Liang Dong picked up a pen in front of Earth Gate and brushed his name and the door of the door in front of him. He sneered and strode into the “Earth Gate”.

The Martial Brothers, followed by three companions, also stepped into the Mountain Sect.

Southern Flower Sect has a total of fifty-seven people, seven of which are common disciple, the rest are honorary disciple and servant first-class, while Vast Source Sect has forty-two, of which common disciple five, when approaching nearly one hundred people Chi Che, the momentum is rampant.

However, they are not eager to wait for the top, but first sent several representatives of Liang Dong up the mountain to test the attitude of Azure Ocean Sect.

If there is no obstacle to the summit, then the two factions of the Disciple naturally do not hesitate to sweep away the face of the owner. If Liang Dong and others are blocked, they can also detect it in advance, and they will not be confused.

After Liang Dong passed the Mountain Sect, he saw the cold and clear sides on both sides. The line of sight went up along the mountain road, and it was empty. There was no shadow, and there was a strong contrast with the scenery of the Mountain Sect outside sect Disciple. He couldn’t help but laugh: “It’s really a report, and it’s my turn to get the face of Azure Ocean Sect. It was a humiliation three years ago. I have to ask for it once.”

A few Martial Brothers behind me nodded and said yes.

Liang Dong is more proud, with a big sleeve and said: “Junior Brother, and climb with me! Make a way for Wen Jun Eldest Senior Brother.”

He didn’t stop anyone in this place, so the sound was very high and spread all the way on the mountain road. At this moment, a cold voice came from a large stone not far away. “But the Vast Source Sect’s Senior Brother?”

Liang Dong was taken aback. He looked up and saw that there was a man sitting on the top of the big stone. He looked at himself with condescending.

Being looked down like this, he was unhappy in his heart and said coldly: “Precisely, who are you?”

The man stood up, said solemnly: “Under Azure Ocean Sect Zhang Yan.”

Liang Dong did not consciously take a step back. Because the other person was facing the sun, he did not see the other person’s appearance for a while. He blinked and said, “What do you want?”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Without him, invites to fight.”

Liang Dong stunned and said: “Literature Battle is still fighting?”

Literature Battle, just like Mo Yuan generally learns Eclipse Canon Deduction, fighting, it is a technique of comparison.

After Building Origin, Dao Cultivator has a lot of strength in his arms, and he is also capable of lions and lions. The Profound Sect cultivator is a Saint Road. Before the opening of the meridians, in order to prevent the body from dying in years of meditation, it is unbearable. It is also used to practice some techniques of strong bones and muscles.

Profound Canon Daoist Assembly, although the text is mainly, but the cultivator is not a scribe, the Higher Academy cultivator is robbing the Immortal Pill, and the slaughtering is even more fierce, so there is often Fighting Competition on the Daoist Assembly.

However, there are also many Disciples who dismiss this because they can learn the superior technology, flying sword, and the cultivator. Most of the strength of the cultivator is reflected in the magical treasure and the flying sword. First, the physical martial art is lesser Dao.

But not Aristocratic Family Disciple, not to mention the magical treasure flying sword, even if the medicine pill Talisman Book can not be easily obtained, and only rely on his own body, so there are still many people who value the martial arts.

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “All right.”

Liang Dong’s spirit is so strong that he can’t wait to hear: “That’s fighting!”

He is not a member of the Aristocratic Family. He has almost no success in Eclipse Canon. Where can I dare to study Battle Battle? Like his honorary disciple, if you want to be in the Daoist Assembly, you can only rely on the martial arts to gain fame, so the With the slightest hesitation chose to fight.

In this way, he still has confidence. In order to collect Five Elements Divine Sand, he often walks in the barren mountain great lake, wrestling with the tiger wolf, and does not say that he is better than the few Senior Brothers who are good at this, just to deal with before one’s eyes. Azure Ocean Sect Disciple, which I have never heard of, should be no problem.

However, when Zhang Yan jumped down from the big stone, Liang Dong’s confidence was destabilize, and he was amazed. “This Zhang Yan is a tall figure!”

Zhang Yan is standing there, higher than the average person, but this momentum does not dare to make a small look.

However, Liang Dong is also a sensitive person who is good at opportunistic tricks. His eyes turn, and Zhang Yan hasn’t started yet. Even if he doesn’t say a word, he punches him and tries to hit Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan has a keen sense of sensation. When he looks at the toes of his opponent and looks at his shoulders, he knows that the other side has to take some action, and from the direction of Liang Dong’s pull, he pre-judged the angle of the punch, even hiding. With a double eye and a big bang, the fist “boom” burst into a blank sound, and even one step at the other side of the door.

Liang Shuo didn’t expect Zhang Yan to suddenly make a big splash, and the fists were first and then sent, and the mind couldn’t help but tremble. The fist was slightly stunned. He only listened to the sound of “砰”, and Zhang Yan had already punched him with a punch. On the bridge of the nose, Liang Shuo fell to the sky.

When I looked at him again, I was already lying on the ground with blood on my face, completely losing consciousness.

Zhang Yan took out a white par, wiped the blood on his fist, and his face did not change at all. He looked up and looked at the remaining three.

These people looked down and took a sigh of relief, and he hesitant did not dare to go forward, but they retired and felt unwilling, and could not help but be there.

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Let’s wait together.”

Several Vast Source Sect Disciple looked at each other and nodded. The group fight was also within the allowable range of the fighting. As long as the technical party agreed, Chen Feng was an enemy three years ago, if not for his willingness. No one will pull down his face to encircle him.

The three people had a few words to exchange each other and they had a plan. They divided the left, middle and right Direction Zhang Yan slowly.

Zhang Yan stood there motionless, only looking at the person in front of him, as if he didn’t care about the people on both sides.

The person opposite the front saw Zhang Yan’s previous punching momentum, and he did not dare to care. According to the strategy of prior consultation, he suddenly stepped forward and punched. He made the idea to positively attract Zhang Yan’s attention. The companions on the left and right create opportunities.

When he knew that he was moving, Zhang Yan also moved at the same time, stepping forward and punching his face.

This man had been prepared for a long time, trying to parry. He didn’t want to scream in his heart. Zhang Yan’s fist was so strong that he concentrated the whole body on a point when he punched. He couldn’t stand it, and his arms couldn’t help himself. I could only watch Zhang Yan’s fist zoom in before one’s eyes, and then I heard a muffled sound in my ear. The teeth in my mouth squirted out with the blood, and the whole person flew out.

At this time, the people on the left and right sides have not yet come around, and they saw that Zhang Yan was the first one. The momentum could not help but one of them. Zhang Yan had already taken advantage of the momentum to make a turn, a step from the back to the two. Side to one person, the person on the left has not had time to react, he was squatted at the neck of the neck, took a few steps, “噗通” slammed on the ground and fainted.

The last person saw the situation is not good, but also interested, immediately began to say: “Let’s admit defeat.”

Zhang Yan looked faintly arched.

The man sighed and quickly greeted several Dao Child and carried the Martial Brothers lying on the ground.

Although the injured people looked at the monks with blood, but Zhang Yan has a measured scale, and these cultivators are also tough, including Liang Dong, which only hurts Undying, but can’t fight with people in a short period of time. It is.

Zhang Yan shook his head. In his opinion, these martial arts were terrible, and they didn’t know how to use them.

In his last life, in the doomsday world, due to the lack of firearms and ammunition, he could only fight with simple weapons and mutant wild beasts. People could not trust each other. Every day, people rushed to the streets to compete for a little bit of water, living in such a world. In the case, you should pay attention to whether someone will be black when you sleep.

As a member of the upper level of the survivor camp, he is actually fighting and killing. He is extremely efficient, has no tricks and extra moves, and is simple to the extreme. He only wants to end the battle in the shortest time.

After coming to the world for the first time, he only felt comfortable and comfortable, and the long-awaited fighting consciousness also awakened.

At this time, Ai Zhongwen came out from the head mountain in sect. He couldn’t help but look at Zhang Yan a few times and praised: “I don’t think that Senior Brother Zhang was also good at martial arts. It seems that I was too worried.”

Zhang Yan shook his head and said: “The lesser Dao, my Profound Sect flying sword magical treasure is the weapon of killing.”

Ai Zhongwen nodded, and he reminded him again: “Vast Source Sect is good at Talisman Book incantation. This is a good thing, and Senior Brother Zhang must be careful.”

Vast Source Sect’s Talisman Book is amazing. It can increase a person’s combat power several times. It is just that talisman crafting is not easy. It is a waste of use in the Lower Academy Disciple, but the last time Daoist Assembly ate Chen Feng’s loss. They are not allowed to do this this time.

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “No matter, the soldiers will block the water and cover the soil. Besides, there is also the Senior Brother to stop the leaks on the side, what is the fear?”

Although Ai Zhongwen was born in the Aristocratic Family, there is always a heroic feeling in his chest. Otherwise, Zhang Yan will not be rushed by two or three sentences. He will block the two parties, and after listening to this sentence, he is also In a mood, I nodded and said yes.

Of course, it is not so much that he believes in Zhang Yan, but rather that he believes in the background behind Zhang Yan, so he has great confidence in Zhang Yan.

It’s just that he doesn’t know that Zhang Yan’s choice to block the two factions is definitely not for the glory of the martial art, nor for the sorrow of Blood Qi. He has never been so kind, but has other plans in mind.

Understand Chen Feng’s experience at Daoist Assembly three years ago, and learned that Chen Feng was not much different from his cultivation base. He suspected that this was the other side. This was to polish Origin Energy, so he repeated it to Ai Zhongwen. Ask Chen Feng what he did on the day, and he wouldn’t let go of even a little detail.

Ai Zhongwen thought that Zhang Yan would like to admire Chen Feng’s demeanor and not bother with it, telling him all the details.

After listening to it, Zhang Yan deepened his mind.

On the day of Chen Feng’s performance on the Southern Flower Sect Heaven Gate, he stayed up for the first seven days, and he did not stop. The seven days were exhausted and difficult to support. On the seventh day, Essence Qi became more prosperous. In the last seven days, it was a fascinating look.

Look at the changes in this one month, you can use mysterious to describe.

Zhang Yan also noticed that Chen Feng returned to Green Parasol Tree Mountain and soon opened the Immortal meridians to the Higher Academy. He jumped from the threshold of “Origin Becomes True”, so he boldly speculated that Chen Feng must be There was a great benefit in this one month, so the cultivation base went straight up the stairs.

However, the road of Chen Feng has its own methods, and it is impossible to completely copy it. The details are even more impossible to know. There is only a broken jade in hand. He is not afraid to find a way to really temper Origin Energy. He can’t try twice, not twice, and not ten times, and always try the real method.

He waited here, and Liang Dong was lifted from the mountain in sect, and suddenly excited the sect Disciple, which was asleep for a few days, and felt that the good movie was about to be staged. The news did not take long to reach the two parties at the foot of the mountain. Disciple’s ear, the original momentum is suddenly a setback.



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