ai, what?”

Seeing Zhang Yan doesn’t seem to know. Ai Zhongwen sighed and said, “Hey, it’s hard to say a word, Senior Brother Zhang and come with me, I will talk to you slowly.”

The two walked all the way forward and said as they walked. After about a thousand steps, Zhang Yan figured out the reason.

But what makes Zhang Yan interested is not the one, but the Chen Feng Senior Brother Chen.

“Senior Brother Ai is saying that Senior Brother Chen was also a general cultivation base with me on the same day, but it was a great show on the Daoist Assembly. After returning, the opening of the meridians was closed?”

Ai Zhongwen looks at the color of admiration and says: “precisely.” It is said that although the Senior Brother Chen ordered the two factions to revenge, but one person’s power to block the two factions, the Discipe is not allowed to climb the peak. I am extremely admired.

Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed, and his heart was faintly grasped. He asked: “How many 16-piece Disciples are there on top of the peak?”

Ai Zhongwen shook his head and said: “My Azure Ocean Sect is the proprietor after all. Don’t send Disciple to take care of me and wait for the face. I just watched it, I didn’t have any action, but I heard that Vast Source Sect and Southern Flower Sect Disciple have At the foot of the mountain, I am afraid that it will be the peak today.”

At this moment, he looked up and said: “It is here.”

Zhang Yan looked up, not far from a three-story stone platform that can stand on a hundred people. On the highest stone platform, a copper incense burner is emitting smoky smoke, and a loft with a beam structure is half embedded in the mountain wall. About a hundred of the Three Temples Disciple were gathered there, and the scene was extremely quiet.

Coincidentally, Min Lou, who had not seen him since Yue Feng’s death, was in the crowd. At this moment, his eyes were staring at the field, his hands clenched, and he was nervous.

Zhang Yan and Ai Zhongwen walked up the stone platform in a few steps, only to see the middle of the platform. Two people were sitting opposite each other in front of the case. A middle-aged man in a robe was holding a bamboo token in front of him. Eclipse Canon is fine Deduction, but it has been slightly sweaty on the forehead.

Ai Zhongwen whispered: “This is the Senior Brother Cheng of Cultivating Virtue Temple. Although it is also a honorary disciple, it was born in Hengchang Cheng Clan. It is also quite popular with Eclipse Canon.”

The opposite of Senior Brother Cheng is a boy, presumably that is Mo Yuan, he is about 13 years old, has a faint hair on his lips, and his eyebrows are full of arrogance.

Both of them were very good at eyesight. They saw the Eclipse Canon on the pages of the two people clearly. Zhang Yan looked at the scattered bamboo token at the far end of his hand and couldn’t help but smile.

Ai Zhongwen looked at it carefully. He frowned and said, “It’s not good.”

Sure enough, after a short while, Senior Brother Cheng looked blank and shook his head, shid his head, said with a sigh: “Junior Brother Gao Ming, Senior Brother admit defeat.”

When this sentence was exported, Min Lou, who stood on one side, couldn’t help but fall into a meal. It seems that he lost him.

Mo Yuan’s mouth twitched and snorted, “Azure Ocean Sect, but that’s it!”

The contempt for his innocence in the words made the surrounding Azure Ocean Sect Disciple feel lost, and many people suddenly became angry.

Since the Senior Brother Cheng confessed, naturally he would not say anything more about his own insults. He took out a small bag and threw it in front of the boy, and left the arch.

Zhang Yan did not understand: “What is this?”

Ai Zhongwen explained the reason: “That is Sinking Billows Sand, the Junior Brother Mo came alone, afraid that the Disciple will come forward to invite the fight, is to make a bet, not a common disciple, no matter who is going forward, have to take one Sinking Billows Sand as a color head.”

Sinking Billows Sand is a kind of Five Elements Divine Sand. It is produced in a place where the river is in a hurry. The longer it is deposited in the stone cracks of Jiangxinshi, the rarer it is. The production of Azure Ocean Sect is more, and Zhang Yan is far away. It is also a good calculation, not only to stop the Disciple to go, but also to borrow a small profit from this.

Looking at the table has piled up five small bags, this Mo Yuan has won at least five times.

Then several people came on the scene and they were defeated without exception.

Ai Zhongwen sighed and said, “I am not so human.”

Min Lou in the crowd was angrily saying: “Don’t mention the introduction of Senior Brother, but Zhang Yan Junior Brother Zhang is here, you can win this kid!” Min Lou has also had a large divine ability cultivator, but Nowadays, the home has long since fallen, and there is no common disciple that only pays attention to Zhang Yan.

Upon hearing this, the people who were somewhat frustrated seemed to have been awakened, as if they had got a life-saving straw, and whether they knew Zhang Yan or not, they nodded and said that they couldn’t call Mo Yuan a real joke. Azure Ocean Sect people.

After hearing this sentence, Mo Yuan raised his eyebrows, said with a sneer: “What Senior Brother Zhang, can you dare to come out?”

Ai Zhongwen, standing next to Zhang Yan, suddenly turned to look at him, and there was a bit of expectation in his eyes.

But then he was disappointed.

Instead of coming forward, Zhang Yan turned to Ai Zhongwen and turned and left.

Ai Zhongwen A glimpse, be hesitant, and then stepped up to keep up.

After hundreds of steps, Zhang Yan suddenly stopped and smiled back: “Senior Brother Ai can think that Zhang Yan is shrinking?”

Ai Zhongwen smiled and said: “Senior Brother Zhang must do something about it.”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “In fact, it is not difficult to win.”

“Oh?” Ai Zhongwen stayed.

Zhang Yan smiled confidently and said: “It’s not Junior Brother. I have a big talk. My point of view is far-fetched. Although I am quite skilled in Eclipse Canon, I still need to use bamboo token Deduction for every difficulty. He is still far from me.”

Ai Zhongwen can’t help but don’t want to say, Zhang Yan interprets Eclipse Canon and never uses bamboo token. This is not to say that he is not self-satisfied. Who is the best in the Lower Academy Three Temples Disciple? But if this happens then, he does not understand, Zhang Yan clearly has strength, why not? Can you say that there is something unspeakable?

“Senior Brother is wondering if I have a chance to win, but why is it not?” Zhang Yan said with a smile: “Senior Brother Ai, if I go up, I won’t win, but I will make a ridicule. If I win, the Senior Brother will hate. I may have lost my life.”

Ai Zhongwen was a glimpse, then thought about it, and had to admit that Zhang Yan was right!

A group of common disciple are blocked in the mountains, you can win a honorary disciple, isn’t that we are all common disciple than you? Although there is a difference in the true insider’s feelings, as long as it is rumored, it is equal to disguising the face of these people in disguise. There is no benefit to say it, but it is hated.

Ai Zhongwen arched his hand and apologized: “Senior Brother Zhang, I have never figured this out.”

He also thought of Hu Sheng’s gloomy face in Side Palace. He wanted to remind Zhang Yan to be careful, but he listened to Zhang Yan’s words and said: “Rather, I am also Azure Ocean Sect Disciple. Naturally, I can’t sit and watch him send Discile. Going to the door to bully!”

Ai Zhongwen hearing this spirit, said: “How is the Senior Brother going?”

Zhang Yan smiled a little and said: “Resist the Disciple to go. Since Vast Source Sect does it, why can’t we do it?”

“Senior Brother Zhang, you mean…” Ai Zhongwen stared at Zhang Yan, his expression was slightly agitated. There was a confusing mind in his heart. The unclear thought was breeding, but he only said it to his mouth. come out.

“I heard that three years ago, Chen Feng Senior Brother Chen blocked the two factions by one person, so that no one can climb to the top. Zhang is eager to follow suit and intends to follow suit. If they stop my Sect Disciple, I will also Stop them for one day.” Zhang Yan has a strong back, and his eyes are fascinating. “Senior Brother Ai, can you dare to go with me?”



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