At night, Vast Source Sect and Southern Flower Sect are boarding at the foot of the Sweeping Cloud Peak. Although it is already timed, it still evokes the high lights everywhere, and the surrounding houses are like white.

In the main lobby, Vast Source Sect is going to Green Parasol Tree Mountain to join the five common disciple of the Daoist Assembly.

First Disciple Wen Jun sits on the top, he looks elegant, beautiful and chest, has a style of the elderly; his left hand sits two Disciple Shen Jingyue, is a think tank among five people, his appearance is handsome, a white robe, making people When I look at it, I feel that I am getting rid of the dust.

On the right side of Wen Jun are three Disciple Zhang Zhen and four Disciple Jiang Yue.

The last of the five, Qi Xuan, walked up and down the lobby. He was angry and pointed to two Disciples lying on the erected by Zhang Yan, saying: “You guys I don’t know how to do it myself, even if I meet Chen Feng, how can I be so arrogant?

Both Disciples were ashamed, but it was already a serious injury, and the only one that was in good condition was imprisoned because of fear.

Shen Jingyue smiled and said, “Junior Brother Qi is in a hurry. I have sent people to go out and inquire. I will ask if this person is false and not too late.”

The father of Shen Jingyue is one of the five Elders of Vast Source Sect. Qi Xuan is quite awed by him. After listening to this, he dared not say anything more. He waved his hand and let the servant take the two Disciples and retreat. Sit down and sit down.

Wen Jun sighed long beard and sighed, “I am sorry that although Lin promised me to wait for the conditions, but Zheng Xun, although the character is weak, it is not easy, actually all the common disciple are gathered in a Side Palace. In the present, it is difficult to get the exact news now.”

Shen Jingyue nodded: “Azure Ocean Sect First Disciple, it really isn’t a name, Senior Brother and wait patiently, I believe there will be news coming soon.”

Half an hour later, the Discipe, who was in charge of the information, finally returned.

“When you tell the Senior Brother, I have a clear understanding. The one who stopped me is named Zhang Yan. It is the Profound Virtue Temple honorary disciple under Azure Ocean Sect. It is said that this person is quite good at Eclipse Canon.”

Wen Jun said with amazement: “Zhang Yan? I have never heard of this person.” He turned his head and asked the three Disciple Zhang Zhen who sat down and said, “Junior Brother Zhang, is your Zhang Clan Member?”

Zhang Zhen was swollen and his face was round and black. When he heard Wen Jun ask questions, he replied with enthusiasm and said: “I know all the three famous Zhang’s genealogy, and there is no such person in the younger generation.”

Wen Jun said: “Azure Ocean Sect many common disciple disappeared, but sent a honorary disciple, what is this?”

Shen Jingyue smiled and said: “Not surprisingly, it is the following plan to attack my captain and slam my squat.”

Wen Jun nodded and said that the rest of the three people also spoke, “Junior Brother Shen said.”

Shen Jingyue looked at him and saw that the Disciple, who was inquiring about the news, seemed to stop and say, “There is still something to report?”

The Disciple be hesitant took a moment and said: “I heard another story on the mountain, saying that Zhang Yan is not only good at solving Eclipse Canon, but also does not need to use the bamboo token for Deduction. I don’t know if it is true or false…”

Shen Jingyue hearing this looking thoughtful, he turned his head and asked a beautiful and enchanting woman: “Junior Sister Jiang, what do you think?”

Jiang Yue said faintly: “With rumors, bluffing.”

Qi Xuan is even more disdainful. He laughed and said: “If you have this means, you can win the Junior Brother Mo. Why bother? The Senior Sister Jiang is a good person. Most of the people are exaggerated.”

Shen Jingyue looked awkward and said: “Otherwise, this person is both proficient in Eclipse Canon and not from Aristocratic Family. It is the Lower Academy’s three ‘shoulder’ word Temple Lord new Recipe, can get High Master fancy, then Aptitude is also very outstanding. Although Azure Ocean Sect can’t beat Junior Brother Mo for the time being, Junior Brother I think that this person is not too far behind Junior Brother Mo, and you shouldn’t look down.”

Qi Xuan spoke without thinking, saying: “Do not call Junior Brother Mo…”

Shen Jingyue categorically vetoed, “No, Azure Ocean Sect calibration is doing this. When the Junior Brother Mo is gone, there is no one on the Heaven Gate. I must first step on the summit.”

Seeing the dissatisfaction of Jiang Yue, Qi Xuan felt ashamed and knew that he was faint.

At this point, the footsteps sounded outside the door, and the five people looked up and saw the two servants who helped the injured Liang Dong, but his look was slightly uneasy.

Shen Jingyue stood up from his seat. He blocked Liang Dong’s attempt to salute. He said: “Liang Dong Junior Brother, you are in a hurry. I only ask you two sentences. Zhang Yan with you. What is the strength of the martial arts?”

Liang Dong thought for a moment and said: “Senior Brother Shen, according to my observation, Zhang Yan is only a big recruiter, but the stamina is not enough. If someone can block the first three moves, they will be able to knock them down.”

Shen Jingyue nodded, and asked: “Can Zhang Yan have someone else to help?”

Liang Dong shook his head and said: “I have never seen it.”

“Well, Junior Brother is going to take care of it, don’t worry about it.”

After a few comforts, Shen Jingyue waved her hand and sent Liang Dong, who was so worried.

He paced back and forth in the lobby, and all the people in the room knew that he was planning a solution and didn’t dare to bother.

After a few moments, he stood still and looked up: “Zhang Yan, this person, obviously confessed to Eclipse Canon, but showed me with skill, I can see that he and I wait for the Heritage Battle, I can’t make him happy…”

He turned his head and said: “Junior Brother Qi, Southern Flower Sect urges the urgency, you are now arranging Junior Brother Wang to go up the mountain to invite the battle, be sure to fight against the enemy tonight!”

Qi Xuan’s face is excited, loudly said: “Well, Senior Brother, I will arrange it.” He rushed out, and Zhang Zhen and Jiang Yue on both sides looked at each other and got up and retire.

After the three men left, Wen Jun suddenly sighed, his face was not as calm and confident as before, and he said: “I don’t know if this is a complete offense to Azure Ocean Sect. Is it right or wrong?”

Shen Jingyue smiled bitterly: “My Vast Source Sect was originally a Profound Sect pie. I am useful today. Southern Flower Sect used me as a pawn. If I don’t use it, then I abandon it———- Southern Flower Sect I came over and asked me to settle this person within two days and climb the top of Sweeping Cloud Peak. my Sect before one’s eyes are in danger of dying. I need Southern Flower Sect shelter. It is because Azure Ocean Sect is so big that I can’t take care of it at this moment. It is.”

Wen Jun is also a fascinating color. He knows why Shen Jingyue said that Vast Source Sect was originally a small school and has been living with the Southern Flower Sect.

The highest cultivation base in the Higher Academy is just two Core Transformation Elders, and this time Vast Source Sect competes for the jade light Bay Lake. The Discipee suffered heavy casualties, just last month, and successively degraded 12 Bright Qi Realm Disciple, three Profound Light Realm Disciple, although grabbed Shellfish Field, but the entire martial art can be said to have been hurt, Origin Energy was seriously injured, if not with the Southern Flower Sect Elder, he has been swallowed up.

Also precisely for this reason, they have to act as the lackey of Southern Flower Sect.

Shen Jingyue sighed and said: “Since Chen Feng defeated my two Disciples on the Southern Flower Sect three years ago, no Aristocratic Family Disciple was willing to invest in my Sect for three years, and the Southern Flower Sect common disciple has three nostalgia. Seven children, sixteen idlers, Azure Ocean Sect is also known as ’28 High Lord’, ridiculous I Vast Source Sect common disciple actually only five people, today is all here…”

Speaking of this, I coughed a few times, and the original ruddy face had a pale color.

Wen Jun glanced at him with concern and said: “Junior Brother Shen, you haven’t been injured for a long time, and Mo is too tired.”

Shen Jingyue ignored it and said it himself: “Junior Brother Mo for me in sect A rare child prodigy for centuries, for the sect of honor, this time alone, blocking the Azure Ocean Sect on the Heaven Gate. It seems to be beautiful, but the crisis is hidden, but…” He suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Wen Jun’s wrist and said: “Even if Azure Ocean Sect is stronger, I will only have a blow, so it is not easy to teach Southern Flower Sect. Discard me, so my Sect can continue to survive.”

Wen Jun slowly nodded, his eyes showing a solemn color.

When ugly, Sweeping Cloud Peak heads Mountain Sect.

Zhang Yan, who meditated on the rock, suddenly opened his eyes. He saw a man walking all the way to the Earth Gate. Under the rock, the other side punched and said: “But Azure Ocean Sect Senior Brother Zhang? is under Vast Source Sect. Disciple Wang Lie, want to climb the summit, and come to Senior Brother Zhang for advice.”

Zhang Yan glanced at it and found that this person was condensed and succinct, and he was calm and steady. He stood there and had a sense of temperament. He knew that he was not a leisurely person. He jumped from the rock and arched his hand. :”please!”

The sound here also alarmed Ai Zhongwen, who was also meditating in Side Palace next to the mountain road. He quickly got up and hurried out of the temple door. After looking at this Wang Lie, he couldn’t help but change his mind. He seemed to think of something, but he still Did not have time to say a reminder, that person has already preemptively moved to Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan only felt before one’s eyes, Wang Lie’s seemingly strong body has already been deceived to the near side. When he came, a force came from him, and he even breathed a breath.

He spit out a copy of Impure Qi, which was also a boxing out, “squeaky” two sounds, both sides hit each other’s chest, and stepped back in the same direction, and could not help but look at each other.

Wang Lie was a little surprised. It was just that she did it first, but Zhang Yan was able to hit herself one step at a time and borrowed back to make it a futile effort. This eyesight and strength are almost It’s not like a cultivator that focuses on practicing gasification.

Zhang Yan’s eyes also showed a dignified color, because in the past, he felt a distinctive atmosphere. The other person’s body, Origin Energy, was like a sea. It was just a punch that shocked his body and he was numb. Fortunately, He found in advance that he had to take the initiative to change the attack as a push, otherwise he would be injured immediately.

At this time, Ai Zhongwen not far away said: “Senior Brother Zhang Be careful, this Senior Brother Wang is a ‘Cauldron Carrying Strength Warrior ‘!”


Zhang Yan blinked and swept up and down. Is this the “Cauldron Carrying Strength Warrior”?



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